Beebe and Petey Ch. 07

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Jan, Dene and I were headed back to the beach in my sweet, almost new VW Bug. “Betty Bug” was a present from my parents as they moved from Corpus to California. Our family shared two cars, but that left me with none when they moved. Betty was the solution-she was used, but low mileage, still the current year and only $1300 to a family who was also being transferred. Betty was a great friend-she never complained, never balked and didn’t drink much!

Chad and Eddie Vu were already speaking Vietnamese to each other back home. It turned out the language they tried out on him at Bliss was Thai. Eddie was surprised at how much Thai Chad had learned in the short time he worked on it, and at how accurate his accent was. We left them to it and headed for the beach by way of Jan’s shop.

Dene and I told Jan last night about our performance on the ferry back from Padre Island. She offered to find something for Dene just as revealing as the undersized maillot I loaned her but way more comfortable. The store didn’t open on Sundays, so we had the place to ourselves. Dene found the perfect solution! It was a “monokini.” It was a skimpy bikini, but the top and bottoms were connected by a piece of fabric in the front that was perfectly contoured to her bush and treasure trail, then widened past her navel out to the sides or her top. The top fit her tits fine but it didn’t really much matter. The yellow material was a very light nylon and wasn’t lined. Jan said when it got wet, the top would be nearly transparent-sounded perfect for a little public play!

I decided to stay with my adjustable bikini, but then led Dene into the “back room” where all the toys lived. Dene went nuts! Jan gave her

$50 store credit and a list of the wholesale prices. (THAT was an eye-opener. Jan’s markups quadrupled most of her costs!) Dene grabbed a smallish soft-skinned, ribbed vibe and then started browsing. She was intrigued with a selection of strap-ons. I’d seen them, of course, and thought of Dene, but she’d never heard of them before. She picked one with a rubber dick that looked “just right” and dropped in her shopping bag! Paddles and whips caught her eye next. She looked at me, raised her eyebrow, gave a crooked little grin and selected a short, rectangular leather paddle. A “Venus Butterfly” went in next, and she rounded it out with three boxes of rubbers.

“Looks like you’re set for next semester, Dene!” I grinned at her.

“I’m set for TONIGHT, lover!” she grinned back.

“You want to get into your suits now?” Jan asked, “I’m going to.”

We stripped off in the back room, got into our suits and cover-ups and headed out for the ferry. Jan’s suit was the most modest, a one-piece, but had very high hips and a deep neckline that displayed plenty of cleavage. Jan and I were built about the same, so we needed some shaping bras to work up cleavage and Jan’s suit had what it took!

On the ferry and at the rail again, we looked at the possibilities. There weren’t many. The ferry out only had 3 cars, including ours, and the other two were families with young kids. We left our cover-ups unbuttoned but didn’t shed them and just enjoyed the ride over. As we got near the dock on Padre, Jan trailed us as we walked back to the car. She said Dene and I turned one poor daddy’s head far enough that he caught an elbow from his wife. We were talking and didn’t notice-good to know, though!

We drove Betty way down the beach again to where the three of us set up yesterday. We hadn’t talked about whether sex or even nudity was likely to break out this afternoon. Now that we were parked and pulling out beach towels and sun screen, I began to wonder. I hadn’t realized Jan enjoyed girls until last night when she admitted to a 3-way. I should have had a clue, I guess, from the very first conversation we had after Dene and I kissed, but I assumed she was a one-guy-at-a-time kind of woman. I knew there had been a fair string of them, but didn’t know about any girls. I wondered if she and Dene were a possibility. I felt a twinge of jealousy at the thought of sharing Dene with someone other than Chad.

“I’ve gotta see just how transparent this suit really gets!” Dene exclaimed, and headed for the surf.

“You two made me eager for skinny-dipping again,” Jan chimed in, “I’ve haven’t done that for years, and I can’t think of a better time or place!”

“I’m not going in yet,” I said. “I’m just going to stretch out in the sun for a bit.” I untied my bikini and stretched out on my stomach, luxuriating in the warm sun and gentle breeze.

In the waves, Dene’s suit might as well not have been there at all! It molded tightly to every curve and fold, and while it wasn’t quite as transparent as saran wrap, it left absolutely nothing hidden. The bottoms were lined, so they weren’t quite as revealing, but her tits were well-defined and her treasure trail was on full display under the midriff panel.

