Business Trip Encounters Ch. 03

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I work up 7 o’clock in the morning, still savoring the introduction to the country I had yesterday. I recalled the blow job I got from Clara and the massage I had from Joanne, and immediately felt my cock hardening. I stroke my cock under the blanket and contemplating jerking off, but with the encounters I had yesterday, I decided against it thinking,” If I need a relief, I could always rely on Joanne, although Clara is a bit of a long shot.”

Today is the beginning of a hectic week for me, although Clara and Joanne have pretty much jumpstarted my week for me. I am scheduled to conduct some interviews for the hiring of my PA today, and I also have schedules to view some apartments for my accommodations and office space the following couple of days.

As we still do not have an office, my agent has arranged for the interviews to be conducted in the hotel business centre, which works well for me as I will save on my traveling time and avoid spending hours in the Manila jam.

I have my breakfast in the hotel café, taking my time as my first interview is scheduled for 10 am. However, I will be meeting up with the agent’s representative at 9.30 am to go through some resumes.

After breakfast, I went to my room and took a shower and waited for the agent. At about 9.25 am, the front desk called me and told me the agent is waiting for me in the meeting room.

I arrived at the meeting room and was greeted by a middle age lady dressed in a suit and skirt, very much the standard dress code for executives in the city. Her name is Cathy, she is a small framed lady, about 1.5 m tall, dark skin, black hair pulled back and bundled up in a bun. We went through some resumes and she asked me some questions regarding my requirements. Philippines is a country which is very particular with presentation as much as skills set, so it is not taboo to touch on the looks department.

“Sir, our candidates are all graduates from Business Schools and experienced in secretarial work, besides, they are highly skilled in clerical work and are very presentable with their looks, do you have any special requirements?” Cathy asked matter of factly.

I paused for a while and reply,” Well, I have looked through some resumes and they look very impressive. Besides the everyday clerical and secretarial responsibilities, I would probably require her to go outstation with me for meetings and probably dinner appointments, so it would be great if they are receptive to traveling. I have nothing against married woman, but I guess singles would be more receptive to the traveling portion.”

Cathy flipped through some of her files, ponder a little while and reply,” Don’t worry sir, we have quite a few candidates today, so I am sure you will find somebody suitable for this position.”

We started the interview on time and I am surprised at the number of candidates we have. There were easily 30 of them and I learnt from Cathy that they received about 400 responses when they advertised the opening in the papers. However, although most of them are quite experienced, they do have problem traveling due to family commitment, and most of them do not look as “presentable” as I would like them to be. In actual fact, the job does not require much skill, she only needs to be able to do some filing and organize my meetings and appointments. I was secretly hoping that she will be well stocked in the looks department, something I did not reviewed to Cathy explicitly thinking that I might not sound too professional if I did that. I am not exactly looking for a Playmate, but I was thinking if I have to face her 8 hours a day at work, then it would help if she is pleasant to the eyes and senses.

After spending the whole day interviewing, Cathy sat down with me to discuss the candidates and was a bit disappointed that I was not able to select anybody.

“Sir, most of the candidates I chose for you is well qualified, they have plenty of business knowledge and experience,” Cathy said.

“Cathy, I think that is the problem, most of them is over qualified, and if I offer any one of them the job, they will feel under challenged very soon. Moreover….,”I pondered a little while, trying to find words to put across my version of a good candidate,” Almost all of them are married and they would not be able to travel extensively with me.”

Cathy looked through her files again and then said,” Sir, I do have some candidates whom are single but they do not have as much experience.”

I think for a while and then sit up, cleared my throat and said to her,” Look Cathy, maybe it’s my fault that I did not tell you exactly what I want. The job as my PA only requires to know some clerical duties and maybe to organize some meetings with suppliers, she doesn’t really needs to have a MBA. I……I also require her to escort me for dinner appointments and traveling…so she needs to be “presentable”.” I emphasize the last word by drawing up the “inverted commas” with my fingers.

