Bye, Felicia Ch. 06-07

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Chapter 6

Karen’s surprise for me didn’t turn out to be quite that surprising, as she showed when she ambushed me as soon as we got home. She had let Pippa distract me just long enough to get naked, and when Pippa and I retired to bed, there was my sister au naturel! She had also shaved her bush, leaving her pussy bare and bald. The next thing that I realized, I was buried underneath my sweet sister, who didn’t hesitate to ride my cock while my bride sat on my face. How it happened that quickly, well, it had to be because Karen was already quite wet and it was a matter of a surprise attack to plant her slippery twat on my dick. Like it or not, it was now a fait accomplis, a fact accomplished: I was already a sister fucker now.

I would have said something funny or witty, but my tongue was soon otherwise engaged, preoccupied with the delicious task of eating Pippa’s yummy slit. Once again, I devoured that sweet spot of my English tart, relishing the delectable flavors of her snatch. It was a little harder to focus on her pussy, of course, due to having Karen’s enclosed around my prick, but the absolutely tasty juices that flowed from Pippa’s cunt into my mouth certainly helped. God damn, it was the most wonderful evening of my life, having my new wife sit on my face while my sister mounted and straddled my cock!

I continued to service both of my women with my two appendages, my dick pulsing in tandem with my tongue, as I felt a tongue glide across my taint and it made me shiver. I wasn’t quite clear whose tongue it was, but it was certainly one worth enjoying, as it slithered like a snake toward the crack of my ass. I gasped repeatedly, even as Pippa continued to welcome my tongue in her twat and Karen took me deeper into hers. It was definitely some of the most intense sex of my life, due to the combined sensations that I tried to hold back assaulting my senses. Both of the ladies using me seemed to already push past the point of no return, of course, reaching their first climaxes of the night from my earnest efforts to get them off.

Finally, though, Karen told me something that made resistance impossible, “I’m fertile, bro. I guess that Dick gets his wish of another man knocking up his wife. Who would have guessed that it would be my brother?”

I erupted inside her gloriously fertile pussy upon hearing those words, much as my lovers counted on, judging from their intense arousal. This in turn made both ladies cream themselves again, allowing me a taste of the sweet nectar between Pippa’s thighs as she came on my tongue and coated it with her juices. The next thing that happened was that I felt two mouths share and take turns with my dick, while the same tongue as before continued rimming me with a hunger for my ass that I never would have expected. I couldn’t quite go soft yet, though I wasn’t hard anymore, and I was definitely sore from a busy day of fucking (mostly Pippa, but now my sister as well).

“Who was that?” I asked my wife and sister, both of who snickered as they pulled Felicia up to join them in sucking my dick.

“Damn, ladies…’re just bound and determined to fuck me to death, aren’t you?” I feigned exasperation, which won only mocking sympathy.

“Oh, yes, poor stud muffin, getting used for sex by three women! Woe is he!” Karen taunted me, but with enough of a twinkle in her eyes that I could tell that she were yanking my chain.

“Yes, how punishing it must be, to have one’s wife, sister, and girlfriend all conspire to service you!” Felicia told me as she started to tickle me.

“True, that’s us, isn’t it? I’m the wife, you’re the girlfriend, and Karen’s the sister. What a combo, right?” Pippa winked at me and then at them, making it abundantly clear that she adored me, especially with the kiss that she planted on the head of my cock right after that.

“Hey, if I’m only going to be his girlfriend for a little while longer, I might as well milk it for what I can get out of him, right?” Felicia licked her lips, and then told me, “I’m going to miss sex with you. Are you sure that I have to give it up? Really? Can we at least be friends with benefits?”

“If you’re going to do that, why even break up with him?” Karen wondered aloud.

“Because I really am a bit of a Domme and a diva, honey. I’m good for sex with him, I think, but a serious relationship…..Honestly, I’m not sure what we have in common, other than agreeing to fuck each other silly. This is for the best. I’ll be his girlfriend while training under you guys, but once I’m set up with a hubby, well, it’s best to keep it to the sex. He’ll understand the need to bang my ex now and then, if he’s the right kind of guy,” Felicia told us while licking my cock now as if it were a Fudgesicle.

“True, and sex doesn’t have to be relationship sex. Touche,” Karen blushed a little at some of her old-fashioned knee-jerk reactions, from her, the married woman screwing her own brother, of all people.

