Black Linens

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Libby had just gotten out of a relationship. He dumped her because “she was too straight-edged.” After crying for a couple of hours over her loss she realized that he was right, she was to straight-edged. She could get any guys she wanted. Any guy that doesn’t know her that is. She is gorgeous. Blonde, curly hair, blue eyes and a tight, toned body of a goddess. Once into a relationship about a month the guy would dump her. It happened every time. She realized she wanted to change. She needed to be more loose.

She started looking at a paper she had brought home from Starbucks and just as she was about to give up on that idea she saw an add in the newspaper that read, ‘model wanted for nude pictures.’ Maybe getting in touch with my sexual side will help me she thought, and with that decided to call the number.

It was set up. She was to go to 10858 Tulane Road on Saturday at nine at night. She, one other girl by the name of Lindy and a man by the name of Bolden were to be there. Apparently the photographer had three-hour shifts with two women and a man for three weekends in a row.

The photographer, Jim had read the trepidation in her voice and explained everything to her. The pictures would be used in a soft calendar. The only part of her in the nude that would be shown would be her breasts. She was allowed to view the pictures to chose which ones she wanted to be published and which she didn’t want published, but she had to sign at least twenty of them so that between all the people deciding they had choices. Her concerns were put to rest by how kind and caring Jim was.

She asked him a number of questions and his answers calmed her a bit. At least they calmed her as much as answers could calm someone who had never done anything like this before. Jim told her that he started his photography career by going to a shoot like this and when he left that night he had decided that he wanted to be the one taking the pictures and set off to accomplish his goal.


Driving there Libby was more than nervous. What will happen? Which one of us goes first? Will everyone be watching me… nude? Will there be props? She couldn’t begin to think straight with all the questions popping into her head.

When she got to the place she took a deep breath and walked to the door, knowing that if she sat and thought at all she would back out completely. She never lets anyone see her naked. Even during sex, on the special occasion that it does happen, she has to have the lights out. Now she is going to let at least the photographer see her naked and then let the pictures be published for god knows who to see them? She would definitely back out if she sat and thought for any period of time.

It took about a minute for someone to answer the door. During that time she considered leaving, actually walked down the steps to her car, back up and was turning around to leave for good when a man, presumably, Jim answered the door. “You must be Libby, I’m James Goodman. You can call me Jim.”

“Yes, I’m Libby.”

“Come in, come in. Let me show you around the place. Make yourself at home.” They walked into a room where the shoot would take place. It was once a living room, but was converted into a nice set. There were black sheets draped from the ceiling and across the floor. The only things in the room other than the camera equipment were a few black satin pillows and a fuzzy black rug.

Then he took her to a room where she could undress. But she would unfortunately have to share the room with the other two models already there. There had been some mishaps and the other two changing rooms were unavailable for the time being.

When she opened the door she walked in cautiously, as if she might catch something toxic if she walked any faster. She saw a man and a woman talking. The man was sitting in a chair very relaxed and the woman was leaning back on the bed. They both seemed very comfortable with the situation at hand, or at least didn’t show otherwise.

Libby immediately noticed how and some the man was. He stood at a tall 6’3” and epitomized the tall dark and handsome stereotype. The woman was just as striking as any model Libby had ever seen in a magazine with light brown hair and blue eyes that were set off with a gorgeous tan and a great athletic body.

“We’re starting in less than 30 minutes so you need to get into the mood. I don’t canlı bahis want shy models; I want models who are very confident with themselves. Maybe to get into the mood you could undress each other,” Jim said in such a way that made Libby think he was way too relaxed for the situation. When he said that the man looked at Lindy and lifted his eyebrows. What in the world have I gotten myself into? This is just a lousy excuse for a threesome.

“I’m Lindy, you must be Libby, and this is Bolden. You look like you might be new at this, is this your first time?” Lindy said this with an air of confidence.

“My first what? Libby replied confused. My first photo shoot? My first threesome? What are you talking about?

“Your first nude photo session?” she implored.

“Um, yeah. Are you experienced? Could you tell me what’s going on? What’s the schedule, who goes on when, can you fill me in on all the details?”

“Yes I am experienced, and not just in nude photo shoots. Yes I can tell you what’s going on, but let me tell you from experience, it’s more fun just letting it happen.” Lindy’s eyes had a little twinkle in them as she said this and a tent had formed in Bolden’s pants in the past couple of seconds. “First you have to get out of your clothes or you’ll never get used to the idea. The longer you go without them the more comfortable you are when you’re in the nude. Let me help you with those.”

