Beautiful Mrs. Chello

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Mrs. Chello was this beautiful, old lady who lived at the end of the street and was one of my favorite stops on my paper route. In the winter, she’d always let me come in and hang out; in fact, she insisted on it. I felt bad for her because she was all alone.

Every time I came to the door, she would smile, open the door, and let me in. One of my fondest memories of her is of her huge boobs. She had tits like Seka the porn star and her face and hair was just like Candy Samples- grey and up in a beehive. She was pretty for an old lady, but what touched me the most was how she looked forward to seeing me. She would wrap me up in a hug and press her huge tits against me.

I’d take off my boots and she was so nice to me, she would share her roll-up cigarettes with me. We would puff on our cigs together, and from time to time I would try to sneak peeks up her housecoat I liked so much. I was so turned on by her because she was a bigger lady just like Candy Samples, and I loved to jerk off to both her and Seka.

Well, there was one time where, after we finished our cigarettes, I was working on putting my boots back on when she caught me staring up her gown. I shyly turned away, embarrassed, as she lit up another smoke and smiled before stepping closer towards me, hiking up the front of her dress. I was shocked by the sight of her old, fat thighs and grey haired bush. I could see her pink cunt lips and as she backed away, my thick, hard cock wanted nothing more than to be inside that grey haired pussy. I felt my dick harden so fast, I closed my eyes and thought of my favorite porn stars. I watched her take one more puff off the cig and blow smoke from those pretty, wrinkled lips, and thought to myself, ‘She’s way older than Candy Samples, but I want my cock in her mouth!’

I asked her, “Can I shoot birds in your yard later?” Us guys used our BB guns on anything, and she lived next to this wide-open field.

She smiled, “Oh, of course honey. Ya come show me what you shoot.”

I smiled at this huge-titted beauty and she hugged me so hard, I didn’t want her to let go. I ran out the door and couldn’t stop thinking of this sexy granny/Candy Samples and that hairy grey cunt of hers; I wanted to jack off, but it was too cold outside, so I finished my paper route and rushed home. Once there, I threw on my snowmobile suit and grabbed my Daisy 880 BB gun and ran back to Mrs. Chello’s yard.

I wasn’t out there long, nailing two blackbirds and a red-winged blackbird. I knocked on the door and she sees my birds in my hand.

“Hey hunter, you’re a good shot,” she says with a smile on her face. She looked so proud of me in that moment, rifle in one hand, birds in the other, she let me in and took the birds.

“What are you going to do with them,” I asked her.

“Eat them. In Germany, we baked them in wine.” I was in shock as she went on, “Times are hard. I don’t have much.”

That’s when it hit me. My tears welled up in my eyes like they are now, as I realized this beautiful woman who is always so nice to me is starving. I wanted to cry.

“It’s okay, honey. What’s wrong?”

“This is wrong. You’re so kind and nice to me. I’m not letting you go hungry.”

Before she has a chance to say or do anything, I bolt for the door and sprint home, crashing through the front door. I grab a paper bag and start filling it, crying all the while.

My mom walks in and sees what I’m doing. “David, what hatay escort are you doing?”

I love my mom so much, and I tell her about Mrs. Chello. “It’s winter, and she has no food and nobody to take care of her. I shot three birds and she took them from me so she could have something to eat.”

My mom sees the sadness in my eyes as I stuff canned goods into the paper bag. “Let me help,” she says, and together we fill up a box with canned goods, some meat from the freezer, and a bottle of tequila from Mexico that nobody drank.

I took the package of goods to my old, pretty friend and bang on the door. She opens it up and she lights up like the sun.

“What’s this,” she asks, taking the package from my hands. I smile, simply staring into her tired blue eyes, taking in the sight of her blue eye shadow and mascara. “Thank you, you sweet man. You’re wonderful.”

I break myself free of my trance. “I stole it for you. I’m going to take care of you.”

She grabs me so hard I can barely breathe. I wrap my arms around her and let my hands fall to her huge asscheeks as we embrace for a moment. We walk into her kitchen together and she pulls out the bottle of tequila and does this cool little dance with a smile stretching from ear to ear. It’s as if she just won the lottery, she’s dancing and singing in German; my heart skips a beat and the butterflies in my stomach start swirling. There’s something about her that makes me want her to be my girlfriend.