“Still going for the cuckold type, then, or is this going to be a regular open marriage?” I casino şirketleri asked my girlfriend.

“More of a hot wife lifestyle, still wife-led marriage, but no emasculating crap. Not the heavy stuff, if you will. No chastity. No crap like that. I’m still very much into topping and dominating a man. I just want to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt the man and drive him away as Mom did with Dad. It’s just….something too ingrained in me to totally give up the idea. And yes, I think that I wanted to dominate you, deep down, but a part of me knew that was impossible…..

“I’ve learned to appreciate you for what and who you are, not a wimp or sub, but a Master, a Dom. The more that I think about it, the more this Amir sounds like a prospect. Perhaps I can go on dates with each and see what transpires,” Felicia passed the time while sharing my cock with my wife and sister.

“Double dates with your mum, right?” Pippa teased her as we all relaxed and took a breather for now, snuggling up in a four-way cuddle, giving up on my sore, used-up dick for the moment.

“Yeah, Mom’s been taught some hard lessons there. Losing Dad was, in her words, a ‘punch in the gut,’ as she always counted on him sticking it out, no matter what. He pulled a Mike Edwards on her, leaving her the way that Mike left Jen in xleglover’s series. There are key differences, though. Dad’s stronger than Mike, I believe, and Mom is not going to get him back from his new lady. Darlene’s no Jasmine. She knows how to keep Dad in line and Mom at bay.

“Oh, she’s still dominant. She kinda has to be, or else Dad would never have gone for her. It’s just that her brand of dominance is smarter, much gentler and softer than what I’ve seen from other dominant types. She’s more of a bossy wife than a Mistress as we think of it. It’s subtle. It’s hidden in the tapestry of the wife-led marriage, with Dad finding the role of uxorious hubby a step up from cuckold for sure.

“As for her dating scene, I’m putting better than even odds that she will end up with either Dick or someone else like him. Hard to say if she could really pull off a joint-cuckolding plan with Aunt Joyce, though. It would be interesting if she make it work, though. Dick’s a little much for me. A full-on cuckolding deal is just a stretch for me. Mom’s got better judgment than Aunt Joyce and would have to be the senior Mistress/Domme for sure. Dick’s very much closer to their thinking than to mine.

“I’m much more like….that policywank girl than some of those other types. You know, I’ll share, but only on my terms, if you will. Under my rules. If Amir can go for that, maybe we stand a chance together,” Felicia laid out her thoughts on her prospects now.

“That’s going to be an interesting challenge. There’s no telling how it will go. If that doesn’t work, there are others who might punch your ticket, babe,” I told Felicia, stroking her wavy, luxuriant, jet-black hair while holding my wonderful wife and sister close to my bosom.

“For what it’s worth, I’m really sorry for trying to shove that kind of thing down your throat. Very sorry. And I’m very happy for you, finding Pippa…..and Karen, now that they’re yours like this. And even though this is only temporary, I’m going to enjoy being your girlfriend for as long as I can make it last,” Felicia assured me rather lazily, all of us being more exhausted than we thought.

We dozed off shortly after that, and no, I can’t recall my dreams from that night.

Chapter 7

The next morning, I awoke to find that I was alone, making me wonder if I had dreamt the whole crazy day yesterday. Was Pippa only a figment of my imagination? Was that all just a fantasy? What about Karen? What about Tory? What about Stephanie? I shook my head, rather groggily, went to the john, and noticed that my cock smelled very strongly of ass……Did I sodomize someone the night before…..or was that this morning? I pissed quickly, washed my hands, and started up the shower, only to hear some footsteps rather suddenly.

“Good idea, a shower, since you were up my butt this morning,” I distinctly heard Felicia saying, as she peeled back the shower curtain and stepped inside with me.

“You stayed overnight?” I asked, wondering if perhaps I had been drunk and caved into her demands to cohabitate.

“We all did, honey. Well, by we, I mean Pippa, Karen, and me. Tory’s coming over for breakfast, and we’re expecting Stephanie by lunchtime. They’re hoping to convince you to let them move in with you. Frankly, I’m all for it. A stud like you needs plenty of action. Just don’t forget this old girlfriend of yours, soon to be an ex, of course. I just hope, as I said last night, to be an ex with benefits. You know, like from earlier this morning, when I took you up my ass?” Felicia winked as we washed each other.

“So….yesterday really happened. I didn’t dream it,” I asked rhetorically.

