Biochem Boys Ch. 01

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There was a gentle wrap at the door frame. Ryan looked up and saw Nate stepping into his office.

“What’s up Ryan, you said you needed help with something?” Nate smiled and waited to be invited in.

“Yeah Nate, I do. Come on in and close the door so my students don’t know I’m here. They think us grad students are here only for them; that we don’t have lives outside of their classes. We can get some work done in peace and quiet.”

Nate closed the door and pulled up a chair in front of Ryan’s desk. The room flooded red with the setting sun. Ryan’s golden hair glistened around the edges where the red sunlight flowed into the room through the window behind him.

Ryan hesitated and shifted side to side in his chair. His cheeks flushed red as he started to speak. “Alright, so stick with me here. You have to promise to hear me out, listen to everything I have to say before you turn me down…if you turn me down.”

“Okay.” Nate replied, a little uncomfortable.

“We’ve been friends for a long time now, we do everything together. We troll the bars together, do our assignments together and do projects together. I’m going to go to a real personal place here. Can you promise me, that what I’m about to tell you and what I’m about to ask you is not going to affect us and our friendship at all? You are my best friend, I have to go forward with this now, but I don’t want to lose you as a friend.”

Nate was almost certain Ryan was shaking a little. He had never seen his friend so nervous – and they had run from the police together after a club got busted.

“Ryan you’re güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my best friend. You can tell and ask me anything.” Nate saw Ryan calm just a little, but his own unease increased.

“All right, here it is. Last night we were all at the bar and you were hitting on all the girls and I was having all the girls hitting on me. I realized that I had a lot of what you wanted, especially the girls hanging on my shoulders. How many times have we compared notes on the girl you just fucked the night after I had fucked her? I was wondering if you were getting tired of always being the second fuck. Then I started thinking how many girls we’ve shared this way. In my head, I pictured you and some petite girl with big tits making headboards smack walls; she was begging you to fuck her like I had the night before. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. I mean I haven’t even seen you with your shirt off and here I was having a vision of you buck naked plowing some girl I had been with. I was getting real hot.”

Nate tensed in his chair. He went to say something but remembered his promise.

“So, anyway, I just grabbed the nearest girl and took her out to my car. She was easy and very willing. As soon as I had climbed in the back seat she had my jeans and underwear down and was getting me good and hard as she stroked my cock and played with my balls. Before I knew it she had all of me in her mouth. She was good, tonguing me just the way I like, giving a gentle, playful bite when she got to the base of my cock. I was ready to cum and she had only been down on me for three minutes, it güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri took all I had to keep from cumming. I was so horny.”

Nate was relaxed a little now. For now, they were on familiar ground, sharing their fuck stories in blunt detail was one of the more common activities of their friendship.

“So I’ve got my hands on the back of her head, and I’m skull fucking her with some furious passion when I get that image of you with the girl in my head again. My nuts are really starting to boil now. The girl is taking me like a pro; she’s taking all nine inches without even gagging. Then, I’m not picturing you with the girl anymore. It’s just you lying back in a chair rubbing your cock with an intense and determined look on your face. I envision your eyes rolling back in your head as you finally achieve your goal and you spray shot after shot of your cum all over yourself. Then you say ‘it’s your turn now.'”

“Well I don’t even notice the girl anymore, I’m skull fucking her and she is begging me to fill her mouth with my juice. Instead I’m caught up in this vision. I see myself kneeling over you. My legs are straddling your naked waist. I feel your cum slicked erection under me. I look down and see my hand furiously pumping my dick. Below me, your tight abs and chest are covered with streams of the creamy cum I had just watched you release. In the vision I’m jerking off with the same rhythm that I’m fucking the chick’s face. I shoot my cum onto your chest. My cream mixes with yours. We are both moaning and groaning like crazy. Then we start making out.”

“Suddenly I’m back güvenilir bahis şirketleri in reality. I screamed your name and filled that chick’s mouth more cum than I ever had. My cum was spilling out of her mouth, all over the car and our clothes. I didn’t care, I could only think about you.”

Nate stood and went to leave.

“Come on dude you promised. I’m just giving you the background. I haven’t finished yet.”

Nate returned to his seat. He was afraid of what was coming next. He knew what was coming next. He didn’t want to hear it. He honestly didn’t know what he’d say, and that scared him more. He owed it to his friend to hear him out, but he didn’t want to. He knew what his answer should be, but he couldn’t be sure if that was the answer he would give.

Once Nate was fully seated, Ryan began again.

“So here it is. I want to have sex with you. I’m talking all out bed-breaking sex. I want to kiss you. I want to lick you all over. I want to suck you. I want to fuck you. Then I want you to do all the same things to me. No one will ever know. It’s just two guys experimenting, no one will know. We won’t even speak of it again, we’ll just go on like nothing ever happened. We’ll just be friends.”

Nate stared silently for a few minutes. For the first time in his life he was actually considering the idea of having sex with a guy. Ryan was the kind of guy that girls lined up to work the sperm out of. He was about six foot tall, had a nice tan complexion. His eyes were a piercing blue, his smile just showed the hint of his white teeth. Ryan’s face was framed by his shoulder length golden blonde hair, his perfect hair. He was definitely in good shape and his defined biceps and triceps confirmed to Nate that he would certainly be a powerful lover. Nate wasn’t sure if he wanted this until he felt his underwear tighten as his manhood began to grow. He wanted it too. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this.

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