Blue Bird Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

My crutches lay beside the metal cafe chair. My short skirt hiked up enough he could see my short stump spread outward and the shaved pussy beside it. He sat at a table about five feet away. No one else could see what he was watching. I had glanced around before I exposed myself to him. I could almost see the drool from the corner of his mouth and I was milking it for all I could get. My fingers danced over the soft rounded end of my stump, slipped firmly over the pale scar stretching from one side to the other. I resisted touching my sopping wet pussy … for now.

“Miss,” I heard him call to the late twenty something server wrapped in a blouse so tight everyone could see all the details of her smallish breasts uncovered by a bra. The nipples looked like small mountains pressing outward. A gentle bounce occurred with each step.

She stopped and turned back towards him. “Yes-s,” she drawled slowly stretching the word out forever. She stood a little straighter pulling her shoulders back making her breasts press even more against the blouse.

“Nice,” he whispered with an expanding smile. “I’d like another coffee. And another for the lady at that table.” He casually pointed towards me.

She leaned close to his ear and whispered, “You into amputees?” then stood nodding with a big smile. “Now-w that is nice.” She did not wait for a reply and walked towards the cafe door. He watched her hips sway under the short skirt as her long legs took each step wondering what she had been suggesting, what she might look like with one leg.

I coughed. More like I was just clearing my throat, just enough to catch his attention again. She was out of sight and he turned back towards me. Now it was time to touch my pussy, just a light drag through the wetness before licking my finger as though I was sucking a cock.

The server sat the cup of steaming coffee on my table. Her head remained close to my face for a moment longer than necessary. Her fragrance filled my nostrils.

“Thanks,” I whispered. “Did I overhear you tell him you thought I was nice looking?”

Her face turned towards mine and nodded with a renewed smile. “Hope you don’t mind.”

“To look at?” I paused a little. “Or to be this way?”

She cleared her throat and stood taller. “I shouldn’t say.” She walked to his table and put the second coffee down.

“You didn’t answer her,” he said.

Her hand dragged along her left thigh near the hip. “I can’t answer that … it’s … too personal.” The slightest end of her index finger now dragged across the wetness of her lower lip, pausing part way across in a suggestive manner.

I watched them talk. I knew Mark was rock hard. I felt a sudden gush of wetness drip out of my pussy. My hand gripped the coffee cup harder as I tried to calm myself. I failed. She walked away. I lusted as I watched her ass wiggle.

I mouthed, “You think she?” and then sipped the coffee as he nodded. “Invite her,” I mouthed. He nodded again. I let a finger rest inside my pussy, just filling a growing need. I sipped the coffee. My hand moved the finger from the wet pussy and the palm rested over the end of my stump, fondling lightly, filling another need. Mark nodded again watching me play in the space exposed by my stump pulled to one side. My tongue wetted my lip again thinking about how he had licked me through a wonderful orgasm earlier.

She returned with the check and held it under a single long finger as she bent leaving her face near his. “I put the ladies coffee on your check,” she whispered.

He moved his lips closer to her ear. “You’d look lovely if you were like her.” Mark smiled. He drew back slightly.

She sighed deeply covering his face with her sweet breath. “Yeah. I wish,” she whispered softly, sensually. Her face remained close to his, her body bent nicely at the hip and waist. “It’s a dream.”

“Doesn’t have to be … you know.” He wrote on the back of a business card and slipped it under her finger still pressing against the check. “First one is our number, the other is a doctor.”

She stood. Her erect nipples pressed firmly against the tight blouse. Her lips slightly open in a rounded ‘O’ as she gazed into his eyes searching for something that might indicate he was teasing her. She did not find such a clue.

I stood and gathered my crutches under my arms while brushing my skirt to make sure nothing was uncovered. I took a few steps, looked back over my shoulder, and then continued down the sidewalk and left at the next street.

My back pressed hard against the brick wall of the building as Mark rounded the corner. I could feel his heat and pulled his waist closer. His lips covered mine. I did not care what others thought. My tongue searched for the depths of his mouth. I could feel his erection against me.

“Oh goddamn,” I roared into his mouth. “She was so-o hot.” I let my tongue explore his mouth again for a moment. “Wasn’t she? Do you think she really…?” I just let the question go unfinished. I knew he knew exactly what I was asking, one of the joys of having çorum escort been married for a while, even if only for short time. I let the short stump press against his thigh, then his crotch, and rub around. “Let’s go back to the hotel and fuck,” I whispered into his ear.

