B(r)e(a)st Woman for the Job

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Just a little one-off for those who like big boobs and lactation, mixed with a bit of humiliation and exhibitionism. Hope you enjoy!


Mindy Thompson locked the door to her new apartment. It was the first night staying in her new place since moving out of the marital home. Robert and Mindy had signed the divorce papers months ago, but it had taken time to separate accounts and finally afford her own place.

The story was tragic. Mindy and Robert met as freshmen in college. A D-cup beauty with an hourglass figure, Robert was physically drawn to Mindy immediately. Emotionally and intellectually, they seemed to match up even better. The two began sharing a fulfilling, romantic life and that romance stayed strong to the wedding, and well past it. They appeared to be the perfect couple, headed for a happily-ever-after.

Mindy got pregnant at the age of 25 and quit her advertising job to prepare for the role of full-time mom. Robert made plenty of income working as vice-president of the local back, the youngest VP in its history. But five and a half months into the pregnancy, Mindy had a miscarriage. It was devastating to the both of them.

Mindy’s body continued to change, despite the miscarriage. Notably, her tits had gained a cup size or two and produced considerable amounts of milk on a daily basis. Though her body should naturally have readjusted to the change and gone back to normal after the miscarriage, Mindy suffered from some biological anomaly.

Mindy’s motherly figured reminded Robert every day of the loss of their child. He couldn’t get out of his depression. His disposition turned sour and he practically shut Mindy out altogether, barely talking to her and always making excuses to go places without her. Mindy begged for marriage counseling, but Robert wanted nothing of it. Eventually, they separated and Mindy took the guest room. It took a year to finalize the divorce and a few months more to find her own place. It had been a long journey, but at least productive.

Mindy convinced her old bosses to allow her to come back to the advertising agency, Twin Phillips Media, where she’d worked following school and prior to the pregnancy. The job paid enough to save money for deposits and furnish the new place. Mindy walked into the freshly painted living room and plopped on the couch. On the coffee table, she’d left her breast pump. Pumping was a nightly ritual.

‘Well, first pump in the new home, I guess. I sure hate having to do this every night, but if I don’t milk my breasts, I’ll leak all over the place tomorrow.’

Milking was not a pleasurable thing for Mindy. While she had long grown numb to the connection it had with the loss of her child, these days she milked herself with indifference. If anything, it was an inconvenience to have to take time out every day to pump. Mindy’s doctor recommended long ago for her to quit pumping her breasts so that they would eventually stop producing milk. The problem was that Mindy had tried that for months. Many months, on many occasions. Yet her tits continued to leak profoundly each day, and they would get so full, they’d get downright painful. She had also tried medications to stop the lactation, but the side effects made her violently ill and physically weak.

It was also highly embarrassing to leak through her tops. The only way to avoid it was to pump at least eight ounces from each breast daily. Now that Mindy was gainfully employed, she was not going to stop pumping and be a victim of soaked shirts at the office.

Mindy unbuttoned her shirt and pulled out her heavy breasts. They were so large, they looked like giant torpedoes, capped off by the dark nursing nipples. She attached the pumps and kicked back with the TV remote before turning the device on. It took at least half an hour, sometimes more. During this time, she spent the time catching up on the news of the day.

Little did Mindy know, her breast problem would soon prove to be a very valuable asset to her. There are those rare moments where life provides opportunities, where the stars align, and everything just fits in place. It is such a series of coincidences that helped Mindy turn lemons into lemon-aid… or in her case, milk into… ice cream? Whatever is better than milk, anyway.

John and James Phillips, the owners of Twin Phillips Media, were notoriously known to be outlandish characters, but James took the cake. He got absolutely mental when the prospect of winning a new client account was at stake. He paced constantly, sometimes smoked in his office, and he would routinely interrupt people’s days asking for their random opinions on things. Mindy knew they had been in a meeting with J & J Home Health earlier that morning, but now she was being subjected to one of James’ weird, nervous moments.

“Oh my god, Mindy. You should have been there. It was ridiculous. Alex Winter, my brother and me… all trying to convince an entire panel of women that we can manage their account better than anyone else? canlı bahis Over ninety percent of their products are designed specifically for women, and we didn’t even think to bring ONE woman with us? What the fuck were we thinking?”

