Big Dick Diplomacy Ch. 14

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Big Dick Diplomacy — Chapter 14


The festivities for election night almost didn’t get off the ground.

About as soon as Tom arrived at the penthouse suite of the hotel, he was grabbed by his campaign manager, Matt Jenkins, and brought into a separate part of the suite that had been set up as a miniature situation room. There were three live news feeds in the room itself, but most notably, it was dominated by a large interactive map of the country that was set up on a big screen monitor.

It was a map that would become famous every four years. Each state had their number of electoral votes listed and they were split into one of three different colors—blue for Tom, red for Norwood, and gray for too early to call.

And so far, there was still a lot of gray left on the map, especially for some of the bigger states.

“Are you sure this is a cause for alarm?” asked Tom as he and Aubrey followed Matt to the screen. Tom pointed at several large states like Texas and Pennsylvania. “If these are too early to call, surely we have a few paths to victory?”

Matt shook his head. “It’s not looking good, Tom. Our people on the ground in the major battleground states are reporting heavy turnout for Norwood. Specifically, we need to target only three states to make sure this is locked in the bag.”

With those words, Matt used his finger to circle Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

“Just those three?” asked Aubrey incredulously. “You can predict the results of this race just from those three states?”

Matt nodded. “It’s not that hard really. So we know that the winner tonight will have to get at least 270 electoral votes to win. We also know that several states have clear favorites with which candidate they prefer. For example, Georgia is clear Norwood territory while Iowa has Tom as a twenty-point favorite. With those being known, it’s not hard to fill out the map with which states are likely going to vote for each candidate.”

He gestured to the map where states were already marked in red or blue. Tom noticed that of all the undecided states, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio were the ones with the largest electoral count.

“So these three will decide the election,” said Tom. “They have the highest vote totals to sway it to me or to Norwood. It explains why we spent so much time campaigning there over the past months as well.”

“Correct, Tom, but here’s the rub. Norwood is leading in most states which means you need all three of them to take victory tonight. In states as large and as diverse as these, that’s going to be challenging enough. Plus, all of them are toss-ups. The campaign workers in each state are reporting that there’s no clear favorite yet. Things might have been easier this year since Florida typically goes to our party but with it being Norwood’s home state, we think it’ll go for him.”

“And I didn’t win all three states in the last election either,” said Tom as his gaze focused on Texas. In the last campaign, Texas voted for the other guy by a healthy majority.

Matt seemed to read his thoughts. “I’m most worried about Texas. Local polls show that Norwood has a five-point spread on you. If you lose even just Texas, the campaign is done. He gets to 270 before you.”

“Is there anything more we can do tonight?” asked Aubrey. “Do we have any options left on the table?”

Matt shook his head. “Not anymore. Most Americans have already voted and it’s just about tallying up the results. All we can truly do right now is wait for each state to be called.” Matt’s eyes drifted to Tom. “I just don’t know if we have enough states to make this work. And if one state from your camp doesn’t go the way we predicted, it could even make the big three states not enough.”

“So even with Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania—the big three—we only have a razor thin margin to get above 270,” said Tom.

Matt nodded. “That’s right. At my calculations right now, if you win all three, you’ll come in at 280 votes, ten more than what’s needed. That’s assuming you get all the states leaning in your favor right now as well but losing even one of those will bring you down substantially. And Texas is the biggest wildcard. I just don’t know, Tom. I don’t know if we can pull off all three.”

Tom couldn’t help but turn away from the board as he felt his spirits begin to flag. He trusted Matt’s judgment implicitly, knowing that the man had run many campaigns before his. If Matt didn’t believe he had a path to victory, then it was all but a sure thing they would face disappointment tonight.

All of it did nothing to dampen the growing feeling in his stomach that his time was numbered.

“Come on,” whispered Aubrey in his ear. “No reason to throw in the towel just yet. We have the whole night ahead of us.”

Tom nodded and followed her back to the main room where more coverage was coming in of long lines still at some of the polls as well as shots of various voters talking about which candidate they were supporting. It was still early on in the evening, etimesgut bayan escortlar and thankfully enough, even the major networks still weren’t calling a likely victor.

Just as Tom was settling in for the long haul, he was interrupted by one of the campaign workers to let him know he had a phone call.

