Big Butt Queen Ch. 02

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Many thanks to editor Ray Ball for the editing assistance with this story.


Part 2: New abundance

(c) bbwlove_it, from an idea by tyjala

My work place is ruled by an asshole, my boss, who often treats his employees in horrible ways. He is always trying to seduce the women of the office, but he’s never successful. I believe he especially hates me, because most women love me instead. Especially older women: they are happy to see someone who can enjoy a healthy, mature body and so they are always flirting with me. I have had many adventures, especially with Susie, who had enormous, pendulous boobs. She had noticed my glances since the day I was hired. Every time I saw her she was sporting miles of cleavage, with pounds and pounds of jiggling flesh and a joyful smile. We had many sensual and sexual encounters, and I think many people in the office knew about that, my boss included. He, unfortunately, had no luck with Susie. Susie started to wear whore-outfits when she found out about my passion for breasts, just to make me “uncomfortable”. She was very sweet and playful,especially when we were alone in the office. Every time she caught me staring, she would start laughing, asking me what was wrong. I would always play dumb, contain my smile and then say something funny. It always started very innocently but with that kind of complicity that often leads to something else.

She had soft, large, cuddly maternal breasts. She loved my boyish face a lot, and she would always say how cute I was when I was sucking on her nipples. Her tits looked like delicious balloon-sized grapes, sweet as wine and tender as cream.

My boss hated me for all the attentions I was getting from Susie and the other ladies. Susie always protected me from the abuses of my boss like a child, and so did the others. Many times, when the boss was yelling at me, Susie would come over to chill him out and defend me. The boss would never contradict the Tit Queen of the office, especially in front of her big teasing cleavage. When my boss was calmed down, Susie would then come closer to me and stroke her copious watermelons on my arms, making sure my boss would see that.

Even if Susie was sexy, I would never exchange her for my wife. Rita was such a whore, not just with me but with everyone. She loved to get other men’s attention and I loved that too, just to see them drool over her. Then, I could always come close to her and squeeze her butt in from of them, like “This huge booty is mine”. Besides, Rita liked the game too. For instance, one of Rita’s favorite outfits was her ultra-mini shorts, which were simply unable to cover her enormous butt-cheeks, so they were left dangling outside for everyone to see. She would wear those to clubs, together with a top so small that it was just a little more than a bra. Once inside the club she loved to make a show of herself. Men would gather around her to watch her large, protruding ass, shaken like an expert lap-dancer, and also her thick thighs, exposed at all times. Rita was especially proud of her meaty but muscular legs, so she always made sure men noticed how round and bulky they were. Sometimes she would even go to random couples sitting on the couches and put her foot on the man’s lap. The gorgeous thickness of her thighs would inevitably make every man drool over her. Someone would always try to touch her, but at that point Rita would slap him in the face and go away smiling, while the guy’s girlfriend was yelling at him.

After indulging myself in my own hot memories, I finished breakfast and got dressed for work. We had a new candidate to interview today, and I was supposed to start the first round of interviews with her. I reached the conference room with a slight delay, and I was informed that the candidate was already waiting. I opened the door, totally unprepared for what I was going to see. A large woman was sitting at the table facing the opposite way. The first thing I noticed, partially hidden by the shadows cast by the table, was the massive shape of her enormous butt. When she heard me coming in, she swiftly turned around, revealing the most outrageous cleavage I ever saw. Her breasts were so large they put Susie’s tits to shame. As soon as she moved, her boobs shook and tossed like an ocean of jello, splashing against each other. I was in shock as I couldn’t believe someone would be so outrageous. She stood to shake my hand, totally at ease exposing her features in front of me.

I took her hand and stuck my eyes between those tits. I couldn’t help myself. The view she was offering was rich. An ample valley of flesh was nicely overfilling her top to the point that her tits were about to fall out. Her shirt had a large oval-shaped low cut in the front, showing off the natural softness of her overdeveloped breasts. It was really an indecent amount of tit-flesh. The enormity of her cleavage emphasized the fullness of her chest in a very pornographic way. I could see huge chunks çankırı escort bayan of her tits protruding in lush mountains of tenderness, creating a deep, beautiful canyon.

