Beating the Curfew from Kihumbu-ini

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I watched his cock dripping with his semen (and some of my own juices, to be completely honest) after he had been giving me the most sensuous pleasure imaginable. I considered myself very fortunate in finding Jeff. He is the first man I could send an SMS that I wanted him and he would make the journey to come to me without making a fuss about being “told what to do by a woman.” This afternoon he arrived with a funny expression on his face.

“What is the matter, Jeff?” I asked him in some alarm.

He did not immediately tell me but he hugged me in that delicious way he has that tells me how much he treasures me. “I had so missed you. Why didn’t you ring earlier? I was expecting your call last weekend?”

“I am sorry I thought you said you were going to Kisumu. Was it last or next weekend?”

“You are almost right. It is next.” His politeness never failed him. It made my heart swell with pride.

When he told me he loved me with all his being I could believe him, seeing his dedication to me. In return, I never made unreasonable demands of him, like wanting him to come right away, without giving him time to prepare himself. We always worked out the best time for him to come to Kihumbu-ini and it is not as if negotiating took such a long time.

I could usually tell when I was going to be very horny, quite often days in advance. It had even got to the point that I could beckon him casino şirketleri without preamble, without his taking offense.

My previous boyfriend was very good in many ways but he accused me, very unreasonably I thought, of being selfish and only thinking of myself. He charged that we made love only when I needed to. These arguments led to our estrangement last year. He has been trying to coax me to take him back but I have no appetite for him any more. Jeff does very well for me.

That cock, which I have come to think of being mine, was covered in our juices of union. Although I had come more than twice this afternoon, I knew he had not had enough, and he would want more before he had to leave for home. It was understood that he could not spend the night as is usual. He had a meeting with his project managers in the morning. He tells me that the meetings start at 6am and by 8am they are done, so that each can go off to their normal duties. So he has to leave tonight.

He fell upon my boobs as always making chewing movements of his jaw, lightly biting my nipples. In no time at all he had me sky-high again with desire. He did the same to the other boob, making me almost desperate with lust. I wanted him inside me urgently. Next he brought his mouth to my cunt and ate me like a glutton. He opened up my slit with his long tongue, sliding along on my juices all the way near my asshole. He came casino firmaları up, but now rolled it like a mini cock, pushed it into my hole, bringing a scream from my throat. On his next stroke he nudged my clit this way and that. I knew he would soon draw the whole clit into his warm mouth This had the power to take me to orgasm very quickly. As it did on this occasion, too. We lay together nursing on each other, as if he were in no hurry to go anywhere.

Then he moved into position to give me his wonderful cock. He had a way of butting my clit with his helmet, then nudging it a few times. I had hardly had time to climb down from my heights, yet he was sending me up into the clouds again. A few of these and I was so eager for the cock to enter and fill me up. As if he were a mind reader, he lifted himself a little and, without touching it, guided the cock to my hole. He sank in. There is no feeling to compare with that of a cock being buried inside. We stopped for a few heartbeats enjoying that union. Then I signaled that he could start pumping me. Gently at first he pushed it all the way in and drew partially out. Again and again. This was even better than his entry. I could feel his nut rubbing against the sides of my channel deep inside. Then I felt him go deeper, bumping into my cervix. The sensations were out of this world. He pulled back and came in right to that cervical entrance. When he tickled it güvenilir casino the third time I was no proof against the climax that seized me, starting from the lower belly and spreading throughout my body like a corona virus. My legs stiffened, my arms grabbed his neck and held him so tight I might have been strangling him. The deep moan coming from him could have been because of lack of air, but I felt his hot jism shooting into my insides, as he too came. This speed was different from his usual leisurely pace; it felt like a track event!

This sense of urgency was underlined by the dusk to dawn curfew on the whole country due to the contagion; we were at war with an unseen enemy who had taken many hundreds of thousands to their death all over the world.

After we had cleaned ourselves up we sat down to a meal I had made specially with him in mind. He enjoyed it all down to the last morsel.

Then really had to leave if he were not to miss the last bus. He was very good at sending SMS messages, which he fired into my inbox, telling me how far he had got. When he reached Murang’a town it was almost 5:30. I feared that he may be caught out before arriving home. But the bus left quite soon and did not encounter any delays, delivering him to town just after 6. Though I felt some relief with this good progress, I still resented the fact that he getting further and further from me. I felt that I had not had enough of him. His message of arrival at home was just three minutes after 7, which was both a relief and a bit of a worry.

I did not know how soon I would have Jeff driving me to the heights of ecstasy again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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