Bi Vegas Swap Ch. 03

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“Fuck her Joe, you earned it.” Vanessa said. She nodded giving me a nonverbal “go for it”.

I reached down and pulled Angie on top of me. She rubbed her wet pussy up and down my hard fat shaft. She slowly worked her way to the tip. I reached down lifted it up slightly which was just enough for the tip to separate her wet lips. She slowly pushed back as the head of my cock entered her for the first time.

She moaned. I moaned. This was something we both had wanted for a long time. She moved back and forth as my precum made an already slippery pussy just that much more slippery.

I watched her eyes grow as she slowly took me in inch by inch. She was sooo tight. I had forgotten what it was like to fill up a new pussy. In and out she went until I was fully inside of her. She sat up and moved her hips back and forth as she adjusted to my girth.

“It’s so thick.” She moaned as she moved back and forth.

I reached up and pulled her lips to mine. We kissed as she moved back and forth. We found a nice rhythm where I would push deeply into her as she pushed back onto me.

Lost in time and ecstasy we made love like this for awhile. Not sure how much time had passed but she grabbed my shoulders and rolled me over on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my lower back and told me to stay still. She started moving her hips up and down impaling herself on me while I towered above her on all fours.

I felt Vanessa come up next to me and she ran her hands down my back as I fucked her best friend. She started massaging my butt cheeks. I felt her finger slip a finger between my cheeks and massage my ass hole.

She did like ass play. I have to admit that when she tongued and played with my ass when we would 69 I kind of liked it. She got behind me and I felt her spread my cheeks as Angie continued sliding up and down my cock.

When her tongue hit my hole it sent a shock through me. This was new. I let her do her thing while I enjoyed my new tight pussy. Her tongue and a lone finger entered me next. I had sensations coming from every part of my body now. I felt a second finger enter me as she continued to lick and finger bang me. She was rubbing my prostate now and it was sending some crazy feelings through my body.

Vanessa moved to the side and slipped her two fingers out of my slippery saliva lubed ass. She put both hands on my ass cheeks and spread them apart as I felt a new finger rub circles around my ass hole.

Oh no! Jake? What was going on tonight!! He liked ass play too? Not thinking about the big picture here, I didn’t put a stop to anything.

“Let them do their thing, concentrate on me.” Angie half moaned half whispered looking me in the eyes. “This is a fantasy of mine.”

“Ok.” I whispered back.

I do know that I would do anything for this girl. I also knew I badly wanted to cum deep inside of her. So I continued slowly fucking her.

That is when I felt Jake slowly slip the tip of his finger easily inside me. His finger was almost the same as the two Vanessa had been finger fucking me with. His finger was definitely longer as he slipped it all the way in. He wiggled it around inside and slowly started to finger fuck me from the tip to the base of his middle finger. He also massaged my prostate increasing an intensity inside cock that was deep inside of Angie.

Still though, I couldn’t believe I had another guy’s finger inside me. I again had to remind myself that I would do anything for this girl. I have been fantasizing about her for 2 years. She had me under a spell and I wanted to fulfill her fantasy.

I let it happen. If this is what she wanted…then OK.

He was in sync with my back and forth movements as I fucked Angie when he slipped a second finger deep inside me.

I had just gotten used to one finger being inside!

The extra stretch of my ass lips brought me a little discomfort. His fingers were definitely bigger than Vanessa’s. He gently did this for a while and the discomfort seemed to slowly disappear.

Disappear into what? I wasn’t completely sure yet.

Angie kept her hands on my face and her eyes locked on mine the whole time this was going on. She pulled me close and started kissing me deeply as Vanessa and Jake played with my ass.

Then out of nowhere, I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I wanted to hold back but I couldn’t.

With her tongue deep in my mouth and Jakes finger deep in my ass massaging my prostate, I came inside her. I came hard and a lot. I filled her pussy with my cum as I tensed up slowly coming to a stop.

I didn’t want to pull out of her but I was going soft and didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

We continued kissing as I felt the fingers slip out of my ass. Vanessa stayed where she was. She spread my butt cheeks apart again. There was some moving around on the bed.

