Bindu and Theresa Ch. 03

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Note: if you haven’t already, read Bindu & Theresa Ch. 01 & Ch. 02, which are prequels to this story.


With the way my winter break had started, it was no surprise that Rob and I spent as much time as we could manage with Bindu and Theresa. Of course, given that we all still lived at home, it wasn’t always easy to find a place conducive to pleasuring each other, though we always managed to figure out a way to do it in some form or another. Because it was still around the holidays, there were also a few times when one or more of us had a family or other commitment that we couldn’t get out of but the others would make sure that none of us ended up sitting home alone as a result. We hung out with other people, too, since we had many friends who were also home on break and who we hadn’t seen in a while. When it came to orgasms, though, mostly I was with Theresa and Rob was with Bindu. There were exceptions, of course.

Because I went to school in the city, I got a lot of questions from Theresa and Bindu about a variety of things. Rob had been to visit me often enough that he knew the city pretty well, too. We talked about spending a day so I could show them around a bit but we were looking for a January day with decent weather and those weren’t easy to come by. When there was finally a day that looked promising, Rob was unfortunately not going to be around but he gave us his blessing to go without him. I wasn’t expecting that there was going to be much in the way of sexual opportunities that he’d be missing out on but I also didn’t expect that Theresa and Bindu were going to want to visit campus and see my dorm room.

Since we were heading in on a weekday, we waited until after rush hour so the train wouldn’t be crowded with commuters. They were both pretty excited and checking out the passing scenery so nothing happened on the ride into the city. Once there, I took them to some of the cool neighborhoods, we checked out the sites and shops that tourists typically didn’t know about and, when we stopped for a bite to eat, they asked how far we were from campus. Nothing was all that far apart in the city so it would just be a subway ride. I was surprised that they were interested in seeing the campus since it would be so dead during break but I fit it into our itinerary later in the day. Once we were there, I showed them around, telling them where I had classes and which dorms I had lived in. When they inquired about where I currently lived, I indicated the direction, telling them that it was just off campus.

“Are the dorms open during break?” Theresa asked.

“Yeah but pretty dead,” I replied.

“That isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” Bindu suggested and I knew exactly what she had in mind. With so many things to see and do in the city, especially with two people not as familiar with it, I hadn’t expected to come to the campus so it hadn’t crossed my mind that we could have a dorm room available to do whatever we wanted. I was glad that Bindu had been thinking about what I hadn’t. We crossed the campus and walked down half a block to my dorm where I signed them in at the security desk. We headed up to my room and never encountered anyone else. The door was soon locked behind us. They took a moment to check out my view, which wasn’t much more than the building across the street, then looked to me as if for how we were going to proceed. Of course I knew exactly what I wanted.

“I would love it if you guys let me undress you both,” I requested, “then one of you can ride my cock and the other my tongue.”

They were both amenable so the first thing to come off was all of our coats, which were piled on my desk. Then I kissed each of them, starting with Theresa, before raising Theresa’s shirt up over her head. I turned to Bindu and did the same, leaving them in jeans and bras. I fondled Bindu’s big tits through her bra, feeling her hard nipples through the thin material, then turned and did the same to Theresa. Rather than then removing their bras, instead I dropped down in front of Theresa and opened her jeans then started sliding them down. I got them off along with her shoes and socks then gazed up at her in just bra and panties. Before turning to Bindu, I kissed her hips and abdomen while squeezing her sweet ass. I pivoted toward Bindu and opened her jeans, getting them down and her shoes and socks off so that she, too, was just in bra and panties. My cock was a steel rod in my jeans as I gazed up at her before also kissing her hips and abdomen while squeezing her ass.

I stood again then took my shirt off while kicking off my shoes. They immediately went to work opening my jeans and took them down so I could step out of them. They didn’t fail to notice how my rigid cock was tenting out my briefs but didn’t do anything with it just yet. I caressed Theresa’s tits through her bra again before reaching behind her to unfasten it. As it slid down her arms and dropped to the floor, I caressed her bare tits then lowered my head to lick and suck each of her hard nipples. She moaned and ran her fingers through canlı bahis şirketleri my hair but I didn’t want to leave Bindu out so I straightened up and turned to her. I fondled her tits again before unfastening her bra and letting it slide down her arms. This was my first good look at her tits in decent light and they were spectacular. Her areolas were large and dark and her nipples thick and hard. I lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples, too, then dropped down in front of them again.