She and Jan began horsing around, splashing each other and then dunking and giving piggy back rides and playing like we did when we were kids. Of course Jan was nude, and Dene might as almanbahis well have been, so there was an erotic element to their play. As they wound down, they stood in waist deep surf and appeared to be giving Dene’s bikini top a critical review. Jan tugged here and there on it, then reached in adjusted Dene’s left boob inside the fabric and stood back. She turned Dene around, unhooked the top, slid it off, and reached around to massage her tits while hugging Dene from behind. Dene smiled, closed her eyes and leaned back into Jan. After a few minutes, I saw Jan’s hands slip down Dene’s abdomen and disappear below the waves. After a few more minutes Jan slid down past Dene’s waist, disappeared briefly below the water, then re-emerged holding Dene’s suit. The embraced face-to-face, kissed deeply and began walking to shore.

“You two seem to be getting along well!” I teased.

“Mmmmm. Yes!” Dene said. “Wanna join us?”

I just raised my eyebrow.

“Hey,” Dene said, “you OK?”

“Sure.” I said, without really meaning it.

“No you’re not,” Dene called me on my insincerity, “What gives?”

Jan sat down next to me.

“I don’t think Tiger and I are ready to get it on, Dene. And I’m wondering if maybe I’m poaching on her time with you.”

“That true, Petey?” Dene asked.

“It’s definitely true that I’m not ready to eat Jan’s pussy, or even French her, for that matter. I know I made you and Chad kiss, but I’m not ready for Jan. I’m still sorting through how I feel about the two of you getting into each other.”

“Mmm. Let me say this, lover: I don’t care who I end up with the rest of my life, I will ALWAYS be hungry for sex with you. ALWAYS. I’ll probably meet a guy, get married and have a family sometime, and I’ll probably fool around with guys and maybe girls once I’m back on campus. In fact, I’ll fill you in on a couple of things we haven’t had a chance to talk about yet along those lines, but you’re irreplaceable. I’ll never ever have somebody else instead of you, only in addition to you. You were my first, you’re the best, we’ve known each other forever and we’ll keep on knowing each other for the rest of time. Whoever I settle in with is going to have to understand going in that I’m going to keep on having sex with you as long as you want me. I love you, I love you, I love you. Deeply. And I always will, but seriously, we’re both going to end up living with someone else, aren’t we? You and Chad are practically married now, for God’s sake.” Then gently, she added: “If you want me to have sex with you now instead of Jan, I’m OK with that, but I’m horny as hell and somebody’s gonna have to eat my pussy in the very near future!”

I looked at Jan. “You’re pretty damn horny too, aren’t you?”

“Not horny enough to jump Dene unless you’re cheering me on. I mean it-just giving up and saying ‘go ahead’ really means ‘no’ to me. If you’re going to cheer us on then, yes, but otherwise, I’m just going back out and float around naked in the sunshine.”

I softened. What Dene said really moved me. It was absolutely true! We were going to have separate lives, and we were going to have sex with other people. I realized her declaration, that she and I were on top of the lover list and always would be, was what I was hoping for without even forming the thought yet.

“Go ahead, you two,” I said, smiling genuinely. I kissed Jan softly on the lips, then playfully twisted her nipple, stood and pulled her up and said: “Get in there! Can’t you see Dene’s in distress! Eat her up!!”

“My God, Tiger,” Jan said, “what an amazing woman you’ve become!”

She pulled me in tight for another full-contact hug, slid her hands down to cup my ass, pressed our cheeks together, then kissed my lips again before turning.

“Don’t let me cramp your style,” I said, grabbing my bikini. “I’m going for a walk.”

I left them in a standing embrace and walked back down the surf line the way we came in, my bikini hanging over my shoulder. The storm last night had left tons of detritus on the shore, including some great-looking conch shells, my favorite. I strolled slowly, lifting each new conch to examine it for chips or holes. I’d keep the best until a better one came along. I wasn’t sure how long I’d walked, but I began to see outlines of other cars far down the beach and thought this might be a good time to put my bikini back on. Impishly, I adjusted it for maximum exposure, hoping I’d get a chance to show off before long.

As I looked back down the beach, I realized there was a car coming toward me. It was still a long way off, but I thought I could make out a light bar on top. Crap. Beach patrol again! I couldn’t see Betty anymore and began jogging back toward our spot. As I looked back over my shoulder, it was clearly the shore patrol. I jogged closer to the inland dunes until the sand became too soft for good speed. As I swept around a curve, Betty came into sight and I was blocked from the Patrol’s view. I broke into an all-out sprint then and turned in just past the VW to see Jan kneeling behind Dene, fucking her like crazy with the almanbahis giriş new strap-on.

“Guys!” I gasped, “Beach Patrol, right behind me!” and sprinted back out to Betty. I popped the hood and got a coke out of the cooler and leaned as casually as I could against the door to sip it.

It was Dave and Tim from yesterday.

“Hi guys!” I greeted them. “Way better day today, isn’t it?”

