Best Friend , Wife Reunite

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This story is a sequel to Best Friend & Wife, but can be read on it’s own. I hope you enjoy it.


This story is a sequel to Best Friend & Wife, but can be read on it’s own. I hope you enjoy it.

“Another beer?” I asked Jay?


I got up from the table to get a second drink. I was feeling rather strange, it having been four weeks since I had joined by best friend and his wife in one of the sexiest moments of my life. Our social dinner had turned into an erotic love-fest, cumulating with me fucking his beautiful wife Maria whilst Jay had his manhood buried deep in my arse.

I had sort of gone into hiding for the last few weeks, I was feeling confused and thought it easiest to deny and forget the feelings that I was having for the wonderful couple. I had known Jay since I was five years old. I had also known his wife for at least half my life. That evening just seemed to be the natural next step of our close friendship, though possibly an overdue long-suppressed next step.

I ordered the beers and flicked a couple of notes to be bartender, telling him to keep the change. As I took the two glasses of amber liquid, I considered whether we were going to discuss what happened, and if so what I would say. This was the first time I had seen either of the two who introduced me to a world outside of boyfriend-girlfiend sex.

“There ya go. Sorry I haven’t been in touch recently. You know how it is, bloody work’s taking up all my time.”

“Cheers, and no worries. Although Maria and myself did think you were avoiding us. Do you regret what happened that night? We certainly don’t, though if you want to forget it that’s fine. Our friendship is more important to us.”

Damn, he’d just come out with it. I was not prepared at all. I stared into my glass for what seemed like ages, then gathered courage and looked him in the eye.

“Jay, I had an amazing time that night, but man, I don’t know if I should have. I don’t know if I’m explaining this well, but your, like, my best friend, and I’m not gay. And I had sex with your wife, that’s something that friends don’t do.”

“I’m not gay either” he replied as he took a sip of his beer and paused, looking around the room. “But I just know that me and Maria had a fantasy which we lived out, and surprisingly found it to be better than what we thought it would be. Man, we have had the best sex ever since that night. But it feels as though it could be better.”

“So you two are all cool with this?”

“Yeah, we sure are. Look, why don’t you come over for dinner again this weekend. Dinner only, unless we all decide otherwise. I think we all need to talk this over, and I promise that there will be no hard feelings if you decide that this isn’t something that you’re into.”

“OK” I said, feeling that I had permanently crossed a line that I had pencilled in three weeks ago.


I stood on the doorstep for about three minutes, wine bottle in ankarada yeni escortlar hand, wondering firstly if I really wanted to do this, and secondly whether anyone was home. The place looked remarkably quiet. Finally I reasoned in some bizarre logic that I wanted to but shouldn’t, but nobody was home anyway so it couldn’t hurt. I rang the buzzer.

The door opened slowly, and a soft light spilled around the edges. In the background I could hear some music that you would expect to hear in a small funky restaurant on St Valentines day. And as the door opened wider, I found my eyes meeting Maria’s, then travelling down her body, admiring in order, her beautiful body, the striking (and short) red dress, and the ample cleavage she had on show.

“Hi” she said simply, as she took my hand and gently but at the same time firmly pulled me inside. My best friend’s wife then slowly tiptoed up to give me a hello kiss. I carefully pecked her lips, but was drawn in like a magnet when she opened her soft red lips and gently forced her tongue between my lips. I relented as she pulled me close, her breasts firm against my chest, and my instant erection giving away my thoughts completely as it pressed into her pubic area. We passionately greeted each other as we kissed and held each other tight, like lovers long separated.

“We’ve missed you,” she said after slowly breaking the knee-weakening kiss.

“Too be honest, so have I”

“And me too” came Jays voice from the doorway to the living area. “Come on through, lets open that bottle you’ve brought with you.”

Maria led me into the living area, which was lit with red flickering candles in each corner of the room. The music I first heard from the door serenaded me, invoking feelings normally associated with romantic dinners with past girlfriends. I said hello to Jay, and took a seat on one end of the sofa. Maria gave Jay the wine, and joined me on the sofa. She turned so that she was facing me, and I got a glimpse of her thigh running all the way up to that sweet mound that I had first tasted only weeks ago.

She took my hand, and said, “I am so glad you decided to come over. We were quite worried that we’d scared you off.”

“Well, I was a little confused, and am a little nervous still I guess” I replied as Jay handed me a glass and took a seat on the other side of his wife.

“Look, we have known each other for most of our lives. We really have feelings for you. I know it’s not conventional, but hey, we thought you’d be the most unconventional of the three of us” she explained, referring to my travelling history, and liking for adventure sports, but also the perceived normality of their marriage. “We just want to get closer.”

Behind her, my best friend Jay’s hands could be seen massaging her shoulders. As she looked me in the eye, as if rehearsed, Jay’s hands disappeared from view. He slowly unzipped his wife’s dress, and in front of his childhood friend dropped the fabric from her smooth white shoulders, exposing bayan escort ankara her ample, firm breasts. I watched fascinated as Jay kissed slowly down Maria’s neck. Maria’s mouth lay open slightly, her chest heaving as Jay’s lips had the desired effect. All the while she maintained eye contact.