Looking up at both of them standing there wearing just panties, I was grateful for the opportunity to be there with them and that they’d suggested a visit to the campus and the dorm. I started with Theresa again, sliding her panties down to reveal her well-groomed, dark blond bush surrounding her pussy, which I’d fucked and eaten multiple times since that first night in Bindu’s basement. I turned back to Bindu and slid her panties down, revealing her well-groomed black bush, which I’d fucked and eaten but not nearly as much as I had Theresa’s. With the two of them naked, I just admired them for a moment before standing while sliding my briefs down. My rigid cock stood straight out and they both reached for it, gently caressing and stroking it and my balls. I kissed each of them again then backed up and sat on the edge of my bed before laying on my back with my cock sticking straight up.

“I will take his cock to start off,” Theresa said, “you can have his tongue.”

“I am totally good with that,” Bindu replied.

Bindu moved toward my head while Theresa climbed onto the bed, straddling me and reaching for my cock. Before she straddled my head, Bindu watched as Theresa guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it, moaning while also causing me to moan. As Theresa sat there with my cock filling her, Bindu got onto the bed, her pussy positioned right over my face. I gazed up at it while reaching up to squeeze her ass cheeks then ran my tongue along her slit, causing her to moan. Theresa started to slowly ride my cock while I was licking Bindu’s pussy, all of us freely moaning since there was no one around to hear us. Theresa’s hot, wet pussy felt outstanding as it slid up and down my tool while I was relishing another opportunity to lick Bindu’s pussy. I hadn’t even thought of potentially ending up in a threesome when we’d headed into the city that day, and I doubted that dorm room would ever see another one, but at that moment it was the best thing I’d ever experienced.

After lapping at Bindu’s slit for little while, I brought one hand down from her sweet ass and slipped a finger up into her snug, slippery pussy. She was rocking her pussy toward my face and bracing herself against the wall above my head. Glancing up, I could see her succulent boobs swinging and it may have actually made my cock even harder as I gazed at those beauties. Theresa, meanwhile, was gradually riding me harder and faster while moaning louder and longer. I wasn’t in any danger of cumming too quickly, probably in part due to some of my focus being on eating Bindu’s pussy, which was becoming wetter and more engorged as she was apparently building toward an orgasm. I didn’t know how close Theresa was to cumming but, since my hand on Bindu’s ass wasn’t really helping anyone’s progress, I moved it blindly toward Theresa’s pussy and, once I located it, began to caress her clit. I had one finger sliding in and out of Bindu’s pussy and one caressing Theresa’s clit, while my tongue worked on Bindu’s clit and my cock was sliding in and out of Theresa’s pussy. I didn’t think that I could provide or experience any more pleasure.

I had no idea who was closer to cumming so I had no expectations and therefore was not surprised when Theresa let out a cry and began to cum. I could feel her shaking but she continued to ride my cock and I continued to caress her clit. I don’t know if Theresa cumming had any impact on Bindu but it was just a moment later when Bindu gasped and also started cumming. I continued what I was doing as they were both cumming but once they’d both gone quiet and still, aside from their heavy breathing as they were recovering, I lowered my head and slipped my finger out of Bindu’s pussy and into my mouth.

“Should we swap?” Theresa asked breathlessly.

“Definitely,” Bindu replied so they both climbed off of me and, while I remained on my back gazing at their naked bodies, Theresa came around by my head and Bindu moved down toward my cock. They climbed back onto the bed and Theresa’s pussy was immediately in my face so, as Bindu was straddling me and guiding my cock toward her pussy, I was already running my tongue along Theresa’s slit, tasting the copious juices she was producing. It was just a moment later when Bindu’s snug, slippery pussy engulfed my tool and we both moaned. As soon as Bindu started moving up and down on my cock, which felt absolutely outstanding, I immediately began to caress her clit as I had when Theresa had been riding me. Likewise, I slipped a finger into Theresa’s pussy and slowly slid it in and canlı kaçak iddaa out while licking and sucking her clit. I wasn’t necessarily trying to get them to cum faster this time but I didn’t know how much longer I could enjoy having my cock buried in a snug, slippery pussy before I wouldn’t be able to help but cum. I wanted to at least make a solid effort to get them both to cum again before I did. While I also wanted to enjoy eating Theresa’s pussy and having Bindu riding my cock for as long as I possibly could, I knew that, if I kept them happy and sexually satisfied, I’d have more opportunities if this one didn’t last much longer.

