Cabin Weekend

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This is a work of pure fiction. Any and all similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.

I hope you enjoy.

I would also like to thank Misslitfinder for all her help and support.


I listened as the rain beat against the windowpanes of my condo. ‘Another night of rain!’. I thought as I stared out at the street below. I was sick of the rain; it was putting me in a blue mood. It had been five days and nights of shitty weather. I felt like I was getting cabin fever sitting cooped up every night. I needed a break and fast.

I am a thirty-year-old single male who works as an Electrical consultant for a large lighting manufacturer. My days were not terribly taxing but they could be and often were long. This in part made it so I hadn’t had a lot of time for a relationship. I dated, but nothing too serious and never anything long term. Start strong fizzle fast that’s how it always was for me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have that special someone, and I thought I had it a few times; it always went great for a while until sex came into the picture on more of a regular basis. That was when I would lose them.

You see, I am a kinky guy. I am into a lot of fetishes and the women I dated didn’t like to play the way I did. Nothing criminal, just kinky. This left me a lot of time alone, alone looking out my fucking window.

‘This fucking rain!’ I paced back and forth. I thought about going out, calling up a few friends and hitting the local pub, where people my age hung out. Maybe I might get lucky and pick up a night of company. Or I could just stay in alone and watch some porn and jerk off till I passed out. Maybe pick up that book I keep telling myself I need to finish! No matter what I choose this fucking rain will still beat on my windows.


I walked over to my phone and looked at it. The call display read ‘Matt’. “Hey buddy! What’s up?” I asked happy for a distraction.

“R.J. Pack your shit we are heading to the lake!” He said in his usual upbeat tone.

“Just you and I? What about Tammy?” I asked, referring to his wife.

“She’s going, so is Ty and Nadine and Nadine’s cousin Natalie!” He said just as chipper as ever.

“Who is Natalie? What’s she like? Are you sure about this? And I thought Tammy banned me from going to the cabin?” I asked in quick succession, the whole Tammy not wanting me in the cabin anymore was referring to an incident where I got a little too drunk and got a little out of hand. Things were broken and words were passed and fights broke out. An incident I truly wish I could remove from history!

“Oh fuck brother, don’t worry. She’s forgiven you for that. Besides me and Ty will keep you in check this weekend. Trust me man you want to do this!” Matt said with a laugh.

“Still trying to set me up? You know what I’m like!” I said. I wanted to go I knew I did. Why then was I fighting it.

“No! Well yes I guess. Look Tammy thinks this will be good for you! She’s worried about you man. We all are. You need to have something a little more stable in your life. All you have is work and the odd night out with us! It’s not enough!” Matt said getting a little more serious. Both Matt and Tammy had been watching out for me for longer than I care to admit.

“Ok man you win! You guys picking me up or am I driving?” Asked conceding to my best friend’s request.

“We’ll be there in about a half hour! Be waiting by the door,” Matt said and then hung up.

I packed a pair of trunks, shorts and some tees, as well as lounging pants and toiletries. I slipped on my shoes and went down to the door after a half hour. It wasn’t long before Matt’s big ford diesel pulled up in front of my building. I ran out to the truck trying to keep from getting too wet. I hopped into the back and we were off.

“Hey beautiful!” I said to Tammy. Like so many of my friends, wives I flirted with Tammy a lot.

Tammy turned around and smiled at me. “Hey, you ready for a great weekend?”

“Sure am! So tell me again who this Natalie is?” I asked as we pulled onto the highway that would lead us to their cabin.

“She is Nadine’s cousin and a total blast to be around. I know you will like her a lot!” Tammy began. “Even if you two don’t hit it off the way I think you will, I know you will still have a good time… provided you don’t get blackout drunk!” Tammy said with a smile. I went a little red with embarrassment. Tammy laughed and told me to loosen up. “It’s water under the bridge!” she said.

The cabin was a two hour drive, which meant we wouldn’t get there ’till close to ten pm. I enjoyed it out there, it was peaceful, serene, and best of all it was quite. They had owned the cabin for just over five years, Matt had gutted it and remodeled it to near perfection. There were four bedrooms a large kitchen, Tammy was a fantastic chef and demanded a large cooking space. They had two full bathrooms with large showers and chem toilets and a backup outhouse. antalya escort The deck was large and spanned the entire width of the cabin, with a large hot tub sitting on it. The part I liked best though was the sauna they had built a couple of years ago, it sat six comfortably and was a pleasure to sit in on the cold nights.

