Birthday Cruise Day 01

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For Emily’s birthday this year, Jacob decided to surprise her with a cruise. They had never been on one together and it was something Emily had been wanting to do since they got married two years ago. They were both young, Jacob 25, and Emily just turning 22. She was in her last year of school and he had graduated with a business degree three years ago. Currently working in marketing for a large international travel agency, he was able to get a hold of two tickets to the Eastern Caribbean at half price.

She was thrilled when she unwrapped them but was a little concerned about the departure date of next week. She didn’t know if she would be able to miss school and work, but she was going to make it happen.

They spent the evening before they left packing. Emily was waiting for clothes to come out of the dryer and was packing other items naked. Even after two years, Jacob always checked her out when she walked past. She was a gorgeous fair skinned girl with dark black hair. She was 5’6″, slender, and confidently carrying natural E cup boobs. As of late, she regularly worked out and was very pleased with her tone figure. The cruise would be a perfect opportunity to show it off to whoever happened to be around.

As she leaned over to grab something from the other side of the bed, Jacob gave her ass a firm slap that caught her off guard. By now, she knew not to react or turn around when he did this. Emily had expressed her desire to be his submissive slut wife several months back, and they had been enjoying the new relationship dynamic. She was into everything so far, including slapping, spanking, choking, name calling, face fucking, being tied in uncomfortable positions, being taken rough, and anything else Jacob had felt so inclined to inflict upon her. Though they usually kept it to the bedroom, once a week they would assume their roles all day, and he loved finding ways to take her out of her comfort zone in public.

Jacob took off his shirt and gym shorts while she was bent over the bed. He stood at 6’2″ and was in the best shape of his life. He had a strong athletic body without being meaty, an olive color tan, and a chiseled face topped with a thick head of hair. He also had an impressive eight-inch cock that began to grow seeing his wife in that position. He gave her another hard slap and saw the red shadow of his hand glow and then fade from her ass.

“Did you pack all of our equipment, slut?”

“I believe so sir.”

“Why don’t you list off everything, just to make sure?” he said in the tone he reserved for their playing, a lower register that was slightly more terse and aggressive.

“Yes, sir. We have the rope—” Slap!


“The cuffs,” Slap! “the vibrators” Slap! “the dildo” Slap! She continued listing off all their items including butt plugs, a blindfold, a spreader bar for her legs, nipple clamps, and of course, her leather collar. Both of her cheeks were bright red and she was just beginning to tear up without actually crying. Jacob knew her thresholds and Emily loved him for it.

“Do you like it when I spank you, slut?”

“Yes, sir. I crave your touch.”

“Well let’s just see how much you crave it,” he said as he felt between her legs and along her slit. His fingers became coated with her juices and he held them up to her mouth. “Looks like it.”

Without being prompted, she sucked his fingers clean and waited for what he would do next.

“Do you want to be fucked?”

“Yes, sir, please. Please fuck this slut’s cunt!” she pled, her body yearning for attention. He had put her on a no orgasm regimen for the past three days.

He began rubbing her pussy with one hand while rubbing away the burn from her cheeks with the other. Suddenly he gave her pussy a slap. “Not until the cruise. And not until like we discussed before. What are we going to do on the cruise, slut?”

With desperation in her voice, hoping her submissiveness would convince him to do something to her tonight, she replied, “We are going to find us a couple for you to fuck and for me to be used by.”

“That’s right, my slave. And you’re going to love every minute of it. It’s your birthday present after all,” he said to her kindly, “Now, on your knees. My cock needs serviced.”

The next morning, they woke up and got ready without being in a hurry. Jacob started pancakes as Emily stepped out of the shower. She strolled into the kitchen a few minutes later with nothing but cheeky underwear and socks on. He prepared the pancakes just as she liked, with peanut butter and syrup. They exchanged pleasantries, teased each other, and went through a checklist of everything they would need. They were both planning on turning some heads with their swimwear. Emily brought a few bikinis, including one royal blue one with a thong bottom that Jacob picked out for her. They also talked about hooking up with another couple. They were both very interested in it, but were unsure if they’d actually be able to run into a swinger ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar couple on the cruise, let alone a good looking, fun one. After cleaning up and double checking that everything was in order, they took off.

