Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 05

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 5 – Friends Discover Our Boyfriend Is Rich


I had a hard time getting my head wrapped around what was happening. I had just made love with Elsa AND Cindy. My system was on overload and every circuit had blown. I’d never had a threesome before, although I’d watched a lot of porn that featured two gorgeous women and one man. Near as I could tell, there wasn’t any configuration that I didn’t like. We tried them all by the end of the evening. The time was positively electric.

I had started the evening knowing I was on tenterhooks with Elsa because I had been less than forthcoming with my financial status and how I held the top and most important position in running my company – a huge conglomerate.

Cindy came along that evening at Elsa’s request, and that was fine. I understood that sisters could be a united front, and I liked Cindy, especially for her help in setting up the evening’s date so I could apologize and explain myself to Elsa. Cindy had flirted with me the night I took her to dinner to ask her to intercede with Elsa, but despite an inclination to flirt back I had resisted in favor of playing it straight. I even remember thinking that I was being given a test. I did think that if Elsa blew me off, I might eventually see if there was chemistry with Cindy beyond what I felt over our dinner meeting.

Well, after our gala for city hospital, Elsa, Cindy, and I ended in Elsa’s apartment – a small and cozy place with a bath and three rooms: bedroom, kitchenette, and living room. I had no idea what might happen with Cindy there. I had hoped that somehow Elsa and I could make love and get our relationship back on an even keel as it was before she discovered my secret.

Elsa and I danced to some sexy music she had playing from Pandora, but then she had me dance with Cindy. Soon we were in the same kind of kisses that I’d been in with Elsa. Elsa nodded and obviously encouraged me. I kept expecting the bubble to burst, and the scene to become a nightmare instead of the fabulous dream it was turning out to be.

Suddenly I had two nearly naked full-breasted nymphs kissing me, and then I was naked, and then a lot of sex took place – A LOT. By the end of the evening, I’d made passionate love to both women multiple times, and they had shown me how engaging they could be, both with me and with each other.

Elsa made sure that I got her message: she and her sister had a sapphic relationship that she planned to maintain; they both liked me – maybe even loved me; and that if I wanted to proceed with the relationship it would involve the two of them and not just her. I had struggled to get Elsa back, and it was like I got her back with a precious dividend – her beautiful sister.

I asked how Cindy could feel love for me when we hadn’t been together. Elsa explained about how she’d shared every word of every conversation, described in detail our emotions and lovemaking sessions on a stroke-by-stroke basis, and then emoted all over her about me. Cindy had been pre-primed to fall in love with me. When I took her to dinner, all that did was confirm in Cindy’s mind that I was the real deal. Her flirting hadn’t been a test; she really desired me.

When we were through as a threesome that first night together, we cuddled and then slept – two beautiful naked women with their heads nestled into my chest. I confess to lying awake and contemplating this crazy relationship and how I felt.

I’d been raised in a traditional household. The only examples of relationships I’d seen were monogamous couples – my parents, grandparents, and a few aunts and uncles, mainly. No one had ever told me that was the ‘right’ way, but I’d gotten that cultural message or meme that it was the ‘only’ way. Here I was being thrown a curve ball. After much critical and logical thinking I convinced myself that I could love two women and make them happy.

I specifically thought of the promises I’d made about being open and about becoming a significantly less workaholic. I’d start to put that latter promise into action on Monday. I knew Elsa was right. I needed to relax and play more. Andy and Sheila often reminded me that I needed to play more often.

Cindy woke me in the middle of that first night with a lazy blowjob. She got me ankara ucuz escortlar hard and then had me slip into her pussy as I spooned in behind her. About the time I thought Elsa had slept through our coupling, she awoke and sat on my face so I could eat her while Cindy rode me to paradise. I was hyper aware that the two sisters were kissing and making out with each other as I had sex with them.

Sunday morning we woke up together. The girls cuddled in for kisses, but I was a lost cause for anything further. The spirit was willing, but the body was weak. I wondered what my doctor had that could improve sexual stamina and performance. I put that high on my list of calls to make on Monday.