The towel dangled from one hand as I hopped naked from the bathroom. A few drops of moisture rolled softly down one breast a little farther with each hop. One crested a nipple. Mark had left for a several day business trip and I was alone with my thoughts. I stopped in front of the tall dressing mirror and admired my body. A finger and thumb twisted at a nipple. I moaned and pulled on it a little. “Oh baby,” I whispered aloud watching my short stump move about next to the long whole leg. I lifted it out to one side and looked at my freshly shaved pussy. “Yeah baby,” I said louder.

The cell phone on top of the dresser next to the mirror rang and begun to spin slightly. I reached out, unfolded it, and placed it to my ear. “Hello?”

“I don’t think you know my name. It’s Emily. I was the server at the cafe in Rockville last week. Do you remember?”

“How could I forget?” I chuckled. “Great body.”

“Yeah, but not as nice as yours baby.” She sighed. “Was that your husband?”

“Mark … yes, for a few months. We took a drive and spent the night at the hotel nearby.”

“I don’t know if this is a good time. I need to talk to you. I waited a few weeks, but I can’t wait any longer.”

“Why?” Of course, I already knew exactly why.

“I need to … ah, this is crazy.”

“Tell me. I will understand.”

“I saw you sitting there. I was going mad. I didn’t know if I could walk past you without … ah, messing my panties up.”

“Wow. You really do want to be like me, don’t you? He and I suspected.” I hopped to the bed and bounced once as I sat down. My leg straightened and I flexed my ankle as I looked along the leg. I wiggled my toes enjoying the feel of not being able to do the same with the other leg.

“Crazy, huh?”

“Not really.”

“You make it sound like you wanted to be that way.” I could hear her breathing over the soft whisper of her hesitating voice. It was labored and deep, with many sighs between words.

“Uh-huh.” I nodded even though she could not see me.

“Did you ever know others that wanted the same thing?”

“Not really. I thought I was alone in that department. I didn’t care. I knew how much I wanted it and that was all that mattered.”

“I’m pacing around my apartment on my crutches now.”

“Do you have your leg bound up?” I asked. “That’d be cool.”

“Exciting,” I replied.


“Yeah-h. Listen, ah, how far away are you? Could I drive there and visit. You know, talk about this feeling.”

“Concord is just seventy five miles. Sure. We could talk. Just you and me, or you want Mark here too?”

“Today and tomorrow are my days off. Do you mind if it is just the two of us?”

I gave her direction and closed the phone, then flopped back on the bed. A finger filled my pussy and rubbed against my clit. I rocked my hips upwards and watched my hand and fingers fill the space between my thigh and stump. It did not take long to knock off several quick orgasms in a row.

The front door closed slowly as I watched Emily crutch into the living room. The space below the left side of her long full knee length dress was empty with a slight bulge behind the hip.

“It seemed like I should come this way … you know.” She sat on the couch and placed her crutches neatly parallel to the front of it.

“How was the drive?” I asked as I sat at the other end of the couch and twisting my body to face her. “You look nice that way.”

“No I don’t. I look like I’m pretending. My foot sticks out. I never go out in public like this. I just hate having to pretend.” She folded her hands in her lap and looked as if she were about to cry.

I watched her talk. A hand moved from her lap and she rubbed the folded knee lightly. “Yeah. I know.” We were silent for ten seconds or so. “How long a stump?”

“Pretty fuckin’ short,” she exclaimed, then covered her mouth with a few fingers. “Sorry. That came out wrong.”

“No, no. Listen, I understand exactly.” I pulled my skirt up exposing my stump. “Maybe this length?” I smiled and leaned back against the arm of the couch as I moved my stump around.

“Yup. Just like that.” Emily tentatively reached her hand towards the stump, and then pulled back.

“It’s okay. Go ahead.” I slipped my hips forwards so the stump was free of contact with the couch. Her fingers lightly grazed the rounded mass and felt along the light colored skin of the scars. “It won’t break,” I teased. “Go ahead and massage it firmly if you want.”

Her palm cupped the end of the stump and began to knead it like dough. I nodded approvingly.

“You got to pick the length.”

“Yup. The surgeon and I spent a while talking about the pros and cons of different stump lengths and shapes. çorum escort bayan She was willing to make it look however I wanted. You know … a custom stump.” I laughed.