She turned to me, “Let’s drink, and eat, and be happy David,” as she grabbed two glasses and a pair of her rolled cigarettes. Instead of pouring her drink into the glass, she puts her lips to the bottle and starts gulping it down before putting both cigs in her mouth and lighting them.

“Wow, that’s cool, honey,” I tell her as she passes me the lit cig and pours some of the tequila in a glass for me. I puff on the cig, take a few sips of the tequila and watch as she slams hers back in one gulp. I take off my boots as she runs over with her smoke between her fingers, pure happiness flooding her tired, beautiful blue eyes, spinning in drunken circles. She’s spinning so quickly her gown lifts up and I can see her grey haired pussy and fat asscheeks jiggle. She keeps on dancing and singing in German when the booze blind sides me. The room starts spinning as I take off my snowsuit and wet pants and start to dance with my happy drunk girlfriend. She finishes off the bottle and I pound back my third glass before falling on the couch, absolutely wasted.

“Come with me,” she says, reaching for my arm, “come now.” I get off the couch and follow this sexy, heavy old lady into her bedroom and the liquid courage takes over.

“You’re so beautiful. I want you to be my girlfriend,” I tell her, and she just cackles like an animal. She lays back on the bed and I waste no time jumping on her. “Look what you did,” I tell her, pulling out my big, hard cock. I’m so drunk, I giggle, having not a care in the world or shred of fear. She stares at my swollen manhood as her mouth falls open; she smiles and says something in German.

“You big one,” she says, but her accent makes it sound like ‘beeg’ as she kisses my cum leaking head. I grab one of her huge tits and I’m surprised by how soft they are as she swallows my cock whole. I feel electricity flow into my prick as I shove myself further into her mouth, the scent of the booze on her breath hanging escort hatay in the air as she gags on my hard cock.

I pull back and tell her, “You’re my girlfriend. All my girlfriends smoke cigs when they do this.”

She laughs again, “Who?”

“Blanca, Tori, Aunt Micky,” I tell her.

She laughs like a hyena and shakes her head, “You have big one, I smoke for you.”

True to her word, she lights up a cigarette and blows the smoke away from me. “No, blow it on this,” I tell her, pointing my cock towards her lips. Just to show her who’s the dominant one, I force it between her wrinkly lips.

“Yes, yes,” she moans, pulling me from her mouth to puff on the cigarette and blows the hot smoke on my throbbing thick cock.

“Yes, oh God, I love you,” I moans, as she smiles and strips off the gown. The booze really kicks in and she looks exactly like Candy Samples as she sucks my hard, dark dick faster; I lean back and enjoy the sight of the pinkest nipples I have ever seen.

I pulled my wet dick from her mouth and said, “Now it’s my turn. Smoke while I kiss you.” I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back so hard I could feel her booze and smoke flavored dance with my own and fireworks go off through my body. I moved myself lower, kissing her huge tits and sucking on her huge nipples.

“Oh baby, you good,” she moaned as I kept licking my way lower, dragging my tongue down her large white belly. I playfully stick my tongue in her belly button and she giggles again which makes my heart skip a beat. I can’t believe that I have my own Candy Samples in Mrs. Chello, and how liquor can help my courage.

I smell her musky love scent and her hands are playing in my hair as I lick her grey-haired wet slit, my eyes staring at her pretty pink cunt lips. I take the plunge, using my tongue to skewer her greying beaver as she grips my head.

“Ooh, yes, you do to me,” she moans, her eyes glazing over in carnal ecstasy as she smokes and gazes over her huge, pink nippled tits with erect nipples. She lets the warm smoke from her wet cock sucker lips as I suck on her clit like Blanca showed me. She bucks against me as I ease back from her hood and ram it back up her dripping cunt hole and start tongue fucking her hot sex with drunken lust. She puts the cigarette out as I start venturing south and see her pink asshole. I lay a kiss upon her ass hole and take a whiff and find myself further intoxicated by her scent. I eagerly want her to feel my tongue deep inside her grey haired, pink asshole, so I trace this long grey hair with my tongue around her pinkness before ramming it up her backdoor.