We got up, took individual showers because Elsa’s shower stall could barely accommodate one person, let alone three; and then dressed. I was in exercise clothes, all I happened to have in the limo when Elsa had suggested I bring in a change of clothes. Elsa led us on a four-block walk to a little hole in the wall that served breakfast.

We held hands as we walked three abreast down the urban sidewalk. I noted my security detail covering us, but remaining significantly out of the way. Even when I asked them to be scarce, all that happened was that they became a little less visible.

After we got our breakfast orders and had taken a few bites, I said, “OK, so what now?” I looked at each of them.

Elsa leaned in and kissed me, “What do you want to have happen now?”

I contemplated that question for a few bites. “Before I had the complete picture – meaning you being part of this Cindy, I had been thinking it would be romantic and fun to move in together. I still think that only with the two of you.

“I tend to make large leaps in my thinking … and in actions too. So, if I have presumed too much, let me know.”

Cindy asked with great interest, “Whose apartment? I think we have three to choose from. Where do you live?”

I smiled and said, “Penthouse in the Worthington Tower.” I pointed up and out the window of the café we were in. Worthington Tower was a huge condominium that stood over thirty stories high above much of the city. The tower was visible over the nearby buildings across the street.

Elsa rolled her eyes. “I should have known. How large is the place compared to mine?”

I laughed. “Let’s see your place is maybe twenty by twenty or four hundred square feet. On a comparable basis, my place is about twenty thousand square feet, or fifty times larger.”

Both girls gawked at me. “What do you have?” Cindy asked in shock.

“The top two floors of the building: large living room, dining room, foyer, media room, video conference center, den or office, kitchen, kitchenette on the other floor, ten bedroom suites of various sizes, a gym, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a wine cellar of sorts, and a number of other miscellaneous rooms. It is a bachelor pad, but I’m more than willing to let you add your own touches to it to make it homier for you. Just so you know, I did have a decorator help when it was built seven years ago.”

Cindy was still open-mouthed at the revelation, “So that’s home?”

“One of them,” I replied. “I also have places in Florida, Aspen, Napa Valley, near Kyoto, outside of Johannesburg, London, and Marbella. Some I don’t use that much, but with you that might change.”

Cindy and Elsa looked at each other. Elsa spoke, “I am sure that you have lots of girls who would love to take advantage of all of that – I mean your beautiful condominium, but … well, you should know something about the two of us. We’ve been raised to want to carry our own weight.”

I asked, “I think I know what that means, but say more.” I gave a ‘give-me’ gesture with one hand to encourage her to speak.

“We don’t want to exploit you. We are not looking to be kept women and to your earlier concern are not gold diggers. As ridiculous as it sounds, were we to move in with you, we’d want to pay some of the rent or upkeep or whatever. We’d share the food costs and utilities.” Elsa made a face. She knew what she was saying made sense when talking to someone in the same economic strata, but not with a billionaire.

Cindy jumped in, “That reminds me, we want to give you back the dresses and the jewelry. They’re beautiful but those items are way beyond anything we’d ever buy for ourselves and the best we could do with sparkly stuff is costume jewelry. Everything was way too expensive. So, hopefully, you can return it and get your money back. We were very careful with everything.”

I smiled and tried to keep from laughing. I vaguely recalled I’d paid several million – nearly twenty – for the condo, but it was actually part of the overall building that I’d paid eighty-nine million for to rescue the general contractor who was going under. I couldn’t tell you the tax or for that matter my weekly food costs. As for the ankara üniversiteli escortlar dresses, diamonds, and things, they were all small change items to me. Sheila and my housing staff took care of all of those finances for me.

I countered in a quiet tone, “Neither of you have to work.”

Cindy and Elsa responded as though I’d touched each of them with a cattle prod; in unison they said loudly, “OooooH, YES WE DO. It’s part of who we are.” They looked at each other to validate they both felt the same way, and strongly too.