The two-hour drive was fairly uneventful. Even though they’re both well-educated and professional individuals, they love jamming out to their music together in the car. They parked at a designated lot near the port and took a shuttle to the boat. In the long line clearing security, they looked around and people watched. There were dozens of very old couples as well as families with dads void of any style, mom’s in mom jeans, and kids glued to their devices. There were several couples with a much older male half and trophy wives with fake boobs still less spectacular looking than Emily’s. They were beginning to think they were out of luck on finding a couple to fuck.

They finally got to their room, an unnoteworthy cabin without much space other than for the king size bed, which was all they really needed when they thought about it. The rest of the first day was full of safety checks and getting to know the ship. They got dressed up for dinner, Jacob in a tailored button up and grey slacks, and Emily in a swanky black cocktail dress with a low neckline and a high front slit that revealed her exposed pussy if someone was sitting at a lucky angle. She also wore a necklace with a small heart-shaped lock, which functioned as her daytime collar. Almost everyone was oblivious to it being a sign of her submission which was impossible for her to take off without Jacob’s key.

To their disappointment, they were seated with an older couple, and a couple around their age but that seemed a little too vanilla for what they had in mind. They played with each other underneath the table while pretending to listen to where everyone was from and why they decided to come on a cruise. Emily got Jacob hard through his pants so that he couldn’t stand up without a clear outline of his cock being on display, and in return he made her dripping wet, a further frustration to the fact that she had only been teased and had not cum for four days.

After a delicious chicken dinner with a chocolate cake dessert, they excused themselves as quickly as possible and headed toward a bar in search of a couple. They found a nice one nearby with modern furniture and soft electronic music. They grabbed a small semi-circle couch and table that overlooked the main bar and ordered a round of drinks. There were about fifty people in the bar and they quickly checked off most people as incompatible. After about a half hour, a couple in their early thirties walked in, and Jacob and Emily looked at each other wondering if they should hit on them. They let the couple settle in for about fifteen minutes before Jacob said, “Go get them.”

“Alone? No that’s too intimidating!”

“All you have to do is break the ice and give them a reason to come back here to talk. You don’t have to personally invite them to fuck you. I can do that.”

“But what if I’m awkward!”

“You won’t be, and seriously, your body does a lot of the talking for you. And if you want to cum anytime in the foreseeable future, you’re going to have to get brave.”

“Ugh…fine,” she said as she downed her drink, “I just hope they’re into it, because they are sexy as hell. Wish me luck!”

Emily stood up and sauntered over to the bar, hips swaying flawlessly. She approached from the woman’s side so as to not look like she was trying to steal her man. The woman had gorgeous long blonde hair and the face of a model. She had fairly average breasts, but Emily could tell even with her sitting down that she had a great ass. She quickly glanced Emily up and down before making eye contact. Her cool blue eyes pierced Emily’s, but Emily was still able to keep her head together as she said, “I hope you guys had a better dinner group than ours. We couldn’t get out fast enough. Would you mind helping us salvage the evening with conversation and drinks? I’m Emily by the way. My husband, Jacob, is across the room.”

“Tiffany,” the woman replied before glancing over in the direction of Jacob, “Nice to meet you. This is Darren. What do you think, babe? You up for hanging out with a couple of sexy people?”

Darren had a brooding, mysterious vibe about him. He was quite tall, and had the same physique as Jacob, but with a squarer face, darker hair, and darker eyes. He was leaning against the bar with one arm and drinking with other. He looked at Emily’s necklace, took a sip, and nonchalantly asked, “So Emily, how long have you been a submissive?”

“What do you mean—H-How can you,” she stammered, surprised and slightly embarrassed by his frankness.

“Not many people wear a padlock, no matter how subtle it is, out in public,” he said matter-of-factly.

“I guess that’s true,” Emily laughed while regaining composure. “You don’t really meet too many people who catch ankara götü büyük escortlar on to it though. But yeah, it’s something we’ve been enjoying this past year.”

“With tits like those, I’d try to dominate you too!” Tiffany chimed in. The women laughed, and Darren gave a closed mouth smile. “Sure, we’ll join you though. We’re always up for a good time.”

