But Will It Fit?! Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

I walked into Midnight’s Dungeon the next day, bone dead tired. Me, always working the early shift, knew that I had a lot of free time to look over and decide what I wanted to grab. Of course, with me being on auto pilot from lack of rest, I didn’t do the best job.

It really wasn’t all my fault. Like picking the lube, that was easy. I didn’t care to much about the specifics of it, just as long as I knew it would make what was coming easier. I did have to get two different kinds though. Lube for my ‘front’ entrance and lube for my ‘back’ entrance. Oh God, I really had become an ass girl.

No, what was hard of course was the other toys I had to get for myself. I knew I wanted something not to big, nothing like the Titan, to start me out, but I knew in the end I wanted to be stretched out fully and to my limits. I didn’t want to get every toy there was in size though of course. For me, money really matters, and no, I wasn’t going to steal anything from my work. Whatever I grabbed I would use cash to pay for and then pretend a customer had gotten it.

I picked up some anal beads. ‘That’s maybe a good idea, since I’m an ass girl and all,’ I thought.

It actually wasn’t a bad idea technically speaking because from the pictures on the box I could tell the first bead was very small and the thing slowly increased in size to the end. The last bead looked a bit daunting, well almost everything to me looked daunting, but maybe after enough tries I could take it. It was indeed far smaller then the Titan. In my little shopping box it went.

Okay, I had gotten the back end, of course I got that first, but what should I get for the front? This was far more difficult. There was just so much to pick from. Rows on rows on rows. I started to feel a bit dizzy, then I started to feel like I shouldn’t be doing this.

My second thoughts and doubts on this hadn’t fully gone away. I still felt kind of bad for wanting to do this at all. Part of it had to be because I was now officially trying to hide it well away from Zoey. There was no ignoring that anymore. I was putting it well behind her back. But of course the other part was unquestionably that deep down I felt I shouldn’t be into stuff like this. Like this somehow made me not asexual anymore, like somehow it made me not count. As I said before, when people question your sexuality and tell you it’s not real, and when you so very often don’t see people like yourself in your day to day life, anytime you do feel like trying something sexual you feel like you’re accidently proving the ones that called your sexuality childish right. It’s a bad feeling.

But, it’s that, it’s only a feeling and it isn’t a true one. It’s like Zoey wanting to elope instead of getting married. You can’t let the people that are against you dictate your actions. You can’t let someone stop you from dating a girl if you are a girl that likes girls. You can’t let them stop you from being a girl with short hair, like an army brat, and being pretty fit, which somehow proves the butch queer woman stereotype right. Lastly, you can’t let someone dictate if you like to fuck. I wanted to be fucked in the ass by an over sized dildo, I couldn’t let anyone stop me from doing this, not even me. And I would tell Zoey, in time I would tell her.

Okay, me being a good little queer person will clarify that some people really have to let some people dictate their actions. Sometimes it’s really dangerous to come out of the closet and be openly queer, like asexual or whatever, and sometimes for safety sake you have to stay in the closet. There, I have undermined my own statements for reality sake. Of course, I wasn’t in a situation like that. I was fully capable of being open now about myself and only my self doubt was holding me back.

In the end after pushing said self doubt aside and looking through so many different toys I got a very small rabbit style vibrator, built to both rub against my clit and well inside of myself at the same time. It was a bright pink, as blatantly girly as they could make it. The box it was in was covered in little pink cartoon hearts. Hallmark had made a sex toy, good for them.

I bought the lube, the anal beads and the vibrator. Lastly I got some boxes of chocolates. Why the chocolates? It was cover. I had to walk to work again today, Zoey needed the car for her job as she often does. My replacement would be coming in near the end of my shift and I didn’t want her to see me walking out the door with a bag full of sex toys. If I put chocolate boxes over the toys though then I could hide them. It would also help if I bumped into anyone on the walk home. I needed a cheat day from my diet anyways.

I had gotten everything I needed for now. I also got it an hour before we had our first customer. As I keep saying, morning shifts are slow. Of course things did pick up more and five more Titans were sold before it was time for my replacement to come in.