Cindy continued after their mild protest, “What happens to us after a year or two when you get tired of us? We would have this huge gap in our employment history and wouldn’t be able to get near as good a job again.”

Elsa nodded in vehement agreement.

I shrugged but had a devilish grin, “So, work. I think you’ll find that your situation takes on a different hue in a very short period of time – starting last night.”

Both women said, “Last night? You mean the sex?”

“No, I mean having attended the charity gala on my arm. Watch and see what happens.”

As they were digesting that prognostication, I added, “And, what makes either of you think that I would get tired of you? That’s not in the cards for me. When I commit to something, I’m all in forever.”


Mark was right. Monday morning on the back page of Section A of the city newspaper there was a large photograph taken at the gala of Mark smiling with Cindy and me on each arm. Beside that there were two smaller pictures showing Mark dancing with Cindy and then with me. The captions all read something like, ‘Mark Worthington, billionaire playboy, squired sister girlfriends Elsa and Cindy Conners to the City Hospital Ball on Saturday evening. From the look in everyone’s eyes, romance is brewing.’ The paper wisely chose not to say between whom.

I normally don’t read the newspaper, but my boss does. He came in and dropped the newspaper open to that page on my desk in front of me. I hadn’t seen the pictures until then; I gawked at the photos.

Greg smiled, “That project you’re working on is for an expansion of one of Mark Worthington’s companies. Be very nice to the man. I have about a third of my retirement fund invested in his companies.” He left.

Two minutes later, Harriet, the office gossip stood in my doorway. “Well, Honey, you pulled off a major coup now, huh? Congratulations on landing the biggest fish in the whole friggin’ ocean. We can all hardly wait to see what you’ll do with all that money.”

I responded curtly, “Harriet, I don’t plan to do anything with ‘that money.’ Mark has his own money and I have mine, and admittedly he has a lot more zeroes after his bank balance than I do, but that’s his and mine is mine, and never the twain shall meet.”

Harriet smirked, “Well, play your cards right, Sweetie, and you’ll have your pretty little fingers deep in his wallet. I’m available to advise you on how to do that whenever you need help. Bye for now.”

I was aghast. Harriet obviously thought I was a gold digger, and she’d clearly established her own credentials in that department by her off-hand comments.

My next visitor a half hour later, asked for money for a dog shelter. I offered her a couple of dollars as a goodwill gesture. She said, “Oh, no, I was hoping you’d talk to your rich boyfriend. We were hoping for maybe a hundred thousand?”

I explained in a rather sarcastic tone displaying how pissed I was, that she was just as capable as I was to ask him ‘through normal channels.’ I hoped the word would get out that I was not a conduit to Mark’s pocketbook. The word didn’t get out. Over the next three days I got eight more requests for large donations. I also got some flat our requests for loans from associates I wouldn’t lend a quarter to, because I knew I’d never see the money again.

The teasing also started. ‘Did a billionaire have sex differently from a regular guy?’ ‘Did I feel I had to perform kinky sex acts to make my billionaire boyfriend happy, like Anastasia tried to do in Fifty Shades of Grey?’ ‘Was it true that Mark would cover my nude body with thousand-dollar bills just before fucking my brains out?’ And on and on. The questions were ridiculous, and what was sad was that most of them were genuine. I was the center of the gossip mill, and there was no let up.

I talked to Cindy on Monday night and she had a similar experience at the investment house where she worked. She was also supposed to ask Mark to leave a couple of hundred MILLION with her company for them to play with to see if they could make him some money. Cindy asked what kind of rates of return they thought they’d offer, and got numbers between six and thirty percent per year. She laughed out loud, and informed them that Mark was used to getting rates between a hundred and four thousand percent per ankara vip escortlar year with his money depending on the investment. That shut them up fast.

Truth be known, we knew very little about Mark’s finances except what we read in the paper and on the Internet, and we guessed most of that to be fiction. Cindy and I did launch an aggressive reading campaign to study up on Mark. There was a lot of material out there, but we quickly realized much of it was conflicted or wrong, and we didn’t know that much to start with.

