Beach Vacation

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“Why is it I wake up the same time everyday even when I’m on vacation?”

Finally, a week off and a few of us have ridden our bikes to Florida’s Sanibel Island. I’m standing on the balcony of the condo watching the sun come up having a smoke and the first coffee of the day.

“How can these coffee packets they leave in the rooms be so terrible?”

No one’s up yet and it is too early for the beach.

“I’ll go down to the pool.”

I grab a towel, refill my coffee, and grab a fresh smoke. I pick a lounge chair back from the entrance on the pool deck and watch the sun coming up over the beach. Sitting there, I notice a figure walking on the upper balcony and down the stairs. You walk through the pool gate, carrying a beach bag and towel. You’re wearing a large floppy hat, sunglasses, and a sheer beach cover-up. I immediately notice your slender form under the wrap. You lay your hat, towel, and bag down a few chairs from me. I watch as you slip out of your wrap. You’re wearing a white string bikini, bows tied securely at your hips. Those tiny patches barely covering your nipples and pussy. I watch as you walk over to the pool stair and wade in the water. You glide across the width and then dive beneath. You pop up out, pull your hair back and walk back to the steps. I watch as you climb the steps, water dripping off you, your white bikini clinging to you, your nipples hard from the cool water poking through your top. You grab your towel and pat yourself dry. You glance my way.

“Good morning, it’s going to be a beautiful day.”

“Yes it is.” I respond.

I glance away realizing I’ve been staring the entire time.

You settle in the chair, reach in your bag for sunscreen and start applying some for your arms, legs, and chest. I watch you slide your hands under your top and rub lotion on your tits. Your erect nipples poke through your finger as you squeeze them. You reposition the tiny triangles barely hiding your nipples and try to apply lotion to your back. You look my way holding the tube of sunscreen.

“Would you mind?’

“Not at all, happy to help!”

“Hi, I’m Molly.”

“Hi, my name is Mark.”

You hand me the tube and I squeeze a huge dab in the palm on me hand.

“I arrived yesterday and got a little burn.” “I don’t want to make it worse.”

I lightly massage the lotion into your back. I watch as your tight ass jiggles as I massage.

“You here alone.” I ask.

“No my boyfriend is with me, but he’s in a golf tournament all week.” “I hate golf, so boring!”

I squeeze more lotion on my hand and slide my hand along the edge of your bikini. You get up on your elbows and look over your shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing I just noticed you were burning at the edge of your bottoms.”

That ass is magnificent! I slowly slide my hand under the edge of your bikini. I massage hard and slide a little further down. I reach over and pull the string tied at your hip. Startled, you begin to sit up!

“Stop, what are you doing!”

“I’m just making sure you’re fully protected.”

You begin to stand.

“Don’t go, I’ll be good I promise, Let me finish.”

You lay back down and I continue massaging your back and shoulders. I feel you begin to relax.

“Your back is so tight!”

“Yea, it’s been a tough few weeks.” “I needed this vacation and all my boyfriend wants to do is play golf.”

“What’s a matter, baby girl being ignored?”

You sit up again. “Don’t call me baby!” “I’m no one’s baby!”

“ok, ok, I’m sorry relax. Let me finish.”

I get more lotion and massage the base of your back. That ass is so cute. I love watching it move as I massage it. I slip under your bottoms again. You start to moan and push up against my hand. I slide further down. My hands firmly massaging your ass. I pull the knots out of both sides of your bottoms. The small triangle that covered your ass disappears between your thighs. I roll that soft skin between my fingers. The harder I push the harder you push back. I spread your ass cheeks to expose that tight little hole for yours. I put a small dab of lotion on my thumb and lightly caress that tiny hole. You push hard against me.

I think to myself, “you may not be anyone’s baby but I know exactly what you are!”

I press my thumb against that tight hole and slowly my thumb slide in up to my first knuckle. You gasp; I feel your body shiver.

“fuck bitch, don’t you cum!”

I pull my thumb out and slap your ass. You plead.

“Please, I need to cum, it’s been so long, and my boyfriend just can’t make me cum!”

“Fuck bitch, when we’re done with you, then you can cum!”

You turn, looking over your shoulder, “We!”

I don’t answer. I slide my fingers under you to your trimmed pussy. My finger glides between that tight slit.

“Fuck, you slut, you’re dripping!”

I pull you up on your knees, your head in the towel. I spread your ass cheeks and run the tip of my tongue from your ass to your pussy. I spread your lips with my fingers and watch ankara moldovyalı escortlar as your juices run down your thighs. I slap your ass and dig my tongue into you. Those lips are so plump and juicy. I suck your lips into my mouth. You force your ass hard into my face. I’m flicking your clit with the tip of my tongue. You’re moaning and groaning. I slide the tip of my tongue into you as deep as I can. You begin pleading.