I heard the squeeze of lube.

I heard what sounded like someone stroking a wet slippery cock.

More moving.

Then I felt two large hands grab the front of my waist as Jake positioned canlı bahis himself behind me. I felt the warmth of his thighs as he pushed up against me. He leaned forward and rested his hard slippery cock on my lower back right where my ass crack started.

I could feel the tickle of his pubs as his balls pressed against my hole.

He moved it back and forth in my crack with long slow strokes.

I knew what he was going to do. Part of me was petrified about what was about to happen but another part was curious.

If I didn’t put a stop to this I was pretty sure I was going to get butt fucked.

I should stop this now.

Apparently, the part of me that was curious was in control. Because I didn’t make a move to stop him.

Vanessa let go of one of my ass cheeks and lined up his cock to my ass lips. He stopped moving and just let it sit there. The head locked right on to the opening of my ass cave.

The tip of his cock was warm on my hole.

I could still stop it.

But, somewhere inside me I kind of missed the fingers that had been inside me. Somewhere else inside of me there was something that wanted to try this new invader.

Something that was stronger than my will to stop it kept me still.

I decided I was going to let this happen.

Vanessa gripped my other ass cheek and spread both of them wide apart.

I felt pressure as he slowly pushed forward trying to get into me.

I felt my ass lips fight the invader. They were putting up quite a little fight. He pulled back and slowly pushed forward again. He did this a few times and each time my lips seemed to give in and become just a little bit more accommodating to this foreign object.

He pulled back and gently pushed forward again but this time with a little more force.

His tip entered me on this push.

I felt my lips struggle to spread around the soft spongy head of his cock as it slipped inside me. He didn’t go any further than just the head. I inhaled deeply as I tried to adjust to the thickness of his cock head.

It felt huge inside me for an average thick cock and this was only the tip.

He pulled back out never leaving contact with my hole and then pushed it back in.

Again, the head only.

He did this a few more times and each time the resistance and discomfort got less and less.

Something inside of me wanted more than just the tip.

So, the next time he pushed in, I pushed back a little bit.

He must’ve got the hint because he only pulled back a little bit this time. He slowly started to push forward and then pull back. I found his rhythm and pushed back as he pushed forward. I could feel him fill me up more and more with each push forward.

He kept it at a slow gentle pace.

Sliding in and out. In and out.

I imagined the shaft of his hard cock going deeper and deeper. I finally felt the tickle of his pubs on my butt cheeks. He pulled almost all the way out again and pushed his slippery shaft forward with a little more speed. This time I felt his pubs get crushed tightly between us.

He was all the way in.

Where did it all go? How did it fit inside me?

“Soo fucking tight!” I heard him moan as he bottomed out in me.

Weirdly, I found myself moaning along with him.

We stayed pressed tightly together as Vanessa let go of my ass and Angie slipped out from underneath me. The girls moved next to us on the other bed as Vanessa eagerly started eating my cum out of Angie’s dripping pussy.

Without her underneath and neither girl touching either one of us I suddenly felt embarrassed.

Could I be more exposed?

I was on my hands and knees like a dog with a guy behind me holding my hips with his cock buried deep inside me. I’ve never felt this exposed and vulnerable before.

He pulled back and started slowly fucking me again.

After a handful of strokes, he put his hands on my shoulder blades and gently pushed down. Taking the hint, I went down to my elbows with my palms flat on the bed looking at the headboard.

I dropped my forehead to the mattress. It was a little more comfortable like this. I looked back between my legs and saw my own deflated cock hanging.

I felt sooo slutty with my head down and my ass in the air like this. Like a slutty chick. My ass was my pussy. And there was a long hard dick buried deep inside me.

I felt him slowly pull out and slide his long cock back inside me. Back and forth he went. My own soft cock slowly dancing back and forth as he fucked my ass.

Each time he pulled out I began to crave the push back in. I couldn’t wait to feel his pubs get smashed between us. Wanting to pick up the pace and not wanting to wait to be filled back up I began to push back harder and pull away in sync with him.

He was always in control of how far forward I could go. Stopping me with only the tip before he slammed back into me.