“Calm down,” said Mindy. “I’m sure you did fine. You’re the brightest talent on the market.” I tried to be reassuring.

“Well, our other accounts and successes certainly didn’t go unnoticed, but still, that was stupid of us. Thoughtless. Alex and John don’t think it’s a big deal, but image is indeed a big deal, I tell you.”

Just then, John came bursting into the room. “There you are! I told you. They called back already.”

“What? Who?” asked James.

“J & J Home Health. So okay, maybe you were right about needing a woman on the team. They actually specifically mentioned they were a bit offended we didn’t bring any female representation.”

Mindy was taking this all in, hoping this might be an opportunity for her to get to work on a large account for once. And a new one, to boot.

James was shaking his head. “Yet you still got them to talk, huh? So what’s the good news? I can tell you have some.”

“They want us to participate in a pitch against another team. It’s better than nothing, James. It gives us a real chance at proving ourselves. They’re budgeting us $40,000 for a one-off product campaign, a video series for their social media platforms. Another company has the same budget for a different line of their products. Regardless, the project they like most will get a full three-year contract. The entire advertising budget.”

James breathed out a notable sigh of relief. “This ought to be fun. We haven’t lost a pitching challenge once in our careers. We also haven’t really had to do one in a long while. Think we still got it?”

“Oh course we do, big brother,” said John.

“So what are we pitching?” asked James.

John stood up straight and smiled. “Incognito Breast Pumps. That’s not just the description, it’s the actual name, supposedly. It’s a breast pump for nursing women that can be used discretely anywhere, at home, shopping or even at work. From what I understand, it works under the clothes and it doesn’t appear obvious at all that one is pumping.”

“Huh, interesting,” said James. “How large is that market?”

“I already checked. There are over two million nursing working women in this country on any given day.”

“Yeah, but what I mean is… how badly does the market need a discreet breast pump?”

“More than you know,” said Mindy, chiming in.

“Excuse me?” asked James.

Mindy couldn’t believe she was about to admit her embarrassing dilemma, but considering a possible career opportunity was at stake, she left out no details as she explained her situation.

“So ever since the miscarriage, my breasts continued to develop and prepared for the role of nursing a child. I’ve been having to pump ever since. Believe me, on the bad days, something like this would be very practical.”

The men had been eyeing Mindy’s mammoth jugs as she talked, but she realized this was likely due to the content of the conversation. She tried not to be too embarrassed by the extra attention. James turned to John. “How quickly can you get one of these Incognito Breast Pumps to us?”

“By tomorrow morning, I’m sure,” said John.

“Good, bring it in first thing. Mindy, I want you to demo the product and give us your honest opinion.”

“Uh… okay. I guess?” Mindy knew that was actually a good idea. In fact, it was standard practice to test products, but she was still unsure of how to take being asked to pump her breasts at work, for work.

“Seriously, I want your honest feedback on the product. See if it actually works as they claim. Incognito, huh? It gives me a grand idea for an ad campaign.”

“Your mind already brewing ideas, James?” Mindy asked.

“Indeed,” he said.

“So, I guess I won’t pump tonight. Assuming you want me try it out here tomorrow.”

“Correct, yes.”

“But I’m not trying it out in front of you…”

“Just use the product as it is supposed to be used, with clothes on Then let us know how you feel about it. Was it comfortable? Did it perform well? Is it noisy? Practical? Be honest.”

“Use it as advertised?”

“Yes. Incognito. Like during your daily tasks while at your desk or in a meeting. Mindy, we’re lucky to have you here, working so closely on the team to test the product. We won’t take on the job if the product doesn’t meet some minimal standards, so your opinion matters. Our image also matters, as much as the people we are willing to represent.”

Mindy was flattered and slightly flushed in the cheeks. “Well, thank you, sir. I’ll be sure to give my honest feedback.” At home, Mindy always pumped topless. How was this pump going to be incognito? Under her clothes? She had no idea. The only way to be discrete with most pumps is to do in the privacy of your home, or with a big towel draped over you.