“‘Stumps R Us’ so to speak.” She laughed and continued to massage my stump. “Mark gave me a second number and said it was the surgeon to talk to.”

“Yeah, Dr. Roth. Susan is a great person and truly understands people like us.”

“A woman? Is she an amputee?”

“No. She says it would be too hard to do surgery on one leg, so she is happy to just make amputees.”

“Here in this country?”

“Nah. Just across the border, but easy to get to.” Emily added the other hand to my stump as I talked. “Baby, that feels so good.” I felt a fingertip slip inside the elastic of my panties, then touch the wetness dripping from my pussy.

“Someone’s excited,” she moaned letting her fingertip slip along the crest of my pussy lip. “Ya mind?” she asked as the finger moved up and down along the wet ridge several times. My head shook slightly in answer.

My ass rested against the edge of the kitchen counter, a cup of steaming coffee resting next to me as I held my cell phone to my face. I was naked, barefooted, and my crutches leaned in the corner of the counter by the refrigerator.

“Yeah, she just drove off,” I told Mark.

“Did she spend the night?”

My head nodded as I said, “Yes. Damn fine body too.” I listened to him sigh. “Don’t worry. She seemed more than willing to be with you after she returns.” I paused and listened again. “Yeah. Two hot bodies with one leg each. Bet you’re hard as a rock.” I nodded as I listened.

I closed the phone and crutched to the patio with the cup dangling from one hand. I settled in the metal chair with a padded cushion. My only foot rested against the railing as I stared towards the ridgeline just past the edge of the property. My toes wiggled slightly as I sipped slowly at the still hot coffee between soft blows of my breath though the steam. I loved the seclusion of our home and felt comfortable with my nudity.

A finger filled my pussy as I placed the cup on the table beside the chair. My head rocked back and my mouth fell open as a second finger snaked in beside the first. Soon a fingertip from the other hand began circling my clit and loud moans flowed from my open mouth.

I pulled the cover from the turkey microwave dinner and scraped everything onto a plate. The blackness of the night filled the French doors out to the patio. Still mostly naked other than one of Mark’s white dress shirts, my cell phone in the pocket began ringing.

“Hey darling,” I said to Mark.

“Heard from Emily?”

“Nope. I suspect it might be a few days before she gets there and has anything to report.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Listen, I need to stay another night.”

“You didn’t find a bevy of amputee women, did you?” I laughed.

“No baby. You are the only one for me. It’s so rare to find anyone that ‘wanted’ to be that way.”

“I often wonder how rare it really is. We found Emily. I bet there are others.”

“That could be. Would you want to have a bunch of friends like you?”

“Might be interesting, but you know that might tempt me to want more gone.”

“Really? I’d never thought about such things.”

“Hey, I love you and miss you darling. Hurry home and fuck me silly. My fingers are getting sore.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I’m getting tired of jerking off by myself too.”

I listened to his laugh and suddenly felt very turned on. “Say baby, I’ll keep you posted on Emily. I need to eat my turkey before it gets cold. I also need to deal with my sopping wet pussy that misses you so much.” I closed the phone and forked a piece of turkey into my mouth.

My mind filled with Mark’s question and quickly the meal lost its flavor. I pushed the plate towards the center of the table and chugged the rest of the glass of merlot. I wanted more wine. Instead, I sat the glass down and crutched to the bedroom.

I threw myself headlong onto the large bed and sought relief kneeling face down on the pillow. My pussy ground against a hand. I wanted something else there. I knew not what. “Fuck me!” I screamed aloud. My wetness dripped down a thigh. Fingers dug deeps inside me. My hips thrust harder. My breasts swayed with each thrust. “Fuck!” I screamed repeatedly. The orgasm seemed remote, far away, … unattainable. I did not give up. I thought of Emily having her leg amputated. “Eat me baby,” I roared with thoughts of our night together.

I rolled to one side and pulled one of the dildos from the nightstand. I wetted it by driving it in and out of my mouth several times. My pussy was so wet I did not have to do that. I resumed my position on one knee and filled myself with the long thick object in a single rapid thrust. “Oh baby!” I purred. She had used it on me and then left it behind. I looked through the space beneath me and watched the cock fuck me as my short stump faked the movement of a full thigh. I wanted escort çorum Mark nestled against my ass filling my cunt with himself. This would do. I wanted her too.

