Be Careful with Your Cell Phone

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Steve was having a good day at the store that he managed. The store, a dollar discount store, was busy so time was moving along. A new employee had started last week and was doing very well. During a busy moment, Steve had set his cell phone down under the front counter to deal with a situation. Normally, Steve would never do that. There were things on the cell phone he did not want anyone to see, including his wife, Mary, of 8 years.

It was a good marriage, the sex was good and everything between them was good. Mary was 35 and Steve was two years younger. Mary tended to take the lead at home and Steve let her. But, lately, Steve had desired something else. He loved to eat pussy and loved to “please” his lover. He thought he wanted to be a submissive, perhaps a pussy slave. But he thought to himself, “Mary would never go for it. Oh well.”

So Steve tried some online sites to see if he could find a Mistress. He had no luck, so many fakes and scammers out there on the web. But he did find one who became his cyber Mistress. Her name was Mistress Kate and she was beautiful. She had him buy and wear panties. She had him buy a paddle and spank his own ass, taking a video each time. This went on for 2 months and his wife Mary did not know of his activities. He chatted with Mistress Kate every day, several times a day, and she would question him or have him do a task.

When Steve came back to the front of the store the new employee, Brianna, had his cell phone in her hand. Brianna was 23 years old and was gorgeous. And she had a big smile on her face as she said, “Hey boss, who is Mistress Kate?”

“Give me that!” Steve said in response followed by, “And that is none of your business.”

Steve stood there waiting for Brianna to hand back his cell phone but, to his surprise, she did not. Instead she said, “I happened to be up here when you got a text. I saw the text. Very interesting.”

“Please give me back my phone. Now.”

“No, unlock it. I want to look at your text and pics.”

“Are you kidding? No.”

“Oh. Then let me call your wife Mary. I like her and I don’t think she will like you having an affair.”

“I am not having an affair.”

Brianna more than liked Mary, she wanted Mary. Brianna was Bi but preferred woman and older woman. This situation Brianna could help her get Mary.

“I don’t think Mary would agree,” Brianna said as she got her cell phone out and started to call Mary.

Steve panicked and said, “Alright. I’ll do it. Give me the phone.”

“Ok, but no tricks Steve.”

Steve took his phone, unlocked it and handed it back to Brianna. She had watched him do it and so could get into his phone again. She said, “Good boy. Now stay here and ring up customers. I’ll be in your office.”

Now scared Steve thought, “Maybe she will get her jollies and forget about it.” But he knew that was unlikely. Brianna walked back to the office, walked in, locked the door and proceeded to read the texts and look at all the pics. Some she shared with her phone. Brianna was getting exited reading the texts and from looking at the pics. So excited that she masturbated right there in the office.

When she came out and back to the front counter, another employee was there with Steve. Brianna said, “Hi Ann.”

“Hi Bree.”

Ann was the assistant manager of the store. Brianna turned to Steve and said, “Could I see you a moment Steve?”

Steve looked at Brianna and said, “Of course.”

The two walked back to the office and when they were inside Brianna said, “Boy, have you been a naughty boy.”

“Now Brianna, I…”

Brianna slapped Steve and said, “I am talking. Do not interrupt.”

“Yes Brianna,” Steve replied, rubbing his face.

“As I was saying. You have been a naughty boy. What would Mary say? From this moment on, I am your Mistress. Understand Slave?”


“Oh don’t worry. I have been talking with Mistress Kate and she has agreed that I will take over as your owner.”


“Yes Slave boy. I own your ass now.” Brianna went on saying, “Now, show me your panties. Strip.”

Steve thought for a moment and then took off his clothes with Brianna getting it on video. When he was down to the panties, Brianna said, “Very pretty. You have more?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“And your wife Mary doesn’t know about you?”

“No she does not suspect.”

Still recording the conversation, Brianna said, “Mistress Kate told me that she instructed you to have a dildo here in your office. Where is it?”

Steve looked at Brianna for a few moments, and then said, “It is in that drawer.”

“Get it.”

Steve opened the drawer and got the dildo out and handed it to Brianna, who said, “Take off your panties.”

When he was completely nude, Brianna held the dildo to his mouth and said, “Suck on the dildo Slave. I’m going to fuck your ass with it.”

When she thought it was ready Brianna said, “Now bend over Slave.”

Brianna then slowly pushed the dildo in Steve’s ass. Then started to fuck him, saying, “Now you are my bitch. çanakkale escort Say it.”

“I am your bitch Mistress Brianna, your bitch.”

