Blake Ch. 04

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When I awoke from my peaceful slumber, my bed was empty. It was late into the morning, so I figured Blake had gone out into the living room to play “boyfriend” to Desiree. I grabbed some clothes and hurried out to the living room. I was so eager to see him, even though I had to pretend he wasn’t mine.

I was disappointed to find that Blake was not in the apartment. Desiree was sitting on the couch with a runny nose and a cough.

“Where’s Blake? Shouldn’t he be taking care of you?” My mind momentarily flashed back to the night before. During our intimate encounter, we had failed to keep our moans quite. Had Desiree heard? Did she throw Blake out as a result? I stood there, holding my breath in fear.

“Oh, g’dmorn’ng,” she said through a stuffy nose. “Yea, he went out to get me some soup. We were all out this morn’ng.”

I was relieved.

“Oh. What a nice guy! Is there anything I can get you in his absence? Some tea, water, another blanket?” I really wasn’t that concerned about Desiree. I was using her needs as a time filler until Blake got back.

“Um, yea. Some tea would be nice.” Every word was stuffy. I tried to suppress a laugh as I headed to the kitchen.

I sat in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil. I thought about the night before. I had almost thrown away the best thing that had ever happened to me over some moral code. For once, I was glad I listened to my body instead of my head. I thought about what our future held. The possibility of one day being his without the burden of Desiree brought a smile to my face.

I was snapped out of my daydream by the whistling of the kettle. I pulled it off the burner and began to make Desiree’s tea. I had just delivered it to her when a knock came at the door.

“I got it,” I shouted as I excitedly ran to the door. Of course, Blake was standing there on the other side, smiling his sexy smile. I could tell he was happy to see me as his eyes lit up.

“Hey sexy,” he whispered soft enough so only I could hear. “How are you this morning?”

“Wonderful!” I replied with a beaming smile. He winked at me as he crossed the threshold of the door.

In an instant, he turned into Desiree’s Blake.

“How’s my sick little lady? Are you feeling any better this morning?”

“I did when you walked into the door.” She tried to sound sexy, but it just came off as funny with her stuffy nose. She moved to kiss him when he reached her. He pulled away before she could.

“Sorry, Des. It will do us no good if we’re both sick.” She pouted as she sipped her tea.

“And I have more bad news. I have to go out of town tonight for work.”

“That’s not fair. I’m sick and I need you here.” She just sounded pathetic now.

“I know Des, but this is a really big sale and the boss needs me there. I’ll be back on Monday. I’m sure Kaitlin won’t mind taking care of you til I get back.”

“Yea, Desiree. I still have a couple days left of vacation. I don’t mind helping you.”

“Fine,” she said pouting like a three year old.

Blake and I laughed at her misfortune. This made her incredibly pissed. Blake tried cheering her up.

“You sound so cute when you’re sick,” he said kissing her cheek.

She half-heartedly chuckled before saying her goodbyes and going to her room to rest.

When her door was firmly closed, Blake turned his attention to me. There was a burning desire in his eyes that grew in intensity as he approached me. When he finally reached me, he grabbed me, pulling me close, and passionately kissed me. The kiss was intense as his tongue easily slipped into my mouth and found mine. I couldn’t help but let out a small moan of pleasure as his hands ran over my body.

When he finally broke our kiss, he pressed his forehead to mine and gazed into my eyes.

“You have no idea how hard it was not to do that right in front of her,” he chuckled.

“I have the urge to rip all your clothes off and fuck you here in the middle of the living room. So I think I have a pretty good idea.” We both shared a soft laugh before he kissed me again.

When we finally separated, I asked, “So are you actually going out of town or is this your way of inviting me out tonight?”

“I wish it was the latter, but sadly I’m headed out in an hour. I have to be at the airport in fifteen minutes so I have to leave like now. I wanted to give you some information before I left.”

“Okay,” I said, slightly heartbroken. I was hoping to spend another evening with him, to make up for almost leaving.

“I can’t stay away from you for any length of time without going crazy, so last night, I programmed my number in your phone. It’s saved under Taylor.” It was his last name. “I’ll text you tonight to see if you can chat. Make sure you’re alone.” I was confused by that last bit, but I didn’t question it. He gave me one last passionate kiss, then left.