She had a strong hand shake, which made her boobs bounce inside her shirt. They were so creamy I thought she was all full of milk. It was evident that the containers that were supposed to hold her copious heaps of flesh were insufficient, because it looked like she was going to break them apart. Bubbles of tit meat started to accumulate at the lower borders of her out-stretched shirt. I had to control myself because I really felt like licking those overflowing chunks of goodness. Her abundance was really mind blowing. Little was left to the imagination, although I could tell she was still hiding a lot inside of her dress.

When I was able to distract my attention away from the boobs, I realized an even larger shape was there, right under my eyes: this woman had the most incredible hourglass. Right below her tits, the soft yet smaller waist introduced the healthiest, juiciest, fattest hips I ever saw. They were so wide I had to move my head from left to right to see them all. I stared at them for long seconds like a complete pervert. She had a silky skirt that could barely contain her bodacious ass. Sacks of flesh were visibly bursting on the sides underneath her dress like enormous love handles.

I immediately sat down to hide my throbbing erection, which only grew more as I watched her sit down. As soon as the enormous ass touched the chair again, it squeezed itself down and expanded on the sides, emphasizing her fat hourglass figure. Not only did she completely cover the chair, but she left huge portions of her ass dangling out of it. That looked very uncomfortable and after a few minutes she grabbed a second chair. “One for each butt cheek”, I figured. Her name was Keri. We chatted a bit. Every little movement on her part, like moving the hair back, hand gesturing, coughing, et cetera would result in some various degrees of jiggling motion inside her exposed cleavage. Even writing would cause small waves inside that ocean of flesh. She must have had the creamiest tits ever. Sometimes she delighted me with a loud laugh, which made her tits bounce like crazy. When she had to write something, Keri would lean forward squeezing the huge jugs against the table. A part of them would cover the table in front of her, just like squeezed balloons.

I tried to conduct the interview but I realized she was going where she wanted to. Since she probably noticed my persistent staring, she never missed an occasion to shake the contents of her cleavage to her advantage. A couple of times she even left her seat to go grab something from her bag, strategically placed far away. So I watched her walk and wobble her enormous hips. She was wearing some tall platforms, straight from the seventies. The rigidness of the base caused each step to become a stomp, making her flesh bounce abruptly. I could especially notice the copious masses of her butt cheeks quiver perpetually along with the hefty bags of fat around her hips.

I immediately desired this gorgeous, opulent woman. I couldn’t help myself. Rita was hot but Keri was so much more… all around. Keri was not as fit as Rita: she was a lot of a woman, a mountain of bold curves and sheer lust. She knew how to be huge and she was doing nothing to fight it and nothing to hide it. She looked like she was enjoying her huge body and life in general.

When the interview was over I immediately recommended her in my report to my boss. I told him she had a lot of experience and that she did a really great interview, hoping he was of the same opinion for once. Luckily, other coworkers were happy with Keri, so she was hired immediately.

The next day I spent a lot of time with her. My boss was out and I was the one assigned to show her around and explain her duties. Keri was still dressed like a whore. She wore a stretchy buttoned down shirt, a mini skirt and the same tall shoes that made her flesh bounce like crazy. The buttons or her shirt were put to a severe test in the effort to contain her chest. At every breath the buttons seemed ready to explode from the pressure. The skirt was truly indecent, too. It was short and the bulbous size of her ass was making it slid upwards every time she sat down, revealing an enormous amount of thighs. I was fascinated by her legs, by those huge amassments of cellulite, full of the softest dimples. There was so much lard in there to satisfy me for the rest of my days.

I tried to stay focused on the job but things started to get hot soon. She noticed my frequent stares and to make things worse I couldn’t keep my cock down in front of all those curves. For the first hour that we spent together she continued to show off all of herself. And she had a lot to show. The most erotic part was that she wasn’t directly trying to tease or seduce people: her body was çankırı escort so curvy that she didn’t have to. She could have dressed like a nun and she would still have the same effect. It was inevitable. Her boobs and her ass were always in the way, always accidentally touched, shaken, brushed, squeezed against the table or through the door. She knew that. She knew that men and women would stare and touch, accidentally or not. Everything looked fortuitous, like it had to happen since she was so big. Being close to her was like being in a perpetual sensory overload. She didn’t have to do anything in particular.