“Nope, it was very real….and very heartbreaking for me, but I’ll grow some scar tissue and move on with my life. But, yeah, you really casino firmaları landed one hell of a winner in that bride of yours. She’s cooking breakfast right now, a very British breakfast, complete with a proper English breakfast tea, served with milk, of course, toast with butter, orange marmalade, poached eggs, black pudding, fried mushrooms, bacon, and sausage.

“I think that I really like that Brit, as much as I wanted to hate her. Oh, and she also rode your cock this morning, as did Karen……We kinda shared you again in your sleep. I hope that you don’t mind. You were irresistibly sexy, sir,” Felicia explained as she washed and fondled me in the shower.

“Wow! And you actually joined me in the shower, too! You never did that in the past,” I observed, “as you always wanted your privacy.”

“Nah, it was because I was cheating on you and didn’t want to get caught,” Felicia told me, jolting me a bit with a home truth that I should have seen coming.

“Cheating on me with…..?” I asked her, wanting some further confession, since we shouldn’t part with lies between us.

“These guys from my work. You see…..I kinda started a new career… porn. I guess that I should have been upfront with you about that, but that’s….sorta my new career track. That’s why I installed the parental blocks. It wasn’t to block Big Love or Spartacus or Game of Thrones. It was to block porn, because I didn’t want you finding out the truth about me until you were already married to me or living with me. I wanted you so nailed down that you wouldn’t even think of it as cheating before I told you the truth.

“I’ve signed a contract and everything. I had hoped to make you my cuckold husband and share the benefits, including some pity fucks from my fellow starlets eventually, but that was to be a surprise once you were totally under my thumb. Obviously, that never panned out, but I have a contract with…..a certain studio, and I was going to share my pay with you, hence why I wanted to have a shared account,” Felicia admitted the truth, feeling very foolish now.

“So…..more lies. More surprises. More revelations. More secrets. I see. Do you now understand why you and I…..have trouble working this out? Bullshit excuses. Plots to control me. Late confessions. Twists and turns everywhere. It comes down to trust and the loss of it. Have you told the girls about this?” I asked Felicia, even as she kept kissing my body and soaking my cheeks with her tears.

“No, not yet. Look, Armie, I’m really sorry. Can we please…..can we please just let me finish my time as your girlfriend on a positive note? I’ll be your slut, your sex slave, all day long. I swear it. Hell, I can be that all week long, if it helps. I don’t have my next shoot for another week, yes, starting next Sunday. So, how about it? One more week, at least, as your girlfriend, assuming that you can find me a new boyfriend in that time? If not, I can always be between boyfriends for a little bit, I guess,” Felicia begged me, kissing my face repeatedly.

“I don’t suppose you plan to date your co-stars, then?” I asked Felicia, truly curious about her intentions.

“No, no way in hell. They’re contracted. They have sex on the studio’s terms. I want a guy who’ll do it on mine. Plain and simple. I still want to control both my sex life and his,” Felicia admitted to me with a little embarrassment at least.

“What kind of porn, by the way?” I asked Felicia, unsure if it was the kind that she would have actually needed to worry about me watching it in the first place.

“Interracial, rough sex, some girl-girl, plenty of anal. Cuckold porn, too. I was going to try to line you up for some films, too, in that genre, playing the role of my cuckold, and yes, you were going to get to play that same role with a few others, but I was going to act as your agent or manager whenever you played,” Felicia intimated to me.

“Well, the anal, rough sex, and girl-girl I would watch, anyway, but not cuckold porn. It’s just not my scene, to watch or to act in, if you will. But you’ve probably gathered that much by now. Was your mother going to join you in it, or your Aunt Joyce, for that matter? Hey, if you become famous, and I think that you will, I can say that I knew you back then, and even brag that I dated you for a little while,” I reacted to what Felicia told me.

“True, and also a good point in hindsight, though I didn’t know your feelings on kinks just yet. I guess that’s a symptom of how poor a match we really were, right? And, yes, Mom and Aunt Joyce planned to try out for some cougar flicks if I could get them in the door,” Felicia blushed while I washed her clean, noticing that she sighed with relief, “sorry, between the washing and confession, I feel clean and free of all of this crap at last.”

As we stepped out of the shower to dry off, we could smell breakfast from the kitchen and headed downstairs to it in a rush. Felicia looked hungry enough to eat a whole pig by herself right at that point. We found Pippa and Karen, naked in the güvenilir casino kitchen except for their aprons, and naturally I went behind each of them to playfully fondle their bottoms. Both my wife and my sister responded by grinding their asses against my hands to encourage me.