Taking care of Desiree was a headache. The entire time I heard her bitch and complain about missing Blake. On several occasions, escort ulus I was tempted to blurt out the she wasn’t the one he missed. So around eight o’clock I gave her the same medication Blake had and she was out cold in a matter of minutes.

I went to my room to await Blake’s text message. I wondered what he planned tonight that required me to be alone.

At nine o’clock, Blake finally texted me, telling me he was alone and to call when I was as well. I immediately called him. I couldn’t wait to hear his voice.

“Hey, beautiful.” I loved when he called me that.

“Hey, handsome. How was your flight?”

“Would’ve been better had you been there.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet. So why did I have to be alone for this conversation?”

“Well, I hate not being able to be with you tonight, especially after our amazing night together. So, I wanted to know if you would be open to having some phone sex?”

“What?” I had never considered it before. I didn’t even know what phone sex entailed.

“It’s easy. You just tell me what you would do to me if I was there with you. I’ll do the same.”

I felt awkward. I had never been one to spill the intimate details of my sex life to anyone. How was I supposed to describe our sex in a way that would get him off?

“If you want, I can start us off?”

“Okay.” I was just going to have to follow his lead and hope for the best.

“I wish I was there right now. I would have you stripped naked, lying on your bed. I would spread your legs wide and bury my tongue deep inside you.” As he spoke, I remembered back to our first night together and how he had done exactly that. The memory mixed with his description made my juices flow.

“I would take my thumb and circle your clit, making you moan. Then I’d stick one finger inside you, moving it I and out slowly.” I made his descriptions physical reality. I let out a light moan. The chuckle on the other end of the line confirmed he had heard it.

“Then, I’d stick another finger in, moving faster and with more intensity.” I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I cut him off.

“I’d push you off of me, stripping you completely naked. I’d straddle you, rubbing my pussy against the tip of your thick, throbbing cock.” I couldn’t believe the words that had escaped my lips. It was like I had become a completely different woman. I was driven to drive him insane.

“Yea, Kaitlin? Give me more,” he begged, his breathing becoming labored. I could only assume he was jerking off.

“I would pinch my nipples and rub my clit, all for you to see.”

“Don’t toy with me, sweetie. Give it to me.”

“I’d slam myself down on your cock, riding it up and down.” My own words were fueling my orgasm as I continued to finger myself. I thought about the last time we had sex and how I rode him hard and fast. My fingers picked up speed and they moved in and out, pounding into me as hard as possible.

“I’d grab your hips and slam into you as hard as possible. Over and over as you scream in pleasure,” Blake interjected. His breathing was more sporadic and I could here he was close to climax. I wanted to meet him there.

I circled my clit with one hand and pushed three fingers into my aching pussy with the other. A few more hard thrusts later and I was overwhelmed.

I moaned loudly into the receiver.

“That’s it, baby. Cum for me. I’m almost there.” I wanted to help him along.

“Fuck me, Blake. Yes, just like that,” I moaned. It was enough to push him over the edge as he moaned in release. I could hear his shaky breathing on the other end.

What I thought would be an awkward experience had been better than I had imagined. I laid there in silence, waiting for Blake to say something.

“How was that for you, Kaitlin?”

“Amazing, although I wish you were here in person.”

“I know, but just wait til Monday. I have something spectacular planned for us.”


Monday morning came and I was relieved to get back to my daily grind. My vacation had been an overall success, even with the bumps in the road. I was happy to have some structure back. I was also happy because Blake would be coming home today from his work trip. I couldn’t wait to see him.

When I walked into the office, something was very different. Hundreds of boxes were strewn about and everyone was packing up. Had the company really gone to hell while I was gone?

“Hey Katie,” James shouted, running over to meet me. “How was your vacation?”

“Okay. What the hell is all this?”

“Oh, great news. Our company has been purchased and their merging us with their advertising department. Today is my last day. I’m heading over to sign the paperwork now.” He gestured for me to follow him.

“I can see how that is great news for you and the company, but you do realize that leaves me jobless, right?”

“Don’t worry, Katie. I’ll see to it that they keep you on staff. You’re too good at your job to be unemployed.” He held the door open escort yenimahalle to the limo, motioning for me to get in.