After an hour or so she had to leave. I watched her enormous fat butt wobbling away, while I was touching my cock. She came back at around 5 PM. I saw her very curvy figure getting out of the car and walking back to me. The abundance of her hips was that of an African queen. Her tits were bouncing like water balloons, ready to nourish a hundred people.

She walked toward me watching me straight in the eyes. I looked back, then my eyes fell down on all those curves. I looked shamelessly, unable to control myself. She ignored me and sat down loudly. Inside her shirt, an ocean of flesh shook in tall, splashy waves. I knew she did that on purpose.

After a few minutes she went to the restrooms. When she came back, she did something that threw me over the top. As soon as she entered my cubicle, she unbuttoned a button from her already revealing top, right in front of me. She didn’t smile at all. The button snapped easily under the pressure of her copious tit flesh. The contents of her cleavage shook and expanded to occupy the available extra space, quivering like a levee that just broke. I stood there with my mouth open, waiting for something to happen, but she did nothing beside sitting down next to me. Maybe this is what aroused me the most: watching her level of comfort. Shirt is tight, breasts are large, loosen the shirt, expose more flesh. Period. Her body transformed every natural gesture in something loaded with lust.

A few minutes later, she did something similar, but with her skirt. Her skirt was incredibly tight, especially when she was sitting down. I think she was trying to keep her legs closed, however her skirt was always sliding up. After all, she was more bottom heavy than anything else. Just as she did before, Keri didn’t hesitate to open the few buttons on the side of her skirt to make some room for her bountiful thighs. The last of those buttons popped open by itself when she crossed her legs, revealing almost the entire length of her long, thick thigh. That was just too much for me. I turned my head and openly stared down at her legs . I didn’t care what she was going to say. My trousers were like a tent almost ready to explode from the inside.

“Hi there… what are you looking at?” she smiled.

“Nothing, really… nothing” I said, in a very embarrassed way. I looked at her quickly, but then my eyes went back to staring her thighs.

“Come on, I saw you…” she persisted, putting a hand on her leg.

“I’m sorry… I am just, uh… I can’t help it, I mean… your legs…” I said, a little embarrassed.

“Ahh, my legs… I guess my skirt is a little too small, isn’t it. Well, maybe more than just a little…” she said, giving me a sultry, yet more serious look. “Do you like my big legs?” she continued, slowly caressing her thighs and watching my eyes.

“Yeah… they are beautiful and so… huge” I mumbled, drooling like a kid.

“Thank you” she said, slowly moving her hand up and down her bare thigh. She repeated the gesture a couple times, and the third time she stopped her fingers right below her hips, on the fabric of the fully stretched skirt. That was the point where her hips were at their fullest and I could see a large amount of flesh striving to expand outside, barely contained inside the limits of her skirt. I could see bulbous chunks of flesh hidden under the dress. The spandex material of her dress was put to a severe strain.

“My legs and my hips are so full of fat…” she added. Then, she massaged the fat-engorged protuberance some more and plunged her fingers into it, lifting the remaining part of her skirt above the large bulge of her fat haunches. My cock jolted uncontrollably while I watched her hand easily sink in the copious tenderness of her bottom. Copious slabs of fat rolled out, expanding to their full glory.

“You like my fat?” she smiled. “I have so much of it… look here, on my thighs… look how much I’ve got.” She opened her hand and laid it on her thigh, grabbing chunks of lard here and there.

“Ohhh my god… you are so abundant, so big… so soft…” I responded in disbelief.

“You look like you never saw thighs this big!” Keri said, petting herself and making all that flesh jiggle and bounce.

“You are right, I-I-I never did… it’s making me so hard” I told her.

“I have mountains and escort çankırı mountains of cellulite. They’re so soft, you won’t believe it… especially here, on the side of my hips… it is so tender…” she gently pressed her fingers along her upper thigh and looked at me. I watched them sinking down immediately into the deep ocean of cellulite. She literally squeezed huge chunks of flesh from her hips, many times and in different positions, just to make me notice how vast they were and how abundant she was.

