Back to School Ch. 01

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Monday morning, too early for a student, but I had accepted an invitation to return to my old college to advise parents on their childrens university choices. They thought that having finished my first year of uni, Iwould be useful, I didn’t. I did it because I beleive in Karma, and I most definitely deserved a good turn. I got to the college, at about ten thirty and after a quick smoke, I made my way to the main hall. The new head, Mr. Ball met me and instantly began babbling about uni and school, etc.

Inside the assigned room, there were a couple of tables and chairs arranged in an attempt to make the situation look less formal than it was. However my eye was caught by Mrs. French, a history teacher who I didn’t get taught by but remember being the subject of many fantasies. Mr. Ball carried on talking while I just nodded every so often.

Eventually he left leaving me in the capable hands of Mrs. French. She sauntered over and proceeded to do the usual greet and meet shit. I remarked on how the college hadn’t changed, while what I had really noticed was that she hadn’t changed very much, and was dressed suitably enough for work but definitely with an air of provocative arrogance. Pair of nicely heeled shoes, smooth legs, a black skirt that finished just above her knees finished with a white blouse and a figure hugging jacket that illustrated curves in all the right places.

My daze was broken by her voice.

“Nice of you to have volunteered for this scheme, hopefully it will be just as worth your while,” she said breaking my day dream with an even teacher like tone. It brought me down to earth, and I realised I was there to do more than just perv at her! About eleven, a few parents and their kids came through, and the usual questions followed. To be honest, most of it was boring and pretty repetitive. However, midday brought about a turn in events.

In walked two ladies, both well dressed, one in similar style to Mrs. French, and the other in a pair of figure hugging trousers, and smart top. They wandered over to my table and explained that their sons were busy, but they thought it would be worthwhile to attend. I couldn’t help but notice…that both had made an effort in their appearance, and were blatantly comfortable in their own skin. Either way, it turned out that their respective sons were both interested in my university, and it was arranged that I should pop by one of their houses at some point with some more personal insights about uni life than just leaflets. I gave them my mobile number, and return I was introduced to Mrs. Cole And Mrs. Levy.

About a week later, as I was just settling in to home life again, I received a call from Mrs. Cole explaining that if possible, could I speak to both her and Mrs.Levy’s sons tonight at her house. Firstly, I was a bit pissed, as I was meant to go clubbing, but remembering how good these ladies looked just made me want to go. I reached her house at about eight, dressing casually enough but not too young, if you know what I mean. After spending about an hour talking about uni life, both boys explained that they had plans. Thankfully, they left shaking my hand and so on, without any other questions. Both boys, it seemed to me were rather sheltered.

I explained to both mothers that our chat had gone well, and maybe it was time for me to make amove as well. Mrs. Cole insisted I stayed for a drink as I had gone to the trouble of coming to her house. I didn’t refuse.

“So, how are you really enjoying uni life?” asked Mrs. Levy.

“What do you mean …really? ” I replied.

“We heard the boring things you told our kids, but tell us the real things that go on….”

“Seriously, I don’t really know what güvenilir bahis you mean. “

“Oh come on, we watch all those revealed and uncut programs on sky, but we want some real details! ” explained Mrs.Levy, with a quite lustful look.

“I don’t know…my first year has not actually been that exciting…I guess I just didn’t go to the right parties or whatever….”

“But there must have been something…” butted in Mrs. Levy.

I laughed, actually loosening up the moment more than I thought it would, and proceeded to explain, how I’d ended up in the ladies toilets by accident at a certain club, and seen three girls in all states of frenzied lust….with each other. Man, just the memory was getting me going. But not as much as these two! Mrs. Cole was positively squirming, and it was obvious that the drink had got to Mrs. Levy a little as she had gone red and seemingly unknowingly was rubbing her own legs together.

“Well maybe your summer could be more interesting than uni? ” offered up Mrs. Levy quite innocently.

“I doubt it…nothing but girls with baggage here at the moment, ” I replied truthfully.

“I don’t know…opportunity often appears in the strangest places, ” chipped in Mrs. Cole.

“What…like in between my legs! Oh I’m sorry, but this slowly slowly approach is killing me…I am so horny, I really need to get off!! ” screamed Mrs. Levy.

