Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 04

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The name is Caleb Jackson. I’m a tall and muscular young Black man from Atlanta, Georgia. I attend Georgia Tech and I’m a member of their Men’s Rugby Club. These days, I’m on vacation, looking for something to occupy my time. Working as a security guard at the Mall gave me plenty of green. I needed a hobby, though. I decided to sex up some white chicks since they’re more eager to get with a Black man than Black females these days. Guess what I’m doing now? I’m visiting one of my neighbors, real estate agent Brittany Anderson. We’ve been having tons of fun together. The more wicked, the better. This female is crazy, folks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Brittany Anderson is a tall and skinny white woman with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She’s originally from Boston and came to Atlanta for summer vacation. She’s currently single and very much into Black men. That’s where I lucked out. I would come over to her place and we’d have all kinds of fun. I would sit down on her couch and she would get naked in front of me. Brittany had a pretty good body, for a forty-year-old broad. Cute face, big tits and nicely rounded ass. She was also a damn good cocksucker. She would suck on my ten-inch cock like oral sex was going out of style. I loved it when she licked my cock and sucked my balls. This dame was very experienced. I’ve hooked up with females who didn’t know what they were doing in bed. And that really sucked. Not in a good way.

Yeah, Brittany would suck my cock and I would lick her pussy. Then, she would get on all fours and spread her butt cheeks wide open. I would smile and rub my cock against her puckered asshole. Then, I would slide my cock into her anus. Brittany loved getting fucked in the ass. I held her by the hips and thrust into her, burying my cock deep into her asshole. She would scream in sheer pleasure as I fucked her. I loved the feel of a woman’s tight asshole around my cock. There’s no other feeling like it. While getting fucked, Brittany would scream out obscenities about how much she loved getting Black cock up her asshole. Yeah, she loved every minute of it. When I came, she insisted that I filled her asshole with my cum. Then, I would pull out and she would suck my cock. I can’t believe this. My cock just went up her ass and she’d suck it. Wow!

Other times, we’d try different things. Brittany was a woman with many fetishes. One of them involved fucking me with a strap on dildo. I was surprised at that but she told me it was something wickedly fun. I tried it and liked it. Yeah, we tried that stuff together. First, Brittany sucked my cock and fingered my asshole. Then, she licked my ass and fingered me some more. Afterwards, she produced a long and somewhat thick strap on dildo. Strapped and ready for action, she asked me to assume the canlı bahis position. I got on all fours and she came up behind me. Brittany spread my ass cheeks and pressed the dildo against my asshole. Then, she pushed. I’ll be the first to say that the dildo up my ass hurt a bit. Brittany held me and fucked me, thrusting the dildo deep into my ass. I screamed. It kind of hurt. She asked me if I was okay. I said yes. She smiled, then continued to ram the dildo up my ass while stroking my ten-inch Black cock. She said she’d never fucked a Black man in the ass with her dildo before. She continued to fuck me, shoving the dildo deeper into my asshole. That stuff hurts, but after a while began to feel kind of good. I came several times, and she pulled out of me and sucked the cum out of my cock. Man, this was extreme but felt kind of good. Brittany smiled and kissed me. This was our first time trying this stuff but definitely not the last.

Brittany introduced me to her girlfriends, district attorney Miranda Tyler and professional bodybuilder Alicia Shay. Miranda was a chubby blue-eyed blonde woman with a plain face, thick body, wide hips and plump ass. She looked at me lustfully. Alicia was tall and muscular, with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. These women were a pair of freaky females with a fetish for sexy and well-hung Black men. I had fun with them while Brittany watched. Miranda and Alicia got naked. These females were so different. Miranda was plump, thick and big-bottomed. She was sexy in her own way. Alicia was tall and very muscular. Almost like an Amazon or something. Yeah, this was going to be fun. Brittany played the role of voyeur, watching us together while masturbating. See? I told you she’s a freak!

Miranda and Alicia teamed up to bring me to sexual nirvana. I was sitting on the couch and both of these sexy females were sucking my cock and licking my balls. I thrust into their mouths. Both of them were fingering their pussies while sucking me off. This was turning out to be quite fun. When I came, they both drank my manly seed. Then, the really fun stuff started. Miranda and I tried some kinky sex first. She got on all fours and spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. I came up behind her and slid my cock into her asshole. I pushed it inside. Miranda gasped when my ten-inch Black cock entered her tight butt hole. I held her by those plump hips of hers and thrust into her. She squealed as I began fucking her asshole like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Alicia joined Brittany. The two of them kissed and frolicked while Miranda and I did our thing.