As Emily began to lead them over to their table, Darren grabbed her arm right above the elbow. She turned back and met his powerful gaze. “Emily. We all know you didn’t just come to us for bar banter. The two of you want Tiffany and I to help dominate you, and more specifically, you want me to fuck you. Don’t say a word, but nod if this is true.”

Emily looked at Tiffany who was looking sultry biting her lip, and then back to Darren who still showed almost no emotion. She was caught off guard again and didn’t know what to do, but as she could tell he was serious, she reluctantly and slowly nodded her head. She again looked at Tiffany to gage her reaction and she flashed a wry smile.

“Good. Now before we go over there and meet your husband, you’re going to convince me that you really are submissive and that this isn’t some stupid phase you’re going through.” Emily was intimidated but getting turned on by his assertiveness. “Get on your knees and ask to serve her pussy and to serve my cock.”

She didn’t know what to do. Rarely did Jacob ever ask her to do something so blatantly public. Sure, the music was loud and people probably weren’t paying super close attention, but it still seemed crazy. And yet, Emily felt a rush of adrenaline that began making her a little wet. She loved that Jacob would be able to see her be a good sub from afar and she loved obeying strong men like Darren. More than anything though, she wanted—needed—to be fucked by another cock. Jacob had always left her satisfied, but they both knew she craved being taken by as many cocks as possible. She had an insatiable desire to serve and be used by them. She wasn’t big into girl-on-girl play, but hell, she would even fuck with Tiffany if it meant she could get Darren’s cock too. As lust further clouded her mind, she lowered herself to the ground one leg at a time. Her pussy could blatantly be seen by both of them as the slit of her dress rode up. On her knees, she spread her legs wider and placed her hands on her thighs, just like she would do for Jacob. A few people nearby stole glances but tried not to gawk obviously. Then, with her subservient voice, she said the magic words while looking them each in the eye, in turn: “Please, Mistress, let this slut serve your pussy,” followed shortly after by “Please, Sir, let this slut serve your cock.”

“That’s a good girl, Emily. I accept,” Tiffany said warmly while patting her on the head.

“Now get up and walk three steps behind us,” commanded Darren, “Let’s go meet him.”

Jacob grew hard seeing Emily kneel before the two strangers, and his pulse quickened as he saw them returning with her. He didn’t really expect her to be successful on her first attempt, especially with a couple so attractive; he was just interested in her public obedience and in making her feel uncomfortable. Now she was submissively walking behind them as they came back like conquering heroes. “They must be pros at this,” he thought, “This should be fun.”

They exchanged greetings and Emily sat down next to Jacob while Darren and Tiffany sat across the small table. Darren opened up more as he spoke to Jacob, almost ignoring Emily completely. Tiffany spoke to both of them amicably, and Emily spoke only when spoken to. They made it through pleasantries and then got on to their plans for the evening.

“So with the trip being in celebration of her birthday, I thought it would be fun to give my pet a night to remember,” Jacob said, “And it sounds like the two of you share similar interests as us. Is there anything you are uncomfortable with doing?”

“We haven’t crossed that point yet, but what specifically would you like to have happen,” Darren asked.

“Well she needs to be used, not spoiled. Tied, gagged, spanked, face fucked, called names…anything I’m forgetting, slut?

“DPed, sir,” Emily said somewhat bashfully.

“Ah, yes. You okay with that Darren?”

“All of that sounds fine with me,” he replied, coolly.

“Sign me up for a DP too!” Tiffany enthusiastically volunteered, “But I’m not the sub type. I’ll be happy to assist with our little toy tonight though. I want her to get everything she’s needing.”

“Well why don’t we get out of here then,” Jacob suggested, his hard on visible through his slacks, “Your place or ours?”

“Ours is pretty comfortable, let’s go there,” Darren offered.

They paid their tabs and left for Darren and Tiffany’s room. Jacob slapped and squeezed Emily’s ass as they walked out of the bar. Emily’s tension was mounting as they navigated the complex corridors of the ship’s interior. Her heart was racing and a ankara çıtır escortlar single drop of her juices hung precariously on her pussy lips, not quite heavy enough to fall but heavy enough to tease her with its quivering. After about ten seconds, her thighs finally smeared it. She was dying to have a cock inside her and knew she wouldn’t even need lube to take one fully on the first thrust. She kept thinking about how big Darren’s might be and how intense the sensation of being double penetrated would feel. She loved her dominant husband for setting this up and wanted to please him as best she could with her submission tonight.