Steve was getting worked up and soon he came and his cum landed on the floor. Brianna laughed and said, “Clean that up Slave. Lick up your cum.”

So Steve got on his knees and licked up his own cum while Brianna got it all on video. She now had pics of Steve in his panties, pics of Steve nude, pics and video of Steve sucking on the dildo, pics and video of Steve getting fucked by the dildo, pics and video of Steve Cumming and pics and video of Steve licking up the cum off the floor. There was no going back now, Steve was hers.

“Now Slave, I am not going to get you fired. You will stay the boss. On the job we will be the same. But, if I give you an order you had better obey, or else. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress Brianna.”

“You told Mistress Kate that you love to eat pussy. Is that true?”

“Yes Mistress Brianna.”

“And that you love to “worship” your lover’s body. Is that true?”

“Yes Mistress Brianna.”

“Good. We will test that soon. For your first task. Get a strap-on, no get two. One we will leave here and one will be at my place. That was no matter where we are at I can fuck your ass.”

“Yes Mistress Brianna.”

“Slave Steve, be a good boy and no one will know. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress Brianna.”

“Ok, let’s get back out there.”

They then got back out on the floor. The rest of the day when by like normal. As Steve was leaving, Brianna said, “I will text you in a little bit Slave. On your way home, buy the strap-on dildos.”

“Yes Mistress Brianna,” replied Steve while he wondered what was going to happen.

When he left the store, Steve drove to the only Adult Shop he knew of. On the way he called Mary to tell her he would be a little late getting home. As Steve walked into the Adult Store, he got a call on his phone. It was Brianna. “Hello Brianna.”


“Hello Mistress.”

“I didn’t hear you. Louder.”

Steve looked around and in a louder voice, “Hello Mistress.”

“Louder bitch.”

In almost a yell, Steve said, “Hello Mistress.”

There was only the female sales clerk on the sales floor and when she heard Steve she laughed. As Steve walked in the store, Brianna said, “Give your phone to the sales clerk.”

Steve handed his phone to the sales clerk saying, “My Mistress wants to talk to you.”

The clerk, whose name is Beverly, took the phone and said, “Hello, this is Beverly. May I help you?”

“Yes Beverly, my name is Brianna. My Slave Steve is there to buy two strap-on harnesses’ and dildos.”

“Ok, would you like me to select them for him?”

“Yes, and add what you think I will need. Thank you.”

“Like a leash and collar, a paddle, chains and such?”

“Yes. Whatever you think.”

“All right. I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank you. Give Steve his phone back.”

Beverly handed back the phone and Steve said, “Yes Mistress.”

“Slave, Beverly is going to select many items for you to buy. Obey her. Then go straight home.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Beverly selected the two strap-on dildos, lube, a leash and collar, shackles, a blindfold, handcuffs and a chastity cage. After Steve had paid for the purchase, Beverly walked around the counter and said, “Now Slave, strip.”


“I said strip. Now. Your Mistress ordered you to obey me.”

Steve took off his clothes. Beverly took the chastity cage and put it on Steve. After taking several pics with Steve’s phone, and her own, she allowed Steve to get dressed. Beverly put the key in a envelop saying, “Do not open this. Give it to your Mistress.” Then she added, “I have your Mistress’s number. I will stay in touch with her. You may go now.”

“Yes Miss.”

Steve then left the store, got into his car and drove home. When he arrived at his home, he was surprise to see Brianna’s car. “Oh, this is bad.”

Steve was going to leave his purchases in his car but as he got out of the car, Mary stepped out of the house and said, “Hey Steve, bring in all you bought. Now.”

Steve stood for a moment, then reached in the car and carried them into the house. When he walked into the house, he found Brianna sitting with his wife. Mary said, “Sit down Steve. Brianna and I have been talking.” Then she said, “Hand me your phone.”

Steve sat down but hesitated to give her his phone. “Give it to me now or leave forever.”

“Yes dear,” he said as he handed over his phone.

Mary unlocked his phone saying, “Brianna told me how to unlock your phone. She is telling me the truth isn’t she Steve?”

Knowing he was caught, Steve said, “Yes dear.”

For several minutes Mary looked at texts and pics. Mary turned to Brianna and said, “Thank you Brianna. You are right.” Then to Steve she said, “If you what to be a panty slave, fine. You are now mine.” Adding, “And Brianna’s.”


“Yes Steve. Oh, sorry. Little Stevie. I think çanakkale escort bayan Brianna should move in with us. What do you think Little Stevie?”