My boss, Logan, and Becky, my replacement, came walking through the door. bahis firmaları My boss is a man that fits a lot of stereotypes of creepy guy at a sex store. Of course, slut shaming and judging are pretty wrong, but he likely scared away a good number of customers. He’s over weight, has a dirty beard, glasses that are far to big for him, and is very tall. He says he knows some martial arts and he apparently does, but you would never know it to look at him.

Becky is always very over dressed with ill fitting glasses of her own. I believe she’s secretly rather attractive to the point where even I would notice her, but she likely dresses down as much as she can to work peacefully in this place. She did have to deal with a lot more customers then I did working a later shift and all.

“Hey Logan, Becky, how’s it going for both of you?” I asked, some standard chit chat was needed before I told them I was getting married and invited them to it.

“It could be better. I just got dumped. Going to get me some of the cheap pornos for tonight,” Becky said bluntly.

“Well, we’re already making a profit today so I’m doing well,” Logan responded. He was never one to ignore the possibility for a crude joke.

Becky rolled her eyes and started to walk over to the adult video section.

“It’s their loss,” I say trying to cheer up Becky and of course not really succeeding.

Me talking about my marriage didn’t feel so right anymore, obviously, but it was one of the tasks I had given myself for today so it had to be done.

“Well, I’m doing very nicely. I, I proposed to Zoey and we’re getting married,” I said lightly.

Becky lowered the Blu-ray of Alien Fuckers that she had in her hand and looked at me with pure disdain. A massive part of me wanted to say I’m sorry to her.

“You’re both invited of course, but it is going to be a small advent so we aren’t really going to be inviting to many other people,” I went on explaining.

“You got a date set up for it yet?” Logan asked.

“No, it all just started happening, but I can’t see it being to long away cause it is going to be small and I kind of just like getting things done,” I responded.

“Well enjoy it while you can. It’s all downhill after the honeymoon,” Becky said. It should be noted that she had never been married.

“Trix wouldn’t have a honeymoon. She’s not into that stuff remember,” Logan said, clearly thinking he was helping me by respecting my sexuality, but of course he wasn’t at all.

“We’re going to have a honeymoon. We were thinking of going to Japan or Niagara Falls. I really want Japan, she wants the falls,” I explained.

“Why not both,” Logan said.

“You all are making me sick right now. Can’t a girl just look over porn in peace?” Becky said.

Out of respect and curtesy I did not push the conversation any farther. I just hoped the other invites went more smoothly for both Zoey and myself.

I left the sex shop with Becky only making one comment about the chocolates and telling me not to pig out to much. I walked home quickly and hid the bag for now in the shed. Once again I would have to find a safer place for it later.

After that, and after getting back settled at home again I came up with a list of what I felt I should and shouldn’t try sexual wise. A lot of this was pretty new to me so I kind of wanted to get it out of my system.

Did I want to try out porn? Well, a lot of asexual people actually like porn believe it or not, but with me being sex repulsed that was going to get a hard no. I knew I wouldn’t be up to any of it and when I masturbate I tend to not ever fantasize so seeing a scene of sex shown off wasn’t going to help me get all excited.

Did I want to read erotic stories? This was a bit more of a maybe. Since I wouldn’t be seeing it there was less of a chance that it would trigger my gross out factor, and once again, some ace people really like that kind of thing. I didn’t know where to start with that though so I was going to push it aside until later.

Did I want to try out BDSM? Not to sound like a broken record here, but some asexual people are really into that kind of thing. To me though that all just sounds like it would really hurt. Plus the conversation of trying to talk Zoey into it would weird us both out for years.

So it looked like for now it really was just toys and only toys, but a lot of toys. I blushed at the thought knowing that soon I would be trying out everything I had bought on myself.

I didn’t get a chance until the next night, around midnight. This time around I had put myself even farther away from Zoey, inside the shed that stood just outside of our home. I had realized that stopping myself from yelling when I was cuming was pretty tricky. Of course, other people could hear me out here so this was not exactly safe either. I needed to do this though. It was all I could think about at this point.