James talked to his lawyer for much of the ride over as they looked over the legal documents. I was nervous. I had enjoyed my job for years and was lucky to have a boss like James who cared about me. I didn’t want to be thrown into a company that would treat me like a number.

The building we arrived at was massive, easily forty stories tall. We were led inside and up to the twenty-second floor. We entered a conference room to meet the CEO, but I wasn’t expecting who I saw.

“Hello, James. Who is this lovely lady?” The man said, taking my hand and planting a light kiss upon it.

“This is my loyal assistant of five years, Kaitlin Stevens.” I could tell James was laying it on thick to help me.

“Arthur Owens, CEO of AdVanceMent Capital.” Arthur was an older man, easily in his sixties.

“This is my son and CFO, Vance,” he gestured to his left. His son stood, shaking my hand and giving me a perfect smile.

Vance was a striking man, no older than his early thirties. He had thick black hair and steely gray eyes. He looked like a statue of a Greek god come to life. Yet he was not the one who made my breath catch in my throat.

“And this is the successor to my empire,” he said, gesturing to his right, “Blake Taylor.”

I wasn’t imagining. He was right in front of me. I froze. I didn’t know how to respond. Of course Blake knew the script, assuring me with his signature sexy grin.

“Very nice to meet you, Miss Stevens.” He extended his hand. I hesitated only a moment, before regaining my composure.


My heart was racing at his touch. By the way he introduced himself to me, I could tell no one knew of our relationship, nor did he signal that he knew me at all. I thought it best to play along, but my physical instinctive reaction was making it difficult. If I didn’t regain control, I was going to give our secret away.

He was not making it easy on me. He was dressed in a gray tailored suit with a white shirt and a black tie. His hair was combed, not a strand out of place. He held my gaze. I was mesmerized by his icy blue eyes. I could feel my knees growing weak, remembering all the things we had done in the last week. All I wanted was for him to throw me down on the conference table and take me.

When he pulled his hand away, I was finally able to come back to reality. I had to focus. This was my job and I had to make sure I made a good impression on my potential employers. I wasn’t going to rely on Blake to hire me. I wanted to earn this job.

We all sat down as the discussions began. I diligently took notes on everything. I still couldn’t help but steal an occasional look at Blake, who was focused on the deal at hand. He was even sexier when he was being professional. I squirmed a little in my chair as I began to get wet.

“So, all I need is your signature and we can get this move underway,” Arthur said, his lawyer sliding a document across the table to James. He signed it.

Arthur then turned his attention to me.

“Now we just have to find a place for you. Someone with your skill set should be at the top,” he said, examining my employee profile. “Vance, when does your assistant leave?” Vance’s eyes lit up at the thought of having me be his assistant. I’m sure he had plans for me to assist him in ways that weren’t part of my job description.

“Arthur, this girl has worked with the president of her company for five years. She knows how it functions and I can only assume the employees know and trust her,” Blake protested. “Are you really telling me she would be of use to the head of financing?”

“Well, what do you suggest, Blake?”

Blake reached for my profile. He already knew everything about me from our night at the hotel bar, but he had to act ignorant. It wouldn’t bode well if anyone knew that we know each other, let alone that we were fucking.

“Her degree is even in marketing and advertising. If you want to use her to her full potential, have her be my assistant. She can help me with the merger.”

“But you have Cindy. You can’t honestly believe you can have two assistants,” Vance rebutted. He had a point. In that moment, I thought Blake had been defeated. But he had one more trick up his sleeve.

“You take her. She’s in over her head at my office anyways. She can take the slower pace of the finance office easily.”

Vance was offended by the jab and him and his department. He was about to strike back when Arthur put an end to their pointless fighting.

“Gentlemen, there is no need to fight over the young lady. I apologize for the behavior of these two, Miss Stevens. They are after all men,” he joked. He turned his attention to Vance. “Blake presents a very valid point, so Vance, Cindy will be your new assistant.” It was evident that Vance was not pleased.

I had trouble suppressing my happiness. I was escort eryaman going to be seeing much more of Blake. I had always shied away from mixing business and pleasure, but I actually looked forward to working with him. I was hoping to get a step up on Desiree and maybe push her out of the picture sooner.