“A call right now?” he asked incredulously. “Who’s on the line?”

The worker looked like a deer in headlights. “It’s Governor Norwood, sir.”

Tom shot a wary look at Aubrey before he immediately stood up and followed the worker to a more private office space. She handed him the phone only to hear some degree of celebration in the background already.

“Tom here.”

“Well, good evening, Mr. President,” said Norwood in a very joyous tone. “I trust you’re enjoying election night to the fullest?”

Tom rolled his eyes. “I’ll enjoy it much more when you call me to concede later tonight.”

Norwood snorted. “Fat chance of that. I think I’ll be the one taking that call from you in just a short amount of time.”

“Is that why you called? Are you looking to get one final taunt in before the election is called?”

“Heavens no,” replied Norwood with a small chuckle. “I just wanted to have a little chat before we got later into the night.”

Tom pursed his lips. “Well, I’m here now. So chat.”

“So testy, aren’t you? What’s the problem, Tom? Don’t think you have a path to victory tonight, do you?”

“My path is just fine,” replied Tom. “This race is much closer than the polls would indicate from even just a week ago.”

“Yes, surprisingly you’re right,” conceded Norwood. “I never would have thought you’d be hanging on this close after all this time. I mean after the whole Danielle Houston incident and everything.”

“Someday you’ll have to tell me what it took to get Elias to release that picture,” said Tom. “I wonder what his price was to betray his own party and his wife too.”

“Oh, Tom, don’t be naive,” said Norwood with a sneer. “Elias was paid extremely well in exchange for the entire world finding out just what a slut he married. It really is a shame for them. They’ll be disgraced forever but at least their sacrifice will get you out of office.”

“So you think,” countered Tom. “My team’s disaster control of the incident had nice results. After all, the election hasn’t been called yet.”

“Yet,” stressed Norwood. “And your little stunt on the television the other day was reprehensible. Using the presidency as your public confessional, it’s a disgrace. I took so many calls from upset Americans—righteous folk that believe you’re the devil incarnate.”

“Thankfully for me, those people were never going to vote for me in the first place,” countered Tom. “It’s a good thing they have such a boy scout like you to line up behind. At least a pretend boy scout. Isn’t that right, Norwood?”

Norwood scoffed. “Say what you want but I know the true ways of political power in this country. If my base needs to think I’m a damn martyr, let them. They’ll still line up to vote in droves while I fuck them from behind anyway. That’s how politics really works, Tom. You say one thing to get votes and then you do what you wanted to do anyway.”

“What a visionary you are,” quipped Tom. “You don’t think thatjust maybe it might pay off to keep your promises to your constituents?”

Norwood laughed harder than he should have. “I don’t know how you’ve been president for the last four years and still believe that. Have you truly learned nothing from your time in Washington?”

“I suppose I haven’t,” said Tom as he switched the receiver to the other ear. “Is this all you wanted to talk about or was there some purpose to this call?”

“Well, if you’re going to be like that, I guess we can end it,” said Norwood. “However, I think you should watch the results coming in the next half hour very closely.”

“Which results?”

“Oh, just the ones from Ohio.”

Tom caught his breath. “What about Ohio?”

Norwood chuckled. “Don’t play stupid, Tom. I know as well as you do that you need Ohio to win. I’ve also engineered a few more tricks of my own to make sure that Ohio is called for Team Norwood.”

“What tricks?” demanded Tom.

Norwood let out a subtle tsk-tsk. “Do you really think I’d admit that over the phone? Come on, Tom, I’m not an amateur. Let’s just say the state that you had the best chance of winning is now for sure going to go for me. The other big states are too close to call but without Ohio, you can’t win. With it, your entire chance tonight will go down the drain.”

“Is that what you need to resort to?” asked Tom. “Did you need to cheat to beat me?”

Norwood laughed again. “You really are naive, aren’t you? Just keep watching Ohio. I’ll be expecting a call from you to concede at any time tonight.Au revoir, Tom!”

The line went dead shortly after. Tom fought the urge to throw the phone. What was Norwood up to in Ohio? How could he be cheating? After all, he made etimesgut seksi escortlar it sound like a sure thing. Only cheating could deliver a sure thing, right?

