Backpacker Ch. 01

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In Paris

‘This place looks alright,’ Brad said as we walked past a quiet looking bar.

We were in Paris, it was the first night of our first big European back packing tour. ‘Looks very French,’ I said as we stopped and looked through the window.

‘Perfect,’ Brad said, opening the door and pushing inside. ‘It’ll be a good way to remember our first night.’

I laughed and followed him inside the bar. ‘Whoa,’ I said, it was more of a jazz lounge, everything looked incredibly fancy.

‘This might be out of our price range,’ I said, looking at the well-dressed people who patronised the joint.

‘Live a little John,’ Brad said, pulling out two stools at the bar, one for him and the other presumably for me.

I sat down. ‘Fine,’ I said. ‘One drink, and then we find somewhere cheap,’ I looked around at the aging and mostly male cliental. ‘And with chicks.’

The annoyed looking bartender walked over and took our drink orders. He must have to deal with this sort of thing a lot, American back packers coming into his fancy bar with no money wanting to buy drinks.

‘Thanks,’ I said once he place both drinks down in front of us.

Brad simply nodded and took a sip. ‘So John,’ Brad said after his sip. ‘We getting you laid tonight or what?’

Brad knew this was a sore spot for me, I was the town virgin and all through high school he was the town slut. He fucked not only every chick I had a crush on, but the ugly chicks, teachers and even some of the mothers. Brad was the most sexually free person I knew, and I never understood why he was friends with a normal, extremely heterosexual virgin like myself.

‘Well,’ I said, looking around the club. ‘We’ve got the cream of the crop for my first time at this place,’ I joked.

‘Later,’ Brad said. ‘We gotta find you a dirty slut who’ll let you do whatever you want to her for your first time… good thing we’re in Paris right?’

‘To Paris,’ I said, lifting up my glass for a toast.

‘To Parisian sexual openness,’ Brad countered, chinking my glass and sculling his drink.

A quartet of musicians playing a set of jazz standards took the stage, catching our attention long enough to not notice the woman sitting next to me. ‘The usual Jacque,’ the woman said in French.

I turned back around to look at her, it was the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen in my entire life. It was all I could do to not openly drool all over the bar. She had beautiful big blue eyes that looked like they could stare into your soul, a cute nose, full thick red lips, long dark hair the complexion of a porcelain doll.

‘You’re new,’ she said in French.

I just looked at her stunned, she was wearing a low-cut dark green dress that really showed off her ample cleavage. ‘I’m sorry,’ I said. ‘I don’t speak French.’

Brad was the one of us who spoke French, but he was busy admiring the jazz quartet. ‘That’s okay,’ she said. ‘I speak English.’

‘I’m sorry,’ I said, putting out my hand. ‘My name’s John,’ I nearly stuttered nervously. ‘Can I buy your drink?’ I’d always seen in movies when a guy wants to fuck a chick at a bar he buys her a drink.

She laughed. ‘No thanks,’ she said. ‘You two look like you need to save your money,’ she said, referring to our clear not fancy attire. ‘Besides I can afford it,’ she finished.

‘Thanks,’ I said, smiling awkwardly, I figured that didn’t bode well for me, she didn’t seem like the type to go for someone below her grade.

Brad turned around, finally noticing the woman sitting next to me. ‘Nice to meet you,’ he said in French, taking her hand from across me and kissing it. ‘My name is Brad.’

‘Fuck,’ I thought to myself, the severely low chances of fucking this woman were completely diminished now that Brad had thrown himself into the ring.

‘Eve,’ she said back, as he let go of her hand. ‘You’re very well mannered.’

Eve’s drink landed in front of her and she took a sip from it. ‘What brings you to a place like this on a night like tonight?’ Brad asked, reverting to English.

‘My husband is out of town and I thought, why not live a little?’ she said. ‘What brings the two of you to Paris?’

I was too crestfallen to respond, the fact that she was married took my two percent chance and replaced it with a big fat zero. ‘Backpackers,’ Brad responded. ‘First night here actually.’