As they neared their room, it became immediately apparent how large it was by the distance between neighboring doors. The placard next to the door read “Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Sky Loft Suite 2”

“Welcome to our little penthouse,” Tiffany said as Darren swiped the card, unlocking the door with a pleasant click.

The place was immense, even for a condo on land. From the door, they could see a posh living room, dining room, floor to ceiling windows, two doors to other rooms, and a staircase, all decked out in a sleek, modernist fashion. The lighting seemed preprogrammed for an intimate night in with sensual music softly filling the air. Tiffany leaned against the back of a white, leather sofa, and Darren went across the room to mix a drink.

“Well, this is pretty nice,” Jacob remarked.

“Yeah. The perks of having a dad on the board of directors for a cruise line,” Darren replied.

“This ship has sort of become our home away from home. This is, what, our tenth cruise together?” Tiffany said, “We’ve added a few personal touches here and there the two of you might find interesting, particularly you, little slut.”

She stood up and walked towards Emily, playfully circling around and inspecting her. Tiffany wasn’t intimidating, but was completely confident. Darren had returned with a couple of cocktails for Emily and Jacob.

“I hope you don’t mind, but we usually like to just jump into it and not dick around wondering when things will progress,” Darren told them, “Let’s go upstairs.”

Darren led the way, followed by Jacob, then Emily and Tiffany. As they climbed, Tiffany slid her hand up Emily’s soft leg until she touched her snatch. “Ooh, looks like someone’s ready,” she teased after feeling Emily’s wetness. Emily was incredibly sensitive, and felt both goosebumps and a burning sensation from her touch. She needed it bad. Tiffany gave her ass a little slap before they reached the top of the stairs, causing her to jump a little at the lest step.

They soon came to a large French door, which Darren swung open with one hand on each knob. Lights automatically dimmed on to the perfect ambient setting, and a spacious, dark pink room came into view. In the center was a king-sized four-poster bed with lavish linens. At that moment, Emily realized that they had not stopped by their place to pick up their bag of toys, and thought that she wasn’t going to be able to be tied down or anything like she wanted. But then she saw it: a long wall of hooks and shelves fully lined with everything imaginable—paddles, gags, ropes, and toys—all immaculately displayed. As she looked around further, she saw pieces of furniture specifically designed for bondage. There was a long leather covered board with cuffs on the corners leaning against a wall, what looked like a pommel horse without handles, and a chair fixed to the ground. Emily’s eyes widened and her nipples showed through her dress.

“We thought it would be fun to have a sex room in our suite, so we made one,” Tiffany said in a satisfied but quieter manner.

“Here,” Darren said to Jacob as he tossed him a leather collar, “You can put this on her if you want.”

“Don’t mind if I do. Undress and assume position one, slut,” he commanded Emily in a slightly aggressive tone.

“As you wish, sir,” she replied. Emily unhooked the back of her dress and slid the shoulders off one by one. Slowly, she tugged until her massive tits popped out, hanging magnificently. She then let go and the light fabric fell straight to her ankles. She stepped out of it and bent over gratuitously to remove her heels, her ass in full view of Tiffany and Darren, who were themselves stripping to their underwear. Fully naked except for her padlock necklace, she knelt to the ground with her legs spread wide and her hands on her thighs. Jacob could see a shimmer on her pussy.

“Are you ready to submit?

“Yes sir,” she responded, her will fully turning over to his.


While looking Jacob in the eyes, she uttered the same recitation he made her say every day before sex.

“I live to serve your cock, Sir. Your pleasure is my purpose and I am yours to be used in any way that you demand. I strive to be your perfect slut and will accept all your punishments with the knowledge that Master knows best. I submit to you, Sir. Command this slut, and she will obey.”

“That’s right,” he said as he gave her a slap across the face, before placing the collar around her neck.

“Nice touch,” Darren said from about ten feet away. He and Tiffany were watching Emily as she recited. Tiffany was on her knees stroking his cock that she had just freed from his underwear.

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