Jay slowly kissed his way down to her right shoulder, to be met by his wife as she turned her head and they locked lips. I sat there lost in the moment, soaking up the intimate love that I was witnessing between this beautiful couple. I decided that this is something that I want to be part of, and I don’t think I was just referring to the physical session about to unfold. I shuffled along wetting my lips in anticipation.

Pressing gently against her body and open legs, I slowly brought my lips into contact with her long soft neck. I have always had a thing for a beautiful neck and back, and I slowly and deliberately kissed her, leaving no accessible part of her neck unmoistened. And as I placed my left hand on her leg, moving up over her stomach to gently caress her firm breast, her legs opened more.

I lowered my head to her waiting breast, eager to take her into my mouth. Jay had the same idea and we came face to face as we each slowly liked a hard pink nipple. We maintained eye contact as we suckled onto this hot woman’s breasts, her head thrown back over the sofa, and hands gently stroking our hair. Jay winked at me, then slowly kissed his way down his wife’s body.

“God this feels so good, my two lovers…” Maria moaned and stiffened as Jay’s head reached her pubic area. All I could see was the top of his head as I imagined his tongue working on his wife’s sweet pussy. I continued to lick at her breast, suddenly overwhelmed by the hot moist mouth that suddenly found itself around my aching cock. Jay had moved his mouth from his wife’s pussy and now had me buried in his throat. I was in heaven briefly, until he moved away back to Maria’s sex. He reached up and grabbed me gently and pulled me down. I reluctantly let Maria’s breast slide from my mouth as I moved down her smooth body.

I slid my tongue down her stomach, like it was riding a roller coaster. As I came level with my best friend, I gently forced his tongue out of the way with my own and sampled a taste of his wife’s sweet pussy. Our tongues playfully worked around her swollen lips, slowly but surely paying more and more attention to each other. Suddenly I found myself locked in a passionate kiss with my best friend, tasting his wife’s sweet juices on his lips, and it seemed so normal.

“Will one of you please fuck me now!” begged Maria, who was watching us intently and had moved one hand two her hot saliva soaked pussy and had one finger thrusting inside.

Jay did the honours and knelt in between her silky thighs. I watched enthralled as his glistening purple rod moved towards its goal. I lent forward and guided Maria’s husband’s dick into her waiting pussy, using my mouth. We all let out a collective escort bayan ankara moan, and Jay started pumping slowly, as I greedily licked pussy then penis as the three of us became more intimate than I had experienced with any one else in my life.

My concerns about being gay vanished, as I realised that I was doing something with people that I loved and it seemed so natural. My free hand caressed around Jay’s thigh and worked up to his tight butt. I felt his muscles contracting and quickly wrapped as much of my mouth around his buried rod as possible. He came in his wife’s cunt, with a satisfied moan, then slowly withdrew through my enveloping mouth. As his deflating glans popped free, I licked up the string of cum clinging to the insides of his darling beloved, then dipped my tongue into her freshly fucked hole to taste some more of my friends salty deposit.

We both moved up and shared the exquisite taste on my lips as we embraced in a passionate kiss. “I want you now…” Maria whispered to me. I could not say no, so took Jays place and slowly entered her hot wet hole. I swear I could feel my friends cum on my rock hard cock as I fully entered her. I was so turned on that as soon as Maria said she was coming, I gushed a bucket load of cum into her pussy, mixing with her husband’s seed in her womb.


“That was amazing” Maria said as we lay in the afterglow of our erotic encounter.

“Mmmmm. You were both amazing”

“No, we were amazing!”

“I love you two…”


Jay’s soft member slowly filled my mouth as it grew harder. Mine did the same in his. Maria had requested that she watch her two lovers in a sixty-nine, she said it was always a fantasy of hers. So here I was with her husband lying next to me, my arm around his firm arse and his dick in my mouth, and his wife sitting watching, masturbating.

We lay there slowly pleasuring each other, matching each other’s movements and strokes. I took his hard cock out of my mouth and admired it, rubbing it over my face and inhaling his beautiful aroma. I thought to my self that I am happy and contended with what I am doing, as I licked my best friends balls gently, then took him back into my mouth.

As one we moved, arms around each other. Our rhythm increased, and that focused feeling moved down into my crotch as I felt his dick harden even more in my mouth. My breath shortened as I greedily gobbled at my friend, my face nestled between his thighs. My balls tightened as I felt his do the same, and we both stiffened before releasing our hot semen into each other’s throats. I gulped down his load, swallowing every last drop, and savouring his lingering taste.


I naturally moved in with these two beautiful people. I have the spare room with a double bed, but I am rarely alone. We take turns sleeping with each other, either as a threesome, or me with Maria while Jay gets some sleep, or me with my friend Jay. There is no jealousy, and we don’t care what others think of the arrangement.

Why did I feel the need to write this story? Because last week Maria made a beautiful candlelit dinner for us all and broke the news that she is pregnant. All three parents-to-be are thrilled.

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