Before the Tryst

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She flipped through the channels yet again, but there was still nothing of any interest on the television. Too antsy to read, she got up from the bed where she’d been trying to relax and started pacing the floor again. What if he didn’t show? What if he did but he didn’t like her? What if she didn’t like him? She paused in front of the mirror in the hotel room she’d booked for the weekend and looked herself over. She looked like she’d just spent the better part of an entire day traveling. With good reason, since she had, but still. Not the foot she wanted to put forward, as it were. She checked her watch, attempting mental arithmetic, then gave that up as a bad jab and checked the clock on the tv instead. Two more hours until his flight was due in, at least another hour after that before he could possibly arrive. She had to occupy herself somehow or she’d lose her mind.

Crossing the room to her luggage, she dug out the outfit she’d chosen for that night. Simple, flattering, and best of all wrinkle-free, she hung the black dress up to air out, draping the burned velvet wrap around the hanger. They wouldn’t be going out that night, but she wanted the occasion to have some weight to it. If all went well, it would be a story they would recall often.

Taking her toiletries into the bathroom, she unpacked everything she needed. She always stressed out about getting things through airport security, so there wasn’t that much to unpack, but she still intended to look, smell, and feel her very best. Briefly catching her own eye in the mirror, she barely suppressed a nervous giggle before squaring her shoulders and scolding herself. “Get it together, for heaven’s sake! You’re a grown ass woman, not a teenager. Sure, this is probably the craziest thing you’ve ever done, but that’s no reason to be silly. You’re sensual. You’re seductive. You’re mature.” She struck a sexy pose with each statement, looking pretty good, if she did say so herself, then crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue at the seductress in the mirror. “Right. Well, I can pretend at least.”

She spent anadolu yakası escort upwards of an hour focused on the rituals of beauty, occasionally taking a moment to curse the patriarchy and media for perpetuating such ridiculous ideas. Running a hand over her freshly shaved legs as she stepped into the steamy shower, she had to admit it did make a girl feel pretty desirable.

She turned the shower to massage and stood under the drumming spray, letting the hot water leech some of the tension from her neck and shoulders. She reached up and worked at one especially tight knot in her neck, letting her thoughts drift to him as the pressure and heat worked their magic.

They’d talked about this night for months, but had chosen not to plan things out too meticulously. She’d left his name with the front desk, but the last she’d spoken to him was before their respective flights boarded. He had farther to go, hence all this time she had to kill.

She turned down the pressure slightly and shampooed her hair, breathing deeply and enjoying the scent she’d dared bring past the TSA. Would he like it? Would he like her? They’d never met in person, despite knowing each other fairly intimately for quite a long time. But that’s no substitute for real contact, what if he wasn’t attracted to her? She gave her hair a firm tug as she wrenched her spiraling thoughts back under control. She worked the conditioner through her heavy mass of hair, enjoying the way it felt on her fingers. Of course he would be attracted to her. How could he not be? They’d exchanged plenty of pictures, he knew what he was getting. And so did she.

She let her conditioner-slick hand glide down her side and hip, picturing his hand making the same trip in a few short hours. Her breath quickened as she imagined him there with her, offering to scrub her back. Keeping her eyes firmly closed, she let the fantasy spin, feeling his large, strong hands in place of her own as she ran the soap across her skin. She teased herself as she imagined he would, running ataşehir escort her hands around the curve of her breasts and down her sides, just missing her nipples, which had tightened already with excitement. Down her full hips then up the front of her strong thighs, barely grazing the hair between them before carefully easing across her belly. She was usually incredibly ticklish, but this was a different reaction. Instead of flinching with a laugh, now the places she was most ticklish seemed wired directly to her core. Her back arched involuntarily as her fingers stroked her smooth skin, and his followed suit in her mind.

Her image of him responded eagerly to the feeling of her hips moving under his touch. He fitted himself behind her, pulling her hips into him so his already hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks. Feeling him press against her with a groan, she cupped her heavy breasts in her hands. It was HIS thumbs flicking her aching nipples, pinching lightly, tugging, rolling them between thumbs and forefingers as she gasped. She felt a rush of wetness that had nothing to do with the shower as she imagined his hands in place of hers, gliding across her belly, grinding into her ass again as she pressed back into the hard cock she could feel jumping and straining against her. She let her fingers comb through the hair between her legs, barely brushing her swollen lips. Even that light contact made her shudder, almost losing her footing as another surge of wetness flooded her fingers. In her mind, her lover’s breath caught at the feeling of her lips parting at his touch, opening to him with a rush of wet heat he could feel even over the steaming shower. Her flesh was slick and soft, and she couldn’t help the small sounds that escaped her as her fantasy explored her with his fingers, still rhythmically grinding his cock against her.

She raised her hand to her mouth, tasting herself on her fingers and imagining his muscles tensing like it was his fingers her tongue was swirling around. She pictured him hot and strong against her back ümraniye escort as her fingers stroked downward again, parting her lips and finding her hard, tender clit. She teased it gently, feeling his bigger, rougher fingers circling it softly, rarely touching it directly, as a heavy ache started to grow inside her. His fingers followed hers in her mind as she increased her speed, dipping lower every so often, pushing just slightly into her hot, wet hole. She imagined his breath loud, his heart pounding against her back, as he encircled her shoulders with one arm and wrapped a hand gently around her throat, tilting her head back so his teeth and tongue could reach her ear. His other hand continued working her clit, holding her body against him so she couldn’t escape the building pressure inside.

She was getting close, waves of hot and cold chills washing over her. She couldn’t hear anything over the blood rushing in her ears, her eyes still tightly shut so she could see him in her mind. She almost screamed when a warm, strong hand actually wrapped itself around her throat. “Hello, gorgeous” he murmured in her ear, supporting her weight and pulling her entire body against his solid length as her knees threatened to buckle, “no fair starting without me!”

He turned her around in his arms, her dazed glance noting his bags in a pile by the door and his clothes scattered along the few strides from the door to the shower, before she finally raised her eyes to meet his. She couldn’t find any words, but her eyes devoured his face, hands lifting to touch him, not completely sure she wasn’t still lost in fantasy. His eyes never left her face, his gaze hot and hungry, but a gently mocking smile crinkling the corners. “You don’t need a cold shower now, I’m here” he teased, at which point she realized the shower was freezing cold. “Jesus fuck!” she yelped, as seductresses do, scrambling to shut off the flow. When she turned from the tap, breathing hard, he was there with a warmed towel held open to engulf her. Caught between passion, shock, and delight, she laughed helplessly as he swept her up in his arms, wrapping hers around his neck and nuzzling him. She spared one thought for the tangled mess her hair would be, before he lowered her gently to the bed and paused a moment standing over her, tall and broad and finally REAL.

It was the last thought she had for some time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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