“Darling, I do hope that you enjoy breakfast this morning! I made it special for you! A sample of England, if you will,” Pippa told me with obvious affection and a desire to please me, “Karen helped well, too. She was a great assistant.”

“I look forward to tasting the fruits of your labor, then,” I told them both, even as Felicia actually knelt and kissed each of our butts.

“Woah, what brought that on?” I asked my girlfriend, truly unsure.

“I know that I blew it with Armie, but I have a new respect for the guy and I worship the ground on which he treads. I also respect and admire your serious culinary skills, Pippa, and yours, Karen. Not to mention your bedroom skills. Dick must be a real moron to throw that away, guys. Personally, I…..I think that I need to go. After this week, that is. I’ve got some obligations to satisfy….as a porn starlet.

“Yes, that’s my dirty little secret that I was trying to protect with the parental controls, Pippa. I cheated on Armie in my porn career. I should have done things differently, been honest with him, and not tried to control him. It’s just not what he’s made to be, a submissive. He’s really a Dom and I was a fool to try to make a subbie out of him.

“Anyway, I’ve decided to let Armie off the hook for finding me a new guy. I’m going to be his sex slave this week, then I will do my next shoot, and then I will take some time off to find out what I really want with my life. Am I really a Domme or just….something else. I need to go away for a while. I need to figure things out for real. No more hiding, distracting myself, whatever. I need to face my true nature and learn what works for me. I need to discover who Felicia Norton really is, and only then can I find the right person or people for me,” Felicia explained to us.

“By the way, what I most respect is how you know to please Armie. You both have amazing love to give him and I admire the hell out of you for that. Be good to him. Treat him better than I did, okay?” Felicia asked my bride and sister before giving them both French kisses that made it clear that she at least knew that she was bi.

“It will be my honour and pleasure, love,” Pippa reassured her with a very bright smile.

“Hey, he’s my big brother. I adore him and always have. He’s been there for me when no one else was, not even my mother. What would I possibly do without him?” Karen told me as we sat down for breakfast at last, and then the doorbell rang.

Felicia rushed to get it, declaring that, “As part of being your slave this week, I’m also your butler.”

It was Tory, of course, in all of her Hellenic glory. Yes, she was Greek…..and looked even better than yesterday. Picture olive skin, chestnut curls, a little plumpness, but not too much, and grey eyes that one could lose oneself in, as it happened. She looked like a million dollars, as she removed her sundress to reveal nothing underneath, standing only in her pumps. Her breasts were full and firm, her slight belly was just enough to hint how she might look if she got pregnant. When she turned around, I saw that plush bottom of hers, swarthy and beautiful, and fell fully into lust. She still wasn’t my favorite, that being Pippa, or even my second favorite, which was Karen, but I could definitely get used to Tory Poulas.

“Gorgeous, isn’t she, love?” Pippa asked me as I took in the beauty of this sweet new companion of mine.

“God, yes!” I confessed, “at least it’s not Shabbos anymore and I don’t feel quite as bad saying that.”

“Felicia Norton,” Felicia introduced herself to Tory, and I could see it in her eyes…..she was smitten… was probably her first real lesbian crush.

“Victoria Poulas, but my friends and lovers call me Tory,” Tory winked at her, “you must be the notorious girlfriend, but I’ve seen you before that incident. Where from?”

“Probably the Princess of Spades series. BBC porn, and I don’t mean British television,” Felicia told her as we all started digging into our wonderful, scrumptious breakfast, “it cost me my man, but having already paid that price, no sense giving it up now, at least not without some searching.”

“You do interracial scenes, eh? Lots of black dick for the fetish market,” Tory laughed, “….well, my own fantasies are more about black women of late than black men. I’m not a lesbian, mind you, just very bi, and aside from our friend here, I’m leaning recently toward the Sapphic side of things.”

“Meaning what precisely?” I asked Tory, truly curious now, between bites of my bacon.

“I…..think that I want to keep my own straying to pussy. At least for a good while. No other men. Just you. OPP. One penis policy. At least for the present. Just you and the ladies. Think that you can live with that?” Tory told me, even while taking off her pumps and rubbing her feet against my cock, “I’m going to love sharing you with Pippa, sucking your dick straight from her pussy, being fucked next to her, in turns, from behind. That sort of deal.”

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