Oh my god! Is she coming onto me or am I just imagining things? Relax Libby. Even if she is, isn’t this what you came here for? You’re getting in touch with your kinky side. Relax. You can do this. Don’t think, just do. Listening to her own advice she acquiesced as Lindy started to unbutton her sweater. As Lindy intentionally lightly brushed her fingers over Libby’s nipples as she unbuttoned her shirt she felt a rush of sexual awareness between her legs. She felt her nipples harden and saw the same of Lindy’s.

It was about the same time that Libby looked down at Lindy’s hands on her nipples that she tried to push away the feeling o want for sexual release from between her legs. She rarely felt like this with a man, let alone a woman. She hadn’t ever been with a woman, touched a woman or been touched by a woman in a sexual way. Just tear off the fucking sweater, she found herself screaming inside, I want to feel your touch on my bare skin.

As if Lindy could hear Libby’s thoughts she griped both sides of the sweater and ripped both ways, sending buttons flying throughout the room. Then Libby realized she wasn’t even half done, Libby had on a cotton camisole tank that was so thin she could now see her breasts standing at attention. They were so taunt that they must be painful, just aching for some attention from Lindy.

It was no sooner than Lindy had gotten the cami off the woman she was lusting over more than she had ever lusted over anyone, man or woman before that she started attending to her own shirt. She was startled when she felt the light touch of Libby’s hands on her own, imploring Lindy to let her do it.

Libby took a long look at Lindy’s plump breasts through her tight, thin cotton t-shirt. She realized Lindy wasn’t wearing a bra and couldn’t control herself anymore. “God Lindy, you’re making me wet.” She was horrified when she realized she had said it out loud, but to make her feel better Lindy took Libby’s finger, pushed it down the front of her jeans and between her legs and said, “I have been wet since I started to unbutton your shirt.” She gave into all of her cravings and let her body do what it wanted to do.

She let her fingertips graze over Lindy’s nipples and felt them tighten even more at her touch. Then she pulled the t-shirt over her head and just took in the view she had in front of her.

Lindy kissed Libby, slowly at first to give her time to stop it if she wanted to. But when she didn’t Lindy took that as a signal to move forward and started kissing her more passionately. Lindy laid Libby down on her back on the red silk duvet covering the bed.

Libby started out apprehensively with her hands, thinking what do I do with my hands? Libby, relax. Don’t think, just do! At first she was uneasy to touch Libby, but then she placed her hands on her neck and became a little more comfortable with what was happening and what she was doing. Then she moved her hands to her shoulders and down her arms; eventually they bahis siteleri made their way to Lindy’s voluptuous chest.

Libby had each hand attending one of the hard nipples of her naked female companion. Lightly pinching and licking, she had Lindy groaning in pleasure.

Lindy finally gathered the strength to pull herself away and move her hands to the button of Libby’s baggy jeans. She popped open the button and moved to the zipper. She pulled the pants down past her ankles. While she was down there she pulled her won skin-tight jeans off. With her jeans her see-through light pink thong fell off as well.

She came back up far enough so that her eyes were in line with the top of Libby’s panties. A piece of hot pink stretchy lace that was so low it left almost nothing to the imagination. Yet it left enough to make Lindy want to find out what it was really like. She looked up at Libby with a raunchy smile and then proceeded to pull the piece of lace off with her oh-so-white teeth.

Lindy’s hot breath was making Libby want more and more and making the feeling of want between her legs grow stronger and stronger until she couldn’t help it anymore. Lindy had made it back up face to face with Libby, her hand trailing down her body. Her finger started in Libby’s mouth, when down her neck and was now pausing over her taunt nipple.

Before Lindy could move again Libby had flipped her over onto her back. Lindy sat up in alarm, thinking that Libby was about to get up and move away. Lindy opened her mouth in objection, but it came out as a moan when Libby straddled her.

She started planting wet kisses all over her. She started at Lindy’s face, and then moved to her ears. She took her time, sliding her tongue over the outer edge of her ear and slightly into her auditory canal making Lindy flinch with pleasure. She proceeded further downward. Then she moved to take in the sweet taste of her neck.

After she was satisfied with the tastes she moved to her breasts. She took as much time as she has always wanted a guy to take on pleasuring her breasts. She took one in her hand as she covered the other with her hot mouth. She flicked her tongue over one as she simultaneously pinched the other with her thumb and pointer finger. Then she pulled one with her teeth and the other with her fingers, pulling a long groan from Lindy’s throat at the same time.

Libby then continued downward until her tongue touched down the center of Lindy’s stomach and passed her naval. Libby pressed on wanting this more than she had could remember ever wanting anything else.

Libby slid her tongue between her fold. Libby had flicked her tongue at Lindy’s clit only once before Lindy pulled her back up so that their faces were so close their hot panting was in each other’s faces. Between deep breaths and panting Libby said, “No! I want to feel you come.” Then she situated Libby and started moving her leg between Libby’s leg. Libby moaned in satisfaction, which only made Lindy want her more.