We had a late dinner with Mark on Wednesday evening. It was at his home – the great condo in the sky – served by his chef and a butler and maid in his penthouse dining room. After wine in his living room with a spectacular view of the city, the meal of individual miniature beef wellingtons with a selection of fresh vegetables was superb and cooked to perfection. Mark served an expensive wine we liked too, a wonderful Sancerre flown in from the Loire Valley.

The sun had set completely by the end of dinner and we were then looking out of his condo over the beautiful lights of the city. Mark stood with an arm around each of us and pointed out various landmarks for ten minutes. As we looked, he’d frequently nuzzle our hair and kiss us. We moved to some of the other windows too; his condo had a 360-degree view of the city and way beyond.

The wait staff vanished without a word about nine-thirty, leaving us with coffee at the dinner table while we chatted. Mark was greatly amused by the steady stream of people to see us at work after the discovery that he was our boyfriend. He sat, obviously enthralled by not only the stories that we told, but also the way we told them. He definitely had stars in his eyes for the two of us. The feeling was mutual.

So far as we could tell, only one person at Cindy’s work thought that Mark dating two sisters was really ‘kinky’ – and they obviously meant in a highly sexual way. I asked Mark whether he thought we were kinky, and he explained his thoughts a few nights back and then discussed memes and his new viewpoint about open relationships.

At the time, Mark meant ‘open’ to mean his inclusion of Cindy and me; my inclusion of him and Cindy; and Cindy’s inclusion of Mark and me. I’d reflect back many times in the future on how limiting that conversation proved to be.

Mark put on some dreamy jazz, and brought out some Grand Marnier. He poured a tiny amount in a demi glass, and then sipped it. We’d been kissing so I thought nothing of it when he went to kiss me again. His tongue invaded my mouth, and then he injected the rich liqueur into my mouth from his. My God, this was the sexiest thing I’d ever had done to me except for intercourse, cunnilingus, and the threesome with my sister the previous weekend. My knees went weak and I ground my entire body into his in response. This was like a liquid orgasm from mouth to mouth. I gasped and kissed back with renewed fervor.

Mark repeated the liquid kiss with Cindy, who had the same response that I did. She swooned into his arms, and I got hot watching the two of them make out. One of my friends explained to me once that I was feeling compersion in such a situation: someone I loved (Cindy) was getting pleasure delivered to them from someone else I loved (Mark), and yet instead of jealousy, I felt joy and happiness that they were sharing that experience. Cindy told me later that she was feeling the same thing when she watched me with Mark.

We got more of a chance to practice compersion a few minutes later as our clothing fell away, and we made love in the middle of Mark’s living room on his white leather sofa.

I got such a charge out of the atmosphere and view as we made love. At one point, Mark was fucking me doggie style as I ate his cum out of Cindy’s boiling love box. When I looked up past her body, I could see out of the huge floor-to-ceiling window that framed the millions of lights in the city. Only then did I notice that when I changed my focus on a pane of glass beside us, that I could see our reflection, like looking into a mirror backlit with more dots of the city’s lights. We looked beautiful and hot. I loved being able to see Mark’s long cock as he slowly pistoned in and out of my body.

Eventually, we were sated. Mark led us into his bedroom and the huge master bath. He had a shower that the three of us easily fit into with showerheads at three levels for each of us. We did water play in there until we were all squeaky clean. Mark gave Cindy and me luxurious shampoos with the richest shampoo I could imagine.

We dried off and then the three of us cuddled up with Mark in the middle, and drifted off to sleep. This was so special.

Cindy and I didn’t see Mark again until Saturday. Thursday morning, he’d gotten up two hours before we did, and left to fly to Denver for a two-day meeting. He wasn’t due home until late Friday so he’d planned Saturday with us.

Cindy and I went to our jobs and then our own humble apartments. I had this culture shock when I finally got home to my modest four hundred square feet, barely the size of his master bathroom. The downsizing required a period of readjustment.

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