BKP: Junior Intern

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A few disclaimers:

– My stories tend to have buildup and character development to them, at least I like to think so. Either way, you have to read a bit before the “action” starts.

– The BKP stories were written in an order but they don’t directly tie into one another; some characters repeat but rarely main characters. You don’t have to read them in a particular order, in other words.

Specifically for this story:

– I put it in group sex but it may be debatable. It could have arguably fit in Toys/Masturbation or Lesbian Sex.

– In this particular story, if you want to bypass most of the character development, skip to the “* * * * *” break about a quarter way through.

Comments and ratings are appreciated.


Leah Harmon tried to resist looking around the marketing department of BKP Devices and focus on her screen. The office was a modern “open plan” design so she had a desk that was one curve of a cross, with low walls the only thing separating her from her “table mates”. She shared it with a relatively new hire to the company named Lauren, another employee named Gianna, and her fellow intern and sorority sister Brittany.

Brittany was a senior, and the internship that Leah enjoyed was usually only offered to upperclassmen. The fact that Leah was even at BKP was a factor of her legacy status at the Beta Kappa Pi sorority, her determination, hard work, and if she was honest, a bit of luck. The downturn in popularity of Greek societies at colleges in the US had apparently put a strain on BKP’s recruiting; until recently most of their employees had been groomed and recruited from the sororities, at least as far as office staff was concerned. Leah had only been offered the internship because the five other girls ahead of her had declined; two of them were pre-law and felt they could better further their careers by interning at an actual law firm, two others were barely maintaining their GPA and sorority event commitments and couldn’t fit an internship into their schedules, and the last girl was apparently exploring career options that related more to webcams and subscriptions. As such, BKP had held a sort of “open application” for the internship amongst the sophomores and freshman sisters. Leah had come out on top.

Leah had been grateful and relieved, but not surprised. Her life so far was a history of her working her ass off to be the best where it counted. In high school she hadn’t been the prom queen, but she hadn’t tried for it. She’d let Victoria Marquess, who had a 34E chest, 26 inch waist, and 36 inch hips squeezed into a dress that was more mesh than fabric take that particular crown. She, on the other hand, had been in charge of putting the event together so she could be crowned at all, along with chairing the yearbook group that put her picture in the appropriate part of the book, being the class president that organized the fundraisers so she could be photographed next to a five star hotel’s fountain rather than their school gym’s bleachers, and ran the diversity committee that made sure the fact Victoria was black wasn’t ever a consideration for her win. Leah herself was white as the driven snow, with straight blonde hair to boot, but she’d still got the position because everyone agreed she was the best one for the job. And she’d done that while getting valedictorian taking 6 AP classes and captaining the track teams for both spring and fall seasons.

When she’d got to college, her aunt had heavily encouraged her to look into Beta Kappa Pi, although she was vague about details. Leah had been erotik film izle hesitant; she was planning on pre-med and knew the work that involved so she didn’t want to be distracted by frivolous airhead activities or people. She’d also looked up the sorority’s motto: Boethia Kallos Pornokopía translated to “Beauty, Service, Sex” and didn’t do a lot to disabuse her of the idea that the sisterhood was little more than a thinly veiled excuse for regular debauchery. Still, her aunt had assured her the success she enjoyed was directly related to the sorority. Her aunt was a C-level executive at a biomedical device company based in Germany and had made the plea talking on her latest generation iPhone hooked into a 6-figure Mercedes’ electronics suite, so Leah figured she’d at least go to an orientation meeting.

