Boom Ch. 03

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David on the phone:

“Uh-huh. OK. Yeah. No, she had a flat. Uh-unh. Yeah. The same one that was sitting there when you left in the cab. She rang the doorbell, I couldn’t let her sit out there and get all wet. Well, I figured we have 3 tows left on AAA so I used one. Of course. Than what?. Oh, she’s fine. No, not like that, well yeah I guess, but that doesn’t matter, I got her to her friend’s house. No, really. No. She is not. Do you seriously think that? If she was would I be talking to you right now? Whatever. What? Fine, I’ll do that when I get back there. OK. No, I’m over by the self-storage place. Well it won’t be any good when you get back, so no, I’ll wait ’til Sunday or something. Sure. Fine, whatever, if it makes you happy. OK. Yeah, love you. Bye.”

Lily on the phone:

“Oh yeah? And she did what? Oh, that’s great. Well, it’s not like I’m the person you need to tell. Yeah, really! Because I don’t care, that’s why! About you, sure, I guess. I guess because you’re always bugging me about it. Haven’t you figured it out yet? Do I have to spell it out for you? Let’s see here, for starters, you’re kind of annoying! No, I don’t. But I also don’t need to know about that. Seriously! Because there are more important things for me to worry about today than if she used her teeth! I’m hanging up now, goodbye!”

Once the phones were put down they looked at each other and said in unison, “So, who was that?”.

“Well,” David said, “I guess I’ll go first, that was my wife of course, she wanted to know why AAA was calling her at the airport about a Cavalier being towed when we don’t own one. And I’m just too damn sweet to lie to her although I did leave out the important bits about us exchanging fluids, I’m sure she appreciates the omission even though she has no clue how it’s the most important part of my day.”

Lily replied, “I liked that important part. But anyway, that was the creep Greg I have occasionally told you about, the guy I am trying to mold into a decent lover, and it’s not working? Well, he ataşehir escort was just enjoying telling me about the blowjob he got in an elevator this morning from some random girl he just met and has no clue about, and of course he gave me graphic detail and she scratched his dick and now I don’t think I want it anymore anyway.”

Lily looked over at the chuckling David and said, “what? What’s so funny?”

“Oh, just that to anyone looking in from the outside, you’re a random girl and I’m a random guy. Also, just the younger guys you see and what they think is funny, and how it really isn’t. Your reaction to him was priceless, it was all I could do not to crack up on the phone with my wife. I still think she noticed my voice was more pleasant, I think that’s why she asked if you were cute and had big boobs.”

With feigned shock, Lily pouted, “How dare she assume I’m just some busty blonde bimbo with nothing better to do than seduce her husband?!!”

“Oh Lily, you’re nothing like that. Well, I suppose she is right about most of it, you’re busty, you’re blonde, and you’re absolutely fabulous at seducing me!”

She giggled, “Well if I’m that good at it, why don’t we just go back in for seconds?” With that, they collapsed down into each other’s arms laughing their heads off for a moment before returning to deep passionate kissing and exploring each other with their hands and tongues. After a few moments, she threw herself on her back and parted her shapely legs so he could work his way deep inside her. David climbed on top of her and used every inch of his cock to fill her all the way up, causing her to gasp at how hot he was inside of her, pulsing and throbbing and making her want to ride him the rest of the afternoon. He began shoving himself in and out of her, putting her ankles behind his head and pressing down so he could get his cock even deeper inside of her so she had no room at all to cum on him. She could feel the vein on the top side of his shaft rub right on her as he pummeled into kadıköy escort bayan her, giving her his all.

After a few minutes of his efforts, Lily spoke up, “Please David, please give it to me, I’ll be your baby girl forever, you can fuck me as hard as you want, but I want your cum, cum inside me, do it for me, give me all your cum inside me right now.”

That was more than enough for David to give Lily just what she wanted, a hot shower of cum deep in her pussy so she could feel filled with him even more than she already was. Lily screamed out in pleasure as he fired off round after round of hot sticky cum into her, groaning and grunting with every stream. They collapsed next to each other and she moved her ass to be against him so they could lay together and calm down slowly.

“I can’t wait to be inside you again, Lily,” David told her as she ran her fingertips along his hip and legs, making goosebumps all the way up and down his arms and legs.

“You can have me anytime,” Lily cooed, “in fact we need to figure out how you’re going to see me after your wife gets home.

“Oh crap,” David replied, “that’s a good point, I don’t know what to do there. Maybe we could work something out with your friend, you know, to use her house since it’s so close to mine and I could get away with seeing you there anytime?”

David was really reaching there, so Lily came back with, “I don’t know about that, she was kinda upset about us using it in the first place, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask, but I don’t see why you don’t come here?”

“Well, I could, it’s across town but this isn’t a very big town, and you’d be more comfortable here which ought to let you relax and be able to come on me that much harder. I really like feeling you come right on my cock, it reminds me how well we fit together,” and with that David gave her tits a good squeeze and kissed her right on her mouth. She returned the favor and slipped her hand down to his cock which was hot again and getting hard enough to ride, which escort maltepe is what she wanted to do again.

“So this is the cock I need to come on, David? Please tell me it is, because I really like this cock and I really want to come hard on it, right now!”

Lily’s voice was huskier than usual as she breathed in hard and mounted David, letting him feel her lower her hot wet pussy right down on him, letting him fill her all the way up. Lily kept bouncing on him, riding hard and making sure to hit every spot she could reach and a few she wasn’t sure she had before. David held her hips tight and grabbed her ass, pulling her down over his cock and thrusting it deeper into her than the last couple of times. She had never felt so full and free in her life, just riding away on this wonderful man, letting him bring her closer and closer to another great explosion. Lily pressed down hard on the downstroke and lifted up, almost letting him slip out of her when she got as high as she wanted to be, then she slammed down onto him again, feeling every inch of him inside of her. Every inch gave her more pleasure and she just wanted to feel him coming again, letting himself go inside her which was all she needed to let go all over him. She leaned back and worked herself up and down on him with her hands holding his ankles down. He couldn’t move his legs now and she was in control, bringing him to the edge of coming and then lifting up again, taking away all her heat and wetness. Then she flipped forward and shoved her boobs right in his face, where he gladly sucked on the nipples and held them tight in his grip while she continued to ride slowly and determinately, just to ensure he was still being ridden, because a man like this has to be mounted and fucked properly. He knew he was close and she knew she was closer when she lifted up and took his hands in hers, giving herself leverage and pushing down on them so she could pound down onto him the way he loved to pound into her. After only a few seconds with their hands locked together and her bouncing, they came together, both squirting, him inside her, her against him, with nothing left to do but fall back on the bed and breathe again.

After a long comfortable silence, “Hey, Lily?”


“You wanna go again?”


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