I listened to Tammy and Matt argue about stupid shit for most of the way. I also watched as Tammy would smoke. I have no idea why but certain women smoking turned me on. I hated the habit for the most part but the visual was hot to me.

Tammy and I tied on a couple of road rockets, Matt was reserved to coke as we tried to never drink and drive. Then before I knew it we were pulling into the lot. I got out and helped Matt bring in all the food and luggage, and booze. I took my things to the smallest bedroom, then grabbed a couple beers out of the beer fridge, I handed one to Matt and the two of us went and sat in the living room overlooking the lake.

“When are the others getting here?” I asked, wanting to meet this mystery woman, who my friends think I will hit it off with so well.

“They left about an hour later than we did so not too much longer!” Matt said. The three of us sat and chatted while waiting for the others to arrive. It was about thirty minutes more till we heard another vehicle pull into the yard. Tammy was the first up, she went to the door in time to see three people getting out of a minivan. Matt and I went out to help them unload and bring their stuff in. Once everything was in and everyone was getting comfortable they finally introduced me to my would-be blind date.

“Natalie this is one of our best friends in the whole world, R.J.. R.J. this is my cousin Natalie!” Nadine said making the introduction. I said hello and shook her hand. It was like I was back in high school again; I had clammy hands, there was a tightness in my throat.

Natalie was an attractive woman, with long black hair that went to just past her shoulder blades, pale skin and big eyes, her upper lip was pretty thin and her bottom lip was a lot fuller. She was a short woman standing at about five foot four, and had a decent sized bust. I liked her smile and she seemed to be an outgoing woman from first impressions.

We were standing by the door just sort of looking at eachother, I am not sure what they were expecting; it was actually getting a little weird. We were all adults not children, Natalie and I looked at the others. This seemed to get the ball moving. Tammy smiled and clapped her hands together and broke the tension.

“Alright people let’s get drunk!” She said with a laugh. “We have a ton of booze and not a lot of time to drink it! Matt baby will you be so kind as to make us ladies a few girly drinks. I don’t feel like anymore beer!” she said, then ushered everyone into the large living room.

I had to admit, I liked that my friends were looking out for me, and had high hopes for this weekend. As the evening wore on everyone became more relaxed and more intoxicated. True to their word, Ty and Matt kept me from crossing any lines. I got drunk but was still in control. Unfortunately when I got really drunk I became a real terror and pretty out of control. Fortunately my friends knew better than me where that line was and were able to keep me well away of it.

“So tell me R.J. how is it that you are still single?” Natalie asked once people started to crash and we were able to talk a little bit more intimately now that it was just Tammy, Natalie, and myself. Everyone else had now hit the hay. It was now three in the morning and I was far from tired, and happy that Natalie also seemed to be wide awake.

I blushed a little; I wasn’t sure how to answer this question truthfully. I had no idea what Nadine and Ty had told her. They both knew the truth. Was this a test to see how truthful I would be? I decided to tiptoe around the question. “Well that is a real good question. I think I am still single because what I look for in a girlfriend, well there are not a lot of women out there who are into the same things I am!” Tammy gave a snort. She and Matt knew better than anybody why I couldn’t keep a girlfriend. Natalie looked over at Tammy and smiled.

“What?” She asked. I was now turning a little brighter red. I felt like Batman and my secret identity was about to be revealed.

Tammy got up off the chair she was sitting in and sat on the other side of me on the couch. “You see Natalie, my dear friend here likes his women kinky! Really kinky, and the boring women he normally dates are not into the kinky shit he is!” Tammy said resting her hand on my thigh in an attempt to calm me down; I was almost shaking at this point.

“Really! What sort of things are you into R.J.?” Natalie asked. I was happy to see that she was smiling. There I was sitting between two hot women about to talk about all my kinky desires. I was starting to sweat a little as Natalie too put a hand on my other thigh.

“I lara escort don’t know, I just like things a little more kinky!” I said weakly. I knew that Tammy in her drunken state would answer if I didn’t, yet I just couldn’t do it. Tammy squeezed my thigh then moved her hand a lot further up till her finger was touching my cock through the fabric of my shorts. This made my cock straighten.

