Bar Maids Seduction

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When I first came to Sydney I moved to Balmain — a bohemian area –lot’s of musicians and arty type people into alternate anything and everything. Very different from the conservative small country town I came from with farmers and cattlemen. It is a very social inner city village type atmosphere yet so close to the main city. It has lots of pubs that have live music — from blues, rock, jazz, folk and the odd piano player from an earlier era. I love the place — it is so different from where I come from in the country. I managed to get a job as a waitress in one of the hotels that has great bands and big pool table area out the back — I also like to play pool with the boys on occasions. To give me an advantage I usually wear a low cut singlet type top — it puts the guys off their game and I have a chance of winning the game and a little bet on the side.

The crowd that comes to this pub is a younger crowd, it also attracts the lesbian set in the area — the back room is one of their hangouts. The owner seemed to only hire girls to serve behind the bar — I think he fancied himself as a bit of a sheik and he always seemed to be having an affair with one of the girls.

The shifts I was rostered to mostly coincide with this other girl — so before long we became friends. She had a very petite body — and wore very fleshy clothing — that is – there was always some nice clear bahis firmaları fair flesh showing — sleeveless, open lower cut around the tops, usually short showing some belly and then either a short skirt or shorts with slits up the sides showing just that extra bit of leg — so naturally she sold twice as many beers as me and got three times the amount of tips, four times as many offers for a date, rostered for five days but knocked the guys for a six when she said she was living with another girl. Bad luck fellas — she liked the girls.

One night late when business behind the bar had slowed down just before closing time — she told me that her live-in girlfriend-lover has left her to marry some guy and have babies. She seemed very teary so I said why don’t we go somewhere and talk after work. So she drove me in her little VW Beetle to a park overlooking the harbour — it was a nice spot with the city lights reflecting on the harbour. So we talked — how she loved her girlfriend — how she didn’t even know that her girlfriend was screwing around with guys while she was at work let alone cultivating a steady boyfriend — she thought her girlfriend was a full-on lesbian like her. We talked about how they got on — what they had in common and it seemed that really they were like chalk and cheese — very different — and really they did not have much in common except great lesbian sex — kaçak iddaa realising this helped her a lot. She enjoyed talking to me about this and we seemed to have a closer bond as friends. She gave me a hug in appreciation and I hugged her back.

We then talked about — what things were important to have in common — uncanny but a lot of these seemed to be things we had in common, that is we like the same sort of music, same sort of cloths, same wines and having a joint on occasions. On this she got one out and lit up — so while in the car we had a joint together — getting gigglier together.

We also talked about the sort of girls she was attracted to — and the examples of girls who worked at the pub she thought were sexy — I told her that I agreed they were sexy. We talked about checking out penthouse and other magazines with naked girls — we both like the centre folds. She said she fantasized about giving them a lick and I admitted that sometimes I wondered what it would be like doing the same. She lent over to give to me a puff of the joint but instead snuck in a kiss — a long nice affectionate kiss on the mouth — even though I was surprised — I kissed her back — it was nice she hugged me and we kissed some more — she started to slip in her tongue and in the warmth of the moment I started giving her some tongue back — she started fucking my mouth with her tongue and kaçak bahis slid her hand down my singlet top to caress my breast — it felt nice and my nipples responded immediately — so she could tell I liked it by their erectness. I just did the same and slid my hand down her top and started playing with lovely tits — they felt nice. The fondling of each other breast got more intense and we kept doing it with passionate kisses for an hour more — then she put her hand on my thighs and slid it up my skirt and before I knew it she had her fingers inside my pants legs and was rubbing my clitoris — I just melted — all I could do was lay back and spread my legs — I was totally submissive to her — so she pulled my pants down and started fingering me — sliding two fingers inside me and gliding them in and out of my wetness — then she would pull them out and suck my juices from her fingers then tongue kiss me — forcing me to taste my own sweet juice — it tasted nice. I let her have her way with me until she had given me a total orgasm. Wow. I think now she was over her girlfriend for good.

Even though we did not move in together and she knew I liked fucking guys — but we would go for some fun after work about once a week as our regular treat. It was a Kentucky fried relationship – I became her finger licking taste treat — her finger filly – her saliva slave. I just let her do what she wanted to do to me — finger me, lick me — I even let her shave me — fist fuck me — and fuck me with her strap-on. I loved being her sex slave for a night. Her part time lezzo mole. Pity we can’t share a guy together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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