“Sure is,” Dave replied, “and it’s supposed to hold all week like this. Looks like you’re still running! Is Chad around?”

“Yeah, I need to do it more. I can’t believe how much endurance I’ve lost since track was over. Chad’s at home. A friend is talking with him about his deployment.” I wasn’t going to give away the language thing-it seemed like it would invite more conversation than I wanted. “I’m here with Dene and my sister Jan.”

“Oh!” Tim’s eyes lit up, “Dene’s here?” He looked expectantly beyond the VW. While his head was turned, I checked his crotch. Yep-doing a little tent-building! I wondered if it was my adjusted bikini or the thought of seeing Dene’s tits pop out of her suit again that stiffened him up.

“Cool your jets horn-dog; let me see if she’s awake and decent. She and Jan were snoozing when I went for a run. She’s got a new suit, by the way, so she won’t embarrass you like yesterday.” He looked disappointed. I could barely contain a grin. Just wait.

I started around the mogul that hid them as Jan and Dene, now in their suits but looking a little flushed, came from the other direction. Dene’s suit had dried out, but her tit’s swayed and bounced provocatively under the thin fabric. Her partially erect areolas were on display.

“Hey, Kath, you’re back! Nice run?” Then, pretending to spot the patrol guys for the first time, she added: “I thought I heard voices! How are you guys today!”

“Pretty good,” answered Dave, “it’s a light crowd, there’s not much drinking-mostly families-and the weather is great! This is really a treat for November!”

We continued some light banter with them. Their eyes roamed from chest to chest-all 3 of us-as we talked. Tim’s eyes stayed mostly on Dene, though, and when he thought she was looking away, he scanned down to her hips and crotch-and the stray pubes escaping the bikini bottoms- before rising to linger again on her tits. Dene’s areolas were fully erect now, and faithfully outlined by the thin fabric. Mine were puckered too-I could feel them under my suit and wondered if my nipples were poking the fabric hard enough to make a show! The way Dave’s eyes lingered on them, I thought probably so.

“Well, this suit has never been in the water and I’m getting hot standing here. I’m going for a dip!” Dene declared, and turned toward the Gulf. “Do you guys keep swim suits in your car, or are you stuck in those uniforms all day?” Jan and I shared a quick glance. We knew damned well what the guys would see when Dene came back out of the water.

“Just the uniforms,” they said, sadly.

Dene wasn’t long. Jan and I pretended to be deeply engrossed in conversation with the guys, but from their stares we knew Dene was out of the water and walking toward us.

“Wow!” That felt great!” Dene exclaimed!

“Uh-good. Uh-yeah, a dip in the, uh, ocean is, uh, always refreshing.” Dave stammered.

“Maybe I’ll take a quick dip too,” Jan said and turned toward Dene.

“Good God, Dene!” Jan screamed in faux surprise, “That suit is completely transparent when it’s wet. C’mon-let’s get you a towel before you embarrass these guys to death!” and she grabbed Dene’s arm.

“Nooooo!” Tim shouted, probably louder that he wanted to, because he looked shocked when he said it.

“Tim?” Dene was squeezing her tits on the pretense of modesty.

“Sorrysorrysorrysorry” Tim stammered. “I just, well, I mean, um, you’re not um, embarrassing me or anything. You, um, you don’t need to go. Uh please?”

Dene just looked at him, raising her eyebrow.

“OK-Um, listen. Dene, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. I just can’t stop looking. I couldn’t wait to do the beach patrol again hoping I’d see you again. Please, we’re going to have to get back on patrol soon. Please, don’t cover up-and, um, yoywannagoouttonight?” he finished in almost a whisper.

“Tim, that’s really sweet. I’ve got to be honest, hon. I’m not going out with you. Tell me, though, have you ever eaten girl’s pussy?”

Where the hell was Dene headed with this?

“Um, no. I got to third base with Edie Alverez, but I never thought about, you know, kissing her down there.”

“Timmy, I think we need to advance your skills with girls. Are you game for letting me show you a few things?”

“Uh, sure?” Tim answered tentatively.

“I’ll make you a deal, Timmy,” Dene cooed, “If you can give me a good orgasm by eating my pussy, I’ll let you fuck my tits till you cum. And don’t worry, I’ll help you eat me juuuuuuust right.”

Tim’s eyes got as big as saucers. He looked at Dave for permission.

Dave shook his head in disbelief, but then said to Jan and me: “Let me show you almanbahis yeni giriş two a couple of things the tide brought in up the beach a way,” and led us off at a casual pace.

“So how long will it take ‘ol Tim to get Dene off?” Dave asked.

“Dunno, I said. “But if I had to guess, I’d say she’ll make him work for a half-hour or so. How long will it take Tim to pop?”

