Barb on a Sunny Afternoon

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My morning appointments finished early and I had time to kill before lunch and my afternoon schedule. I was nearby my brother’s house and decided to pop in for a visit.

He was on vacation so I hoped to find him home. When I arrived the driveway was empty so I assumed no one was home, I knocked on the door and no one answered. I slipped my business card with a quick note in the door and started down the steps back to my car. As I reached the bottom step I looked up to see Bill’s wife Barb pulling into the drive.

I waited there and watched her step from her car. She was in heels and a sharp looking business suit. Her skirt came just above her knee and I got a great look at her legs. Her massive, and I mean huge, tits strained against the conservative jacket and white blouse she wore.

We embraced in the drive and she gave me a sweet peck right on the lips. She quickly took a finger and wiped the lipstick from my lips. Barb invited me in for a cool drink while explaining that my brother had taken advantage of the nice early spring weather and was bursa yabancı escort away on the golf course.

Her tits strained even more against the sheer fabric of her blouse as she shed her jacket. I could clearly make out the lace trim of her bra and the impressions of her nipples in the fabric. My cock stirred.

Barb was up on her tippy-toes as she reached into the cabinet for some glasses. Her fine ass and shapely legs only made the situation in my pants more noticeable. Thankfully the stretch-lace panties I was wearing held my hard cock somewhat in check.

She was having a little trouble reaching for a glass so she asked me to get it. I came around the counter and she smirked as she stared at my crotch. I quickly reached for the glass and turned to hand it to her only to catch one of her breasts with my hand.

“Oh”, she whispered, “That felt nice!”

Without warning we found ourselves in a deep kiss as she mashed he wonderful tits into my chest. Our passion was electric. Wordlessly she led me to her bursa sınırsız escort bedroom. Her skirt and blouse didn’t make it that far. She tossed them off on the steps and in the hallway and stood before me in only her heels, bra, panties, and stockings. The crotch of her panties was noticeably damp.

She came to me and rubbed my cock through my pants. I was a bit apprehensive as she undid my belt and slid the zipper down. She reached into my pants to grab my cock. I could feel her hand rubbing over the delicious lace fabric of my panties. She paused for a moment and looked me in the eye.

“Wow”, she squealed, “Very kinky- me like kinky!!!”

With that she went straight to her knees and dropped my pants to the floor. I pulled off my shirt as she worked my stiff bone through the crotch of my panties. I was in heaven as her expert lips worked the length of my cock. She looked up at me as she took me deeper and deeper into her throat. She pinched and tweaked her nipples as she gained momentum and I began to face-fuck görükle escort her. I warned her I was close to blowing my wad and she only worked her mouth faster and faster up and down my cock. I came thunderously, deep in her throat, and she swallowed every drop.

She got up and lay back on the bed. I pulled her panties down and she raised her hips as I slid them over her ass. I dove for her trimmed bush and savored her musky twat. In only minutes I had her quivering with an orgasm and then another. I continued to lick her pussy and suck her clit until she came at least three more times. I then slid up her sweaty stomach and pushed the cups of her bra atop her breasts. I spent a long time kissing and licking, squeezing, kneading and sucking her wonderful tits.

As my cock stirred to new life I turned Barb on her stomach and pulled her up on all fours. I ever so slowly penetrated her to the hilt. I pulled out slowly till just the tip of my cock was in her. I paused for a few moments and slowly penetrated her pussy once more. I continued this until she began to ride my cock at her on pace. In a short time she was riding me hard. We fucked for a very long time before she and I collapsed in a simultaneous earth shattering climax.

We were sitting on the sun porch when Bill arrived home, my afternoon appointments all rescheduled due to a “family thing”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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