We started going faster and faster. The slapping of his pelvis on my ass sounded like someone was lightly clapping their hands as our bodies bahis siteleri hit each other.

Slow and gentle now gone, we had picked up a lot of speed. He was literally impaling me with his hard cock. My own limp cock was now violently moving back to front with our motions.

I reached between my legs and moved it to the side so I could watch.

I could see his thighs flex and ripple at each impact. His balls were swinging back and forth like a pendulum.

I was loving it.

He started to slow down and stopped deep inside me. I bounced all the way forward by myself letting him slip completely out of me before I realized he had stopped.

An empty feeling washed over me. I think I panicked a little bit. I wanted him back inside me. To be filled up with his hard cock.

Apparently, he was taking a breather.

I slowly pushed back eager to find his cock again. He guided himself back inside me. I felt the head slip passed my lips very easily. He pushed forward and buried himself deep inside of me and held me there tightly against him as he caught his breath.

The fullness of him back inside of me was calming.

Was it possible to become addicted to something so quickly?

Content with his cock inside me again, I slowly rocked back and forth and up and down on his fuck tool as he caught his breath.

I reached toward him with my fingers and cupped our balls together. I gently massaged them together as his breathing slowed.

After a minute of rest he slowly pulled back and I let his balls slip from

my hand. To my dismay he pulled all the way out of me.

Before I could react. He firmly twisted my hips with his hands. Not ready for it but following his lead, he easily rolled me over onto my back. I rested my legs on either side of him.

We made eye contact and I think I actually blushed.

I looked over at the girls on the other bed who were caressing each other and just watching us do our thing. Vanessa winked at me.

I looked back to Jake and he smiled at me.

He reached down grabbed the back of my knees and pushed me into the missionary position. My knees almost to my shoulders. My limp cock on my belly. I was like puddy in his hands letting him get me into any position he desired.

My knees were as far as they could go which helped me see my own ass hole. The poor thing! It didn’t look so tight anymore and it was kind of gapping open sloppily. I had made many a pussy look like that over the years.

If I thought I was embarrassed before, I was NOW in the most vulnerable position I have ever been in in my life.

There was no going back or changing my mind now. I had already been ass fucked and I really enjoyed it. I know I liked it because I couldn’t wait for him to put his cock back inside me. He had just cum a little while ago inside my mouth so it might take some time for it to happen again.

But that was ok with me because I wasn’t even close to being done with his hard cock.

Maintaining eye contact, still holding me in the same position, he moved forward and pressed his weight and the shaft of his cock hard into my crack. He started rubbing his slippery shaft back and forth in my crack in a sawing motion.

I reached up to his waist and pulled him tightly to me as he did this. He sawed me like this with his slippery shaft for a while. Finally, he pulled back and let the tip of his cock bounce around my gaping hole.

At this point, I wanted nothing more than to put him back inside me. I looked back up at him as I grabbed his hard pole. I stroked it a few times before I lined up the head to my hole.

As soon as the tip touched me I felt a yearning in my stomach.


I more than wanted it back inside of me…I NEEDED it back inside me.

I watched in anticipation as he applied pressure. With the spongy mushroom head of his cock at my opening he pushed down against my loose ass lips. They easily accepted him and wrapped themselves greedily around their new friend. I let go and grabbed his waist again.

I pulled him too me with minimal effort as he slowly started to sink back inside of me. I watched and felt his long shaft slowly fill me up as it completely disappeared inside of me.

The familiar feeling of his pubes getting crushing between us was exciting.

Even though he was all the way inside me I could feel him continue to push all his weight down onto me. He bounced me deep into the mattress for a few minutes without even pulling himself out of me. I was still not even sure of where it was all going and what it was hitting. But the tip was deeper inside me than ever before.

I felt full and realized I craved that full feeling as he continued pushing into me.

He stopped bouncing and started pulling his slippery shaft out of me.

I laid there with my palms flat on the mattress next to my hips. I watched in amazement as my ass lips gripped his hard shaft coming out of me.

Almost like they didn’t want it to leave and they were trying to hold it in.