‘First night huh?’ She said, smiling at us knowingly. ‘Well, how about to celebrate you let me buy you guys a few drinks,’ she said, gesturing towards our empty glasses.

‘Wow,’ Brad said. ‘Thank you so much.’

‘It’s no problem,’ she said, gesturing for the bartender to bring us more drinks. ‘Welcome to Paris.’

We quickly and surely got pretty drunk with Eve, she seemed to be really letting loose with us. The alcohol seemed to have that effect on all of us, even I was confident enough to start joking and flirting with Eve. In fact by drink four she seemed to actually be picking up on my vibe.

‘So are you travelling all around Europe John?’ Eve asked, placing her hand on mine.

‘Yeah,’ I said, taking her hand. ‘I casino şirketleri want to try and see as much of it as I can,’ I said, looking into her eyes.

‘Play your cards right,’ Eve said smiling at me. ‘You might see a lot of Paris tonight.’

My eyes widened slightly, I didn’t think she’d be so forward, especially considering the fact that she had a husband. ‘I have to… I need to use the bathroom,’ I said, before leaping up and practically sprinting to the restroom.

‘Okay, okay, okay,’ I said to myself repeatedly as I splashed water I my face in front of the mirror. ‘You can do this,’ I finished.

When I walked back out I saw that Brad had placed himself in my chair and seemed to be whispering something to a very attentive Eve. He was still talking when I approached, but he was speaking French so I didn’t know what he was saying. I sat down on the other side of Eve, and what I saw made my skin crawl, she was smiling like I hadn’t seen her smile before and all because of whatever Brad had whispered.

Suddenly, from the stage, the quartet began to play a dance song. ‘Hey John, wanna dance?’ Eve said, standing up and placing her hand out for mine.

I stood up and joined her, putting my hand in hers. ‘Hell yes,’ I said, making my way toward the dance floor.

Eve was still standing in the same spot though, her other hand stretched out toward Brad. ‘You coming?’ She asked.

Brad took her hand and the three of us took to the dance floor, at first Eve was dancing more or less exclusively with me. We were holding hands and swaying, performing amateur dance moves at the right times. Soon though, she drifted to Brad and did the same things with him and then back to me again.

After a few minutes I looked at Brad, trying to make some sense of the situation. He just smiled and mouthed the words, ‘Enjoy yourself.’ Eve began to dance a little closer to me, grinding her thigh against my cock. She pulled Brad closed and did the same to him, soon we were both grinding against her thighs, practically dry humping her on the dance floor.

‘My place isn’t far away,’ she whispered to us as the song ended. ‘Want to come for a night cap?’

We both nodded and let her lead us out to the street. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked Brad as Eve walked us up the street toward her home.

‘Good news is you’re losing your virginity tonight,’ Brad whispered as we turned down a side alley. ‘The even better news is I’m going to be there every step of the way, guiding you, making sure you reach your sexual potential!’

Eve clearly heard this last part but chose to make us think she hadn’t as we approached the courtyard of her building. ‘I’m fucking her though right?’ I questioned even quieter, making sure there was no confusion.

‘You’ll fuck her,’ Brad said quietly. ‘She’s gonna let you do whatever you want to her,’ Brad said, pointedly loud enough for Eve to hear.

‘Now that we’re all caught up,’ Eve said, opening the door to her place. ‘How about that night cap?’

Eve walked us to her bedroom, smiling at my very obvious erection. ‘I’ll be right back,’ she said, leaving Brad and I in the room alone together.

‘Holy shit!’ I exclaimed, turning and hugging my best friend without thinking.

‘Whoa, ease up their cowboy,’ Brad said, pushing me off. ‘I don’t like you like that.’

‘Fuck, I’m sorry,’ I said, remembering I had a full on erection.

‘Although,’ Brad said, looking at the bulge. ‘I can’t say I’m not impressed.’

