Bedding the Babysitter Ch. 07

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Summary: Cheerleader confrontation; Governor Daphne Greene flashback.

A summary of the first six parts:

Part 1: Eighteen-year-old Jenny is a shy, curious babysitter who is pulled into the lesbian lifestyle by her pretty, seductive neighbor and employer, Megan.

Part 2: Jenny is taken out for a makeover where she meets her high school crush (cheerleader Karen) and ends up at a lesbian club (Le Château) where she accepts unconditionally that she is a submissive lesbian.

Part 3: Jenny, now also a sub to cheerleading captain Karen, ends up becoming popular, sets new fashions with her thigh high stockings fetish, starts seducing a female teacher and serves as the pet for a group of cheerleaders at a retreat.

Part 4: Jenny completes her seduction of her pretty teacher.

Part 5: Returning home, Jenny walks in on her Mom who has submitted to Karen. Shocked, Jenny listens to how her mother became a sub just like her.

Part 6: Jenny goes on her first lesbian date with Ashley, another cheerleader…who unlike Karen, is not a Domme.

Note 1: As always, a great thanks to MAB7991, Robert and goamz86. A new rewrite was done in May 2018 with an edit by Tex Beethoven.

Note 2: Of course all participants are at least eighteen years old.


The Sunday evening I’d walked in on Mom on her knees pleasuring my Mistress was a bizarre ending to the most bizarre weekend of my life.

It had started with a cheerleader lesbian orgy the previous Friday evening, continued with my seduction of my favorite teacher Sunday afternoon, followed by the stunning revelation of my mother submitting to my teenage Mistress Karen (not the one being pleasured by my Mom right now, Mistress Megan is in her thirties) and had finished, or so I thought, with a movie date with Ashley and a very intimate rendezvous in her bedroom. I’d found the sight of Mom pleasuring Mistress Karen shocking because of how humiliating that was for Mom and me; now I found the sight of her pleasuring Mistress Megan heartwarming because I knew how good about herself she’d be feeling right now.

Mistress Megan asked casually, as if my mother weren’t between her legs licking her pussy, “How was your date, my dear?”

I stammered, still coming to grips with yet another twist in my life which just a couple of weeks ago was about as mundane as a teenage life could possibly be, “It-it-it was good.”

“Only good?” she smiled, already very accurate in reading my expressions.

Unable to contain my excitement, I admitted beaming, “No, it was amazing!”

“Good,” Megan smiled. “Now you look exhausted, so off to bed with you my dear, we’ll talk about this whole new development tomorrow.”

She was right: my body and mind were in comatose mode; I agreed, “Yes, Mistress.” As I headed upstairs, I paused, “Good night, Mom.”

Mom popped her head up from between Megan’s legs and answered, her eyes making contact with mine with a look screaming sorry, yet her voice was happy and I was glad for her, “Good night, dear.”

I didn’t have to respond to her apologetic look, just to the contented tone in her voice as I said, not cheekily but sincerely, “Have fun, you two,” and trudged upstairs. In my bedroom, exhaustion hit instantly and I collapsed on my bed, numb with pleasure and confusion as I fell asleep with no difficulty.

I woke up the next morning and a feeling of warmth washed over me as I remembered the sweet intimacy followed by raw sexual lust with Ashley. Was Ashley really my girlfriend? Did I have a girlfriend? I rolled over, grabbed my phone from the nightstand and re-read the last text from her.


I can’t wait!! I really LOVE spending time with you and YES you ARE my girlfriend.

I had a girlfriend! Yet I also had two Mistresses and a Mom who was struggling through her own one-day-old sexual identity crisis. As I bathed in the afterglow (but part of it shattered wreckage) of last night’s memories, one after another came flooding back.

