Can We Play?

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All characters are over 18 years old.


I could see my best friend lying beside me, she was spectacular. Emma was indeed my best friend but my heart throbbed for something more, something more intimate. I was spending the night at Emma’s house as her parents were away at a dinner party and they told us they would show up around at midnight. It was only 8 o clock so we had plenty of time to ourselves.

My eyes wandered Emma’s body, she was like a map. A sweet map of seduction laid before me and I intended to find her buried treasure. “Emma,” I whispered as she turned around, I could feel myself pressing my legs together trying to avoid getting harder then I already was. She nodded at me with her usual seductive smile. “Is something wrong Zoey?” she bit her lip at me innocently.

How much I want to just grab her and fuck her right now, I thought as my thighs rubbed. “Well no-,” I stopped in the middle of my sentence, if I played my words correctly I could possibly touch her tonight. Discover her beautiful map that laid before me. “Could I uh-can I play with you?” I whispered feeling the tension start to rise in the room.

My eyes were closed but I felt a cool hand go up tanktop caressing my soft nipples. Her other hand was placed on my cheek and her dangerous eyes met mine. “Can I play with you too?” She leaned in not breaking eye contact with me as her soft lips from heaven finally met mine. Our lips held forever as it felt. Her hand that were circling my hard nipple was brought to my face. Our lips passionately played as her wet tongue thrusted into mine. They güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri were dancing in each others mouths as I felt her warm body rub against mine.

Her thick wet thighs met mine as they rubbed against each other, occasionally I felt her panties meet mine as we pushed them into each other lovingly. Our panties were drenched it felt like such a tease but I needed them to be ripped off. As we kissed she ripped off my tank top revealing my breasts that bounced with each kiss she put upon my nipple.

I slowly grabbed the edge of her tanktop slowly revealing her breasts that were marvelous. As she kissed my breasts her tongue did it’s job. It circled my nipples and moved my breasts back and forth. Her hands slickly moved along my sides moving down with her kisses along my belly button as I felt a chill run through my spine.

Moans came out of my mouth with no intention and my eyes began to shake from the heat and intensity. Her soft body dropped to the floor as she pushed my legs open gently. She slowly removed my drenched panties revealing my clear pussy. She took her time moving her head closer and closer to it. Pushing her wet tongue in and out of my slit, going up and down and meeting my clitty.

Her tongue was like magic she circled it then pressed in and out as my eyes began to roll. My thighs thrusted into her head while she pushing her tongue down into my hole, still playing with my clitty with her fingers. No man could ever do the job she is doing tonight. “Ohh..Oh I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum…fast-..faster…ohh.ooh..ooh Shiiiiit!” I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri began to moan with a scream.

Her fingers were now doing the job of 20. In and out, faster and faster with each stroke I could feel myself ready to blow. Honey spilled from me onto her beautiful face and she began to press her tongue into my slit sucking the juice. Her lips pressed against my pussy sucking with a force. Such a strong force and my eyes rolled and a great amount of pleasure found me. My thighs pressed against her head forcing her to tongue me more.

Her panties dropped as she pressed her hard pussy against my stomach. Rubbing up and down feeling her flesh against mine, her liquid dripped onto me and the scent was marvelous. Her lips met mine once again and we loved each other like no other. Her fingers played with my breasts as she slowly sat up beside me, catching our breath. She turned and gave me a look, still freakishly horny.

“Want to play?” her devilish eyes and her grin basically pushed me off the bed instantly. I threw her down onto the pillow as she giggled while my fingers touched her legs starting from her feet meeting her inner thighs. My heart beat like a drum as I pushed them opened. Her gaze met mine as she let out a soft moan. Our breath intertwined as I slowly began pressing 2 fingers softly against her slit. Moving faster and faster with each stroke meeting her clitty.

My left hand teased her slit going in and out softly then hard. My right circled her clitty joining my tongue. It was wet, so wet that her clitty was slippery. It slipped güvenilir bahis şirketleri in between my tongue and my kissed. I sucked on it hard as she began to scream. Her screams said “Hard..harder-” and “Ohhh..oh Zoey…ohh.ooh please mor-…more” To finish the job I pressed my 4 fingers into her hole becoming faster and faster as her eyes rolled her legs shaking.

My mouth kissed the top of her pussy meeting down to her clitty again. Playing with it in my mouth, sucking, swirling, circling and her sweet liquid flowed from her. It tasted amazing it fell into my mouth as it dripped down my throat. My hot body jumped ontop of her as her legs spread father, my pussy meeting hers. We rubbed hard. Harder and harder it felt our slits matching, our clitoris’s playing with each others. Flesh against flesh, the liquids flowing into each other. My hands were on her breasts fonlding them as our moans met. They turned from moans into screams for mercy. “OHHHH OOOH…HARD-HARD..FASTER PLEAS- OOH” our pussies felt like they were on fire.

My pussy dove deeply into hers pressing as hard as I could and ran up and down her pussy while hers thrusted into mine. My pussy was a liquid mess as I slowly bought it up to her stomach. Rubbing it all over her. The smell in the room was sweet and the taste was impecciable. My legs gave out and hers did too. My hand still on her wet pussy for as long as it could played with her clit. Her hand met mine and we rubbed together. We moved to mine and played together. As she rubbed I pushed hard down. We laid beside each other breathing hard, sweat was everything along with our cum.

Sweat dripped down our faces as I looked at Emma. She was exhausted and she shut her eyes. I smiled at her placing one last kiss on her forehead and breast slowly kissing and licking her up to her lips. Placing a last kiss on them before I pressed my body against hers falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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