“Oh, please harder, deeper!” “Your tongue feels so good!” “I need to cum so bad!”

I let you get right to the edge and stop.

“Fuck bitch, you have one tasty pussy.” “But don’t you cum bitch!”

I slide out of my trunks and get on one knee behind you. I slip the tip of my cock in your soaked pussy. As I slide deeper in you, I pull the knots holding your top. I reach around and grab your tits; pinching your nipples, I pump you harder and harder. You’re backing into me hard, our bodies slamming into each other. I dig my nails into your back as I bury my cock balls deep. You’re moaning.

“Fuck me; Fuck me, harder, harder!”

“Damn your pussy is so tight.”

I feel myself getting close, your pussy grips me as I start to cum,

“Fuck, fuck, you bitch! Look at what you’ve made me do.” Don’t you cum you fucking whore?”

I slap your ass hard and pinch your nipples hard. My body spasms and with three huge spurts fill your pussy. I slap your ass as I pull out, my cum dripping out of that gapping pussy.

“Hold me in bitch, squeeze that pussy, don’t you waste a drop of me!”

You collapse on the lounge chair as I struggle to pull up my trunks.

“Get up bitch, there’s some people I what you to meet!”

“Oh no, finish me here please!” “It’s been so long!”

You look confused as I stand. You reach for your bikini. I grab it out of your hand and stuff it in my pocket. I throw you’re your beach wrap.

“Here you go whore, wear this!” “But don’t you dare tie it!” “Leave it open, we’re heading to my room; I want everyone we pass to know that kind of slut you are!” “Start walking!”

We leave the pool deck and up the stair. Your beach wrap flies open as we walk up the steps. Several people we walk past have to stop and stare as we walk past. I’m following you up the steps and see my cum dripping down your thighs. We get to the balcony. I slap your ass.

“Don’t let my cum seep bitch!” “Squeeze that pussy!”

I open the door to my condo; Jerry’s sitting in bed, TV on. He’s packing the first bowl of the day.

Jerry glances up, “Who’s this?”

I pull the bowl out of Jerry’s hand and light it up. “This is our new bitch; I met her at the pool.”

“Fucking nice outfit she has on!”

I pull your wrap off your shoulders, “This is something special I picked out for her to wear back to the room!”

Just then, we hear the shower being turned off as we continue to discuss your outfit. The bathroom door opens and my girlfriend walks out naked except for a towel wrapped around her hair. Julie and I have been together for the last 2 years. We met at a party that turned into an orgy and have lived and loved since. She’s 15 years younger than I am, and fucking gorgeous. 5′-2″, 105 pounds, red hair shoulder length, green eyes, amazing figure, perfect ass, c cups, tight pussy, tiny perky nipples, and an amazing fuck! Julie looks you over,

“Where did she come from?” Julie says as she sizes you up.

“We met at the pool.”

Julie stares as my cum keeps seeping out of your pussy. “Damn you, you fucked this bitch didn’t you?’

I nod grinning, “she was a good fuck, not you good, but good enough.”

Julie pulls the towel out of her hair shakes it out and walks over to you. You finally look up from the floor. You’re taken back by Julie’s beauty, her slender figure and piercing eyes. You think you’ve found a friend.

“Can I use the bathroom?” you ask.

Julie looks you straight in the eyes and askes, “Is my boyfriend’s cum still in you?”

The question catches you off guard. You fumble for an answer. Then I speak up.

“Of course it is, it was a fucking huge load, and she’s been holding it since we left the pool.”

Julie runs her hand across your tits, walks behind you and caress your ass.

“I see from your red ass you’ve had a good pounding!”

Jerry’s still sitting in bed, shirtless with a pair of shorts, he relights the bowl, takes a hit and passes it to Julie. Jerry is a friend from the office. We’ve know each other for a long time. We ride together, and always have each other’s back. He’s a big man, 6′-1, 275. You want him on your side in a fight. Jerry and I share everything including women. Jerry’s cock is thick; he’s not as long as me but more than twice my girth. Julie has told me there are times she prefers Jerry’s thickness to my length. She says sometimes it’s amazing to be stretched to the max. Julie’s still running her hands across your body.

“Damn, you picked a nice one Mark!”

“You like her Julie?” I ask.

She pulls you close and your sincan ukraynalı escortlar nipples met hers. Julie’s nipples get immediately hard. You start getting nervous and back away. You look over to me.