“Blake, why don’t you show the young lady to her new office and break the news to Cindy,” Arthur commanded as he rose. “James, Vance and I will show you the workspace for your employees. Hopefully it will be to your satisfaction.”

Everyone exited the conference room. Vance was hungrily scanning me with my eyes. I have never felt so uncomfortable. I was comforted when Blake came up behind me, placing a hand on my shoulder. He pushed me towards the elevator without a word, and remained silent until the doors closed.

“Hey sweetheart,” he said, turning to me.

“Hey. So is this your way of keeping extra tabs on me? Buying the company I work for? Seems stalkerish,” I joked.

“Well, I should credit you with the finding of the company. When you told me where you worked, I looked into it to make sure no crazy guys worked there. I wanted to be sure you were safe. However, the acquisition is purely business. You guys have done some great work for us in the past and our ad department sucks.” He turned towards the elevator keypad and swiped his ID badge and entered a code before picking floor thirty-three.

“So, do you actually think I’m qualified or was that fight to keep me with you?” I asked.

“Yes, you are qualified. Usually, I don’t go against what Arthur wants, however I couldn’t let you work with Vance. His assistants don’t last long since he sleeps with all of them. I want to keep you around for a while,” he said with a smile. I returned his smile. It was touching how he looked out for me.

We arrived at the thirty-third floor. I was not what I had expected for an office. As we walked through the floor, we passed at least a dozen conference rooms.

“I thought we were headed for your office,” I asked as we turned a corner. We had reached a dead end. Blake moved to open the door on the left.

“We will, but I wanted to stop off here first,” he replied gesturing me to enter. “This is the conference level which is still marked as under construction, even though it is only missing security cameras. We won’t be interrupted here.”

He closed the door behind him, locking it. He then proceeded to close all the blinds in the room. I was starting to put all of the pieces together.

When he returned to where I was standing, he was no longer being professional. He took my face in his hand and brought me in for a kiss. As his mouth moved with mine, he brought me in closer to his body. I could already feel his cock pitching in his pants. I couldn’t help but smile through his kiss. He pulled away, gazing into my eyes.

“I never want to be away from you again, Kaitlin. And there is no way I can wait til tonight to be with you,” he said as he began undoing the buttons of my blouse.

I followed his lead, removing his jacket and tie. I had never done anything like this before. Like Blake, I couldn’t wait to get him home. I had to have him now. I wasn’t even thinking about the consequences if we were caught. I just needed him.

It wasn’t long before both of us had our shirts off. He worked at my bra while I placed kisses upon his chest muscles and worked at freeing his dick from his pants. I couldn’t wait to taste it.

When Blake finally freed by breasts, he slammed me down onto the conference table. He was being rougher than usual, but it was turning me on. He pinned me to the table when he climbed on top of me. He began sucking on my nipples, gripping them lightly with his teeth, then twisting them. I did my best to hold in a moan. I didn’t want anyone to hear us.

“Moan for me, baby. No one will be able to hear you.”

I let loose, moaning loudly as Blake continued his attack on my nipples. He grabbed my right breast, squeezing tightly while he licked circles around the nipple of my left. My moans grew louder as he continued to lick. Pressure was building between my legs and I could feel an orgasm nearing its peak. Blake moved his mouth to my neck, kissing and licking it as he tweaked both my nipples. My moans had turned into light screams of pleasure. That was all I could take. A wave of warmth washed through my body as my orgasm took hold of me. I threw my head back and screamed out. Blake didn’t slow down. He continued to attack my nipples and began grinding his crotch between my legs.

I wasn’t the only one who was going to get pleasure. I pushed Blake off me. He was confused by my action. I gave him a sexy smirk as I knelt down to the floor, pulling his pants and boxers off. His cock sprang free, greeting me. I took it in my hand, my fingers barely able to reach around it. I teased him by licking the tip. He gasped at my touch. My tongue continued to maneuver down the shaft slowly until I reached the base. His moans grew the further I traveled.

I took him completely in my mouth. I slowly moved down, acclimating my throat to his girth. Blake’s breathing grew more labored. His hand traveled to the back of my head, slamming his cock into the back of my throat. I let out a moan as I picked up the pace.

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