Had Mom really submitted to Mistress Megan last night? Had Mom really submitted to Karen yesterday afternoon? Was Mom now a submissive lesbian just like me? All those answers seemed to be Yes. As the craziness of yesterday continued to come back to me, I also recalled seducing Miss Morgan yesterday as well. Had all that happened in one day? I had seduced and pleasured Miss Morgan, Mom had submitted to Karen, Ashley and I had our date followed by an intense quickie at her house just before her parents arrived downstairs, oblivious to the fact that I had just licked and eventually fisted their daughter to orgasm. Finally, I’d come home to find bahis firmaları Mom submitting to Megan. It sounded like a poorly written porn movie, but that was the reality of my Sassy Sunday…I could only wonder what Stormy Monday had in store for me.

I was just beginning to struggle out of bed when Karen burst into my room. “Get up, slut!”

I was surprised to see Karen dressed not in her usual cheerleader’s outfit, but in a white blouse, plaid skirt and dark pantyhose, the typical schoolgirls’ uniform for everyone who wasn’t a cheerleader or a PomPom. The only part that wasn’t typical was that the plaid woolen skirt was scandalously short. (Principal Percival Parker didn’t enforce the part of the dress code about skirts being knee-length at all well, surprise surprise.)

I still hadn’t come to grips with her seducing and domming my mother, even though she’d been telling me all week she was going to do it. I just couldn’t fathom my mom as a lesbian, never mind a submissive lesbian to the same teenager who just happened to be her daughter’s friend and Mistress too.

I didn’t even have time to respond and was sitting up stretching my arms when she demanded, “Why didn’t you answer my calls and texts last night?”

“I was on a date, remember?” I answered.

“You understand I’m going to punish you for such disobedience,” she threatened, brooking no excuses.

Her threat should have scared me, but after not getting to come last night after all the buildup, the idea of some sort of sexual submission had my pussy tingling. I assumed she didn’t know about Mom and Megan, which I most certainly wasn’t going to tell her. “Yes, Mistress,” I answered simply.

“Good, now go shower so you can tell me all the juicy details of your date with Ashley,” she ordered.

I went and took a long, hot shower as I delayed giving Karen the details of my first-ever date; she’d most likely do her best to trivialize or taint the special night.

When I returned to my bedroom there was an identical schoolgirls’ outfit laid out for me, except I had thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose (meaning unlike Karen’s, my tops would show most of the time). I sighed but understood the expectations. A couple weeks ago there was no way I would have even considered wearing such a provocative outfit to school or anywhere for that matter, yet now it didn’t faze me in the least. I was beginning to like the attention, breaking the old nerd stereotypes and nose-in-the-air judging of me.

I got dressed in the outfit and sighed again as I noticed that yes, when I was just standing, people couldn’t see the top of my stockings, but as soon as I moved at all, and definitely when I sat down, my silk stocking tops could be seen by anyone even remotely paying attention. I should have been ashamed or nervous, yet the idea kind of turned me on. After a lifetime of not being noticed, it was quite exhilarating to be the centre of attention.

I walked down the stairs and was worried I’d find Karen and Mom in some sort of sexual act and was thankful when I found Karen just having a glass of milk.

As if reading my mind, she explained, “Don’t worry my pet, Mistress Megan has declared your Mom off limits.”

“She has? ” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, our Mistress has taken your mother under her wing,” Karen continued, before adding, “That being said, the same can’t be said for you, my slut.”

“Sorry, Mistress Karen,” I apologized, trying to explain, “It was our first date so I shut my phone off.”

Standing up, Karen explained, “You will always be on call for me, is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed.

“Good, let’s get going,” she instructed, “I’m dying to hear about this date of yours.”

Telling her about it felt like a betrayal of Ashley, yet I knew I had no choice. During the drive, I told Karen about the date and our brief intimacy at Ashley’s house, but left out the fisting part: that was too special to share and allow her to cheapen it.

Karen asked, “So are you two a couple?”

“I don’t know. We want to be,” I admitted, “but we’re not sure we’re ready to be outed yet.”

“Good call,” Karen nodded as we reached the school parking lot. “I have no problem if you and Ashley play or date, as long as you understand you’re still my submissive.”

“Of course, Mistress,” I agreed.

“And I think you and Ashley should keep it a secret at school for now,” Karen said as she unbuckled her seat belt. “High school girls can be ruthless.”

“I agree,” I concurred.

