Backdoor Man Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning with a slight hangover for sure, drenched in sweat from the mass of bodies pressed together, their slick flesh against my own skin. I was in a desperate need to piss, so I had to slightly nudge the body resting on top of me, that of my ex-girlfriend Sherry, which regrettably disturbed her slumber. Well, I thought that it was unfortunate right then, as I went to use the restroom and take a shower. That was when I heard the shower curtain open and someone step inside, followed by the sound and smell of someone pissing under the hot water of the shower.

“Sorry…sir, but hot water and all that. Anyway, the shower should clean me right up. Then I can wash your body and perhaps you wouldn’t object to washing mine?” Sherry asked me, planting a rather steamy kiss on my lips.

“Wouldn’t bother me none, that’s for sure,” I grinned, returning the kiss.

“You know why we can’t reconcile, right? Why this has to remain a primarily physical relationship between us, sir?” Sherry asked as she rinsed off any traces of her pee.

“Because you need to submit to a man from time to time, but you also need a safe haven of sorts from that domination. You need a domestic sphere that you alone control. I get that, I really do. Queen of your own castle. Lady of the manor,” I nodded.

“Exactly. As long as we understand each other, then. I’m just not a good 24/7 slave or sub. I’m built to submit to a certain kind of man, but dominate other types of men…and women,” Sherry clarified.

“That’s called being a switch. Nothing wrong with that,” I agreed, while I felt her silky hands magically caress my flesh.

“Yes…and you’re that man. The sort of man that I need to serve. But Rich…Rich and Brittany…well, I wouldn’t mind helping you dominate them, too. Though your word is final. I might even borrow one or both now and then, if that’s okay with you,” Sherry assured me as she finished up her washing job by stroking my cock and balls a little.

“That’s a possibility…any other thoughts?” I asked her, truly curious as I began washing her smooth skin.

“Yes…I wonder how we can get them to go all the way,” Sherry licked her lips.

“All the way?” I asked, my curiosity piqued.

“Look, they clearly want to yield it all…to fully embrace their surrender of their bodies and let you use them completely…own them totally. They’re just afraid to do so yet. They’re afraid that this will make their marriage something less than a commitment, which they want it to be in spite of their sharing and submissive ways. They want some way to distinguish their romance from their willing servitude to you. We just have to find a way to convince them that Rich’s cock and Brittany’s pussy should be available to anyone that you have in mind…and that it won’t ruin their marriage to turn them all over to you,” Sherry explained her thoughts.

“In steps, perhaps. Starting with oral manipulation of both. Make them concede that you sucking his cock and either of us eating her pussy won’t detract from their marriage…if you really think that’s the issue,” I decided as I fondled Sherry’s newly clean buns.

“More or less, they need to get permission from someone, I think. I also have to sort out what to do about Sanjay. I want to marry him, I think. He’s a naturally submissive bloke. He needs to understand his role, though. He needs to accept that he is really under my authority, not vice versa. This can’t be a traditional Indian marriage, where he is the lord and master. Nor does he really want that. He might feel bound by religion and tradition, however, to follow that model at times. I need to break him of that. For that…Rich and Brittany can be helpful, too…another reason why I want to help free them completely from the monogamy trap, love,” Sherry asserted, right as I started to open the shower curtain.

We both saw Rich and Brittany standing there, eyes larger than saucers, which raised an obvious question…had they heard the entire conversation? If not, how much had they heard, in fact? Both were blushing now, which only reinforced that question. Had they heard themselves being discussed?

“Yes,” Brittany said aloud.

“Yes, what?” I asked her.

“Yes, we heard you talk about us. And…personally, if Rich is open to it, I’m willing to go all the way. But only if he’s okay with it. I’m following your lead in most things, but in terms of releasing each other from wedding vows, I must follow his. It’s just how I feel,” Brit explained.

“Well…,” Rich started to say.

“Well, what, darling?” Sherry broke in.

“I must admit that the idea of your mouth on my cock and on Brit’s pussy is quite enticing,” Rich confessed.

“And what of my mouth on Brit’s pussy,” I inquired.

Rich blushed a bit, but nodded.

“I thought as much,” I chuckled.