“Ah,” then “Oh,” alternated as the orgasm swept over me. The words were not necessary. They excited me though and I loved to be loud at times. This was one of those times. It was becoming so intense. All I could do was fall onto my side as I slammed the dildo faster into me. I bit my lower lip and let the waves of orgasm wash over me.

Sitting on the deck dressed only in a long tee shirt and lost in a dream, I did not hear Mark close the door and walk though the house. I felt his hands on my shoulders and he kissed my head.

“Missed ya,” I whispered without moving, only feeling his hands slip along my chest and grip my breasts.

His lips pecked along my neck and across my cheek. “Yeah,” he groaned. “I need you … big time.”

I stood and hopped a few steps to the lounge chair where I quickly stripped my tee shirt off and dropped it on the floor. “Show me your weapon,” I teased spreading my thighs a wide as I could. As if that was not enough, I spread my pussy lips with two fingers. “I’ve been ready since you left … big stud.” I grinned showing him a nice set of white teeth in the process before dragging my tongue seductively across my lower lip. “Eat me, fuck me, … just take me.”

His clothes covered my tee shirt in a messy pile. His erection seemed longer, harder. Maybe I was just exceptionally horny. I reached out and pulled the handle closer to my mouth.

“Stand there,” I begged softly as I kissed the warm firm flesh the swallowed a few inches several times. “There, it’s ready.” I laughed and pulled it towards my pussy.

The morning sun filled the bedroom as Mark and I stood under the water streaming from the showerhead. I leaned forward against the wall and rode his cock entering my cunt from behind. His soapy hands washed my breasts, teased my nipples, and rubbed my stomach as he slapped against my ass repeatedly. I thrust my hips backwards and took a few more inches inside.

“Baby, fuck your one legged lover … so-o good.” I moaned, not for effect, but because I was having a good time. “Baby-y,” I drawled rocking my ass side to side. The wet slapping of his body against my hips continued as he reached down and grabbed my stump, pulling it to one side. “Yeah, hold my stump … like that.”

“Might just have to be late for work,” he groaned forcing his cock even deeper and leaving it there as he began to unload a hard stream of cum.

“Darling, you say the nicest things. I could call in too. A morning of fucking sounds good.”

“I love that about you.” He slammed his cock in me again, sometimes leaving it still to squirt another load before continuing.

“Will you bend me over the dinning room table?”

“Hey, I’ll fuck you all over the house today. I feel like I have a thousand cums just waiting.” He laughed while fondling my stump and just standing with his spent cock still filling me.

I wiggled my hips feeling his cock begin to slip out. “Damn baby,” I moaned and turned in his arms.

“Heard from Emily?”

“Been two weeks since she left here.” I massaged his chest with my soapy hands and nibbled his lips feeling a little cool water mix with the hot as the water heater began to run out of hot water. I reached over and twisted the handle until the water stopped.

“I hope she is doing well.” He looked deep into my eyes. “You’re holding back. You’ve talked to her, haven’t you?”

I nodded a few times and grinned. “Yesterday … before you got home.”

“Well-l-l, tell me.”

“She’s up and crutching around. The sutures come out at the end of the week. It sounds like she is quite happy with the results.”


“She wasn’t clear about when she would come back here.”

“Oh. Why?”

“Guess she is having fun with a few other’s down there.” I laughed. “I remember how I felt. It was strangely fun. Like being some place where I was accepted for the first time.”

His pounding fuck intensified as I spoke again about my experience at the hospital with the other new amputees. I spread my leg to the side until it felt like it was going to break off and enjoyed the weight of his body on mine.

My knee pulled tighter against my chest letting my hips feel like both legs were gone. “Just maybe I should go back and get rid of this other fucking leg,” I slowly groaned staring up into his eyes and letting my fingers roam across his chest. It felt like his cock was about to touch the upper reaches of my body as he slammed himself forcefully one more time. “Yeah baby, just think of me with two very short stumps.” I squeezed his nipple and twisted it between my thumb and finger. His cum rocketed into my cunt. Then again. He kept filling me with hot streams of thick cum. Just the way I loved. “Oh baby-y,” I moaned loudly struggling not to wrap my single leg around him, just wanting him to enjoy the feel of me as if I had no legs.

He fell beside me as his cum drained onto the sheet. “Darling,” he started. I knew what he was about to ask. I waited and let my hand stroke his softening cock. I grinned and pecked at his lips between nods of my head. “Darling, are you serious, ah, you know, about not having legs?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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