She admitted now she’d been guilty of stereotyping. The girls at Beta Kappa Pi were all gorgeous, but they weren’t carbon copies. There were lithe dancer bodies, curvy girls, fit athletes, and waify thin girls, along with a few that could be centerfolds. Leah saw herself between the model and athletic types; she had what she thought were healthy 34 C breasts with small nipples that pointed up a bit when her breasts went unsupported, hips that flared out enough to give her a slight hourglass figure, and her body didn’t hold a lot of extra fat even if her muscles didn’t show through unless she flexed. Their philosophies also seemed more modern and enlightened; the “beauty” and “sex” parts of their motto focused on celebrating the former in all its forms, and recognizing the realities and positive aspects of the latter. Of course, rushing was still rushing; along with weird food, alcohol, and scavenger hunt activities, she’d been naked a lot, she’d kissed another girl or two or five, and one memorable night she’d been lying on a plush rug in a blacked out room, plunging her fingers into her own sex and fondling her breast as twelve other women in the room did the same thing. It had been an interestingly erotic experience, hearing all the other girls pleasure themselves, and Brittany, the sorority president, had explained it was to show that there was no shame in doing it or realizing your sisters also did it. Of course, it had also served to get a number of the girls revved up enough to lose their lesbian virginities, though Leah had abstained at the time.

So there she sat, writing copy for the company’s web site and online help system. She wasn’t even really writing; she copied the text marketing copyeditors had drafted. It grated on her that she was sitting doing menial work while the rest of the department was bustling around, obviously doing more exciting things. She knew the principle of “paying your dues” but she’d hoped BKP would be more enlightened and try to recognize top performers and give them tasks that matched their ability, rather than forcing everyone to go through a “boot camp” style trial period.

After a few hours Brittany returned to her desk looking a bit haggard, but also keyed up. The sorority president was one of the busiest students Leah had seen, and one of the prettiest. She towered over most women and many men, topping off at five foot eleven in height, and she had curves up and down the length of her body. Apart from her height, she also stuck out because of her deep ruby red hair, cut to just above her shoulders. The president had ended up with a mixed blessing from genetics; with a last name Spears and parents who were adamant she be named after a dead grandmother, coupled with her beauty, Brittany had an almost obsessive desire to avoid film izle any of the styles in clothes or hair that the pop star of similar name had ever tried. Her height automatically set her apart, but one of the pledges during rush week had tried to slyly suggest Brittany would look great as a blonde and Brittany not only disqualified her as a pledge but banned her from attending any Beta Kappa Pi events.

Leah caught herself staring. Ever since she pledged she’d felt drawn to Brittany, something that gave her a lot of mixed feelings as she’d always seen herself as straight. The president had been one of the lesbian kisses Leah got during rush week and it was the only one that stuck with her. She’d been cultivating a friendship with the senior, but while Brittany was friendly it seemed to be mostly surface-level. She understood Brittany’s perspective; Leah was a little girl in her eyes and they’d be separated after a year anyway. Brittany was a marketing major; she had no reason to stay in school past her fourth year. But she’d been hoping for at least a mentor-mentee relationship.

She was about to ask her sister what had her frazzled but then Crystal Zapata approached the table and Leah refocused on her screen. Crystal exuded power and authority and her body was trim and muscular, but still flared out impressively at the hips and chest. She moved with a smooth grace that suggested total control and made one wonder what else she could do with it. Today she wore a silky pearl blouse with a wide V-neck, showing off a wide expanse of olive-skinned chest and cleavage. The black skirt was tight with a slit in it that wasn’t scandalously high but still enough that her legs flashed as she walked. Her black hair had both red and fuchsia streaks in it that appeared as stripes since her hair was trapped back in a severe French roll.

“Brittany, I’m afraid we won’t be doing the product trial session this afternoon,” she told the girl next to Leah.

“Oh,” Brittany replied and Leah could see her face fall, “Was there a problem?”

“I’m afraid Linda had to leave early, and everyone else is tied up. Yolanda said she’d be out a couple days next week and she’s on a sales trip afterward so we’ll have to push this off for a while.”

“Would you-” Brittany started to ask but then cut off as she got a look from Crystal that seemed to Leah both challenging and amused.

“No, you’re right,” Brittany said with a defeated sigh.

“Could I help?” Leah said.

Both women’s heads snapped around to look at her. Crystal looked curious, but Brittany seemed both shocked and worried.