The bahis siteleri next morning, when Mindy got to her office, she found the twins waiting on her. John handed her the device and she looked it over as began explaining how it worked. There were nipple attachments that had an adhesive that bonded to the skin. They were large, circular and fairly flat. Essentially, the rubber-like material of each nipple attachment absorbed the milk, and squeezed it into thin tubes that protruded from the bottom of the nipple attachments (so proper placement was important), but one could feel a small ridge that fed into the material, up to the center of the nipple attachments. The tubes were not only very thin, they were flexible, and fed to two uniquely designed separate “flasks” that could easily fit into a purse, or pockets. The milk flasks also had bays fixed parallel to them that stored the lithium-powered micro-pumps. These were were supposedly effective in stimulating the breasts for maximum milk production.

James stayed silent as John continued, “So when the flasks get full, the pumping will stop automatically. It won’t start back until you empty them. You just attach the nipple attachments…well, over your nipples, and position the thin tube under your clothes as you see fit.”

“Bra or no bra?” asked Mindy.

“However you feel comfortable, I guess,” said James, not thinking anything of the question while Mindy wondered if she had the courage to go braless. “So you will put it on prior to the 10 a.m.?”

“You want me to come to the meeting with this on?”

James looked at John. “Yes, I think it would be a good idea. Put it on before then, let it work a few minutes. Then, give us your opinion. If we notice it in any way…” – James waved at himself and his brother – “we’ll let you know. Supposedly, no one should be able to tell you are pumping. Alex will be in there, too, of course.”

John now interrupted. “I’m curious if the pumps are silent. They say they are. I’d say try it now, but the folks at J & J told me it was important to charge it before its first use.”

“Charge it?” asked Mindy.

“Yeah, the pumps use lithium batteries. A little USB bay for charging on the ends of those two flasks.”

“Oh yeah, I see.” Mindy reached over to her USB bay and plugged the two pumps in. “Alright, I’ll let them charge. Meetings not for a couple hours, right?”

“Right,” said John. “They’ll be ready enough by then, I’m sure. See you at ten, then?”

Mindy nodded and waved the brothers away. The door closed behind them and she sighed deeply, talking to herself, “Well, girl. I never thought having leaky tits could help my career, but this may just be happening.”

Mindy was excited about having the opportunity to work on a new account in a meaningful way. Of course, she was also curious to see if the pumps worked, but her excitement with that ended there. She had pumped for so long, for no reason other than physical relief, that she would be far happier if she just stopped producing milk entirely. Nevertheless, she marched on.

Mindy’s suede jacket was thick and covered her blouse well. As convenience had it, the jacket possessed two interior pockets, one on either side of the vest. Mindy plopped the flasks in, and wrestled with the tubing a bit. She unbuttoned her blouse and managed to put the nipple attachments on, by pulling her bra over her breasts. The adhesive held firmly to the skin, and the round attachments almost entirely covered her large, engorged areolas. The jacket was dark and large enough to cover her natural curves, so Mindy let the bra go, unsnapping it and wrangling her way out of it, before leaving it on her desk.

With ten minutes to spare, Mindy turned the pumps on and felt each going to work immediately. It was by no means a “soft” pump. It wasn’t painful in any way, just surprisingly strong. It was as if the flat nipple attachments “sucked” her nipples into the rubber-ish material. Like a hard, but pleasant vacuum feeling. The strange thing was that Mindy couldn’t hear the device whatsoever, silent as a stone, yet the pumps obviously worked with some degree of force.

A bead of white began to form and trickle down inside the tubes coming off the nipple attachments. Mindy watched as the pumps drew the liquid towards the milk flasks. Shaking her head in disbelief, Mindy buttoned up her blouse and pulled on her vest, snapping tight the first two buttons. If people were looking for it, they might notice she was without a bra, but past that, nothing looked out of the ordinary. The nipple attachments laid fairly flat enough against her skin, and the tubes extending from them were so thin and flexible, it all remained hidden under the clothes.

Mindy examined herself in the mirror before walking to the conference room. She could not tell in any way that she was currently pumping. Somehow, the back of the nipple attachment that touched her blouse remained dry. Nothing leaked through. Mindy was amazed. It really bahis şirketleri made pumping “on-the-go” a possibility.

A moment later, Mindy pushed open the door to the meeting room and saw the boys seated before her on the opposite side of the table. She could tell they were anxiously waiting for her input. They were also intensely staring at her chest area. ‘Why wouldn’t they be doing that?’ thought Mindy.