Cathy antalya escort looked at me, moved forward from her seat and spoke in a soft tone,” Sir, you …mean…she…..has to be….”pretty”.” and she mimicked me and emphasized the last work with her fingers in the air, drawing a couple of “inverted commas”.

“Yes Cathy, I think you are getting the idea, I am looking for a Personal Assistant, not a Business Advisor. And yes, being pretty would be nice….,” I told her matter of factly.

And without waiting for me to finish my statement, she moved even closer to me and almost in a whisper, “and perhaps…..maybe a little sexy…sir?”

I gave Cathy a knowing smile and said, “Cathy, that will definitely help me get through my day much easier.”

Cathy closed her file and said,” Sir, I do have some candidates who matches your requirements, they are not exactly University of Manila materials, but they could definitely organize a few files and meetings, and most importantly, they will make good company for dinners and business trips, and one or two of them do carry with them some…very special skills…”

Not knowing what “special skills” Cathy is referring to, I assume it’s some fantastic organization or typing skill that she could use in her work.

“Cathy, I really appreciate your help, but I do not know if I could have the interview with them as my schedule is very tight for the week and we are running out of time,” I told her.

Cathy pondered for a while and said, “Sir, I am really sorry about this, but our company really values your business and we will definitely not want to mess up our first business with you. Would you be in the hotel this evening? I believe I could arrange for 1 or 2 candidates to speak to you tonight.”

I looked at my PDA for a while and said,” Well Cathy, I guess we do not have much choice now; I have to get this hire done before I leave the country. Ok, you let me know the time and we could conduct the interview in the café tonight.”

I returned to my room, feeling a bit disappointed that I was not able to get the hiring out of the way, but also felt a bit relieved that I finally communicated my requirements to Cathy so I could expect the candidate to be closer to my requirements.

I did some emails in my room and not knowing if the interview is going to happen, I was a bit reluctant to go out of the hotel. At about 5.30 in the afternoon, I received a call from Cathy letting me know that she managed to arrange for another 2 candidates to see me in the evening and she promised that I will at least be able to select one of them. We arranged to see the first candidate at about 8 pm in the café and the second one at about 9 pm.

The first candidate arrived promptly at 8 pm and we had the discussion in the café as arranged. Her name was Sherry, and she was definitely a looker. She arrived at the interview in a white blouse and a mini skirt which could be no more then a few inches below her pussy. I could say that she was definitely dressed for the job. She had a couple of years’ experience as a clerk and is definitely a good candidate for the job. She was also single and could travel around without much problem. Most impressively, she has a pair of 32C breast which I found myself directing my questions to rather then to Sherry herself.

“Finally, Cathy got what I am looking for,” I thought to myself.

The interview went on smoothly for about 45 minutes and I made a mental note that I will hire her if the other candidate isn’t as good.

When I finished my interview with Sherry, it was already very close to 9 pm, so I stayed in the café waiting. However, I waited till 9.30 pm and the second candidate still has not turned up, so I assumed that she was giving the meeting a pass. As Sherry did meet my expectation, I am not too concern about missing the second meeting. So I decided to call it a day and went back up to my room.

I took a shower and changed into my shorts and T-shirt, getting ready for an early night. Just as I was about to turn on the TV, the door bell rang and I answered the door to a lovely young lady.

“Hello Sir, my name is Bianca, we are supposed to have a meeting this evening regarding the job as your PA?” she said in a quite sultry voice.

“Oh, yes,” I looked at my watch, “but we were supposed to have met at 9 pm.”

“Yes sir, I know, but I was caught up by the traffic, I hope you will give me a chance for the interview,” she said softly, obviously aware of the surroundings. “Sir, please give me a bit of your time and I will convince you that I am the one for this job.”