“What?” Leah said, summoning up the kind of resolve she always relied on talking to teachers and administrators at schools, “You said you were missing a fourth person, right? Is there a reason I can’t fill in?”

“Leah,” Brittany almost snapped, “You’re a first year intern and a freshman. You haven’t been-“

“No, Miss Spears,” Crystal interrupted her, “Miss Harmon has made an offer.”

“But she doesn’t know…details,” Brittany stammered as Crystal fixed her with a look halfway through her speaking.

Crystal slowly turned her gaze back to Leah. “The original plan was to test some new modifications a high profile client requested. Due to the nature of the modifications the four machines need to be tested together. It’s also set up to facilitate competition, so we decided to add some additional stakes to the competition; the winner gets a day off with pay.”

“Miss Zapata,” Brittany said but Crystal’s glare silenced her again.

“What machines are they?” Leah asked.

“Specially seks filmi izle designed Invertirowers.”

Leah had just posted copy about those machines the other day. Invertirowers (pronounced “in-VERT-eh-row-ers) served the same purpose as rowing machines, but instead of the traditional seated position, the Invertirower had the user angled forward. Rather than being supported on their backside, which was problematic for people with spinal issues or problems sitting, they were supported on their hips, chest, and shoulders. Then the user pulled arms and pushed down with their legs, using the same basic muscle groups one did on a rowing machine.

Leah had kept up with her workouts and running even with her busy work and class schedule, and she loved competitions. She knew Brittany did enough gym work to maintain her figure, but she figured she was ahead of the senior in general fitness. Lauren, she guessed, was at about the same level; she was a curvier girl, with tits that were at least a D, matching hips and a larger, albeit very well formed ass. Still, Leah guessed most of her workouts were also just pro-forma calorie mitigation. She had seen little of Gianna, but she knew the shorter Latina was slim. That could have been due to body type or rigorous exercise, but there was no way to know for sure.

It’s for a day off, Leah, not a promotion, Leah chided herself.

“I think I could help test them, if I’m not overstepping,” Leah said. Determination with deference had always worked for her.

“Do you have any more questions about it?” Crystal asked her, her expression still one of amused curiosity, as if Leah was a pet performing a particularly elaborate trick.

Leah decided Crystal was looking for volunteerism rather than inquisitiveness in this situation. “No, I think I’m good.”

“Excellent,” Crystal said, “this will certainly be a test in more ways than one, then. Miss Spears? If she has any questions she has to come to me. Let Miss Ingram and Miss Lopez know we’re on for four o’clock.”

“Yes Miss Zapata,” Brittany answered and looked back at her computer while shaking her head.

Crystal marched off, her heels echoing on the floor. Leah was suddenly swept by a wave of uncertainty, feeling like she’d been had but was unaware of the joke. She turned to Brittany with a question on the tip of her tongue but the sorority president stuck a hand out at her.

“You heard her; you have any more questions talk to her. You pushed to be part of this, now you get to deal with the consequences.”

Leah settled back in her chair, a bit shocked, but Brittany apparently wasn’t done and turned to her.

“I went to bat for you over this internship. You’re the first freshman that’s gotten one, I’m pretty sure. You fuck this up for me and there will be consequences.”

* * * * *

Leah tried not to fidget while shrinking back into the corner of the elevator as it descended several floors. BKP had its own building where everything except for manufacturing was housed, which included their R on her bare skin it felt like she lay on soft clouds. She reached forward and gripped the rowing handles, testing the pull, and felt her legs start to straighten as the dual motion worked. She was a little uncertain as the position left her breasts just swinging unsupported, which could get annoying or painful if the exercise got too rigorous, and her thighs were parted a little more than normal for a rowing workout; it felt like she would be doing more of a squat.

“Don’t start quite yet, Miss Harmon,” Crystal said, “Now as you remember, the competition here is for three rounds. The one to last the longest each round is the winner. Each round has more challenge to it than the last. Now, I’ll activate the newer features. Ladies, start testing the Vertirower 69.”

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