“Oh shit, oh yesss,” she moaned as I tongue fucked her ass hole just like Joy’s husband did. She started thrashing around on the bed, spreading her beautiful, bleach white thighs wide open so I could stick my wet, wild tongue deeper in her ass. I kicked things up a notch by reaching up and finger fucking her hairy cunt with my tongue still buried in her ass.

She started moaning louder and shaking when I moan, “Oh, Candy.”

“I sweet,” she said. I open my eyes and realize I said the wrong name. I didn’t stumble over my error; actually, I picked up the pace, spearing her pink asshole with my tongue as she grabs another cig. My personal Candy Samples, my old porn star, lights up and puffs on the cigarette as I work on her ass and slam two fingers in between her sexy pink pussy lips.

She hatay escort bayan started yelling out so loud, I got frightened. “Yes honey, I cum, I cum, you so good,” followed by a few words in her native German. I began grinding the mattress with my hard, dark cock, the erection so stiff it hurt as her climax hits, spraying my face with hot pussy juice. I keep my fingers pistoning into her as I pull my tongue from her ass and lap up the sweet cream from her hairy pink love hole. Her musky scent grows stronger and I breathe in my new girlfriend’s hot fuck hole. I notice after she stops shaking her smoke is out and her eyes are closed. I watch her tummy rise and fall with labored breaths and I see she has hairy armpits. I love hippy chicks and women with hair, so I jump on her and start kissing her wrinkly, smoking lips.

She giggles, “You crazy,” and wraps her arms around me, pressing her huge tits against me.

I grab my thick, dark cock and push my mushroom head to her wet, cum dripping cunt lips and take her by surprise. I push inch after thick inch deep into her old wet pussy, moaning as I feel the heat from her hairy sex cover my shaft. I bury myself all the way to the hilt inside her tight grey haired cunt.

She gasped from the feeling, “Ooh, shit, you so big, I love you.”

I fuck my huge, young cock deep into my old Candy Samples grey cunt as she spreads those fat, white thighs and wraps her old legs around me, pulling me in deeper. Her old, wet twat surrounds me, taking all of me in and I start fucking her harder and harder. Her huge tits bounced up and down, slapping her in the chin with every thrust.

“Uh, uh,” she chants with each stroke of my swollen shaft. “Fuck me cunt. I love you, I cum, I cum, awiee, awiee!”

I pound her old, cum leaking pussy, and it feels so good I’m ready to explode. I hump her wet, burning hot, pink cunt harder and feel the hot, fertile cum shoot into her beautiful old cunt, jet after hot jet of sperm flows into her as shivers run up my spine. She grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me deeper inside and grinds her clit against me as my cum fills her womb and leaves me sweating.

“You mine. You so big, I cum. I cum now, oh shit, fuck me,” she moans, raking her nails against my skin as her pussy explodes and floods my young, dark cum slinger with her nectar of lust.

I fall on top of her and manage to keep myself wedged deep between her legs inside her safe, hot cumhole. She looks down and sees our cum blending together, spreading out from our tangled legs and soaking into the sheets and kisses me with such passion that I can’t breath. My tongue tastes the tequila, the cigarette smoke, and her very own flavor as we explore each other’s mouths. I fall on my back and wonder, did she wet the bed…or is that our sticky mess of cum?

“You vant a smoke,” she asks, her face aglow with pleasure as her German accent takes over. I’m bedraggled, unable to speak as I try to catch my breath, so I nod and watch as she lights a pair of cigarettes at the same time. I start at her hairy armpits and watch her wet cocksucker lips quiver and release the smoke as she passes off the other to me. I’m able to grasp it weakly and enjoy the flavor as we burn through our tobacco in bed together. I’m so happy and excited, not to mention exhausted, we fall asleep together, my head resting on her huge breasts and her arm wrapped around me.

I will forever be attracted to older women thanks to Mrs. Chello and I end up fucking a few of my friend’s moms as I got odler. I can always appreciate a mature lady who knows what she wants and I have no problem giving that to her. God bless you sexy, mature ladies, and keep smoking for me!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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