“It’s safe to say the pump works as advertised, boys,” she said, smiling.

“You tried it?” asked John, perking up. “Now? Really?”

Mindy was nodding and almost giggling. “I love it. I think it may take longer to pump than most breast pumps, because the tubes are so thin. It seems to take quite a bit of suction just to squeeze the milk through those little tubes, but other than that, it’s fine. I don’t think one can tell, in any way, that I’m pumping. This could be a fantastic product for busy moms.”

The boys all cheered, the brothers giving themselves a high five. They waved Mindy further in the room, allowing her to sit across the table in front of them.

“How long have you had it on?” asked John, once Mindy got settled.

“Ten or fifteen minutes now.”

“How long does it usually take you? To uh… to do this?” James was waving at Mindy’s breasts with his pen.

“Maybe thirty or forty minutes. I pump eight to ten ounces a night.”

“Those flasks are translucent. You mind seeing how much has collected thus far?” asked James. “I’m impressed. You say it’s pumping, but I don’t hear anything at all.”

Mindy was able to discretely reach inside her inner vest and pull a flask from the left pocket. She didn’t want it to be known she was braless. Her blouse was nowhere near as thick as the vest, and with so much attention on her boobs, it would be obvious to everyone.

Alex finally spoke, “The ladies at J & J said their engineers spent two years working on that silent pump. They weren’t kidding, it is silent.”

Mindy held up the flask with the tube extending from it. It got lost into Mindy’s blouse. About a quarter of the flask was full. The pump and batteries were held in a chamber parallel to the milk flask. Though it worked with considerable suctioning force, Mindy could barely feel the device vibrating in her hands.

“Looks like it may take about an hour to fill that at this rate,” said James. “Unless it picks up pace as it goes.”

Mindy didn’t know if the pump was picking up pace, but she did feel an unusual tingling sensation, the kind typically reserved for when she has private time in the bathtub. As the nipple attachments continued to “suck” on Mindy’s nipples, she couldn’t help but become aroused. It felt like the longer it ran, the warmer it got, too. Not uncomfortable; quite the opposite. It stimulated Mindy in a sexual way.

“Let it run until the pump stops,” said John. “Let’s make sure it doesn’t fail there, of course. Based on what we’ve seen, though, I think it is safe to say we have a viable product here.”

Mindy stuffed the flask back in her inner pocket and nodded. “I was skeptical at first, but this is awesome. When can I get my own?”

The boys all laughed and Mindy was thrilled she was winning them over. It is baby steps to get more creative control in this industry, and Mindy thought this could be a launching point for more later.

“Mindy, do you mind if we see the device? Nothing more than curiosity.” It was James, the head boss, that said these words. Mindy’s heart hit the floor at the thought of it. He continued, “I mean, if you are not comfortable with doing that, I understand. It’s just.. I… well, we… would all would like to see exactly how it works.”

Alex may have saved Mindy by interjecting, “We’ll have a model do this for us, James. Take some photos, work up ideas on how best to present and advertise this thing.”

Mindy sighed, relieved. The moment James made the suggestion to practically expose herself, she had instantly been hit with anxiety, as well as a notable degree of sexual excitement. She couldn’t understand it, but her pussy got wet. It also felt as if her nipples were more sensitive than ever, and it served as a feedback loop to her throbbing clitoris. Mindy began involuntarily shaking in her seat. She quietly grabbed onto the edge of table, squeezing, trying to hold herself in place and look natural.

“Of course, you’re right, Alex. Mindy, forget I asked. As much as I want to see how they made that thing work, it can wait.”

Something snapped in Mindy. A terribly modest girl by nature (mostly due to the fact she had nursing breasts), suddenly she felt the urge to climb higher. To scratch that itch just a bit more. She knew that by removing her vest and unbuttoning her blouse, opening it for all to see, she would utterly soak herself. She knew it, but she didn’t care.

“It’s okay, James. I understand you’re excited about this product. Me, too.” Mindy still tried to hold it together, but she worried if she would be able to maintain her composure. “It’s just… well, I haven’t been naked in front of anyone in a long time, and I am kind of nervous.”

“Oh, Mindy,” butted in John. “We can wait. We would never make you do anything uncomfortable.”

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