As we are in the corridor of the floor and I do not want to create any commotion, I decided to let her in the room first. As she entered my room, I was glad I let her in. She was about 1.6 m tall, medium frame. As usual, as with so many working women in the city, her hair was meticulously pulled back and tied up in a pony tail. Her skin is quite dark and smooth. serik escort She has a pair of big round eyes and dark eyebrows. In fact, on a second look, she resembles the Latin actress Salma Hayek during “Wild Wild West” days. Their resemblance did not end on her face, my eyes dropped down to her chest level and they were met with a pair of 34 DD boobs, something very rare in Asia, leave alone the Philippines. Instead of the usual white blouse and black skirt, she was wearing a sleeveless black blouse, her huge melons were pushing her blouse so far out, the low V-neck was showing quite a lot of her cleavage. Her black skirt ends about 5 inches above her knees and showed plenty of her thighs, and it was so tight around her hips, I could see that her ass was well rounded and the outline of her thongs was clearly on show. At the end of those long slender legs, was a pair of black heels that screams, “Fuck Me!”

“Well, Bianca, since you did not turn up earlier on, I was preparing to offer the job to another candidate,” I told her. And immediately, disappointment showed on her face.

“But, since you are already here, I would like to listen to what you could do,” I told her. Although what I really wanted to do was to find the opportunity to look at her tits a bit more.

Immediately, her face light up, and I saw for the first time, her gorgeous smile.

” Sir, thank you very much, I am sure you will find that I have plenty to offer to your company,” she said, looking at me with her sparkling eyes.

“Bianca, why don’t you wait for me in the café and I will be down in a minute,” I told her, although I do not mind conducting the interview in the cozy room.

“Sir, that will not be necessary, we could do it here if you prefer,” Bianca said softly.

I heard the words “do it” and immediately, my imagination runs wild and I felt my cock twitching. “Well, its ok if you are comfortable with this, would you like me to leave the door open while we have the discussion?”

“No sir, it’s perfectly alright if you left it closed,” Bianca then went to the door and hang out the “Do Not Disturb” sign. “I thought we should have some privacy so that the interview could be conducted without any body disturbing us,” Bianca said, already showing some signs of a good PA.

I invited Bianca to take a seat at the sofa and went to the mini bar to get her a glass of water. When I came back to the sofa, I was met with a sight that I believe will be in my memory for a while. Bianca has crossed her legs and her skirt has ridden up her thighs, showing a pair of creamy and delicious looking thighs. My eyes followed to her upper thighs, came to the mysterious triangle hidden between her legs and I could see a patch of her silky thongs staring right back at me. My eyes traveled down along her long and slender legs to her shoes and I couldn’t help but imagine those black heels wrapping around my back.

As the sofa is quite soft, Bianca has some trouble sitting up and has to swing her legs up for leverage, and in the process, gave me a full view up her already non-existing skirt, and presented a full view of her thongs to me. At my position, I could also see down her blouse and got a glimmer of her creamy boobs, and I felt my cock hardening under my shorts.

As I was already preparing for bed before Bianca showed up, I have removed my underpants, and I could see a little tent forming in front of my shorts, although I was hoping Bianca would not notice it.

Bianca took a sip of the water and adjusted her skirt a little, pulling it down to try to cover her modesty, but try as she might, the length of her skirt, or the lack of it, did not give her much chance of doing that.

She was sitting on the two-seater of the sofa set, so I took the single seater adjacent to her. She adjusted herself to face me, and as the sofa is very low, together with the heels she was wearing, her knees were elevated high up which left her thongs in full view at all time, and I found myself having trouble trying not to peek up her skirt. And it seems like Bianca is not doing much to cover up, makes it even more inviting.

I cleared my throat and flip through Bianca’s resume, and found myself stealing peeks up her skirt every now and then. Bianca was sitting with her upper body pushed in front, and it’s causing her boobs to be pressed against her arms, and they are almost threatening to spill out of her blouse. The words in front of me are now becoming a blur and I decided to just ask Bianca to relate her experience to me.

Bianca is a graduate from Business Administration for 2 years now and has done contract work as a clerk in a couple of local companies. It is very common in this country that people work on short contract, and the qualifications and work done are very often a mismatch due to the lack of jobs in the country. Bianca is one of the millions of graduates who are struggling to find a decent permanent job that matches side escort her qualification.

Bianca was explaining her situation to me, although I am not sure if I heard everything as the distraction below her neck and below her skirt is just too much for me. I felt my cock hardening by the second.