I also wasn’t thinking at that particular moment that my prior experience with both of them had been that, once they’d had that first initial orgasm, the subsequent ones seemed to be a little easier to achieve. So, between that and my extra effort, both of them were not only moaning louder and longer pretty quickly but both of their pussies were becoming even hotter and wetter more quickly than before. While it may sound like I was more focused on making sure they both came before I did than I was on enjoying myself, I was absolutely enjoying trying to make them cum and none of the experience was being lost on me. The feeling of Bindu’s hot, snug pussy sliding up and down my cock was amazing and I was definitely appreciating it. Having Theresa’s pussy right in my face as I licked and sucked her clit while sliding my finger in and out of her was an array of enjoyable sensations that I was also relishing. As I got the sense that both of them were getting close to cumming again, it seemed as though they’d probably get there before I did, which definitely made me happy as I expected it would prolong the overall experience.

They both continued to moan louder and longer while Bindu rode me harder and faster and Theresa humped her pussy toward my face at an increasing pace. I don’t think there was any competition to see who could cum first because it seemed like each was more focused on her own pleasure than what the other was up to. It was Bindu who let out a cry and started cumming first, her pussy flooding with even more lubrication as she continued to ride my cock. Again, I think hearing Bindu cumming may have pushed Theresa over the edge because she started shaking shortly after Bindu. I kept up what I was doing as both were cumming but, once they’d both gone still and were just catching their breath, I lowered my head and brought both hands toward my mouth to taste their respective flavors again.

“That was so amazing,” Bindu finally said.

“Yeah it was,” Theresa replied, “but we’ve still got a hard cock to play with, don’t we?”

“Rock hard,” Bindu confirmed as she climbed off of it while Theresa moved off of my face.

“I want to suck your flavor off of it,” Theresa said then shocked me by kissing Bindu and fondling her tits while they stood beside the bed. It was a quick kiss and fondling but it suggested to me that we had more to explore before we left my dorm room. Theresa was moving toward my cock but I stopped her because I had a different idea. I sat up and propped my pillows against the wall, sitting up against them so I was crosswise on my bed with my feet on the floor. They both got down on their knees but Theresa still engulfed my cock in her mouth first, to suck Bindu’s juices off of it. Bindu and I were both watching closely, though I was also moaning as Theresa’s lips slid up and down my shaft. She gave Bindu a chance to suck it after a minute or so and her mouth felt equally good as she sucked my cock. If I’d had to say which one was better, I doubt that I could have because they were both quite talented at cocksucking. I also appreciated being able to watch them and, between that and their alternating mouths, I knew there was no way I could last as long as I would have liked to. I also knew, however, that my recovery time was likely to be pretty short.

My cock continued to swell as I got closer to cumming and they continued to trade back and forth. Occasionally they’d both run their tongues up along the sides of my shaft together then end up licking each other’s tongues followed by making out briefly. I was certain that this was not just incidental contact inspired by the situation but that there was definitely more to this and I planned to learn more as we were recovering. When I finally started shooting off my load, it was into Theresa’s mouth but she quickly shared with Bindu so both got some cum. Once I was fully spent, Bindu revealed that she hadn’t swallowed my load and shared it with Theresa, who had already swallowed my initial blasts. They made out as they swapped my load back and forth then they both swallowed the rest of it down.

“We’ve been talking about wanting to do that,” Theresa explained, “and figured it would end up being with either you or Rob.”

“I’m glad it was me,” I replied, “but I know Rob is going to enjoy it when you do it for him, too.”

“It’s not a weird thing, us doing that?” Bindu asked.

“Absolutely not,” canlı kaçak bahis I replied, “It was totally hot but I want to hear more so climb up here and let’s get comfortable.”