Once outside, Karen asked, “Ready for your punishment?”

I smiled, “Not really.” She knew I was teasing and would obey her.

“Brat,” Karen laughed.

“Your brat,” I retorted playfully.

“Do you like your outfit?” Karen asked.

“It’s rather revealing,” I answered.

“That it is,” Karen smiled, as we headed towards the school buildings.

We kaçak iddaa were about to go our separate ways when Karen leaned in to my ear and whispered, “I expect you to tell Miss Morgan that you loved eating her cunt.”

“Okay,” I said, tentatively, although that seemed like a pretty tame punishment.

“And I want you to obey every order Sabrina gives you today,” she added.

“Oh,” I said crestfallen.

“She’s my sub too now, but after punishing her thoroughly Saturday night I informed her she could remain my number two,” Karen said.

“I see,” I answered, distracted by her order. Sabrina was the one cheerleader I disliked, and the feeling was mutual.

“Should I make that a week?” she threatened, noticing my hesitation.

“No, Mistress,” I sighed softly, “I will obey, of course.”

“Good girl,” she smiled, before adding, “speak of the devil.”

I turned around and saw Sabrina, also dressed in an identical school girl outfit to mine, including similar thigh high stockings, walking towards us, a big smile on her face.

“Hello, Jenny,” she grinned smugly, reaching us.

Just then my cell phone rang. I looked at Karen, who nodded I could answer it. The number was private and I answered, “Hello?”

“Is this Jenny Wyatt?” a voice asked.

“Yes,” I replied, not recognizing the voice.

“Please hold for Governor Greene,” the voice instructed me.

“O-o-okay,” I stammered, stunned by who was on the line.

“Who is it?” Karen asked.

“Governor Greene,” I answered, realizing Karen knew nothing of my rendezvous with Governor Greene back at Le Chateau Club and all that had happened after she’d whisked me away.

“Sure it is,” Sabrina said, her tone snarky.

“Seriously?” Karen asked, less doubtful and more curious. She knew Megan had connections.

I nodded ‘yesy just as the Governor spoke. “Hi, Jenny.”

“Hi, Governor,” I replied, still feeling surreal that I was talking to her on the phone even as I flashed back to my magic night with her the weekend before last.

After leaving Megan at the club, I was escorted to a limo where Governor Greene was already waiting.

Once inside, she offered me a glass of wine and proposed, “A toast.”

“To what?” I asked shyly, accepting the wine glass.

“To new friendships,” she smiled, so warm and gracious.

“To new friendships,” I agreed, as our glasses clinked.

I sipped my wine nervously as the limo drove away. The past couple of days had been overwhelming, but being in a limo with our state’s governor, a woman I adored as a role model, was surreal…especially since I was pretty confident I was going to have sex with her not too long from now.

“Are you nervous, my dear?” she asked a moment later.

“A little,” I said.

“Only a little?” she pressed with a disarming smile.

“Okay, a lot then,” I laughed, already very comfortable with her.

Her hand went to my leg; it was so warm it sent chills up my back as well as icicling straight to my pussy.

“My friend Megan has told me a lot about you my dear, and I would love to get to know you better,” she continued.

“Okay,” I agreed, all my five-dollar words having been apparently withdrawn from my brain.

She laughed, “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“No, of course not, Governor Greene,” I replied, trying to make a joke: “I hobnob with my feminist idols all the time.”

“Touché. Please call me Daphne,” she giggled (yes, actually giggled, believe it or not), her fingers making the smallest movements on my leg.

“O-O-Okay, D-daphne,” I agreed, again sounding like a high school dropout.

“So, you are just recently coming to grips with your sexuality,” she said.

“Yes Governor, I mean Daphne,” I replied.

“You don’t sound very sure,” she said, not accusing, just gently drawing me out, but her hand a constant distraction.

“I’m pretty sure of the part about being a lesbian, but not at all sure about the coming to grips and what it all means part; it’s all really new to me,” I admitted. “I mean I knew I liked girls in theory, but theory has become reality in a pretty big way last night and tonight.”

