Bi MMF Chance Encounter Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

I was away on business again. This was becoming a common occurrence but I didn’t mind. The company paid for all the travel and accommodation in hotels, and it gave me time to be by myself away from the family and any people that knew me.

I started getting to know some of the cities I was visiting pretty well and knew where all the sex shops and adult movie theaters were.

On this occasion I couldn’t wait to go to one of my favorite theatres. This particular theatre was very well kept, had good quality new porn and they kept it pretty clean. The seats were comfy and it didn’t smell like most booths do.

I landed at the airport, grabbed a rental car and made a beeline for the hotel. It was early in the evening. I checked in, had a look at what movies were on pay-per-view and noticed something interesting. They had a gay movie available for the first time. I was a little interested, so went through the subscription process and got it hooked up. I felt a bit weird doing it, but I sat down and started watching. I had started in the middle of a sex scene and I liked it. My cock sprung to life right away. I dropped my pants and started stroking my cock slowly. There were three guys on the tv. One guy was fucking a guy escort ankara in his ass as he lie down on his back with his legs being held up in the air. As he was being fucked, another guy was standing over him fucking his mouth. He was having his cock stroked by the guy fucking his ass. I started stroking faster and faster as I enjoyed it even more. The scene was coming to the climax and I waited for all three of them to come before I blew my load. My orgasm was so good that I hit myself in the face and the headboard behind me.

After a shower and change of clothes I was ready to head out for the night. I got into the car and headed straight for the theatre I liked.

I walked up to the guy at the pay booth, paid my ten bucks and walked through the door. I was then presented with two doors labeled Straight and Gay/Bi. I had often thought of going through the Gay door, but never had the nerve. Tonight would be different. I was feeling daring and still excited from the video.

I opened the door and walked in. It took a few moments to adjust to the dark, but I could clearly make out a guy giving another guy a blowjob on the big screen. There didn’t seem to be many people in the theatre and thankfully the back row ankara escortlar was empty so I grabbed a seat near the back right and sat down.

By this time my eyes had adjusted and I had a look around. To my surprise I saw a girl sitting next to guy. I could see movements coming from her arm and guessed she was jerking him off. It then occurred to me that she was probably a guy. I watched them for a minute and watched as the guy graoned and blew his load. I turned back to the screen in time to watch the guy cum in the other guys mouth and all over his face. My cock was ready for some action again, so I unzipped and let my huge erection out. The guy on screen who had just cum was now bend over on the bed having his ass licked out by the other guy, who was stroking his cock. I started rubbing my cock again, when I realized the two people I had been watching were making there way down my aisle towards me. I stopped stroking my cock and watched as they approached. The guy squeezed past me and sat down at the next seat as the girl sat down on my other side.

“Hi, mind if we join you?” she said. By her voice I was sure she was female.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite!” said the guy on my right.

“I guess not,” I said, ankara kaliteli escortlar as the guy bend down and grabbed my cock and guided it into his mouth right away! I was taken back a little, as I had never had any kind of sexual experience with a guy before.

“Don’t worry hun,” said the girl,” he swallows!” She then grabbed my hand and guided it down between her legs, where I found she had no panties and a very moist pussy.

I started rubbing her clit as the guy sucked on my cock. It felt great. I had had so many blowjobs from chicks before, but his felt a lot stronger. He was very good at it.

After a few minutes I was ready to explode and so was she. The guy pulled my pants down to my ankles. She started squirming as her orgasm started. My hips bucked as I sent my cock deep down into his throat and fucked his mouth hard. His hand moved under my ass and he started fingering my asshole. That drove me crazy. I started cumming hard in his mouth and started swallowing. He couldn’t manage all of it, as some started running down his chin. The girl was moaning loud as she came and I felt the wetness increase. My hand was soaked.

The guy then raised his head and lent over to kiss the girl. She ran her tongue up his neck, over his chin and over his lips, cleaning up all the spilt cum. Then she licked her lips and kissed me.

“You have any place we can go?” she asked. I thought about it for a minute, then answered.

“Sure I do, lets go.”…

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