Tom was numb as he left the room and rejoined Aubrey a short while later. He gave her a rundown of the call which only served to dampen her spirits as well. Their eyes remained glued to the election coverage, waiting for the next round of states that would come at the top of the hour.

Before that could happen though, they had a visitor arrive at headquarters.

Tom felt a pair of feminine hands wrap around his head from behind, blocking off his vision. Then he felt a sultry voice in his ear. “Guess who.”

Even if he hadn’t felt those hands on his cock so many times before, he still wouldn’t have had any trouble guessing who it was based on voice alone.

“I’m going to guess my favorite senator from Maryland,” replied Tom with his eyes still covered.

The voice let out a soft laugh as his vision was soon restored. Victoria looked incredible tonight. Her long dark hair cascaded down her shoulders, styled in curls in the manner he preferred. She was wearing a dark blue dress that showed off plenty of cleavage and ended just above her knees. One thing was for certain—it wasn’t a dress that she would be seen in on the senate floor.

She noticed his eyes on her dress and grabbed it by the hem. “I wore blue tonight in my support for you. I figured you’d appreciate this one the most.”

Tom chuckled. “A good guess on your part. You look amazing as usual.”

She smiled and gave him a proper hug before her eyes settled on Aubrey. “And you must be the famous Aubrey Hopkins that I keep hearing about.”

Aubrey smiled politely despite the obvious flirtation. “And you’re someone that needs no introduction either, Senator. Thank you for coming tonight.”

The two women were content to size each other up for a few moments before engaging in a tentative embrace. It was a move that Tom recognized before. He’d seen it the first time that Aubrey met Chelsea as well—the subtle appraisal as his current lover looked over his former.

Thankfully, there seemed to be no feelings of jealousy or disappointment, and both women soon turned their attention back to him.

“How are things going so far?” asked Victoria as she settled in next to him. “You have a tough path tonight, don’t you?”

“To say the least,” grumbled Tom. “I have Matt on one hand telling me that the math just won’t work out tonight, and then I have Norwood on the other hand calling to give playground taunts. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.”

Victoria rolled her eyes at the mention of Norwood. “I really do hate that self-righteous prick. He’s more than willing to engage in mudslinging when it suits him but he sticks his nose in the air when it’s anyone else like he’s too good for it. I can’t stand that man.”

“That makes two of us,” remarked Tom as he pointed to the map. “But it looks like he has half the country fooled.”

“Well, he won’t have my home state fooled,” said Victoria as a small smile grew on her face. “I just took a call a minute before I walked in here. My team in Maryland says that the state has been called for you and it should show on the news here shortly.”

Tom couldn’t help himself. He embraced the brunette senator with an appreciative grin on his face. “That’s welcome news indeed. Their votes are much needed.”

“It’s the least I could do,” replied Victoria. “And hopefully soon, we’ll have the next round of results!”

They didn’t have to wait much longer for those results which started to spill in at the top of the hour. Tom turned the volume up on the television as the entire headquarters listened quietly.

“We have lots of calls coming in right now and Election HQ is ready to call a few more states,” said the news announcer as the screen panned to the same map that was in the Situation Room. “Sources tell us that President Radford will be the big winner tonight in Maryland, Virginia, and Michigan, and we’ll add those totals to the big board now. We can also call Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, and New York for Governor Norwood. My sources tell me that Ohio is ready to be called as well!”

“This should do it,” said Tom as he scooted to the edge of his chair. “We need Ohio desperately if we’re to win tonight.”

Aubrey reached over to grab his hand. “Have hope, babe. We’ll get it.”

Hope was just a little too hard to come by right now, especially with Norwood’s earlier taunts.

Sure enough, the news from Ohio was as expected.

“And the biggest prize of the night so far is the great state of Ohio,” said the news announcer as he pressed a button on the screen in front of him. The state became illuminated in the color red. “We can now project with a safe margin that Ohio will go for Governor Norwood, a surprising upset from a state that has trended in the Radford camp for most of the polls.”

Tom felt his shoulders slump forward bayan sincan escort as he stared at the red Ohio. One of the three states he couldn’t lose was now lost. The news now shifted to a panel of commentators who were talking about what an upset this was for Norwood, especially as several urban precincts had higher turnout than expected.