“So, we can at least agree that oral can go both ways now. The only thing banned at this juncture is another man’s cock in Brit’s cunny casino şirketleri and another quim around Rich’s dick,” Sherry concluded, “Or is there still a ban on my strap-on taking her fanny and your cock up my arse?”

“I’m willing to agree to sodomize Sherry and have her pound Brit’s pussy,” Rich admitted.

“Cool,” Brit grinned, “so what’s left is just the most basic, technical definition of adultery.”

“Well, a little more than that. Strictly speaking, adultery would only take place when Brit had another man’s dick in her cunt. The very definition of it is a double standard,” I observed coolly.

“And I’m not comfortable with such unfairness. It’s just…well, let me be honest here,” Rich got very nervous now.

“Pregnancy. You’re afraid of having another man put his bun in Brit’s oven. That’s the real hang-up at its core…and to be fair, you’ve given up the chance of doing the same with another woman,” I deduced.

“That’s about it, yes,” Rich agreed.

“So, let’s take it in phases. Work our way toward that end goal of a completely open marriage. The next phase should be oral manipulation. Also bear in mind that you both want to have children, and not to be too blunt, but there is a risk that one or both of you could be infertile. Breeding with others would improve your odds of reproduction, which is part of why Nature doesn’t like monogamy. Still, let’s move at a pace that you feel comfortable about, each of us advancing as ready. It could take days, weeks, or months, or it could only take hours or minutes,” I suggested.

“Works for me,” Brit licked her lips.

“Me, too,” Rich responded, his cock very hard now.

“Good, then wash up. Once you’re done cleaning up, we’ll proceed with opening up your marriage,” I grinned, as the pair jumped into the shower and started to wash each other, clearly fondling each other as well in the process.

Meanwhile, Sherry couldn’t keep her hands off me, of course. She just had to fondle my body while the married couple showering together did the same to each other. Sherry also planted kisses all over my skin, eventually even licking me, which gave me the chills. Whatever the nature of her feelings toward me, my ex-girlfriend wasn’t shy about expressing passion or lust toward me. I suspected that she was driven by her attraction to the secret dominant side that she now saw in me. Evidently, she was more submissive than she first let on.

Right about then, the shower turned off and the couple got out, at which point I told them, “Okay, now, Brit is to lie on the bed with her legs spread for me. Rich, stand in the corner and watch me eat your wife out. Sherry, kneel and begin sucking Rich’s cock while he watches us. It will be interesting to see who cums first between them.”

With that, Brit complied and I began licking gently at her pussy lips at first. I was playful at this stage, dragging out the experience while goosebumps formed on this married woman’s skin from having my mouth on her twat. We could both hear Sherry slurping on Rich’s dick, but neither of us cared right then, since we were busy with some oral pleasure ourselves. My tongue started tentatively at first, teasing Brit, but I gradually stepped up the pace of my licks as I dined on Brit’s cunt. There was no doubt in my mind by now that while Rich and Sherry were ahead, Brit and I were steadily catching up to them. Brit’s juices made her pussy and my face very slick indeed.

Finally, of course, I heard the sound of Rich’s grunts as he came down Sherry’s throat, and then we both heard her gulp his spunk down. At that point, I picked up my speed and started focusing heavily on Brit’s sweet clit, sucking on it for dear life, as she whimpered and begged me not to stop. Brit’s breathing became heavier as she let her juices really flow, and before I knew it, she had completely flooded my face with her feminine fluids. Suddenly, a deeper, more guttural voice than she typically used came out and she went first very rigid, followed by very slack.

After a couple of minutes of us resting, Brittany pulled herself up and gave me the sloppiest tongue kiss she could, tasting her own juices on my lips. I made sure to return that kiss, even as Sherry gave Rich a snowball that he didn’t seem to mind, either. At that point, I motioned for the two of them to join us on the bed and I began stroking Rich’s dick and balls a bit, which helped it harden again just a little.

“Breakfast time, boys and girls, but after that, I have further plans for all three of you. Come on, let’s go to the kitchen. Rich and Brit, you two work on breakfast, while Sherry and I relax and talk. The two of you need to get used to your roles as servants around here, after all,” I grinned, as Sherry licked her lips, and the married couple held hands on their way to the kitchen.