‘Quit it,’ I said.

‘The girls in our town would have been all over you if they knew you had that going on,’ Brad said, continuing to gaze at the bulge in my pants.

‘So what exactly is going on? If I’m fucking her why are you here?’ I asked, changing the subject from my cock.

‘Don’t you get it man?’ Brad said. ‘We’re both fucking her tonight,’ Brad announced proudly. ‘Of course, it’ll be all about you though, I’ll take all the sloppy seconds.’

‘Okay,’ I said. ‘I’m cool with this, as long as I’m fucking her and our dicks don’t touch.’

‘Whatever you want,’ Brad said. ‘It’s your time.’

Eve came back into the room with two beers in her hand. ‘You’ll want to drink these pretty quick,’ Eve said as she handed them to us.

We each downed the drinks in one hit. ‘Fast enough?’ Brad asked as we placed the bottles on the cabinet behind Eve.

‘I like boys who can take orders,’ Eve said. ‘For that you deserve rewards.’

Eve leaned forward and took my cheeks in her hands, giving me a soft and passionate kiss. Brad watched as she let her tongue into my mouth, I lifted my hands automatically and groped her tits. Eve moaned and kissed me deeper, letting her hands drift from my cheeks down to my sides.

‘Mmm,’ Eve moaned, pulling away. ‘Now you,’ she said before doing roughly the same to Brad.

Before she was completely finished I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back toward me, kissing her a little roughly. ‘Yeah,’ she moaned, enjoying my display of dominance. ‘Take what’s yours.’

I continued to kiss her until she pulled away, stepping backward casino firmaları slightly. ‘Part two of your reward,’ she said, pulling down her straps and letting her dress fall to the ground, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Her tits were incredible, nice big round things with big thick pink nipples. They had just the right amount of perk mixed with sag as well, really the perfect set of tits. ‘Yeah,’ I said as I watched Eve lightly sway, her gorgeous tits swaying with her.

‘What are you waiting for boys?’ Eve asked, taking her tits in her hands and squeezing them. ‘Too much woman for you?’

I immediately reached forward and took her tits in my hands, letting myself take in every fleshy portion of her breasts. ‘These are incredible,’ I exclaimed as I felt her large nipples.

‘Not bad for your first pair huh?’ Eve said, causing me to turn and look at Brad.

‘You told?’ I questioned

‘Well I-‘ Brad started.

‘I forced it out of him,’ Eve said, taking her hands and placing them over mine, making me grip her tits tighter. ‘I told him I have a thing for virgins.’

‘Well when you put it that way,’ I said, stepping closer toward her.

‘He’s a good guy, your friend,’ Eve said. ‘Maybe I should reward him?’

‘Go for it,’ I said, as Eve let go of one my hands and replaced it with Brads.

The two of us stood with a hand each groping one of Eve’s tits. ‘Fucking Paris,’ Brad said as he put his free hand on my shoulder.

I matched him. ‘Fucking Paris,’ I repeated.

Eve removed her hands from ours, sure we would keep them on her tits. ‘Let’s see what you guys have packing here shall we?’ Eve said as she reached down and unzipped each of our flies simultaneously.

‘You’re pretty good at that,’ I said as Eve ripped our jeans down exposing our underwear.

‘I can tell yours is going to be big,’ Eve said to me as she gripped the rim of my underwear.

She was doing the same to Brad who had a noticeably smaller bulge. ‘Told you,’ Brad said as she ripped down our underwear at the same time.

‘Nice,’ she moaned as she took my cock in her hand and began jerking it. ‘Very nice,’ she said as it grew a little bigger still once stimulated.

My cock was eight inches while Brad’s was five, which was still and okay size, just not as big as I was expecting. ‘Whoa,’ I said as I watched Eve jerk his cock.

‘What they say is true,’ Brad said as he flapped and played with Eve’s tit. ‘It’s how you use it.’