Enthusiasm at the penthouse suite dampened as well. Tom felt the chatter amongst the campaign workers come to a noticeable nadir while Aubrey put her hand against his back and started to rub it tenderly.

“It’s not over yet,” she whispered in his ear. “The night is still young. Things could change.”

Tom wanted to believe her, but a strategy chat with Matt ten minutes later left few options on the table.

“You have to get another decent sized state to flip,” said Matt as he pointed at the screen. “Colorado would do it but it’s trending Norwood pretty heavily. Same with Washington. Even if most of the undecided states still left on the board declared for you, you still don’t have enough to get to 270.”

Tom couldn’t help but sigh. “We just have to pray for a small miracle then. Perhaps the polls were wrong in one of the bigger states.”

Matt shrugged. “Crazier things have happened, I guess.”

It wasn’t hard to tell he wasn’t going to put much faith in it.

When Tom emerged in the main room again, there was yet another visitor. Chelsea’s arrival had stirred some smiles but it was still a muted crowd that greeted his press secretary.

She gave him a warm embrace but pulled back to look in his eyes. “I heard about Ohio, Tom. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, I think it’s made the party here a little less festive,” said Tom sadly. “But thank you for coming tonight. We knew it would be a long shot but it was worth the fight.”

“You make it sound like your mind is already made up,” she said as a pout formed on her face. “They still need to call at least twenty more states.”

“I’ve just been going over the math with Matt. Without Ohio, the campaign is screwed. I don’t think we have many options left on the table.”

Chelsea bit her lip. “Don’t do anything rash just yet. Hang in there, Tom. Who knows what might still happen?”

Tom nodded and watched as she joined the other women on the couch. Chelsea knew Victoria well from all the time the senator spent at the White House, and the two women embraced in a big hug. Surprisingly enough, Chelsea then repeated the same gesture, with an innocent kiss added, to Aubrey. Tom couldn’t help but smile when he witnessed it, remembering their shared intimacy from a week ago in his office.

In fact, seeing the three of them together already inflamed his passions. For a brief moment, Tom let himself drift off while he imagined a foursome with Chelsea, Victoria, and Aubrey. He had no doubt that they’d wear him out completely but what fun it would be in the process! It was a welcome distraction to the current night, and he had no doubt that by the look in Aubrey’s eyes right now, she’d probably consider it.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked him slyly when he sat down. Her voice was low but there was a hint of an edge to her tone that let him know his daydream may not have been so private after all.

Ultimately, Tom decided that honesty was the best policy.

“I was just imagining a repeat of last week,” he said candidly. “Perhaps with one more person.”

Aubrey couldn’t help but grin. “I thought you were going to say that. Your eyes were wandering a bit too much so it wasn’t hard to tell what was on your mind.”

“Can you blame me?” asked Tom. “Look at all of you. I don’t think I’ve seen more attractive women in my entire life.”

She purred softly and nuzzled against him. “Sweet talking will get you everywhere.”

“Does that mean you’ll consider it?”

She shrugged. “Perhaps. After all, last week was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?”

Tom couldn’t help but grin. “I remember a certain blonde enjoyed getting her pussy licked by a fiery redhead.”

Aubrey turned red in the face. “Keep your voice down!” she said while giggling. “But yes, that was nice. You might be able to talk me into it again.”

Tom hugged her closer. “Good to know!”

Together, they continued to watch the ongoing coverage. Just about every network now had figured out what Matt had known earlier—Tom’s path to victory was increasingly difficult. Many of them were now talking about what a Norwood presidency would look like or the possibility of Tom going back to radio now that his presidency was all but over.

“Maybe they’re right after all,” said Tom. “Maybe I will be going back to radio when this is all over. It might even be sooner than I think.”

Aubrey blinked a few times. “If that’s what you really want to do, then I’ll support you. You were good when you were on the radio.”

Tom couldn’t help but laugh at that response. “You’re really trying to make the best of this situation, aren’t you?”

She smiled. “Of course. I want to keep your spirits up. And let you know that whatever happens, I’ll be there for you.”

“Even when I’m a normal citizen again?” asked Tom. “You’ll still be with me when I’m not the President?”

She gave him a sharp look. “Of course I will, silly. You don’t really think I’m just with you because of your job, do you?”

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