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It had been an unusually long day in Court, and for just that reason, the deputy had opened most of the windows. That allowed some breeze to pass through the stuffy room, with its tall oak-lined walls and majestic carved ceiling. But the sticky summer air still hung in the room, so much so that the judge had actually ordered counsel to remove their jackets and loosen their ties.

But she respectfully refused. She never wanted special treatment of any kind. And notwithstanding the heat and humidity, her hair was still perfect–done up in a tight bun on the back of her head. He found himself getting lost in her eyes as she addressed the jury. He would occasionally be stirred from his trance by a colleague jabbing him in the ribs to rise to make an objection when she crossed the line…

Which was rare, mind you. She was good but she seldom overreached. She was strong but fair. You could almost read that in her deep brown eyes. Even when he closed his eyes, he could see her. He always pictured her the way he saw her in the courtroom–knee length skirt hinting at the beauty of her long shapely legs–modestly hugging the swell of her ass. A silk blouse with one-too-many buttons done at the top–this drove him mad–when she turned just so it made him flush…especially when she caught him stealing a gaze at her milky white bosom.

His dreamy state broke when the judge advised that the jury would now depart to begin its deliberations…He rose as the judge excused the jury. As her glance moved toward him his eyes grabbed the floor. He sat down as most of the spectators shuffled out of the room. She followed shortly thereafter. After a few minutes, he decided he could use a sip of water.

He casino şirketleri walked out through the swivel doors and to the right down the marble corridor toward the water fountain. He turned the corner to see her there, bent over the fountain. She lifted her head as he approached, and he was just in time to see a single lock of her hair free itself from her bun to drape itself across her cheek. It’s dark silhouette framed her face perfectly–she looked like an angel. He was shocked to see that for the first time in this two week trial, she actually smiled at him.

She stood slowly and deliberately. With one hand, she smoothed her clothes, lingering over her breasts and thighs, teasing him. With her other hand, she wiped a drop of water from the corner of her mouth and ran it over her moist lips. She gestured with a finger for him to approach. He walked toward her stiffly, not even thinking. As he neared, she turned and stepped into the ladies room. As the door shut before him, he wasn’t sure what to do next.

The door flung open and she questioned, “Are you coming or what?” He darted into the room and as he did so, she pressed him against the wall, pinning his arms back. Her eyes moved over him from bottom to top and back again. It was as if a searchlight was passing over him…he was vulnerable, and he liked it. She smiled as she noticed the bulge in his pants growing. She pressed her crotch against him there. He closed his eyes and his head fell against the wall. She bit his now exposed neck and nibbled at his lips.

She released his arms and began to unbuckle his pants with nimble fingers. When she had freed him from his confines, she pulled up her own skirt to reveal casino firmaları thigh-high stockings…The garters were cherry red and licked her delicate legs. She turned away from him and squeezed her ass against his dick, reaching back to pull him hard against her. She pushed her panties down and moved her pussy over his throbbing cock, sliding it along her wet slit.

She looked back at him and flashed a wicked smile. “I want you to take me now!” she hissed. Needing no further encouragement, he took a firm hold of her hips and slid himself inside her. He went slowly at first, but she finished the job, pressing herself against him and moving him deep inside her. She leaned against the wall of the nearest stall and almost crushed him against the wall with the force of her thrusts.

He bent over and teased her nipples through the gauzy silk blouse. Her hands clawed at his and unbuttoned the shirt. He helped her out of it, while still moving his hips rhythmically against hers. She was very wet and his dick slid easily in and out of her. They moved in swirling motions, bodies clinging together as if one. He undid the clasp on her bra and her taut breasts spilled out. He clutched at them and pulled from behind her, comparing the softness her swollen chest with the hard little candies that were her nipples.

She gave a deep moan as he teased her nipples and she arched her back, pressing her pussy hard against his crotch. Instinctively, he reached up to grab her shoulder and pulled her back against him. He could feel his climax building deep inside his balls. He held his breath, concentrating on her, feeling her body around his. Sensing this, she tensed her pussy and squeezed his güvenilir casino cock within her. His hot fluid burst within her as he finally let his breath out in a gasp. He hugged her tightly, wrapping his arms around her glistening chest. He rubbed his head against her back as his climax passed through him.

The power of his orgasm pushed her over the edge and she let out quick breaths as she reached behind to pull him even closer to her. They held each other like that, against the wall, for moments without moving. As they caught their breath, she turned and reached up, kissing his cheek softly. She quickly and quietly put her bra and blouse back on in silence. After she finished buttoning up the top, with one less button fastened, she looked deep into his eyes. “See you back in court, counselor.” She smiled. He couldn’t help but look back down at the floor instinctively. He laughed at himself and ran his fingers back through his hair, sighing. This was crazy, he thought to himself.

She stepped toward him and pulled his chin up. She looked in his eyes and kissed his lips gently, but with passion. She dropped her hand from his face and squeezed his arm. She swirled slowly, as if in a dream, and stepped out through the door…He leaned back against the wall and looked at the ceiling.

After he regained his composure he walked back to the courtroom. He was surprised to see that many of the participants in the trial had gathered back in the courtroom. As he sat down, the judge banged the gavel, calling everyone to order. He rose, but dare not look over at her. The court addressed the room, “It appears that the jury is hopelessly deadlocked, and although I regret it, I am forced to declare a mistrial. Counsel, I expect to see you back here tomorrow morning, ready to select another jury.” Now he looked over at her and flashed his sexiest, most charming smile. It was her turn to gaze at the floor. He couldn’t wait for the rematch…

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