I refocused my attention onto Eve and looked into her eyes, squeezing her tit even harder as she jerked me off. ‘How does that feel John?’ Eve asked as we exchanged eye contact.

‘Feels fucking amazing,’ I said truthfully. ‘It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt.’

‘Well,’ Eve said, as she got to her knees. ‘It’s about to get a whole lot better.’

She took the head of my cock in her mouth. ‘Jesus!’ I moaned, looking up to the ceiling as wave after wave of pleasure ran up my spine.

‘Mmm,’ Eve moaned as she sucked on my head, continuing to jerk the shaft with the hand not jerking Brad. ‘Better than the hand right?’

‘Way better,’ I said, looking down and watching as Eve’s thick lips wrapped around my cock.

‘Hey John,’ Brad said, holding out the hand not gripping my shoulder out. ‘You did it.’

I gave him a high five with my free hand. ‘Thanks to you,’ I said smiling at my friend.

‘Put you hand on her head,’ Brad said, as he looked down at the busy Eve.

I followed his suggestion and put my free hand on her head. ‘Doesn’t that feel better?’ He asked.

‘Yeah, that’s weird it does,’ I said, wondering how it could feel so much better even though the actual feeling was the same.

Brad let go of my shoulder, forcing me to let go of his. ‘Put the other on there as well,’ Brad directed.

Eve took more of my cock in her mouth and had begun to bob on it. ‘Fuck,’ I moaned as I placed my other hand on the back of her head. ‘Oh my god!’

‘It’s the power,’ Brad said, taking Eve’s hand off his cock and letting Eve moved to my balls. ‘Most of sex is visual.’

‘Jesus Christ!’ I exclaimed as Eve fondled my balls.

Eve sucked me like this for a little while, completely breathing out of her nose, never needing to come up for air once. ‘You’re a god damned expert,’ I applauded once Brad pointed out how rare that was.

‘Mind if I have a go?’ Brad said a little while longer, walking right up next to me so his cock was aimed at Eve’s engorged cheek.

‘Take it away before I cum too quick,’ I said, as Eve pulled my cock out of her mouth.

‘I was surprised you didn’t cum immediately,’ Eve said smiling up at me as she grabbed Brad’s cock.

‘Lots of jerking off,’ I admitted as Eve took Brad’s cock in her mouth.

She sucked his cock in the same way she sucked mine, although she was able to get his entire thing in her mouth. Before long she pulled it back out and took mine, gripping both of them in her hands and constantly switching between them.

‘Fuck you boys feel so good,’ Eve exclaimed as she took Brad’s cock back in her güvenilir casino mouth, sucking it for a moment and then replaced it with mine.

‘Your fucking mouth is incredible,’ I said, stroking her cheek as she sucked me down.

‘Mmm,’ she moaned. ‘And it can fit a lot too,’ she said as she pulled our cocks close together and touched our tips.

‘Whoa,’ I said angrily as she squeezed out cocks together and shoved them in her mouth. ‘Whoa,’ I repeated, except this time in a more pleasured way.

She sucked out cocks hard before pulling them back out again. ‘See,’ she said. ‘I can fit a lot in here, maybe even one more,’ she joked.

‘Alright,’ I said, somewhat taken aback. ‘Okay… don’t do that again,’ I said, feeling panicked.

‘What?’ Eve said, looking up at me with a bemused expression on her face. ‘You didn’t like it?’

‘Well I…’ I did kind of like it, but that didn’t change the fact that it was weird. ‘I guess I liked it but… I still don’t… I’m not gay,’ I said finally.

She looked up at me and then over at Brad, who looked a little embarrassed. ‘John,’ Eve said, standing up. ‘This is Paris, there is no “gay” or “straight” here, only whatever ever feels good.’

‘I… well… I…’ I was at a complete loss for words.

‘Sit down boys,’ Eve said, pushing us by our chests down onto her bed, our jeans and underwear still wrapped around out ankles. ‘Now take of your shirts.’