Libby took charge and started grinding against Lindy’s leg. “Oh my god,” she yelled as she began to climax. Both were panting and moaning like they were virgins and had never been with anyone sexually before, as if all their sexual tension was built up over many years rather than a couple of months as it was for both women in reality.

When Libby had come all over Lindy’s thigh it hit home what she had just done, and to her surprise she wasn’t embarrassed or regretful at all. She would have done it again if she were put in the same situation again.

Lindy look at Libby who had fallen next to her and said, “Is that all you go babe? Let me show ya how it’s done. Well you’re going to help me. You got to come, so now it’s my turn.” She said it with a smile that could only be described as wicked.

Lindy laid back and started to fee herself. She started at her still aroused breasts and then she moved towards her mound. She finally got there and looked over at Libby, “This is where you come in. I want you to help me.”

Uncertain of what she should do she just acted as if it were herself she was getting off and did exactly what she wanted. She found Lindy’s clitoris and lightly caressed it, more and more firmly as she went on. Then she moved her fingers in a figure-eight motion and then a “t”, all the way front to back and across her entire sex and then side to side the bahis şirketleri same. Libby started out lightly as if to tease her and eventually got harder. Lindy was thrusting upwards to reach Libby’s hand and pull her fingers inside her. Between alternating these techniques Libby would tease her she would barely penetrate her body. Eventually both girls began to penetrate her body at the same time and within no time she had a stronger orgasm than she could remember having. Ever.

The two women collapsed on the red silk, neither moving, both unsure if they could. Just then Jim walked in and found the two of them still intertwined. “I see you two have become acquainted,” he said with a little chuckle. “You didn’t join in Bolden?” “No sir, I don’t think anything could have been better than watching that. Especially given the background info you gave Lindy and I about Libby. Won’t have sex with her boyfriend until they’ve dated for six months, but gets off after five minutes with Lindy. Now that’s just sexy.”

Normally Libby would have turned bright red out of embarrassment, but she just felt comfortable with herself at that moment in time. She just took everything in, lying there with her new female lover.

“Alright I want Libby and Lindy to come out to the picture room first.” She popped back into real life when she heard Jim call her name.

The two women managed to get up and move to the other room, but not until after Lindy pushed a finger between Libby’s legs. The two simultaneously let out a long moan, whether it was out of pleasure or pain for having to leave, neither one knew.

Jim placed the women in many positions but the one that made Bolden’s cock stand up straight was Libby leaning back on her forearms, knees bent and Lindy facing her, legs on her legs. The position leaving their wet sexes barely apart, causing both women to ache. They both wanted to be alone again in the changing room so they could be one again.


After an hour of the two touching each other in erotic places for the camera, it was Bolden’s turn. He was instructed to sit between Lindy’s legs with his back facing her. She was to wrap her arms around his waist to pull him close so as to not let the camera know how hard her nipples were. Libby was told to straddle him, but what surprised her was she was supposed to take him inside of her for the pictures. That’s going to be quite awkward. Will he thrust while inside of me?

She arched her back as he placed his lips of her breast in order to hide it from the camera. Jim took a couple shots and before he could move them to another position Libby had stared to move herself up and down on his shaft. Libby was surprised at herself. She thought he would be the one to start things, but she had started them. He was so long she was sure the head of his penis could touch the inside of her naval. In any case it was touching spots that have never felt any stimulation before. Lindy was plating wet kisses all over his neck, back and chest, and Bolden was enjoying every minute of all of it.

Lindy moved from behind him and laid back all the way. Lindy then started kissing him in the most erotic way Libby had ever seen anywhere. He was panting, ready to come inside of Libby when Lindy said, “Stop Libby. Make him want it.” She pulled up as instructed and he groaned. Both women looked at each other and were thinking the same thing. They both jumped on each other and continued where they had left off. This time Lindy was on top and wasn’t letting Libby change that. Lindy moved her fingers between Libby’s swollen folds feeling her wet warmth. She pressed her finger into her clit and let it there waiting for Libby to ask for more, but before she could Bolden had moved in and started to suckle her breasts, making her moan in pleasure. Lindy decided to just continued. Libby was having the time of her life. She couldn’t remember any other time where she had felt so relaxed and ready to burst at the same time.

It came on so fast, she had come all over Lindy and it just kept coming. Just when she finished Lindy and Libby looked at each other and decided to finish off Bolen who was so hard and ready he must have been aching in pain.

Libby took him in her mouth as Lindy pressed her hot sex to his mouth he swirled his tongue around her and flicked his tongue at her clit. Then he suckled her clit and made her come and climax faster than she had in a long time.

About the same time she climaxed Libby was swirling the tip of her tongue round the head of his penis. Then she took as much of him as she could fit into her mouth and finished him off.

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