After a minute or two on my sofa, Sherry leaned over and began kissing me hard on the mouth. Then she planted herself on my lap and slipped me a good deal of tongue. casino firmaları She rubbed her butt against my cock, too, clearly trying to excite me even further. Considering that I still hadn’t come, that wasn’t hard to do. Then she knelt and started sucking my dick while playing with my balls for a bit. After a bit of that, I pulled her up and kissed her lips before sitting her back down next to me. While I certainly wished to cum soon, I had plans for my sperm that, if things went well, would turn out great for everyone.

“You clearly want me even more aroused. What is going on in your mind, my delightfully devilish slut?” I teased her.

“Oh, I want things to come to a head faster, perhaps. The more we fuck, the more comfortable Rich and Brit will become with other things. They’ve had their genitals used by others at last, but I want them to move on to the next stage of opening up their marriage sooner rather than later. What do you think of that?” Sherry inquired of me.

“Well, so do I, and I’ve planned for just what to do when that happens. Hence why I haven’t cum just yet, assuming that it happens today. Clearly, they’re comfortable with sharing their genitals orally, so we can advance at least one more step. If I am wrong about moving on to full sharing, well, I can always get some relief with the other available holes, can’t I?” I smiled wickedly.

“Very true, love. Personally, I badly want to get Rich’s cock inside my cunny, have it pounding me into next week, preferably while you slam Brittany’s quim. In fact, perhaps we can sell it in terms of improving my odds of conception as well as theirs. The same logic applies. Of course, to that end, come to think of it, I really should let Sanjay have a chance to impregnate me, too, just in case. The idea of three men’s cum…maybe more than that, filling my fanny as well as Brit’s…maybe Devi’s, too, since she loves to share. Very delicious idea, wouldn’t you agree?” Sherry proposed.

“I concur with those ideas, yes. Maybe that other cousin of Devi’s as well as Gustavo, too. Be the makings of a nice little orgy or gang-bang now and then, maybe each woman taking turns as the focus of the gang-bang and the other two acting as fluffers at that moment…with the object of the gang-bang being to knock the woman in question up. We should probably warn the men upfront about our men’s intentions, mind you,” I chuckled at that notion, even as I felt my precum leaking.

“Oh, dear, love…you’re too excited…you shan’t make it at this rate. Good intentions and all that don’t make that morning wood go down,” Sherry winked at me, now bending over in front of me, offering me any hole that I wished.

After all of that impregnation talk, it wasn’t surprising that I opted to begin fucking Sherry from behind, pulling her hair as well. My cock was more than ready to go deep and long inside her, ramming her without mercy as well. I plowed her vigorously, causing her to begin cussing like a sailor and begging me for more. She definitely wasn’t asking me to stop, especially as she moved her hips repeatedly toward me and arched her back, while her toes curled more than a little. I got the impression that she was as excited by the prospect of getting pregnant as I was at the idea of making her that way. Her cunt was truly wonderful to fuck, of course, but then I long knew that, as we were exes.

We were still in the middle of fucking when I felt a pair of hand separate my buns and a tongue slide between them. I didn’t know who was doing this to me, but I wasn’t about to resist or oppose it, nor did I object when a second tongue moved right in next to it. Now I was being rimmed by Rich and Brit alike, and neither of them were shy about their intentions. When I felt a finger slip into my asshole and a soft hand stroke my balls in a very pleasant manner, I lost all semblance of control, shooting my load inside Sherry’s cunt. However, she hadn’t come yet, and now was my opening to move things along.

“I’m afraid that since I just now emptied my balls of the seed built up all night and morning long, I didn’t last as long as I prefer. I need someone to fill in the gap, so to speak. How about it, Rich? Are you ready to throw caution to the wind and open up your marriage completely? Sherry needs to cum and she needs another man’s seed inside her, to make extra sure that she conceives. Are you ready to make her a happy woman? What do you think, Brit?” I turned to each of them.

“Oh, Rich, love, please…please fucking take my fanny already!” Sherry cussed and begged for it, being so close.

Rich was now quite stiff and Brit gave all of us her input by moving her hand to Sherry’s twat to spread some of my cum and Sherry’s juices to Rich’s cock for lube. She whispered in his ear and started jerking him to the point that he was fully erect and eager for relief. He acted on instinct now, making more of an atavistic choice than a modern, “respectable” one. Rich walked behind Sherry, his nerves causing his hands güvenilir casino to shake, but encouraged by Brit and me egging him on. I began fondling his ass, while Brit parted Sherry’s lips to help guide her husband inside another woman’s snatch for the first time since they wed. It was bareback and there was no doubt that if Sherry were fertile, Rich would have a 50/50 chance of impregnating her. The time had come…soft swinging was dead…long live complete sharing.