“Tell her R.J.! Tell her all the dirty things that enter your mind!” Tammy said. Natalies hand also rose up my leg to my growing cock.

Natalie leaned in real close to me and whispered in my ear. “Tell me! I am dying to know!” her breath was hot on my ear. I could smell the booze and tobacco on her breath. My cock jumped when she said it.

“Well, I like a lot of things I guess. I like ass play! I like to role play! I like rough sex and dirty sex!” I said quickly in an almost defeated tone. I can’t tell you why I felt so uncomfortable telling them this. Tammy already knew everything and I wasn’t dating Natalie so I shouldn’t have been worried about scaring her off. Also seeing how my friends knew all this about me they must have known Natalie was into it also, otherwise why try and get us together.

“Shit that isn’t so odd!” Natalie said. Tammy nodded in agreement. Both women could now easily feel my hardness under the fabric, and were almost caressing it. “Well I need a drink and a smoke I think!” and Tammy got up and went out on to the balcony to have a cigarette. I watched her standing there smoking when Natalie leaned in.

“What else do you like?” Natalie asked me. I was still transfixed on Tammy outside. I snapped out of it and turned to Natalie, I looked into her big expressive eyes. She was looking very desirable right at that moment. I didn’t answer instead I leaned in the two inches and kissed her. She reciprocated the kiss.

“I like rimming and getting rimmed!” I kissed her again. “I like flogging and humiliation play!” we kissed again.

“What else?” She said, kissing me more passionately.

“Women wearing boots in bed! Smoking while sucking my cock!” We were now fully making out. Tammy was just coming back in when I was pulling my shirt off.

“Whoa! How did we get here?” She asked walked up and getting behind me. She took the shirt I was struggling with and helped pull it over my head. Natalie was unbuttoning her top also. Once my shirt was off I pulled Natalie back in and resumed kissing her. I felt the belt I was wearing being undone and knew it wasn’t Natalie, as both of her hands were on the side of my face. I should have stopped it. This was going too far! Way too far! I wanted Natalie, this I knew. But to have a threeway with two hot women? Even if one was an old friend and the wife of a best friend? What man wouldn’t go through with it? So I didn’t stop it.

I felt Tammy kissing the back of my neck as her hands freed my cock. I wasn’t sure where to go from here, though it was a fantasy of mine all my life. I really had no fucking idea how to please two women at once. I started by reaching behind me and getting my hand between Tammy’s legs. I felt her wetness through her jeans. I could hear her moan as I touched her special spot. Natalie pulled back from our embrace and over my shoulder she started to kiss Tammy I could hear their wet tongues slopping about next to my ear. I was so turned on, how was I so fucking lucky?

With my free hand I reached between Natalie’s legs and started to do the same to her as I was to Tammy. When the girls broke their kiss Natalie immediately went down on me while Tammy began to take off her clothes.

“There that’s better!” I looked over to see Tammy completely naked in front of me. I had seen her in her lingerie, in her skimpy bikini and with nothing more than a small towel covering her body. But I had never seen her naked. My jaw fell open.

Tammy was a tall thin woman of twenty nine, she had been my friend for twelve years, ever since she started to date my best friend. She had been closer than a sister and more supportive than a counselor to me. She had seen my highs and lows and through it all she had been there for me. Now here I was about to do god knows what to her while her husband slept in a bed not twenty feet from us. Tammy had perky small tits and a killer ass. Her navel as well as both nipples were pierced. She was completely bald from the eyebrows down. I looked down at Natalie sucking my cock, her head bobbing up and down on it.

“That’s it suck it!” I said putting my hand on the back of her head and forcing her farther down on my cock. “Tammy are you going to join in or what?” I asked as she stood there. Tammy climbed up onto the sofa so she was standing over Natalie. Her bald pussy was just in front of my face. I stared for a moment before leaning in and sticking out my tongue. I flicked it on her exposed pussy lips and then her protruding clit. Tammy’s fingers grabbed my hair and forced my face deep into her pussy. After I licked side escort and sucked for a bit I felt her legs shake and knew I was getting her off.