I was stunned! I thought a bit of flirting and fun was never gonna hurt, but then they’d realsie the situation and send me packing. But no, here I was with two horny mature ladies unable to move because truly I was in shock. Up until then I had fooled about with a few girls and enjoyed two nights of pretty uncomfortable sex, but now was the moment, there to be seized and I froze like a deer in headlights! To be honest, I reckon anyone realistically would have acted the same.

“Oh I think we have embarrassed him, ” said Mrs. Cole.

“Well seeing as he’s already in shock, he isn’t going anywhere, ” replied Mrs. Levy.

“Let’s have some fun. “

“Do you like what we’re wearing, we dressed up for you you know? “

I then noticed exactly how they were dressed. Mrs. Cole was wearing a sort of summer dress that stopped midwaydown her shapely thighs. It was light enough not to show off the exact contours of her breasts, but fell well enough to show she was well endowed. Her dirty blond hair was tied up into a high ponytail, and her eyes shone of lust. Mrs. Levy was wearing a pair of nicely fitting jeans, with a fuck t-shirt that just could not contain what it concealed. Her light brown hair fell nicely around her shoulders. Both ladies were I guessed in their mid thirties, but made up, they could have passed for late twenties. It was then that I realised I had a seriously painful hard on, not being helped by the way I sat or my jeans.

“ look…welll…I’m ….in regard…. ” I replied out of my arse.

“Well aren’t you all flustered…relax, we don’t want to hurt you, well a little maybe, but you will enjoy it, ” assured Mrs. Levy.

“Look…you know what we want, are you up for it, otherwise, I think you’d better go, ” stated Mrs. Cole rather impatiently.

“…no..I don’t want to go, fuck..sorry, I just, man, you’re so fit, ” I stammered.

Fit? as in healthy? both women seemed to inquire.

“No, fit as in gorgeous, stunning, etc.! “

“Oh..I guess he wants to stay…well, if thats the case, lets get a little more comfortable, ” suggested Mrs. Cole.

I was in heaven, I didn’t want to move, not even to adjust my crotch, just in case I woke up! Both ladies came and sat on either side of me on the couch. Slowly, they leaned in and kissed one another right in front of my face. türkçe bahis I’m not sure which one of us or all three moaned, but I thought I was going to blow my load there and then. Their tongues danced slowly then fast before they pretty much grabbed each others heads in a passionate clinch. I assumed they’d done this before.

Breaking the kiss, Mrs. Cole turned to me, and asked quite simply, if this was turning me on because.. “I’m so fucking wet right now!” Language like that forced me to move to accommodate the growth in my jeans. Mrs. Levy smiled at me, then proceeded to unbutton my jeans, and I pushed my boxer shorts down a little allowing my dick to breathe free air. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dick so hard! I went to stroke it, but Mrs. Cole stopped me expaining that I had to get them off first, but seeing that I was pretty much just a hard dick at the time, they’d help me.

First, we untied the strings holding Mrs. Cole’s dress up. The material fell forward, and I just stared. They were amazing….beautiful, round heavy orbs of flesh. She rubbed her hands over them, the pushing them together she leaned down and licked her own nipple. “I just love my breasts, don’t you? “

She asked. Mrs. Levy answered for my taking me hands from behind and guiding them towards the breasts. I caressed, tweaked, even manhandled them a little before it was suggested I should taste them. Leaning forward, I delicately licked, sucked and nibbled Mrs’ Cole’s tits.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the still dressed Mrs. Levy, proceed to do the same to Mrs. Cole’s other breast. She saw me glancing towards her, and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me into the most erotic kiss I had ever experienced. For my part, I acted like the horny kid that I was and mauled her tits and Mrs’ Cole’s at the same time. This prompted a complete stripping race from all involved. We sat back butt naked and horny, my cock at boiling point.

Mrs. Levy suggested her breasts had not received enough attention. I leapt onto them, and I think I could have happily played with them for hours. They were slightly smaller and firmer than Mrs. Cole’s, but still just as amazing. Mrs’ Cole joined me in the task at hand and soon, we had Mrs Levy pushing both our heads away, crying out that her pussy required some serious attention. I must have looked like an attentive dog, as I peered up at her. Slowly, she separated her legs, one folding over the arm of the sofa, and the other doing the same over Mrs. Cole’s leg.

