Barry Gets What He Wants

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Barry was excited. She was leaving again. He’d have time to himself again to be able to do things that she couldn’t when she was home. Mainly he would surf the internet for sites that showed women taking control of and giving it to their men. The thought always excited him, but he never dared bring it up to Danielle, she was far too vanilla for things like that. She would barely change sexual positions in bed. Getting her to wear something sexy was next to impossible.

After she left Barry watched out the window to make sure she was gone before he went to get his hidden box. After waiting more than enough time for her to be well down the highway he moved to where he had his stash hidden, the garage. After grabbing the box he hurriedly rushed back into the living room, where the computer was so he could pull up the website he used as visual inspiration. Grabbing a bottle of lubrication and the dildo he had in the box he began to stroke and lube the dildo up, preparing to use it on himself. The dildo was moderately sized, only about 5 inches long and about an inch thick and was his warm up for the larger one and the vibrator still in the box. With excitement he placed a towel on he floor began to stroke himself as well as the dildo as he looked at the computer. As he kept watching the video he was really working his cock over stroking, lubing the dildo up more and more. Then he kneeled over it, and begin to let the head of it press against his tight rosebud. He moaned out loud. He always loved the next part, right as the head enters. He bore down on it and the head of the dildo made a pop as it pushed past his tight ring and Barry let out a loud moan that echoed across the room.

Danielle was on her way leaving and had one of those moments where she realized, that she forgot something important. So she turned around to head back to their apartment. She smiled, She’d get to surprise Barry and maybe even get another quickie in before she left. She didn’t really want to go. She hated leaving him there. She pulled back up bahis firmaları the drive and parked her car, making sure to shut her door quietly when she got out. He would be so surprised . She put the key in quietly, unlocking the door and opening it, being sure to shut it back quietly. Beginning her walk to where he would likely be, the den, watching tv she took her heels off and crept down the hallway and suddenly heard a loud moan. Startled, she approached the den quietly and froze at what she saw.

Barry was engrossed in the video he was watching. That, and the rubber cock sliding in and out of his ass. So engrossed that he didn’t notice Danielle behind him, watching. Didn’t notice her watching the video that her husband was enjoying thoroughly. At least, not until she gasped about the same time he impaled the dildo all the way in him.

Barry jumped up when he heard her voice, his heart dropping in panic. Of course, as he jumped more than his heart dropped. The dildo slipped out of his ass as he jumped, making a nice thump on the floor as it fell between them. His face frozen with fear he looked at her, deathly afraid of what she would say, not even thinking about the fact that the video was still playing behind him. Danielle smiled, looking past him a moment then back at Barry. Barry stood there, still frozen with fear and then started to stammer.” Danielle.. I..Its not what it looks like..”

Danielle smirked.” Its not? Then what is it?” Putting her hands on her hips, looking at him directly, despite him not looking her in the eye. She also kept eying the video behind him showing some guy bent on all fours and being taken by a woman with a strap on.This was making her wet.

Barry was in full panic state. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head. Fear of her leaving him, calling him gay, exposing him all cycled through his head while he stammered, trying to answer what it was. “Its well. I mean. I was..just um experimenting. Its….umm nothing. I’m not gay.I wasn’t even enjoying it. I want you.”

Danielle kaçak iddaa looked at Barry, his cock still hard, despite everything. “Your cock says otherwise.” He started to try to cover it up but she quickly stopped him. “Don’t you dare. I want to see all of you right now.” Reaching over she grasped his cock firmly, stroking it once or twice. Precum literally oozed from the tip. His cock betraying how he felt about all of this, despite his verbal protests. Reaching past him, she maximized the screen and turned up the volume so that the guys moans on the video echoed across the room. The effect was immediate upon Barry. His cock throbbed in her hand in response to the moans and her slow stroking. On the video the woman said something about taking the man’s tight ass and Danielle grinned. “Is that what you want Barry? Do you want me to take this dildo and take your tight little ass?”

Barry’s jaw dropped in response. Never in a million years would he have expected Danielle to talk like that, much less be turned on by it. Yet here she was, and he didn’t know what to do. He looked in her eyes,searching to see how she really felt, and all he saw, was desire and excitement in her eyes.”Yes…yes I do want that” he answered. He looked at her now, fear mixing with hope.

Smiling Danielle reached down, picking up the dildo, many thoughts entering her head as she did.She didn’t know what would come of this, but she definitely liked what this did to him. She’d rarely seen him this hard or this turned on and she liked it. Smiling coyly she said “I think I’d like to dear. So Why don’t you go ahead and get back on your knees and bend that gorgeous ass back over so I can.” Reaching over she restarted the video, she wanted to see the entire thing and to let its sounds stimulate them both further.

Barry enthusiastically knelt back down. He couldn’t believe this! Not only was she not mad, or scared she wanted to participate! He stuck his ass in the air and waited for her an eager smile on his face. Danielle knelt behind kaçak bahis him, the dildo in her hand and teased his ass, letting the head push against him as she reached around and grasped his erect cock and began to slowly stroke it. Barry let out a loud groan as she did and pushed his ass back towards her.

Danielle smiled as she said “You’re eager for this aren’t you. You want me to put it in you. to fuck you with this don’t you?” Barry gasped as she said that. He so eagerly did want her to do exactly that. “Yes Please fuck me with it Danielle” he said. Smiling she pushed the head back into him and his knees nearly bucked at the dual pleasure of her stroking and the head penetrating him. Sticking his ass back further into it he began to rock his hips as she began a steady pace of sliding it in and out of him.

“You like this don’t you dear? You like me fucking you? Maybe we should get one of those strap-on things and use that like she is in the video? Would you like that?” she asked. Barry was nearly incoherent other than moans and an occasional “Yes”. Picking up speed she began to stroke him faster, her hand coated with the copious amount of precum flowing from his engorged cock.

Barry began to moan loudly, his moans outdoing those of the video and Danielle felt herself getting wetter than she had been in a long time without any stimulation. She had an idea already and was ready to enact it. Jerking his cock faster she said.”I want you to cum for me baby, and then we will really have some fun. So go ahead and cum for me, cum while I fuck your little tight ass with this cock.”

The combination of the dildo in his ass, and her stroking was enough for Barry , but when he heard her talking to him like that, it pushed him over the edge and Barry jerked as he began spurting his cum all over the towel. Not stopping for a moment or two Danielle kept stroking and sliding the cock in him. As he finally collapsed she leaned over him , her arm draping across his shoulder as she kissed his neck.”Now we can go to the room and you can lick me and we can talk about all the lovely places we can go from here.”

Barry smiled and looked at her with admiration.He loved her more now than the day he married her. ” I would love to.”

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