I don’t know if it was the booze or the excitement of the situation but I never felt Natalie stop her blowjob. I only knew she had because her tongue brushed against mine, her face was also between Tammy’s legs on on the back side. Tammy was now moaning loudly as she was double teamed by our mouths. “Fuck yes… That’s it you two… FUCK!! Oh that is it that is the spot!” Tammy was saying as we ate both her pussy and ass. Soon I found we were holding her up as we tongued her, her legs were so weak that she couldn’t stand any more and needed to hold herself up on my shoulders. We helped her down and laid her on the couch. Both my face and Natalie’s were soaked with Tammy’s cum. I leaned in and kissed her again. Tammy and I finished undressing her as we kissed, all I needed to pull off were my shorts then all three of us would be naked. The roaring fire was making it so all three of us were sweating. The glow coming off their naked bodies was almost enough to make me cum right there.

Once naked I put Natalie and Tammy into a sixty nine position and was happy to see them receptive to my idea. I then got behind Natalie and while Tammy licked her pussy I spit on my hand and rubbed my cock. I pressed the head against her slit and slowly inserted my cock. Natalie let out an audible moan as I entered her. I felt Tammy switch from Natalie’s pussy to my balls. I grabbed Natalies hips and really started to fuck her. I reached out and grabbed a fist full of her long hair and pulled it back as I fucked her. Natalie just took it all and moaned for more.

Soon I felt Tammy’s hands on my backside and as I fucked Natalie I felt her finger invade my ass. Once inserted, she began to finger fuck my ass rhythmically with me fucking Natalie.

“Oh you nasty bitch!” I said and pulled my cock out and fed it to Tammy. Who continued to finger my ass. Tammy with her free hand re-inserted my cock into Natalie and I resumed fucking her.

“God I want you in my ass R.J.!” Natalie cried out. Well after that statement I came almost immediately. I just had time to pull out of Natalie and point my cock at Tammy’s face before I came harder than I have in my whole life. Tammy opened her mouth and took all that hit it. Her finger penetrating my asshole the whole time. I slowly climbed off Tammy and tried to stand. Tammy took her shirt and wiped the cum off her chin and neck. Natalie stood up and still naked as the day she was born went and had a smoke on the balcony. Tammy got up and stood with me.

“That was pretty hot R.J.!” Tammy said to me her hand caressing my ass cheek.

“What about Matt?” I asked now realizing there might be a terrible price to pay for my pleasure.

“I’ll take care of my husband, you just think up more fun shit for us to do this weekend. Only two nights left. Lover!” And then she kissed me hard on the mouth, before disappearing into her bedroom

I got dressed and joined Natalie outside as she smoked. She was another sexy smoker. Her naked body barely visible in the cloudy night.

“Well that was new!” I said feeling like an idiot for not being able to come up with anything better. Natalie smiled as she exhaled high in the air.

“Ya you could say that. Though I don’t think that was on your kink bucket list was it?” She asked. I looked at her. I knew what she meant but why was she going there. Did she really want to delve into my dirtiest thoughts?

“Well yes and no! It was definitely a fantasy of mine, but you are right my kinky list is different,” I told her. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted her to know. I am sure that my list is not really that crazy, but I had lost more than a few women because of it and this made me very gun shy about telling people. “I am into a lot of situational sex!” I said to her. Natalie took a long drag of her cigarette, the look on her face told me that she didn’t follow what I was saying. “What I mean is, let’s say we are in the kitchen and the mood strikes us. Well given the situation and location I would probably try and incorporate food into the session,” I explained.

“Really what kind of food?” She asked dropping to her knees and undoing my shorts. She took a drag and exhaled onto my flaccid cock to almost will it back to life. It worked. My cock began to grow. Taking it in her hand she licked the head of my cock then repeated the act with her cigarette.

“Carrots, cucumbers, wieners or sausages. whipcream. That sort of stuff.” Natalie was now sucking my stiff cock. I had my hands on her head and was really starting to fuck her mouth. “That’s it take it all you sexy bitch!” I cried out. I was close again to cumming. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. Natalie gagged a little and pulled off of my cock. she took one last drag and butting out her smoke she went back to getting throat fucked by me. I loved the way she could take it all and genuinely enjoy it. “You ready for a shot in the face?” I asked knowing now that it wouldn’t be much longer. Natalie with my cock still in her mouth nodded and soon had a mouth full of cum. Natalie swallowed it then got up and kissed me.

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