Beach House

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It had been a long week and though I was a bit tired when Karen and I had headed off to bed I still hoped to get a little lovin’ in.

Karen had showered first and I was coming out of the bathroom when I heard her cell phone ring. I could tell by the ring tone it was her best friend Sara. I lay down beside Karen and started to run my fingers over naked body trying to make the point I had first dibs on her time.

I had overheard these conversations before and knew they could go on a long time.

“Do you have time to talk,” Sara ask, I don’t want to interrupt anything but I was just wondering if you …”

“I always have time for you,” Karen responded. “I’m just here in bed and lover boy is acting a little frisky but he can wait, anticipation makes it all the better doesn’t it?”

I don’t know if all girlfriends are so open but Karen and Sara are. Sara worked as a family councilor specializing in sexual education, so I suppose that was the reason she had such ease discussing these matters.

I was soon dozing and somewhere between “I can hear casino şirketleri you talking but I don’t know what you’re saying,” and sleep, I thought Karen began talking to me. “That was Sara. She has a plan that will help each of us with our marriages and I told her I’d talk to you about it.”

Just like Karen, I thought, always concerned about relationships. “And how do you propose to help our marriage,” I said, or at least that’s what I would have said if I were awake?

“Sara and Tim have invited us to join them for a weekend mini vacation,” Karen informed me.

Tim was Sara’s husband, 35 years old; he stood at 6’4″ and was a big strong fellow but gentle as a lamb. I always enjoyed hanging out with him.

“Well, if that’s all it takes to help our marriages — sure I’m game. Where are we going,” I queried.

“They rented a house at the beach” Karen responded.

“Nice, we’ll do some skim-boarding, check out some hot babes on the beach, sounds like fun, fun, fun,” I teased Karen.

“Ok, I’ll tell Sara we’ll do it but casino firmaları there is one more thing I should tell you …

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing — am I dreaming or what? “Are you saying you and I are to the poster children of good sex?

Karen continued, “Sara has it all scripted out. She’ll tell us what she wants.”

I stood gazing out at the ocean watching the waves flow in and out. I heard voices and turned to see other folks taking seats on the large U shaped couch that circled the room, each in a white bathrobe.

I began to feel uneasy and was looking to escape when Tim grabbed my shoulder as a way of welcoming me. He showed me to the place of honor near the bed which occupied the middle of the room.

“Have you ever been part of an intervention?” Tim asked. When I shook my head no he smiled and continued, “It is often is imitating but in the end you’ll be glad you went through it.”

Presently Karen came in with Sara and sat beside me as Sara welcomed everyone.

What came next was all a blur.

She güvenilir casino was naked beneath the robe “Hey! Nice tits!”

Pointed nipples, her breasts rising and falling with each breath

My hands moved over her breasts

My hands molded her breasts and she moaned loudly as I caressed the long, hard nipples

Gasped again as I felt my erection slid into her warm tunnel

Squishy sound of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy

Impaling her wet pussy on my tool

Thrusting my cock up into her quivering body

My meat penetrated her lovely

I pounded her sweet pussy

Thrust my entire length into her

Thick streams of hot semen spewing from the end of my throbbing member

Her body began to shudder and tremble

Grimacing as she twisted and writhed under me

“Carl, Carl, wake-up,” I could hear Karen voice but I felt disorientated and confused.

“Are we at the beach house,” I queried, “are Sara and Tim still here?

“Beach house,” Karen laughed, “What beach house, we’re at home.

“Oh, I thought I heard you talking about a beach house with Sara last night,” I confessed.

“You don’t hear well when you’re asleep. We talked about using the color peach in her kitchen — peach, not beach.

“Let’s get going or we’ll be late again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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