Beach Fantasy

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A beautiful afternoon and I am headed to the beach to meet some friends. I am late and have missed the picnic dinner, but I am not too worried. My goal is to unwind, and enjoy a glass of wine, or three! The stress of the week is taking its toll and I need to unleash some tension. I have some ideas on how to do this, but have to push those thoughts away as this is not the right crowd, nor would I be behaving the way I am supposed to.

I greet my friends and we enjoy a few hours of catching up, some good laughs and plenty of unwinding.

You and I saw each other earlier this week and had plenty of time to catch up, but for some reason today, I am drawn to you and am seeing you through different eyes. Throughout the conversations and the flow of the evening I can’t help but watch you out of the corner of my eye.

I am not sure where this is coming from or how to read into it, but the bottom line is I am feeling aroused as I watch you mingle and have a good time.

As I chat with others about the last movie they saw and plans for the rest of the summer, my mind is on you. I start daydreaming and find myself wondering what your skin feels like, how you would kiss, how does your neck smell. I am watching your hands and wondering how strong they are, what would they feel like, caressing my cheeks, my neck, my breasts. These thoughts catch me by surprise and now matter how hard I try to suppress them, and distract myself, the questions creep back up and I am conscious that I am beginning to feel a little damp between my legs.

The evening progresses and I try hard to focus on others. As people start to pack up their things to head home, I am finishing my third glass of wine. You and I are at the picnic table chatting about camping adventures, you pour me another glass and open a beer for yourself. We will be here for awhile longer as neither of us can drive home yet. Leaving is far from what I want to do anyway.

As the sun slowly starts to make its way down, our group dwindles as others head home. I leave you chatting with two remaining friends and head for the restroom. Before I leave the bathroom I remove my panties and glance briefly in the mirror, complimenting myself on the choice of outfit, I am wearing a long breezy sundress dress, perfect for the experience I have fantasized about many times in the past. Now today, you are the object of my imagination.

I head back to the table feeling somewhat flushed and I can’t tell if it is the wine or my forbidden daydream that has brought so much colour to my cheeks! The three of you are admiring the beach, watching the sun hover on the horizon, commenting on how lucky we are to live so close to such paradise. I couldn’t agree more and say so as I work my way back into the conversation. Keeping a smile hidden, thinking that, my paradise involves this beach, this view and feelings of bliss! No one knows that of course, and I feel a pang of disappointment that I may never get to play out my fantasy. Well, who really does anyways, right? That is why it’s called a fantasy.

The last of the group start to say their goodbyes and gather their belongings. We all make a plan and confirm that the group should do this at least once again before the summer is done. They say goodbye and leave us at the table to enjoy our drinks and the beautiful sunset that is filling up the sky. You stand and suggest we dip our toes in the water while we admire the colorful display. We have done this dozens of times before, just hanging out enjoying the beach, yet today I can’t shake my thoughts of desire. I wonder if it casino şirketleri is the wine. I feel embarrassed and worried about jeopardizing our friendship. So I make a silent vow to simply enjoy the view and the beautiful evening. I grab my picnic blanket and we both head down to the waters edge.

I put the blanket down on the sand, close to a nice big log. I slip off my sandals and sit on the log with my feet on the blanket to finish my wine. You start to head down to the water and I say I’ll join you in a minute. I need a minute to refocus and repress my imagination, I lower myself to the blanket and make myself comfortable.


I am leaning up against the log watching you walk towards the water. Your shorts hug your hips just the right way. Your butt looks perfect and I find myself wondering what it would be like to run my hands down your back and further. I quickly push that thought out of my head. What am I doing? We are friends. Still, it feels nice to wonder and I am now even damper, which excites me.

I try and concentrate on other things and yet, I keep glancing towards the water where you are standing. I feel a tingling sensation all over. I watch and enjoy a warmth from within, fantasizing about the possibilities. I allow myself another moment and admire your hands again, longing to feel them caress my breasts and trace the outer lips of my soft wet pussy.