I spread out the pillows so that they could also sit up against the wall on either side of me. While I was alternately admiring each of their naked bodies, they told me how Bindu had first discovered masturbation and the resulting orgasms when she was young then had shared her discovery with Theresa. They’d sometimes masturbate together but were both so horny that they also would do it when they were alone. Eventually, they got to masturbating each other then, after Theresa had discovered some videos her dad had hidden, they had started to go down on each other. They both wanted to get some experience with a cock but were happy to have another outlet in the meantime and each eventually ended up losing her virginity but not all experiences with cocks had been as satisfying as their experiences together.

Their story not only had my cock reviving pretty quickly but was also getting both of them a bit worked up, too, as I discovered when I started to caress their pussies as we sat there. I was alternately sliding a finger in and out of each of them and gently caressing their clits and, once they wrapped up their story, they were able to focus more on the pleasure so the moaning started. My cock was continuing to recover as I was stimulating their pussies and still looking back and forth at each of their naked bodies on either side of me. By the time they were both starting to tense up, my cock was nearly rigid, though each of them had caressed it a little while focusing mainly on the pleasure they were feeling. Theresa started cumming first this time but Bindu wasn’t far behind as they both shook and moaned. Their orgasms had all seemed to be not only long but also intensely pleasurable and these were no exception. I suspected that the years of masturbating had resulted in being very familiar with their bodies and what they needed in order to have a highly pleasurable orgasm.

“Looks like you’re ready to go again,” Bindu noted once she’d fully recovered, “Got anything in particular in mind?”

“I would love to see you guys eating each other’s pussies,” I said, “but while I’m fucking one or the other of you.”

They were both not only amenable to this but pretty excited about it so I started with moving the pillows to the end of my bed, having Bindu sit up against them with her legs spread and having Theresa on all-fours with her head down at Bindu’s pussy. I got behind Theresa on my knees and, after taking in the whole scenario for a moment, guided my rigid cock to Theresa’s pussy and easily slipped it in. She moaned into Bindu’s pussy but was lapping at her clit while sliding a finger in and out, which I could see just by leaning slightly to one side or the other. I was running my hands over Theresa’s ass while sliding my cock slowly in and out of her snug, slippery pussy but, once I had a good rhythm going, I slipped my hands forward to cup her swinging tits. I realized that Bindu’s tits were also within reach so I alternately caressed them a bit, too, or caressed one of each at the same time.

Bindu’s eyes were closed but her expression reflected that she was experiencing a great deal of pleasure. This didn’t surprise me, of course, as I suspected the two of them had become quite adept at pleasuring each other after so many years. I was hoping that Theresa was feeling somewhere along the same level of pleasure due to my cock sliding in and out of her but I wasn’t too worried about it because the noises she was making and the feel of her pussy both suggested that she was. She couldn’t push back with her face in Bindu’s pussy so the pace was entirely on me and I kept it steady so that I wasn’t pushing her face further into Bindu’s pussy. I also figured this would result in a slow and steady build-up of the pleasure she was feeling. I was certainly enjoying the feel of her pussy as I was sliding my cock in and out once again but I didn’t expect to cum before she did, especially since I had just cum already a bit earlier, which always helped my staying power.

Bindu’s moaning was getting louder the longer Theresa was eating her and I wondered if Theresa wasn’t drawing out Bindu’s pleasure so that they would cum pretty close together. I was in no hurry to finish fucking Theresa but I was looking forward to fucking Bindu again and I had a plan for that already. I straightened up again, taking Theresa by the hips and giving her the full length of my cock while watching her ass jiggle just slightly each time my hips gently tapped it. Her pussy was feeling even hotter and wetter so I suspected that she was pretty close but it was Bindu who came first again this time. She let out a cry and started shaking while a look of raw passion showed on her face and Theresa just continued to eat her as she was cumming while I continued to fuck Theresa. When Bindu let out a sigh and went still, Theresa raised her head and started pushing back hard against my incoming thrusts, setting a faster pace. It only took a moment of this before she let out a cry and started shaking, too. I continued to thrust into her as she was cumming but, once she’d finished, she pulled away so that my cock slipped out of her.

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