“It is a lot to take in, my dear,” she smiled sympathetically.

“I’m not complaining,” I giggled like the school girl I was.

“Nor am I,” she countered, leaning in and kissing me.

I couldn’t believe I was being kissed by the world’s greatest feminist and kaçak bahis Governor of my state! I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to let go and enjoy the moment. The kiss started soft and tender but slowly escalated to a more urgent raw passion. Our tongues explored as if we were in a cave without any light source. Eventually she broke the kiss and smiled, “You have such soft lips, my pet.”

“Thanks,” I blushed at the compliment and the endearing pet designation.

“Are your other lips as soft?” she asked with a sly smile.

“I-I-I don’t know,” I stammered, surprised by her naughty innuendo. “Mistress Megan hasn’t said.”

“Well, only one way to find out,” she said, as she pushed me gently against the back of the seat and lowered herself between my legs.

I stared, unable to believe that one of my feminist idols was about to go down on me voluntarily. She hadn’t asked my permission, but I wouldn’t want her to.

“Thigh highs,” she commented. “Very, very sexy, my pet.”

“T-t-thanks,” I barely got out as I felt her hot breath on my thigh.

“And going commando, you really are a deceivingly naughty little girl,” she purred, her head going directly to my fevered, recently-shaved-for the-first-time pussy.

“I aim to please,” I got out, trying to be playful and then cursing myself when I realized how lame I sounded.

“Oh trust me, I aim to find out exactly how true that is, my pet,” she replied, before her tongue made contact with my pussy lips.

“Ooooh, God,” I moaned on contact, the crazy submission to Big Rosie at the club having kept me near orgasmic bliss all night.

The next couple of minutes were pure ecstasy as she pleasured my pussy in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined before. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once: on my clit, teasing my pussy lips and somehow inside me, too. My orgasm having been building steadily ever since she began pleasuring me, it was only a matter of time before I reached rapture. And when it came, my whole body trembled as I screamed, “Oh-oh-oh-oh-yeeeeeeees, I’m comiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

My whole body was throbbing with pleasure as I allowed my orgasm to run its course through me as Daphne graciously lapped up my freely flowing juices. (I probably keep saying that word, but everything about this icon was gracious, even more so than Megan!)

Eventually the glorious moment ended as Daphne moved from between my legs, moved up to me and kissed me. Her tongue darted into my mouth and I was utterly hers.

Breaking the kiss, she purred, “You taste delicious, Jenny and yes, your other lips are like saturated velvet.”

I blushed at the unique compliment from a woman I admired profusely. “T-t-thanks,” I stammered, still feeling this was all a dream.

She returned to her seat and said, “We’ll be home in a couple of minutes, my pet.”

“Okay,” I agreed, ready to go anywhere with her. Looking at my hero, her face shiny with my cum, was so surreal and yet, undeniably it was all really happening.

“What are you thinking?” she asked, demurely.

“I can’t believe what just happened. You’re my hero,” I explained.

“Am I still?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I’ve worshipped you for years, and I still do now,” I paused, surprised by my suddenly brazen thought, “And tonight I hope to worship you unconditionally.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred, giving me another affectionate kiss, which only got me more excited. “You really are the most adorable little thing ever.”

“Thank you,” I said.

The limo glided to a stop and a moment later the driver opened the door for us.

“Come, my pet, our night has just begun,” she smiled.

I followed her out of the car and electricity coursed through my veins when she took my hand like we were sweethearts and led me towards her mansion.

The door was opened just before we reached it by a very pretty black woman in a maid’s outfit. “Good evening, Governor.”

“Good evening, Layla,” the Governor responded. “Can you please bring a bottle of Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon and a couple of wine glasses to my room?”

“Of course, Governor,” the maid nodded and left.

Daphne led me upstairs and directly to what was obviously her bedroom…although hers was bigger than my entire house. She led me directly to the bed, smiled and said, “You’re so beautiful.”

I blushed again, such compliments not something I was used to.

Sensing this, she continued, as she kissed my neck, “Let me guess, you dress very conservatively at school, don’t you?”

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