I need to slow down, to stop this torture. We are friends and an affair can’t be kept secret forever. Or can it?

You start to make your way back up to the towels and I can tell you are not wearing any underwear. Are you well groomed? Smooth balls? Trimmed? By the time you are back at our spot I know I have a mischievous glint in my eyes and I am wishing I had some sunglasses. When you are standing near me, all I want to do is to reach up, and run my hand up the leg of your shorts and feel you.

What would you do?

Would you push me away?

Would you stay still and look uncomfortable?

Would you lean down and whisper sexy phrases in my ear?

I start hoping you would lean down and whisper in my ear. It is wrong, so naughty. But could be fun! My heart skips a beat and before I can stop myself I slowly place my hand on your shin and glide it all the way up, under the loose hem of your swim shorts. My fantasy starts to unfold as you give out a little moan and tell me it’s about time something happened!

You kneel down and put your hand over mine so I don’t pull it away. Your breath is intoxicating up against my ear. You whisper a few more things, with each one I get wetter, your words penetrating deep between my thighs. The whole time I am still holding you, your hand on top of mine. You start to grow, I can feel your arousal which only makes the excitement I am feeling deepen. I want you to want me. I want you inside me.

Once on your knees on the picnic blanket, I slide my hand down your leg and out of your shorts so you can recline against the log beside me. You are on your back with your head and shoulders resting on the log. You look at me, your eyes so bright and alert, eager for what may happen next. I shimmy down the log a bit and turn to lay on my side and prop myself up on one elbow facing you. You tell me not to stop, that you want more, that you need more. I smile somewhat of a sly smile, knowing that I too, don’t want to stop. My body reacts, nipples hardening, heart beat quickening.

I slowly trace my hand up your side and under your T-shirt. I run my finger tips up to your chest and down over your casino firmaları stomach, each time passing just over the top of your shorts. The feel of your skin is making me glow, it is wrong and I know I shouldn’t be doing this. We are friends. But it feels so damn good and now the riskiness factor makes me want it even more. I am wet and horny and need some release. Your one arm reaches over my shoulders and you pull me a bit closer, whispering in my ear. I inhale quickly, relishing your words. You are making me exceedingly wet with just your comments so far, what will your hands be capable of doing to me…

My hand inches down your torso, nearing your shorts as I trace over your stomach, and I slide my fingers under the edge of your waistband. I slowly make my way down, under the smooth fabric of your shorts, savouring the anticipation. I tell you to lay your head back and close your eyes. Your breath quivers a bit which makes my pussy ache. I start dragging my fingers up and down the outer limits of your pubic hair, where your legs meet your torso.

Your shorts are bulging as your cock gets harder and harder. I watch as it grows and I start to yearn to feel such girth inside me.

My hand continues to play. You moan and I look up and see your eyes are still closed – the look on your face encourages me to keep going. I finally move across your pubis to the base of your shaft. It is warm and full and so erect my heart skips a beat as I wrap my fingers around you. I am aching to pull your shorts down and lean over to take you in my mouth, to taste you, and feel your warmth, but there are still a few people at the beach. For now it will have to be my hand that pleasures you and brings you to climax.

My hand moves down to the inside of your thighs, gently rubbing up and down. I move my hand below your balls and apply a little pressure a few times, before I move up and hold them firmly, lifting them up and gently massaging them. I continue to work my way up, slowly and deliberately, as I make an O with my fingers around the base of your shaft, I barely touch you as I stroke from the base up to just below your head. I do this repeatedly and rotate my hand around. Your body moves beneath my hands and I feel you working into it. I move my hands up to the head of your penis, already wet with precum which I rub with my hand to add some lubrication. I grasp my whole hand firmly around your large, hard cock and speed up my rhythm as your back arches.