The shed was crowded with old junk and I stood in the one, tiny kaçak iddaa section, that was empty. The floors were bare wood and there was a chill in the air. I shivered in my simple, black, pajamas. I had snuck out after I went to bed. It struck me that this was the least comfortable spot I could have possibly picked to do this kind of thing, but I really didn’t have a choice. I could feel my pussy throbbing, it wanting me to get on with things already.

Where would I start though? Well, I wanted to be penetrated and break my hymen in a way that didn’t hurt. So first step had to be the lube. I took off my pj bottoms. I touched myself gently, letting a finger slip across my lower area. I could tell from the dampness that I was already getting pretty wet, but I was going to over prepare, not under prepare.

I picked up the lube for my vagina from the bag and squeezed a ridiculous amount into my hand. I took my palm to myself and slathered it about the lips of my pussy as thoroughly as I possibly could. Well I did my pinky finger slipped in and out of me, I really couldn’t help it. I then took a second handful of lube. Like I said, over prepare.

After getting myself covered in lube, it was at last time to do this. Enough beating around the bush, time to jam something into it already. I picked up from my Midnight’s Dungeon bag the box containing the pink vibrator. I unpackaged it quickly. I looked over it and it’s odd shape, supposedly meant to slide into someone in just a way to rub against their clit and G-spot at the same time.

I gulped and then took a big breath, “here goes.”

I slid it very slowly into myself. I felt a slight pinch.

‘Was that it? Was that my hymen breaking? That really wasn’t that bad at all.’

A feeling of relief ran over me. This really wasn’t going to be that bad after all. Sure, I was outside, freezing my little butt off, but it wasn’t bad.

I decided to leave the vibrator off for a bit and just kind of explore myself with it for awhile. I jammed it in deep, slid it out a bit, moved it back and forth. Moaned slightly.

“Ya,… ya, that’s nice.”

I felt it brush up against something inside of me and I got a sudden jolt that went through my body.


So that was the wonderous G-spot I had been hearing so much about. At least I thought it was the G-spot. Of course I was not an expert. Whatever it was though, it was a good place to have the toy by.

I took another deep breath. The time to get really started was here. I turned on the vibrator and its’ little ears started to rub against my clit and its lower body inside of me started to shake around. I could feel it quiver up against that sensitive spot I had found and I started to bite into my lip hard. I fell to my hands and knees, already being over taken by the intensity of this.

Of course, me now being the worlds’ biggest ass girl I sure didn’t want to leave her out of the show. I scrambled to get my hands on the lube for my back end. I picked it up and then collapsed onto my side. It was starting to feel to good to keep going, but I wanted to go as all out with this as I could. I dumped some more lube into my palm and then moved it to my little butt hole. As I slathered it on I jammed my thumb into myself because of course I did.


My head was feeling dizzy, but I couldn’t let myself cum yet. No, I had to use everything I had gotten. At this point I could hardly make sense of which way was up or down, but after tossing my hand out randomly I did find the anal beads. I quickly unboxed them and looked over the thing. The first bead on the plastic red toy was the size of a small, simple marble and they grew out slowly from there. I moved it up behind myself and to my surprise not only got it inside of my ass, but two beads deep.

“You’re a big girl, you can handle this,”

No, make that three, no, I, I mean four.

That was the thing up to the midway point. I was very impressed with myself, but I could hardly say congratulations before I felt fireworks that were moving through my entire body and I came, hard. I squirted out onto the wooden floor. My mind was dazed and I just kind of rested there for a moment, turning off the vibrator and taking it all in.

No matter how good sex was for others, for me this could not be topped. This was pure ecstasy. Maybe this is what real sex should be seen as, someone embracing their sex drive to the fullest possible extent. Of course I didn’t need a partner to do that like other people did, but that didn’t mean this had less value. This was amazing.

Of course, this was only the start. This became my new dedication for me. At least four times a week, at the strike of midnight, I would find myself in the shed fucking my brains out. After about six more times in the shed I managed to get the anal beads fully inside of myself. When I dug them out of my butt it still wanted to be filled and then I started fisting my ass. I was so proud of myself, being so intimidated at first, kaçak bahis but now being capable enough to jam an entire hand up my butt.