My excitement at watching Rich take Sherry right after me was nothing compared to Brit’s enjoyment of the scene in front of us. She practically beamed before she knelt and began sucking my cock with incredible enthusiasm. It was clear that she wanted me hard again and soon…that she wanted me to fuck her and yesterday. Brit left no doubt in my mind that she had long hoped that this would be an outcome of their deal…she wanted their marriage opened up totally, though she also enjoyed being my anal slave best of all. Rich had been reluctant about going all the way, but Brit and Sherry had helped me nudge him in the right direction.

There was no going back now and we all knew it. No holes were barred and everyone would be fucking everyone else here in every combination possible. That fact was driven home with every thrust of Rich’s dick into Sherry’s pussy, inching him closer to cumming inside her and filling her with his seed. This realization helped finish the job of making me hard again, especially on top of Brit sucking my cock for dear life.

“Alright, Brit, it seems that breakfast must wait. I’m going to fuck you, but first, you must grab the strap-on. Put it on and lube Rich up to peg him. I want to fuck you while you plunder him and he takes Sherry,” I instructed Brit, who grinned deliciously at that idea.

Seeing Brit slide her strap-on on and enter Rich, I was more than ready to begin fucking her hard from behind, and she was especially eager to welcome me inside her at last. Her silky, smooth pussy fit my cock like a glove and I reveled in its warm, soft wetness, sinking my stiff rod deep within her. The realization that I was fucking another man’s wife bareback in her pussy, the act that could make her pregnant to me, was more than enough to drive me on, just as it apparently thrilled her…along with the experience of pegging her husband while he rammed another woman’s cunt. We were such a delightful train, the four of us, my every thrust pushing Brit inside Rich, while she pressed him further into Sherry.

At last, however, Sherry couldn’t restrain herself further and she screamed her orgasm, not all of it in English, either…a fresh reminder that this delicious vixen was of Indian stock, which further excited me at least. It didn’t hurt Rich, either, as demonstrated when he came almost immediately after she did, filling a woman other than his wife with seed in her twat at last: the ultimate sign of an open marriage. Brit came almost instantly after her hubby seeded Sherry, no doubt at least in part over the sexiness of breaking that taboo…and the awareness of what was about to follow. I found my cock twitching as my cum shot out while I was balls deep inside Brit…I had done it. I came inside a married woman’s unprotected pussy…I took the chance of knocking her up.

I planted a kiss on each woman’s lips, followed by kissing Rich, and then instructing him to kiss them as well. Rich grinned very widely, making it clear that he was happy with the outcome. He smiled even more when his wife knelt and licked Sherry’s juices off his dick, while Sherry did the same for me. Now, however, we were all ravenously hungry and so I decided that it was time to eat. Hopefully, breakfast wouldn’t be too cold.

“As delicious of an afterglow as this is, I, for one, am starving. Time to eat…whatever it is that you two cooked up for us,” I smiled at the couple while Sherry put her arms around my waist.

By then, Brittany felt a bit ridiculous still wearing her strap-on and thigh harness. She removed them and led the way to the breakfast table, where we found plates full of pancakes, smothered in butter with plenty of syrup and blueberries covering them, too. They were apparently still hot enough to eat, which was good, but then again, we hadn’t been engaged in our little orgy for very long that time. No doubt, that was due to the sheer stimulation involved in a train, which was something worth noting for the future. In any case, there were also eggs, bacon, and hash browns. We had plenty to eat for breakfast and then some, which was good, because we were likely to burn even more calories by the end of the day.

As we sat down to eat, both Brit and Sherry winked at Rich and me, both of them giggling as Rich blushed a bit. We were still naked while eating our breakfast, but that only heightened the surreal sense that our normality was merely superficial. We were anything but normal, but that was a good thing. I would much rather flirt with my three lovers at the breakfast while eating heartily, I thought, as Rich winked at me, too. It was clear that today was just the first of many Sundays like this…and what prospect could be better than good times like this? I, for one, was going to just kick back and enjoy the ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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