Steve was shocked but just nodded.

“Now strip Slave Stevie. Beverly called. Let us see your cage.”

Steve stood up and took off his clothes. Soon he was standing nude before his two Mistresses. Brianna said, “Nice. You will stay lock up. Your duty now is to satisfy us with your mouth. Understand Slave Stevie.”

“Yes Mistress Brianna.”

Mary said, “Yes Slave Stevie. That is your role now. Obey or you will be punished.”

“Yes Mistress Mary.”

“Slave Stevie, you will move into the large closet. Clean it out and put some bedding in there for you. You will be locked in every night unless we want you. Brianna will sleep with me from now on.”

Mary says, “Slave Stevie, go and clean out that closet and make it comfortable for you. Then fix dinner. Brianna and I will be here and getting better acquainted.”

While Steve was busy, Mary and Brianna talked. Brianna said, “You know Mary. I have had a crush on you. You are so beautiful.”

“No, you are beautiful.”

Brianna moved closer to Mary and the two women kissed, lightly at first, than hard and long.

When Steve was done cleaning out the closet, his new room, he passed by the living room and stopped and watched his wife Mary and his employee making out on the sofa. Steve thought to himself, “I cannot believe this. So much has happened today.”

Mary saw him and said, “Oh, yes. She is defiantly moving in with me.” Then she added, “You know I had a lesbian lover in college. Now get in the kitchen.”

“Yes Mistress Mary.”

Steve went into the kitchen and started to cook dinner while Mary and Brianna made out on the sofa. In 30 minutes, Steve stepped into the living room and announced that dinner was ready. Just then the door bell sounded. Mary said, “Little Stevie, answer the door.”

“But Mistress I am naked.”

“So? Answer the door.”

Steve walked over and opened the door. To his surprise, it was Beverly, holding several shopping bags, who said, “Oh, don’t you look cute.”

Brianna called out, “Come on in. Please forgive our Slave. He is still in training.”

Beverly stepped into the room and Brianna introduced Mary and Beverly. “Mary this is Beverly. Beverly this is Mary. And you know our Slave Little Stevie.”

Mary said, “Come and join us for dinner. Put those down.” And to Steve she said, “Do another plate out for Beverly.”

“Yes Mistress.”

When the three women were seated, Steve started to sit but Mary said, in a sharp voice, “No you don’t. Only women sit at the table. Pussy Slaves sit on the floor.”

Steve sat down on the floor after he said, “Yes Mistress.”

The women ignored Steve and talked about what to do. Mary said to Beverly, “I have invited Brianna to live with me and she will share Little Stevie. She will sleep with me and he will sleep in a closet, locked in of course.”

“Excellent. I brought something for you in addition to what we had discussed on the phone.”

Beverly went into the living room and returned holding a package. She explained, “This is a shock collar. The charge and duration can be adjusted. Put it on Little Stevie and if he does not please you, shock him. He will learn quickly.” She then added, “And it is waterproof.”

Mary and Brianna clapped and thanked her. Mary said, “Put it on him right now.”

Steve tried to protest, “But Mary, I have done everything you have wanted without that.”

“Quiet Slave. Do not question your betters.”

Steve started to speak again when Mary slapped him hard saying, “Enough. Speak only when you are given permission.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Beverly placed the shock collar around Steve’s neck, secured it with a small lock, and she set it on low and hit the button for only one second. Steve jumped and yelped. Beverly said, “That was on low Slave and for only one second. If it is used again, it will be stronger and longer. Don’t make us use it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Brianna said, “Time for the fashion show.”

Mary replied, “Not yet. Little Stevie has to clean up the dishes and the kitchen.” Then to Steve she said, “You have 10 minutes to complete that task. Then come into the living room.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Mary, Brianna and Beverly returned to the living room to talk. Beverly asked, “So, you two seem to have hit it off.”

Mary replied, “Oh yes. Brianna is wonderful.”

And Brianna responded, “Mary is a great woman. And so beautiful.”

Soon Steve returned to the living room. Mary said to him, “Beverly has brought some outfits for you to wear. You will now give us a fashion show.”

In the bags that Beverly brought there was a French Maid Uniform, a School Girl Uniform, 2 short black dresses, two long sexy dresses and 3 bra and panty sets. Steve tried on each one, with the girls making comments and taking photos. When the show was over, Mary said, “Little Stevie, you will escort çanakkale wear panties to work every day. When you get home you will immediately take off your clothes and put on the outfit that has been set out for you. If there is not one, you will remain nude. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” Then he asked, “What if you are not alone?”