“But I’ve never”

Julie takes your hand, “Nothing to worry about, we’re all going to have a good time.

Julie runs her hand between your thighs and gently caresses your lips. You lean into her, close your eyes and quietly moan.

Julie looks over to Jerry and I, “oh, this little slut is going to be fun!” Julie slips her finger into you, you can’t hold me back and my cum runs all over her hand.

“Fuck Mark, that was a load!”

She pulls her fingers out of you and press them to your lips. She then press her lips to her fingers and kisses you. Julie licks my cum off her finger as she forces her tongue in your mouth. Julie sticks her cum covered finger in your mouth.

“Suck Mark off me fingers bitch!”

Julie’s tongue darts in and out of your mouth. Jerry has slipped out of his shorts and is stroking his thick cock and I’m leaning against the dresser stroking mine. I love watching Julie.

Julie looks over to me, “Damn I love the cum I dug out of her pussy!”

Julie leads you over to the bed and lays you back. She lays next to you, kissing you. Your tongues exploring each other mouth. Julie slowly kisses down you chest, sucks and licks your perky nipples. She then slides between your thighs.

Julie glances back to me, “Mark, I love licking you out of this slut’s pussy. Her tongue digs deeper into you. She sucks your clit between her lips and you start squirming on the bed.

I tell Julie, “Don’t let this butch cum, not yet!”

She sucks your pussy lips into her mouth; you force your hips up hard into her. Jerry moves over to the bed. He runs is big burley hands over your chest, squeezing your tits, pinching you nipples. He wraps his hand around your throat,

“Bitch, you think you can get my cock down this slender throat?”

Jerry sticks his fingers in your mouth and forces them down you throat, you start to gag immediately.

“Fuck bitch, you’re going to have to do better than that!

Jerry looks over to me. “Mark, I think we need to put this slut on the spit!”

My cock is good and hard again, watching Julie always does it for me.

“Fuck, Jerry that’s a great idea!”

Julie moves to the other bed. You look puzzled as Jerry gets you up on all fours. Jerry asks, “You ever been on a spit bitch?” “You’re going to love this! Jerry position himself at the head of the bed, his huge cock inches from your face.

“Come on bitch you know what to do with this!”

You stare at Jerry’s thick cock

“Oh my, I can’t!”

Jerry presses the head of his cock against your lips and forces his cock in your mouth. I kneel behind you. Rubbing against that tight ass. I slide my hand between your thighs; your pussy is still dripping from Julie. I rub my cock on your wet pussy, spreading those lips. Julie’s over on the other bed, her hands between her thighs, rubbing her pussy furiously. She slides two finger in her pussy and begins fucking herself.

“Mark I want to see you fuck this bitch in the ass!”

You look back at Julie, “No, please don’t do that!”

I look over to Julie, her legs wide apart her fingers deep in her pussy.

“Come on baby, I need to you see you fuck this slut’s ass!” You start to struggle.

“Jerry control this bitch!”

Jerry slides his cock deeper down your throat. His huge cock fills your mouth, you start to gag. I spit on your tight hole. Spreading it with the tip of my cock, I force the tip of my cock in. That hole is so tight. I’m barely able to get my thumb in you earlier at the pool. I grab your hips and force my cock deeper into you. Jerry has you by your hair sliding his thick cock in and out of your mouth. Your drool dripping off his balls. He’s so thick you’re only able to go down half this shaft. I reach up and grab your shoulders pulling back, forcing you on me. My cock slips deeper into your ass. I glance over to Julie; she has 2 fingers in her cunt and is furiously pumping her cunt.

Julie keep egging me on. “Come on babe fuck that slut’s ass!” “Fill that ass with cum!”

I spit on my cock and slide in and out of your ass. That tight hole squeezes my cock. Jerry is fucking your mouth he tries to force more down your throat.

“Come on bitch suck my balls, watch me jerk off”. You lick his balls, sucking each into mouth. Jerry pulls hard on his cock.

“This slut needs to swallow all of me.”

Jerry slides his cock back in your mouth. I pump that ass, harder and deeper; I drive you harder onto Jerry’s cock. I hear you gag as I slam my cock into your ass. I look at jerry, he’s getting close. He forces his cock hard into you and leans back as starts. He grunts and moans with each thrust.

“Fuck bitch, swallow me!”

With each thrust, he dumps another load down your throat. You try to back away, but Jerry has you tight. He finally elvankent minyon tipli escortlar finishes and releases his grip. You drop his cock out of your mouth as his cum drips off you lips.

“Don’t you waste any of me, swallow bitch!”