Miranda’s ass was wonderfully warm and tight. This female was no stranger to anal sex. That’s cool with me. She backed up her plump ass, grinding it against my groin. The whole time I was fucking her, she was begging bahis siteleri me to fuck her harder and faster. I thrust into her, giving it to her good and deep. She squealed even louder. We continued to fuck roughly until I came, sending my hot cum deep inside her asshole. Miranda screamed in pleasure. I squeezed my cock out of her. I would need a moment or two to recuperate. Alicia looked at me with lust in her eyes. She looked first at Brittany, who nodded, then spoke to me. She told me that she’d always fantasized about doing a Black man with a strap on dildo but never got the chance. She asked me if I would be down with that. I’m the king of all sexual freaks. What do you think I said? Alicia smiled, and grabbed the strap on from Brittany.

I got on all fours and Alicia came up behind me. The female bodybuilder positioned herself well before spreading my ass cheeks and pressing the dildo against my backdoor. Meanwhile, Miranda decided to help me out a bit. She came up underneath me and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked my cock. Alicia held me by the hips and thrust into me. I gasped. Damn, this woman was forceful. I told her to be gentler. She complied, and began fucking me more slowly. Man, this was so frigging intense. I almost came right then and there, but held back. Having Alicia’s dildo in my ass and Miranda’s warm mouth enclosing around my cock was almost too much for me. Alicia thrust into me, cussing out like a sailor. Damn, where did this woman learn her language? I told her that I wasn’t down with that. Again, she amended. We continued to have our wicked fun for the better part of a half hour, then changed the game. Alicia pulled out of me, looking sad that her fun ended. Well, my fun was about to begin.

Miranda’s fantastic oral techniques had gotten me hard as steel. And I wanted to stick my cock in someone’s tight hole. I demanded to fuck Alicia’s ass. It was Brittany’s house and she made the rules. Alicia was okay with it as well. She got on all fours. I looked at the female bodybuilder’s well-shaped ass. Damn, she was fine. I hadn’t seen a booty like that in a while. I winked at Brittany, who smiled and tossed me some lube. She and Miranda sat side by side on the couch, watching the show. I promised them a spectacle they’d remember. I spread Alicia’s butt cheeks wide open, then pressed my cock against her backdoor. I pushed my cock inside her. A sharp scream escaped Alicia’s lips. I smirked. What gives, the female bodybuilder can dish it out but she can’t take it? I was going to have so much fun with her. I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, yanking her head back. Then, I thrust my cock deeply into her asshole. She grunted as I began fucking her ass. Her ass felt tight, tighter than any I’d ever felt. I don’t know if it’s because she worked out bahis şirketleri so much or if it was because of something else. Oh, well. Anal oddity or not, I was going to have myself some fun. I fucked her hard, sliding my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole. Alicia screamed, and it was music to my ears. Brittany and Miranda laughed, chiding her. Yeah, I guess they too could see that Alicia could dish it out but she couldn’t take it. I had my fun with her, fucking her from the back for a while before trying something else. I flipped her on her back, wanting to look into her face while fucking her in the ass. In this position, I could fuck her easier. Alicia’s eyes were wide as saucers as I continued to drill my cock into her butt hole in this new position. It was really hot. She was screaming and cursing, and I was smirking like hell’s favorite clown. After a while, her screams changed tenor. Yeah, she was starting to get the gist of it. Kicking back and relaxing in order to enjoy herself. I looked into her eyes, and that’s when I saw it. By it I meant the look of surrender an experienced master or mistress can bring out of any natural submissive. Alicia loved the cock in her ass, though admitting it might be beyond her. I could tell that she liked it. I slammed into her, harder and deeper than ever before. I went balls deep. The ear-shattering scream which escaped those succulent lips of hers was music more wondrous than any orchestra on earth could compose. It turned me on so much that I came right then and there, sending my hot masculine seed deep down where the sun didn’t shine. Triumphant, I shouted victoriously. Brittany and Miranda clapped, thrilled by my performance. I nodded gracefully.

A little while later, I went into the shower with the three of them. Miranda and Brittany were chatting away happily, buzzing about how much fun they had, both fucking with and watching me. I smiled, but my gaze was focused on Alicia. She looked at me strangely. There was something odd in her gaze. An expression that was somewhere between shock and awe. She told me that no man had ever taken her the way I had. I nodded. I keep hearing that all the time. I’m a versatile lover. I can switch back and forth in style and sexual performance. From gruff and domineering to playfully aggressive or even submissive. I just roll with the punches. She smiled, and told me that she admired that. She had a submissive streak which she desperately tried to hide. I wasn’t surprised by this. The more dominant someone appears to be, whether in appearance or profession, the bigger their submissive streak. Trust me, I know. I’m the gruffest and meanest player on a Men’s Rugby team. Before she left, Alicia slipped me her card. She wanted to see me a few other times. Then, she and Miranda got on their way. Brittany and I watched them leave. Then, giggling, we went back into her bedroom for another session of no holds-barred kinky sex. You know how we do it! And this, folks, is how I spent my summer vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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