“You mean if I have a guest when you come home?”


“You will still follow those orders. Do I make myself clear Little Stevie?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Then Mary said, “I know this is a lot for you Little Stevie but you wanted this, remember?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Brianna then said, “Time for Little Stevie to earn his way. Everyone strip so he can eat our pussies.”

Mary said, “Great idea.” And to Beverly she said, “Please stay and let him serve you.”


The three women all stripped and Steve serviced each one. First he ate Mary’s pussy and brought her to two orgasms. Then he went down on Brianna and she had two orgasms. And then he serviced Beverly and she had two orgasms. Then he repeated with each one.

Brianna then said, “Let us get into our strap-ons and fuck the bitch.”

The women all laughed and soon each was wearing a strap-on, Beverly had brought one of her own. Mary walked up to Steve, who was still on his knees and said, “Here bitch, suck on this. Make it ready to fuck your ass.”

Steve took the dildo in his mouth and after a few minutes, Mary shoved it into his ass and proceeded to fuck him hard. Brianna then got in front of him and had him suck on her dildo. When Mary was tired, Brianna moved into position and fucked his ass while Beverly got her dildo sucked. Soon, Beverly was fucking his ass.

Afterwards, Beverly said, “You know. Little Stevie could spend time at my store. There is a room in back, he could suck cocks and I know many women who would love to fuck his ass. He would be our cock whore and our pegging whore.”

Mary thought about that for a moment, and then said, “Yes, he will be. Great idea Bev.”

Mary looked at her husband and said, “I know this is a big change dear but you wanted this. So, just obey each of us and you won’t be punished. If you are good you will be allowed to cum. Do you agree Little Stevie?”

Steve was very sore from the pegging but was so turned on, even with the cage on, that he said, “Yes Mistress Mary. I want this.”

Shortly, Beverly left the house and Mary walked Steve to the bathroom saying, “Take a shower, use the toilet and be done in 15 minutes.”

“Yes Mistress.”

When Steve came out, Mary led him to the closet, his new room, and locked him inside. Then Mary and Brianna walked up to the Master Bedroom, made love and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Mary and Brianna got into a 69. When Mary opened the door to Steve’s closet, Steve was sitting up. Steve stood up and said, “Damn you bitch, how could you do this to me?”

He started to walk out when Brianna hit the control to the shock collar, on full, and Steve cried out in pain and collapsed to the floor. After 5 seconds, Brianna released him and Mary said, “Thank you Brianna.” And to Steve she said, “Now Little Stevie that was rude. Next time it will be longer.”

Steve just laid there. Finally he rolled over and got to his feet saying, “I’m sorry Mistress. It will not happen again.”

“It had better not. Now go get your shower.”

Mary followed Steve to the bathroom telling him to shave his whole body. Soon Steve was hairless and Brianna said, “You will stay like this Little Stevie. Now get dressed for work.”

For the next several days, this was the pattern. Steve went to work, still wearing the shock collar, and when he returned home he changed into one of the outfits. Then he cleaned the house, or cooked dinner, or did whatever he was ordered to do. He would be used and abused by Mary, Brianna and Beverly. Beverly had become one of the girls, one of Steve’s Mistress’.

At the store, things were normal with Brianna. Except on the fourth day when Brianna came up to Steve and said, “Come with me Little Stevie.”

The two walked to the store office, stopped just outside the door and Brianna said, “Now strip Slave.”


Brianna slapped him and said, “Yes Little Stevie. Now.”

Steve nodded and took his clothes off. When he was nude Brianna led him into the office and closed the door leaving the pile of clothes. Brianna sat down and said, “Get down on your knees and eat me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Steve brought Brianna to two orgasms and then she put on the strap-on harness. She then fucked Steve. When they opened the door Ann, the assistant manager, was standing there looking at the pile of clothes. Brianna said, “Oh hi Ann.”

“What is going on? Why is he naked?”

Steve was beet red as Brianna said, “He is my pussy slave now. Is that a problem?”

Ann looked at her boss for a moment and said, “Not at all. May I use him?”

Brianna smiled, turned to Steve and said, “Little Stevie, you will obey Mistress Ann from now on. Go back into the office and wait for her.”

“Yes Mistress.”

When Steve was back in the office, Brianna closed the door. Ann asked, “How did you do this?”

“I found his cell phone and found out he was a cyber slave. I turned him into my slave and talked to his wife.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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