I stretched myself out in the back nice and good and a few times in the shed later I started to be able to fist my pussy too. There I was, after doing this for several weeks, now fisting both my front and back at the same time. The Titan would soon be mine to conquer.

I was fully and completely stretched out and like always, I came and I came hard.

“Fuck ya! That’s how you get that shit done!” I yelled out load.

And that, after several weeks of fucking my brains out in the shed, was when Zoey at last over heard my statements of pleasure.

“Ummmm, Trix, what are you doing in there?” her hushed voice came through the walls of the shed as she lightly taped a hand against the door just a few minutes after I made my declaration of pleasure.

I couldn’t believe it. There I rested, one hand in my front, one in my back, completely naked, covered in sweat. Liquid from my pussy splattered about on the floor.

“I’m, I’m…” I paused.

Was there any excuse that could actually get me out of this? And even if there was all she had to do was open the door and she would see what was really going on. And if I was so sure what I was doing was so natural, did I really need to cover it up?

“I’m, well, I’m masturbating,” I just said in a mater of fact way.

“Oh,” she said shyly back, keeping the door thankfully closed.




“But, but why outside. I know you do that kind of thing.”

“Ya, but I, I’ve kind of gotten into toys, really gotten into toys, and I’ve kind of got myself into a really embarrassing position right now,” I said and then a nightmare scenario sunk into my mind of me being stuck like this.


“Ya, I kind of, my hand is pretty deep inside of myself right now.”

“You’re, you’re fisting yourself?”


“Damn, I’ve never done that.”

I blushed. Somehow I was the more experienced one now of the two of us and I was still a virgin.

“You still didn’t have to do it outside. I’m with guys in the house on my own time. We can easily figure out the same for you. Did you, did you think I wouldn’t like you if I knew?”

“What? No, of course not. I was, I was just embarrassed. I never did any of this before and it just came out of nowhere. I just wanted to figure it all out a bit.”

“I understand, but we can always talk, about anything, even about you wanting to try out toys or, once again damn, you fisting yourself.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“Let me get dressed.”

I carefully slid my hands out of myself and started to slip back into my pajamas. I got up and opened the shed door. Zoey poked her head inside and looked over at the bag of toys by my feet.

“You want some chocolate?” I asked.

“You got me a butt plug!?” I asked, my voice shaking and high as I looked over the gift in my hands.

“Of course. I want to marry all of you. I’m not going to marry a part of you,” Zoey responded.

It was the day of our wedding. About five months had past since Zoey had caught me fisting myself in the shed. We had our stagette party just a week ago and most of the wedding presents were given to us then, but Zoey of course had hid this one away until our wedding day, today.

It’s bad luck to see each other on a wedding day, but we never believed in any of that. Zoey had let herself into my dressing room and had demanded that Becky and her friend Tiffany leave. They did as told and now Zoey was showing me this gift that she had gotten for this day.

I never thought Zoey would do something like this for me. We really hadn’t talked that much about what had happened after it happened. I was now pleasantly pleasing myself in the house while Zoey was at work. She now had to knock four times before she entered, just like I had to. Recently I had gotten into squeezing and toying with my breasts and I found out that I didn’t mind reading some very light erotica. I can’t handle anything to detailed as it can still set me off in a none fun way, but a few steps more steamy then Twilight and I’m good. I was still growing, still experimenting, and even though I didn’t gush to Zoey about all the graphic details, her she was, giving me a butt plug as a gift.

“I, I love it Zoey!” I said and gave her a massive hug.

The hug quickly turned into a snuggle, which quickly led into a soft kiss on the lips.

We both stood there, both in massive, over done, wedding dresses. I had actually really dressed up for a change and Zoey looked just stunning.

“Now finish glamming yourself up already, we got a wedding to do,” Zoey said and blushed.

I blushed back and then she marched herself out of the room.

As I stood there, alone, a part of me pondered the devilish idea of taking that butt plug and putting it inside myself and having it there while I got married. It was Zoey’s gift to me after all and I did really want to use it. But the idea was silly. I would never do that. After all, it was the Titan that would lay claim to my butt during the ceremony. It was only right and proper.

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