I bahis şirketleri looked up in his eyes again and he smiled as he slowly pushed all the way back into me and stopped.

The full weight of his body pushed me deep into the mattress again. He pulled out and pushed in. Slow at first but after a few pumps he started picking up speed.

In, out, in, out…I watched his shaft come out a few inches and then slam back into me with full force, jack hammering me to the bed.

I never thought of another guy as sexy until right now.

What was happening to me!

I watched his muscles flex as he fucked me. All of a sudden I realized he was built rather nicely. At this moment, he had complete control of my body. I brought my hands up next to his and held my knees back for him.

He let go of my legs and pushed down on my thighs as he hammered me for I don’t know how long. It could have been minutes or it could have been an hour.

All I knew is my ass was getting fucked deep and hard!

I could see sweat on his forehead as he pounded away on me. I let go of my legs wrapped them around his waist. I reached up around his neck and pulled him down toward me.

Without much resistance he came down on top of me as our chests mashed together. His head came down next to mine on the mattress. His breathing was heavy in my ear. His body was a different kind of heavy on mine as he slowed down but continued moving his hips up and down.

Not full strokes in and out but maybe half strokes. Slow out then fast in. I gripped onto his back with my palms and finger tips. I felt his muscles flexing under my grip as he fucked my man pussy.

He pulled back his head and looked me in the eyes only inches away. I looked into his eyes as he slowly fucked me. I could see the lust in his eyes as he could surely see the same in mine.

Not sure why but I reached behind his head and pulled his lips to mine. I felt the stubble of his unshaven face as our lips came together.

I was kissing another guy!

Our tongues explored each other and started to wrestle. I sucked on his tongue as he fucked me. He pushed his cock deep into me and slowly bounced up and down as we kissed and sucked face.

I reached down and pulled his butt cheeks toward my body in sync with him trying to get as much of him as I could inside of me.

He pulled his head away from me and propped himself up on his arms as he slowly fucked me. His lips and chin were shining with our mixed saliva. I turned sideways and licked and sucked on his tight muscular forearm as he fucked me.

“I don’t know how much longer I am going to last.” He said.

“Let me get on top before you do,” I said to him.

With a big smile and without argument, he slowly pulled out of me and slipped next to me on his back. I got up on my knees next to him, wrapped my hand around his hard cock and slowly jacked him off. I leaned over and kissed him as I stroked him up and down.

It was so slippery and warm. I wanted to ride him reverse cowgirl or would it be cowboy?

I let go of his cock and facing away from him I flung my leg over his body. I straddled him on one knee and a foot. I reached back underneath me and wrapped my hand around his hard cock.

I stroked it a few times before I guided the head to my waiting sloppy hole. I noticed the head went in way too easily. He had stretched my lips out good. Wanting all of him, I slowly slid down onto my other knee as I buried half his cock inside me.

He held onto my hips as I was straddling him on my knees. Not sure which way to move my hips I thought of what girls have done to me over the years. I put my hands on my knees and slowly moved up and down like I was riding horseback. Slowly taking in more and more of him until I was slowly moving up and down the entire length of his cock.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing!

Embarrassment flooded through me because I had never moved my body like this before. It felt very feminine. And I was anything but feminine. Wasn’t I? This movement has always been strictly for women. Regardless of my embarrassment, I was really liking being on top with his hard cock sliding in and out of me.

I felt in complete control. I could do whatever I wanted up here and he was sure to like it.

I leaned forward and put my hands on his knees and locked my arms straight. I lifted myself up a little and started to move back and forth on his cock. He followed my movements and guided me nice as slow as I moved.

I looked back over my shoulder and the look of pleasure on his face made me proud. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to make him cum.

As our pace picked up, my ass was making loud squishing noises the faster we went. I liked this position with his cock moving in and out of me. We fucked slowly like this for a while.

I leaned even further forward, grabbing his ankles, I laid my forearms on his shins. I started to move just my ass and hips up and down his shaft.

With his hands guiding my hips I would go slow up his shaft and slam back down onto him. I liked this position. I felt in control. I wanted to go faster. I would bounce about halfway up his shaft and then slam down on him again and again and again.

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