We obeyed her, taking out shirts off and baring our chests. ‘Now get rid of your jeans and underwear,’ Eve continued.

We kicked off out remaining clothes, leaving only our socks and shoes. ‘Obviously shoes as well,’ Eve said, rolling her eyes as she waited for us to take our shoes off and remove our socks.

‘Sorry,’ we said as she leaned back onto her cabinet.

‘Now jerk off,’ Eve commanded.

We were right next to each other, butt naked with our thighs touching. ‘What?’ I exclaimed, looking at Brad and then back at Eve.

‘Its fine,’ Eve said. ‘I can play with my tits if you need motivation.’

Brad and I exchanged eye contact and then looked back at Eve, who began groping and playing with her amazing tits. We each shrugged and took our own cocks in our hands and jerked it to the now lightly dancing Eve.

‘That’s nice,’ Eve moaned as she closed her eyes and pinched her nipples. ‘Now help each other out.’

Brad looked at me. ‘Are you cool with this?’

I looked at him and then over at Eve whose eyes were still closed, clearly trusting that we’d just obey her. ‘For her,’ I whispered back. ‘Fine, only this once.’

He placed his hand on my cock and helped me jerk it. ‘Mmm,’ I moaned, closing my eyes as the two of us jerked my cock.

‘Uhh John,’ Brad said, continuing to jerk me. ‘You need to do me too, or you’re kind of an asshole.’

I opened my eyes. ‘Shit,’ I said, quickly taking his cock in my hand. ‘Sorry.’

Eve opened her eyes and walked toward us, dancing around in a circular motion as she moved closer. ‘Wonderful,’ Eve exclaimed as we jerked each other. ‘Doesn’t that feel nice?’

It actually did feel kind of nice. ‘Alright,’ I said as I jacked Brad’s cock faster. ‘You win.’

Eve was now standing right in front of us, she placed her hands on our shoulders. ‘Sometimes a friend knows best right?’ Eve joked as she stroked our backs, her large tits now hanging in front of our very faces.

Instinctively we each lifted up a hand to grope her tits. The only thing though, which we didn’t notice at first, is that we didn’t lift up the hand on each other’s dicks, we lifted the hands on our own dicks.

‘Whoa,’ we said as we noticed this, not slowing our jerking process down one bit.

‘Best friends,’ Eve smiled, still stroking our back as we groped her tits. ‘One more thing,’ she said quietly, looking from one of us to the other.

She didn’t say anything, instead she took Brad by the back of his head and pushed it down. ‘Hold up!’ I exclaimed, causing everything to stop. ‘Hands is one thing, but his mouth?’ I questioned.

‘If you don’t let this happen,’ Eve started. ‘Maybe I decide mouth is one thing, but my pussy?’

I closed my eyes, and honked her tit. ‘Okay,’ I said. ‘Continue.’

Eve smiled and continued to push Brad down onto my cock. ‘That’s it,’ Eve said as Brad took the tip of my cock in his mouth.

‘Mmm,’ I moaned involuntarily as Brad began sucking my cock in earnest. ‘Fuck.’

‘Feels good doesn’t it?’ Eve cooed stroking Brad’s hair as he bobbed up and down on my cock.

‘Yeah,’ I admitted, taking my hands off his dick and her tit and placing both on the top of his head instinctively. ‘Real good.’

‘Fast learner,’ Eve said, gesturing to my hands.

‘Fuck,’ I moaned, as Brad choked on my cock and pulled it out of his mouth.

‘Yeah,’ he said, stroking my cock with both hands.

‘I wanna have some of this,’ Eve said as she got on her knees and took my cock from Brad, shoving it into her mouth and sucking it.

‘Yes!’ I moaned as Eve bobbed up and down on my cock, her tits hitting my knees.

Brad was now on all fours, head overlooking Eve’s blowjob, as if he was trying to get tips. I kept one hand on his head and the other on Eve’s. Eve pulled my cock out and passed it to Brad who happily took it inside his gob, sucking it down lovingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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