Camping With Tom Ch. 02

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Don’s eyes fluttered open to view the blue-green mural of their canvas tent. Pressed against the thin coverlet, his piss hardon ached for relief. He stretched, yawned loudly and picked up his boxers with splotches of dried semen. He’d slept with eerie dreams but the activity with Tom last night was no dream.

Morning sunlight filtered down through a canopy of thick branches. Don scurried through the tent flaps and immediately inhaled the wonderful, strong smell of coffee. Preceded by the towering flagpole, Don walked past his friend and wizzed mightily behind a huge, gray boulder.

Tom squatted near the small fire and peered at Don’s naked form returning. A yellow hand towel draped over one beefy shoulder, a white dab of shaving foam lingered near an earlobe.

“Hey. Good morning sleepyhead.” Wearing only a pair of cut-off blue jeans, Tom stood and poured java into the nearby mug for his friend. Don took the proffered brew.

“Hey. Umm…Tom. Are we…you know…cool about last night? I mean…umm…” Don stammered.

“Hell yeah. No problems with this boy…”Tom winked. Don’s spirits soared. All things accepted. He stretched his long fingers toward the sky and felt like beating his chest a la Tarzan.

After breakfast they loaded the canoe, packed a lunch and jostled along the two mile dirt road to a secluded, serene lake. Grabbing the fishing gear, Don maneuvered the sleek craft away from shore. The sun was warm and a small breeze assisted Don’s paddling, Tom being intent on trolling and testing the waters’ depth.

“Let’s head for that cove over there. To the right.” Tom suggested. Lost in the majesty of the wilderness, Don didn’t care which direction they took. Tall oaks gave a respite from the heat and about thirty yards off shore Tom dropped the concrete casino şirketleri anchor. Don really wanted to jump into the inviting lake but was content drowning a few worms.

An hour passed and after only a few nibbles, “Hey that sand bar looks shallow enough, I’d really like to swim. What do you think?” Tom grunted okay and pulled up the weight. Fifteen minutes later the canoe’s underside hissed over the clean gravel area that curved and stretched around the pond’s eastern end.

Don stored the cooler under a tall maple and quickly stripped. He ran naked into the clear, spring fed lake. Breaking the smooth surface, he dove several feet, testing the chilly depths and swam energetically. Much of the bottom was covered with a carpet of leaves but returning to the tapered edge, Don’s feet touched down onto friendly, warmer sands.

“Hey! The water’s great!” Don yelled to Tom who was casting a lure towards an half submerged tree trunk.

“Yeah. In a minute nature boy.” Tom smiled, staring at his nude friend standing up to his knees in the rippling surface. Don plopped onto the spread towel and tingled with the moment. Bare-ass in the secluded woods, soaking up sun and away from civilization. He heard the slight sound of a zipper and looked to see Tom’s white ass headed towards the water.

“Holy shit…it’s cold.” Tom whined then boldly dove under the surface. Don watched long tanned arms glide effortlessly along the top. He pivoted and easily swam back. Gasping, Tom’s soaked nudeness eased onto the large beach towel.

“Man. This place is so neat. Like heaven.”

“You’ll get no argument from me.” Don agreed. Tom moved his leg. Their knees and thighs touched. A bird squawked somewhere across the lake and a breeze softly rustled the tree tops. They absorbed the casino firmaları peace.

“Hey. I need to ask you something.”

“Sure. Anything.” Don murmured.

“Did you…you know…last night. Mean what you were saying? You know…the things you were saying…about my cock. I…umm…really like that. it’s a real turn on…” Don turned over into his side. Tom relaxed on his back, hands behind head, staring at the blue sky.

“Yeah. Of course I did. Your cock…wow…is shaped great. You get so hard and I really, really like the foreskin. So sexy.” Don stared at the dark, wet locks of hair. Tom’s muscular frame. How could he not like Tom’s easy going manner? Drawn into the moment, he knew what to do.

Leaning over, Don swabbed the tip of his tongue against Tom’s nipple startling him momentarily. He closed his lips around the teat, delicately using his teeth. Tom sighed, “Mmm…I like that nature boy.”

Don’s hand roamed down over Tom’s chest, taut stomach and lewdly grasped his hardening penis. He stroked the member, feeling the incredible surge and cupped Tom’s ball sack, tight and shriveled from the cold water. Inviting the warm caress, Tom opened his legs.

Maneuvering down the towel, Don’s mouth closed around the tip of Tom’s swollen cock. His taste was clean and manly and he eagerly licked the spongy glans. Don pursed his lips against the mushroom and jacked the loose skin up and down. Saliva dribbled onto his fingers, moistening the shaft. Tom groaned delightfully and moved his quivering hips upward.

Don’s fingers encircled the base and tightened subtly. Tom’s 7 inch cock towered at full attention, glistening in the sunlight. He pulled the foreskin back and forth, enthralled with its erotic, elastic feel.

“God. You get so hard! Love this güvenilir casino extra layer of skin. Your cock is…beautiful. Thick blue veins. So hard…so beautiful…” Don kissed along the throbbing pole, lapping the masculine underside.

“You…you like my cock…ohh…” Tom muttered.

Mesmerized with the sight of Tom’s glistening flesh, Don hungrily engulfed more than half his erection and nearly gagged from the thick girth. He bobbed up and down, licking and tasting inside his secret sheath. Minutes passed and Don’s jaw began to tire. Don lovingly stroked the saliva coated prick, it’s blood engorged tip dark red.

“Ohh. So close…” Tom sighed. Don used both hands to masturbate Tom’s length. A droplet of clear pre-cum oozed erotically. Don lapped the treat, mouthing the tasty boner and massaged Tom’s back sack.

“Don’t stop…please…don’t…” Don closed his mouth tightly. Suctioning the bulbous head. His fingers pistoned rhythmically and brought his friend to a delirious climax. Tom’s torso tightened and Don tasted the first volley of cum, swallowing impulsively.

“Ohh! Ohh God! Oh-h-h-! Yes-s-s…ohh yes-s-s…!” Tom groaned attempting to stab his prick further into Don’s gullet. Tom’s load of semen was salty, slightly bitter. Don could not possibly take it all, allowing much of it to dribble out of his mouth. He purposely slowed the jacking pace, milking the pulsating cock. Tom writhed, moaning in ecstasy.

“Wow. You came a lot!” Don exclaimed, trying to clear his throat. Large, creamy wads of cum were splattered in Tom’s pubic hair. He lay back spent and gasping from the incredible orgasm. Don smiled from the effort and released his hold on the satisfied cock.

“Shit. It’s hot. I’m going swimming!” Don laughed at the sprawled figure of his friend. He wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

As Don entered the cool water, he held his semi-hard penis and thought of all the things he and Tom could do. He smiled wickedly.

~~ To Be Continued~~

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