“I have cellulite all over the place, and so much of it you can just sink your fists in, grab as much as you can and squeeze it at your pleasure. It’s that much…”

My cock stretched the hard fabric of my blue jeans full of lust and passion. I massaged myself lasciviously.

“You may take it out, if you want…” she conceded.

I took my pants down and exposed my large erection. I wanted her to see how hard I was for her, so I just stood there with my throbbing cock pointing up, filled with blood.

“That’s not bad, honey, look at that…. you’re pretty big…. but you know what? I think I’ve got enough space for you” She stood up, slowly lifting her entire skirt, to show the full size of her bottom. The first thing I noticed was the incredible thickness of her thighs. They were long and totally packed with flesh. Her legs harmoniously introduced the very abundant curves of her ass. She was large and mighty as the Mississippi. Bags of fat on the side of her hips emphasized the already pronounced size of her bottom. Keri lasciviously caressed her copious love handles, openly squeezing them to show off her buttery fatness. That vision injected so much lust inside me that I had to sit down. She was really, really enormous. For the first time in my life I felt like I found the woman that could take all of me, swallow me, tease me, fuck me, protect me.

She understood my desire, or so I thought. At first she stayed there, caressing and tapping on her thighs to show off her jiggling fat. My god, she was so abundant. I leaned back on my chair and watched this Amazon beauty come closer to me. Her copious flesh was a vast sea of soft waves in perpetual motion. I felt my hard cock rubbing against that amazing softness, making its way to something deeper. Soon enough Keri was all over me and her warmth sent me to heaven. While the tip of my cock was unfolding her big labia making its way inside, she played with it for a while, giving me a chance to admire the sheer largeness of her body. I put my open hands on the center of her pig sized thighs and squeezed them roughly, like pillows, taking into my hands as much flesh as possible and gripping hard like a stress ball. At the same time her tits partially came out of her dress and inundated my face, even if she still had her dress on. The cleavage was obscene, revealing udders so big that they were beyond my comprehension.

It was unreal. I was completely relaxed on my chair, leaning back, while this huge Venus was rubbing herself on me. It was so… comfortable I would say, and primordially erotic to just sit there and feel these huge fucking titties about to fall all over my head, those enormous fucking thighs wrapped around me, and the largest possible hips ready to copulate and welcome me.

Keri lifted up her massive boobs and dropped all of them on my face. I could barely breathe and I instinctively pulled her closer to me, randomly grabbing her juicy rolls. Her fleshy belly pressed against my body and my hands dug into her hips. I could barely reach the back of her butt since she was so big, but I had plenty of fun squeezing the colossal mountains of fat all over her vast, maternal hips.

Then something changed. Being so immersed in that sensory overload I lost all inhibitions.

“Bella, bella donna, so huge and fat, well fed, i love your jugs full of milk, you are like a cow, my meat market, you’re such a bitch, makes me wanna fuck you…”

I was possessed by the lust of this goddess’ body so everything was really meant as a compliment, but in a few minutes I realized I was saying too much.

“So you like my meat, don’t you? You like all this flesh, all these mountains of fat, don’t you?!? I’m your bitch, uh? So, tell me that you love my fat, you bastard. Tell me how much you love it, or I’ll stop, right now.” Keri said in a very authoritarian way. Her boobs were still slapping on my face.

“I love you, oh my god I love you, I would do anything for you, anything… I love your fat, I love your fat…” I grabbed her thigh and squeezed her again, softer, but intensely. Her thighs were so incredibly rich. “I would do anything for you, anything, I swear!”

“Anything, uh? Let’s see, you are married, … so why d’you wanna fuck me, asshole, why? Is it maybe because I am more beautiful than your skinny wife? Tell me!”

She plunged her body a little closer to me. I felt my cock penetrating her some more, yet she was holding herself up.

“Yes, yes…” I moaned “You are so beautiful, so fat, so large…” I continued.

“Why don’t you call your wife, uh? Why don’t you do it! Let her see how you like my big booty, with all the wrinkles, all the fat… look how fat it is… how full… look how large it is…”

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