Black Sexual Politics

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My name is Stephen Volmer. I’m a big and tall young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. Today is The Big Tuesday. I’m driving around my city in a van. I’m giving rides to people as they try to get to their voting polls. I really want a Democrat in the White House in the year 2008. I never thought I’d give a damn about a politician but a certain Hawaiian-born future president from the state of Illinois made a believer out of me. I believe in him.

The city of Brockton seemed particularly agitated today. I went to the public library and picked some people up. I also reminded folks to vote. Especially black folks. It’s important that black candidates get as much support from black men and black women as possible. White voters are extremely important as well but quite often, they don’t support a black candidate as much as they appear to. There are a lot of undercover prejudiced people out there. That sucks but it’s true. I pray this doesn’t happen to the gentleman from the state of Illinois.

I heartily and sincerely hope that he becomes the next president of this supposedly great country. I did what I could for him. While online, I reminded friends and relatives across the country to vote. I also encouraged strangers online to get to their voting polls and make sure the right man gets into the White House. By right man, I mean the one with the blue political party behind him. I did everything I could. Now, let’s hope it paid off. We need a Democrat in the White House. It’s what’s best for America. After my tour of duty, I went to spend some time with a fellow Democrat. My pals Louis Smith, Kimberly Isidor and my lady friend Veronique Anglin.

Veronique Anglin is a tall, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned young black woman of Jamaican descent I met while still in high school. She’s mad cool. ankarada yeni escortlar I ran into her at Massasoit Community College a couple years back. We’ve stayed in touch ever since. She was walking around with my pal Kimberly Isidor, a tall, busty, big-booty light-skinned biracial chick I’ve known for years. I also ran into Louis Smith at the city of Brockton’s infamous community college. He’s a short, stocky black dude I’ve known since high school. He’s an okay guy, even though he’s not too bright. A good frined when you need help, though. While waiting for the election results Tuesday night, the three of us got drunk. Then we started fucking. It’s funny how these things happen. I guess we were all frustrated after spending the whole day driving Democratic voters to their polling locations. Seriously. Add some alcohol to the mix and you can see how this little friendly get-together turned into an election night orgy.

I gulped down some Heineken while Kimberly went down on me. The light-skinned chick unzipped my pants and began sucking on my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock like her life depended on it. I leaned back and relaxed as she worked her magic on me. I thrust my cock into her mouth and gently stroked her hair. Now, that’s what I’m talking about. This is the way to end a perfectly hectic day. Louis and Veronique were also doing their thing nearby. Veronique lay naked on the couch, her legs spread wide open. Louis knelt before her and began licking her pussy. Veronique urged Louis to lick her pussy like it was sweet butter. From experience I can tell you that Veronique has a foul-smelling pussy. I wonder if Louis was gagging on it. Poor bastard.

After Kimberly got done sucking my Johnson, I put her on all fours. Folks, I need to get myself some ass. I haven’t had any in a while. I took a bottle bayan escort ankara of lubricant and smeared its contents all over my dick. Then I rubbed the lube all over Kimberly’s ass cheeks after spreading them wide open. Kimberly is totally down with anal sex. Once, she liked to pretend that she wasn’t into it. But I’ve known her for a while. I knew Kimberly back at Brockton Community High School. I also ran into her at Bay State College, then she went to Pine Manor. Yeah, the gal got around. She told me that a lesbian encounter at Pine Manor College, an all-female school, turned her bisexual but she still loved dick more. That’s fine by me. I’m bisexual myself. No real preference. I just like sex.

I pressed my cock against Kimberly’s asshole, and gently pushed it inside. The big-booty light-skinned chick barely grunted as I penetrated her asshole. I put my hands on her hips and pushed my cock deeper inside of her. Kimberly’s asshole felt tight around my dick, but not too tight. This chick was no anal virgin. Her ex-boyfriend, recently released convict Idell has been tapping that ass regularly until she kicked him to the curb. His loss is my incredible gain, I guess. Folks, I love the feel of a tight asshole around my cock and I don’t care if it belongs to a male or a female. A hole is a hole, you know?

My buddy Smith was having some fun with Veronique. The tall black gal from Jamaica was now sucking on Smith’s cock. Oh, yeah. She licked his balls like they were made out of frigging chocolate. When Smith came, she eagerly drank his cum. That’s when the stuff really got weird. Out of nowhere, Veronique produced a strap-on dildo. She made Louis get on all fours and began poking his ass with her dildo. Smith squealed as the tall black woman began fucking him in the ass. Hot damn, this was weird but hot in a escort bayan ankara strange kind of way. I knew Louis Smith swung both ways but I had no idea he was into the whole strap-on thing. Oh, well. To each his own.

I grabbed a handful of Kimberly’s long hair and pulled her head back while slamming my cock deep inside her asshole. Kimberly howled as I fucked her in the ass. Oh, man. I absolutely love that sound! I got so turned on by it that I didn’t notice that Smith and Veronique were trying something new. Apparently, it was Veronique’s turn to take it up the ass. The tall black woman was now on all fours, face down and ass up. Smith held her by the hips and drilled his cock into her asshole. From the look on his face, I could tell he was enjoying himself. Good for him. It’s good to have fun in life, you know?

I fucked Kimberly until I came, then she and I joined Smith and Veronique. Time to try something different. Kimberly lay on the carpeted floor, legs spread. Veronique came and began licking her pussy. Meanwhile, Smith and I had our fun with Veronique. We filled her holes. While Veronique buried her face in Kimberly’s crotch, Smith shoved his dick into the tall black woman’s pussy while I shoved my cock into her asshole. We began fucking her roughly. Veronique screamed as we fucked her. Howled is more like it actually. I love double-penetrating a bitch. You’ve got no idea how much fun it can be. I highly recommend it. It’s going to be an experience you never forget. We fucked and sucked the night away. Until I came deep inside Veronique’s ass and an orgasmic Kimberly squirted hot girly cum all over Veronique’s face. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Then we hit the showers and went to bed.

Yeah, that’s the way the night went. It was a lot of fun. We are true democrats in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. We love democracy. We love freedom and we love sex. That’s the way we get down. It’s the American way. If you don’t like it, I suggest you get the heck out of town! Stay out of Brockton because we’re against Conservatives, against Republicans, anti Prudes and pro orgies!

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