The sun has set and I can no longer see anyone on the beach. You are leaning back on the log and your breathing has sped up. I can no longer restrain myself and lower your shorts to expose your very erect member. I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel how slippery it would be as I work my way up and down your cock. I prop myself up kneeling beside you, lifting my dress to my thighs and move over to straddle you. You run your hands up my thighs and slowly between my legs. Your one hand reaches up to my chest and starts to touch my breasts, kneading and caressing them. Your other hand slowly traces my smooth, wet lips, teasing me as you barely touch my slit. I am so wet. You move my juices around all over as one finger scarcely brushes inside my lips. I am close to cuming already, my muscles deep down, clench deliciously as I savour the sensations.

I am straddled over your stomach, my dress flows over your body behind me, and I am conscious of your hard cock ready to play. You gently reach up with one hand and trace my cheeks and then my lips. The feel of your fingers lightly tracing the contours güvenilir casino of my lips is decadent, wrong, yet thrilling and oh so sensual. I then watch as your hands travel down my body, my neck, my chest, my stomach and then back up again. You reach behind under my hair as you pull me down to meet your lips. You take my breath away with a long slow kiss as our tongues begin their own game.

Our kiss intensifies and I can only think about feeling you up inside me, fucking me right here on the beach. It’s intoxicating. I can’t hold off any longer and I lean my hips back to find you. With no underwear on, you have perfect access. I guide the tip of your manhood to my labia and carefully slide from side to side just to feel you there, to share the wetness. You tilt your hips up to push it in and I move up and back, denying you penetration just now. I am keeping you just moist a little longer. I move my hips back and forth ever so slowly as you slide with me. I’ m so aroused it is tacking my breath away.

Finally, I slowly lower myself down onto your long, hard cock and let out a little moan. I am so wet and slippery, I want to reach down and touch but I can’t without pulling up my dress. I am tight and I feel so pleasurably full. I stop a minute, pushing down, feeling the warmth, the girth I have imagined. I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of you inside me.

Your hands reach for mine and our fingers intertwine. I push down on your hands and on your hips as you fill me up even more, I push deeper and move my hips forwards. We begin to fuck, slowly and firmly. You bring your knees up and I let go of your hands and reach behind me to hold on to your knees. Your hands go straight to the top of my dress, pulling in down to release my breasts. The cool air on their sensitive skin is enough to put me over the edge. I gasp and my body tenses. You pinch my nipples and knead my breasts. My hips are gliding up and down and now I push firmly down trying to get your dick even further inside me as I start to gyrate. My hands squeezing your knees behind my back, my body starts to convulse, my pussy starts to ache as my orgasm begins to grow.

You let one nipple free and reach down to rub my tip as I moan and arch my back even further. My body starts to quiver and I let out a loud cry and give in to the orgasm. My body continues to quiver and I dissolve into the orgasm, my face flush, my lips red, my pussy swollen as I yell out in pure satisfaction. I cum long and wet, arched and straddled over you.

My body is weak and you reach back to bring my hands over on top of you. I lean down on your chest and you hold me tight. You are still hard and deep inside me. I don’t want to move, for fear of loosing that sensation. You know I just need a minute to recoup and you rub my back as I listen to our breathing. Your kisses on the top of my head bring me back to life and I sit up and feel you still deep up inside me.

Your hands at my hips, you firmly rock me back and forth, guiding me to ride your cock just how you like it. It doesn’t take long and we are both panting. I tell you I am going to come again and you start to groan and thrust upwards. I push down and we synchronize our movements to bring us both to climax. I know you are close and the sounds of our breathy moans mingled with the lapping of the waves on the shore is so hot. I sink my hands into your arms as I feel another wave of bliss coming on. My moans intensify and we both cum at the same time, you releasing your load into me as I arch my hips forward to take you all in.

Together we ride out the aftershocks, stilling our bodies in the cool night air. After a few minutes I lift up off of you and roll over back to your side. You guide my head up to your shoulder and we lay, satiated and fulfilled watching the moon rise across the glistening ocean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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