Suddenly, there is a silent moment and I realized Bianca has finished explaining. I cleared my throat and look up at her face,”Bianca, you seems to be over qualified for this job, but after hearing your explanation, I could understand why you are applying for this job. You seem to have very limited work experience though…”

Without waiting for me to finish, Bianca cut me off and said, “Sir, I am a fast learner, and I could pick up skills real fast.”

I tried to calm her down and explain to her that I do have one other candidate that is more suitable for the position.

“Sir, I have 2 years experience as a clerk, so I have no problem with administration work, and I also heard that you are also looking for a Personal Assistant who can accompany you to business dinners and traveling. I am young and energetic and I could travel in very short notice.” She then paused for a while, and continued, ” And I believe I have the necessary skills to be a very good…and …personal….Personal Assistant to you.”

I flip through her resume again, with one eye on it and the other on her crotch, and pretended to be thinking. My hardon is killing me and I have to move a little to relief my position.

Seeing that there is no response from me, Bianca put her hand on my knee and said softly,” Sir, did Cathy mentioned the special skills I have?”

“Special skills? Oh yeah, she did mentioned but did not elaborate much,” I said, a bit puzzled.

“Well sir, as your PA, I expect myself to be of assistance to you during business and perhaps, sometimes during your leisure,” Bianca started, what I think, is her sales talk now.

She got up from the sofa, again giving me a bird eye’s view of her panty clad pussy. She walks around slowly to the back of my chair and continued,” You will be away from your family and will be working hard day and night, it is inevitable that you will experience some stress along the way. So as a PA, besides trying to get your day organized, wouldn’t it be good if she could also do this..?”

I felt a pair of soft hands on my shoulder, gently massaging me.

“mmmmmmm,” unconsciously, I let out a soft moan.

Bianca brought her face down and whisper in my ear,” You like it, don’t you? I could do this for you as often as you like.”

This is the first time I got so close to her, and the sweet smell of her perfume, plus the build up I had since she crossed her legs, got me over the top and I felt my cock becoming rock hard.

Bianca then walk slowly back to the front of me and said,” I also heard from Cathy that you are looking for an assistant who is perhaps, a little sexy?”

I cleared my throat, not really knowing what to say now. I look up at Bianca and there she is, standing with her legs apart, and those heels! It’s driving me crazy.

“Sir, I am sorry that I am not exactly dressed for the job today, perhaps, if I do this, it might help you decide?” Bianca said.

To my amazement, Bianca started to pull down her zipper at the side of her blouse, and pulled it over her head, revealing her black lace push up bra. It confirmed my guess that she is a C cup, and they are now jiggling ever so slightly right in front of me, clad only in a sheer piece of lace.

She then turned around with her back facing me, and started to pull down the zipper at the back of her skirt. She did it very slowly, teasing me with a little shake of her ass, and when the zipper is pulled down completely, she turned her head and winked at me. Instead of just dropping her skirt, Bianca pulls it down slowly, bending at her waist. I am amazed at her flexibility as she pulled her skirt all the way to the floor without bending her knees a bit. And right in front of me is a pair of long slender legs, crossed at the ankle, with her scantily clad ass pointing right at me. I could see the outline of her pussy pressing hard against the thin fabric of her thongs, screaming to be released. The clothes she had on did not do much to exaggerate her figure, because what you see is what you get! She has an hour glass figure with boobs, waist, ass and legs to die for.

Bianca turned around and walks slowly towards me, then bends down to rest her hands on the arm rest of my chair, giving me a close up view of her cleavage and I could smell the aroma that her boobs are releasing.

She gives a smirk on her face and then said,” Sir, I am not all boobs and no brains. Besides what you are seeing in front of you, I could also perform some secretarial services.”

She then looks down at my crotch, which is now fully tented up by my hard cock. She lowers herself slowly to her knees, grabs the side of my shorts and pull it down to my ankles, and my raging hard cock spring out twitching, with veins popping all over.

“I could also perform a very good old school dick-ta-tion,” Bianca said while running her long finger along my shaft and I gave a slight moan to let her know that I like it.

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