I really wanted to grab my dick but these lovely ladies had offered me the opportunity of a lifetime, and I didn’t want to blow it now. I parked myself between her legs, and slowly just felt over her mound. She started breathing heavier, and I looked up to see Mrs. Cole licking on her frinds nipple. I kissed my way up the inside of her thighs, going as slowly as possible, and then on parting her outer lips, pretty much just licked around her entire pussy. She started moaning and tensing, to the point where she almost screamed at her friend, “show him how to suck my clit!! “

Mrs. Cole slipped down next to me and kissed me sensually. “Mmmm…she tastes good doesn’t she. ” Then using her fingers, she pushed on finger knuckle deep into Mrs. Levy, while using her thumb to vibrate her lover clit. Then looking to me, “see where my thumb is, lick and suck around there until you hear her scream! ” I did as I was told, and as predicted, Mrs. Levy, convulsed and moaned until she ended up on the floor with us, kissing and thanking me, whil stroking her friends breasts. I felt kind of pround, but a little ashamed as I’d been pretty useless at first. “Don’t worry darling, it comes with practice, like now, bring her off güvenilir bahis siteleri just as you did me! ” Stated quite matter of factly by Mrs. Levy.

I just thought fuck it, and lay down to eat Mrs. Cole’s pussy. I began as I did with Mrs. Levy which once again brought about appreciative moaning, but this time once it seemed the right time, I attacked her clit. Mrs. Cole began swearing and shouting to the point of where I saw Mrs. Levy kiss her just avoid someone calling the police. When she had stopped shaking, I sat up with quite a smirk on my face, which was met by Mrs. Cole’s in the type of kiss you see in pornos! Finally she licked my lips, and with a smile suggested maybe it was time I came too.

I stood up, my dick like a cannon, ready to fire, probably without command! Mrs. Cole suggested I lean against the wall. With that I had both women kissing and caressing my entire body, but not touching my cock. I really didn’t care. Thas was the most exquisite feeling I had ever felt. Finally, they both descended upon their prize. “If we get him off now, he will last even longer after…” explained Mrs. Levy. Her lover in arms took that as the cue, and grabbed my dick, and while look me in the eye slowly jerked it. Another hand met hers and soon I had both women wanking me. I was thinking of carpet stains, playing for liverpool against Manchester Utd in a final, whatever it needed just not to come!

When they stopped, I opened my eyes and looked down heroically. I was met by two lust filled stares that knew exactly what they were doing. The attacked my cock with kisses and licks, taking it in turns then to suck my length and let me pretty much fuck their faces. Mrs. Levy stopped just long enough to ask me where I wanted to come. I couldn’t help it …blurting out, “aah..over your faces! ” I expected her to stop and call me sick, but she just told me to tell her when I was close.

Both ladies sucked my dick like they were never going to see another one! Eventually, well more like a minute later, I felt that familiar tingle in my balls, and stammered, “I’m gonna cum! ” Mrs. Cole on that sign grabbed her lover and they began to kiss each other in the sexiest way, all tongues and such, only stopping to look at me and caress themselves. I caught Mrs. Levy’s eyes and she licked her lips..that was it. I stroked my dick so fast my hand was a blur. Then I came. The first shot spat out onto Mrs. Cole breasts, the next more powerful shot, streamed out onto Mrs. Levy’s left cheek. I must have shot about another five or six good streams of cum over both Mrs. Cole And Mrs. Levy’s faces. I looked down to see them licking tier lips and stroking my cock as if expecting more. Slowly, as my dick began to shrink, they proceeded to kiss and lick each others faces, at which, due to my age and horniness, I began to get hard again. Their delight was apparent.

“ are just so sexy, you came so much, oh!… “said Mrs. Cole looking me in the eyes, her face shining from the residue of my cum, and glowing from sweating.

“We are going to fuck your brains out! ” The more vocal Mrs. Levy chimed in.

“But first, we clean ourselves up a little, we don’t want crusty shit on our faces and hair! ” Mrs’Cole gigled.

“And another drink.. “

They skipped off in lust filled abandon. I was amazed I was hard, and then thought about. I didn’t care id this killed me, I was going to get shagged by two the horniest, good looking ladies I’d ever seen. Man, I was happy about going back to college. My thoughts flickered over Mrs. French, but then arrived back to the present engagement. I heard voices shouting for me to come up stairs, and despite feeling a little light headed, I poured myself out another glass of wine and headed towards the stairs.

To be continued…

If you liked the story, please mail me encouragements and criticism as this is my first story, suggestions never hurt either. Until then, Adieu.

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