“I’d give him about 10 seconds, given what he thinks about Dene’s tits. I’m having a hard time believing Chad’s little sister talking and acting like that!” Dave said. “Does Chad know?”

“Must be college life,” I said, ignoring the question about Chad. “Don’t think I’d mention it to Chad, though. And on the subject, you should probably put some fear into Tim about gossiping or bragging. Chad was at the top of his unit in hand-to-hand.”

“Good advice.” Dave responded.

“How were you staying so cool, Dave?” Jan asked.

“It’s an act,” Dave said. “All three of you are red hot. If my girlfriend hadn’t already screwed me twice this morning, I’d have more than this pathetic semi. Plus, I have a lot more sense that to screw Chad’s little sister or his girl. You’re lookin’ pretty good, Jan, but you’re WAAAYY out of my league.”

“Do you suppose they’d mind if we headed back to watch the finale?” I asked.

“I’m betting Tim won’t have any idea we’re even there!” Dave answered. “But are you sure Dene won’t mind?”

“Well, my bet is that Dene is counting on us to come back so we can enjoy the show,” I replied. And we turned around.

I checked my watch. We had indeed been walking for a half hour. As we rounded the last mogul, we saw that Dene was nude, sprawled on her back on the hood of the cruiser while Tim, also nude, had his head buried between her legs and was shaking it back and forth. He had his right hand tucked up under his chin and my only curiosity was how many fingers he had up Dene’s pussy. Dene spotted us and waved, holding a finger to her lips to keep us quiet. What an exhibitionist she was getting to be!!

“OK, hon, now suck my clit into your lips and flip the hell out of it with your tongue,” Dene commanded. “Oooooooo, YES! Just like THAAAAAT!”

Dave’s eyes were glued on the scene in front of us. Dene’s tits rolled and shook on her chest as she gripped Tim’s head and pulled it into her. Her eyes closed and her face was pinched in ecstasy-I knew she didn’t have long!

While Dene’s performance was holding Dave’s rapt attention, Jan hugged him from behind. His “pathetic semi” wasn’t pathetic or semi anymore! It strained against his uniform slacks and Jan took pity, rubbing him through the fabric. Dave’s eyes widened and rolled up toward the sky.

Dene saw what was happening with Jan and Dave and relaxed her grip on Tim’s head, commanding him: “I’m so close, Tim, so close, but I’m still not ready. Take your fingers out, slide your hands under my ass and just use your tongue really gently on my pussy lips for a while. Thaaat’s it-nice. And sloooooow. And eeeeeeeeasy. Good boy. Good boy-just like that.” Still out of Tim’s line of sight, she motioned toward Dave’s erection, then sucked her fingers, then pointed back at Dave’s crotch and Jan. She clearly meat she wanted to see Jan suck him off. Jan shook her head, but unzipped Dave’s slacks, reached in his underwear and pulled his cock free from its fabric prison. She gently sucked his earlobe and kissed his neck as she began stroking his dick.

Dave threw Dene and me a worried glance, then stared at Tim. I gathered that while he had no problem watching Tim eat Dene, he had no interest in Tim watching HIM. Or maybe he was protecting Jan. Anyway, I figured we needed to get him off ahead of Dene. I drew the line at playing with another guy so Jan was on her own, but I caught Dave’s eye and began a slow, sensuous show for him as Jan continued to stroke his dick. I licked two fingers and slowly brought them down to my chest. Ever so deliberately, I moved them under my bikini top and played with my nipple, briefly closing my eyes then looking straight into Dave’s. I ran the tip of my tongue slowly around my lips. In slow motion, I pulled the fabric of my bikini away from my left breast and rolled my very erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I closed my eyes again and shuddered, then resumed my direct gaze into Dave’s eyes. I untied the strings behind my neck and let the top fall exposing both tits and then used both hands to cup and squeeze them, pinching my nipples over and over. Jan lowered her top too and moved around beside Dave so that her bare tits and stiff nipples were brushing his back and bare arm. Dave’s eyes were still riveted on me! I could scarcely believe I had torn his attention from Dene’s chest, but the realization made me even hornier, and very, very wet. I inched one flattened palm down my abdomen, slipping just my finger tips under the bikini bottoms, then back out, then back down. Finally, I plunged my hand all the way down, and slipped first one, then two fingers up my pussy. My eyes widened in delight at the sensation as they held Dave’s stare for just a moment before he zeroed in my crotch. The fabric slipped to the side, revealing my fingers furiously pumping in and out of my pussy. I’m surprised the slurppy finger fucking sounds didn’t break Tim’s attention. The surf must have covered it up.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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