I’m pumping your ass hard now. Julie’s on the other bed, fucking herself, “come one babe, fuck this bitch.” “I need to see you fill this bitch’s ass!”

I’m slamming into you. Your ass shakes as I slam in it. Julie comes over and kneels beside you on the bed. As I’m slamming your ass, Julie reaches between your thighs and starts rubbing your soaked pussy. Julie looks up and me

“I think we can let this slut cum now!”

Julie leans in and kisses your ass. She runs her fingernails down your back as my cock throbs deep in your ass. I hold your hips tight to me as I surge forward trying to get deeper. Julie reaches under you catching your sweet pussy drippings in her palm and reaches back to massage my balls. She massages my balls as I thrust forward; Julie knows exacting what I need. I explode in your ass! I slam into you harder with each spurt.

“Fuck, fuck, damn your ass you fucking whore!”

I keep cumming, one spurt after the other. Exhausted I pull my cock out of your ass. Cum dripping off my tip. I watch as my cum seeps out of your gapping ass.

“Julie, get me one of your butt plugs. The heart jeweled one.”

Julie gets the plug for her toy bag. I slowly force it in your ass.

“Damn bitch your ass is still tight, I thought I would have stretched that hole!”

I work it in as that hole tightens quickly around it.

“Ok bitch, you have to keep that in all day. Only one of us can remove it!” We’ll be checking you later on the beach to make sure it’s still in place!”

You drop to the bed, sweat rolling off you! You lay motionless for a few minutes, before you reach between your thighs. Julie spreads your legs and we watch as your pussy spasms. Those lip are so puff and swollen. You start to slide a finger in when Julie stops you.

“Hold on there, let me help you this this!”

My cum dripping from your ass covers you pussy.

Julie leans in “I want another taste of Marks cum mixed with your nectar!”

You look down between your thighs as Julie leans over to lick my cum off your dripping pussy lips.

“Mmmm, delicious!” she murmurs as her fingers separate your lips. Her tongue digs deep into you. She sucks on your tiny clit. You lean up on your elbows to watch your pussy get devoured. I look over at Jerry; he’s pulling on his cock

“Damn this is hot!”

I’m getting hard again and start yanking on mine. We can hear Julie slurping up all that sweet nectar. She pushers your legs up to lick the remaining cum around the butt plug. She slips a finger in your pussy as she suck on your clit!

Jerry walks over to the bed, pulling harder on his cock I’m hard again and discover my hand wrapped around my cock. Julie digs into you pussy. Your breathing quickens. I walk over to the bed. I look over at jerry,

“Get up on the bed, stand over her!” He stands over you, his cock over your face. I climb up on the bed, straddling you standing over Julie as she licks you raw. Jerry and I pull hard on our cocks as we hear you moaning and begging for more.

“Please harder! Oh your tongue feels so good!” “Please tongue fuck my pussy!”

Julie works you harder, nibbling on your pussy lips. Your body shivers with excitement. I look at jerry.

“Fuck this bitch is going to explode!” Jerry working his cock harder and faster. He has a firm grip. I’m stoking my cock, long slow strokes, from the base to the tip. I see you glance up to watch jerry.

“Bitch stroke Jerry, pull that big cock!”

You reach up and start stroking him. He leans back, “Harder bitch, pull harder on my cock!”

Julie sees me standing over her and she reaches up to massage my balls as I stroke my cock. She still has her tongue buried in you! You’re breathing gets faster, you stare into Julie’s eyes and watch as her tongue disappears in you. You grab a handful of bedsheet and throw your hips into Julie’s face. Your body starts to convulse, you heave. Julie wraps her arms around your thighs and holds your pussy tight to her face. You explode, squirting all over Julie! You reach down and hold Julie tight to your pussy, grinding on her. She still works her tongue into you as your body quivers on the bed. Jerry can’t hold on any longer. Seeing you cum he leans back and explodes. Shooting his cum all over your tits. I watch as he shoots three huge loads. Your nipples become erect immediately. I try to hold off, but I feel the surge. I thrust forward and add to Jerry’s cum. Shooting across your stomach and on your tits. Julie reaches up and smears our cum all over you pinching your nipples. She slides her cum covered finger into your mouth. You lick and suck Julie’s fingers clean. She slides up on you, smearing our cum all over both of you. She leans over you, her cum covered nipples at your mouth. You suck and lick her nipples clean.

Jerry and I get off the bed. Jerry picks up the pipe and packs another bowl. He lights it, takes a hit, and passes it. I take a long drag leaning on the table. We watch you two explore each other. Fingers probing and pinching. I light a smoke and sit in the chair, propping my feet up enjoying the view. I look at Jerry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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