aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Author’s note: Although a few characters begin this story at a younger age, they do not participate in any sexual contact of any kind until at least 18-years old.


Jenny Lin was perfect. She was beautiful, intelligent, great sense of humor, etc; very cliché, but in her case, very true. We made a cute couple and I was the luckiest guy in the world to be dating her throughout High School.

While they cautioned me against prematurely believing a High School romance would last forever, even my parents approved of Jenny. She was at the top of her academic class and wanted to go to Medical School. She was polite and deferential with her elders. And most importantly, she came from a respectable Taiwanese-American family and spoke flawless Mandarin.

Of course, none of that really mattered to me. I saw her pretty face, bright eyes and sleek hair. I saw her perfect breasts and silky smooth skin. And she happened to have a wonderful personality.

Of course, like all perfect girls, she was studious and had her own strong sense of morals. She didn’t want to have sex before marriage. But we were a young couple in love. In many ways, we were far more mature than our age, but teenage hormones are a powerful force.

Jenny and I would make out on a regular basis, and after a year she would let me move my hands underneath her shirt. A long time (too long) after that, I got my fingers into her panties, and Jenny experienced her first orgasm from another person. She still didn’t want to have sex, but she decided that maybe she would when she knew she was with “the one.” She would wait until she got engaged.

Progress is progress. I kept pressing, and by our Senior year we would be getting fully naked, rubbing our bodies against each other and toying with the line between sex and chastity. Jenny learned to give me handjobs, and I delighted in giving her incredible orgasms with my tongue and fingers. She even began to give me tentative blowjobs. Hey, we were both eighteen and both knew the risks and rewards. But full intercourse was the line that she would never cross.

I got a stretch limo for our Senior Prom, and after the dance ended and we were heading home, Jenny and I found ourselves making out in the back seat, all alone on one of the most romantic nights of our lives. Our tongues sparred with each other, mirroring the battle going on between our legs: attack, defend, retreat, attack again.

Jenny had worn a thong to hide the panty-line in her dress, and I’d slipped my fingers past the thin strip of cloth and was thrusting two fingers inside her velvet pussy. She moaned into my mouth while her fingers opened up my tuxedo pants and wrapped around my throbbing erection.

Suddenly, she gripped my rod tightly and her body trembled as an orgasm swept through her. She wailed out into our kiss and I felt my mind racing into overdrive. I maneuvered us until Jenny’s hips were at the edge of the seat, and she was reclining back into the plush cushions, still in the throes of ecstasy.

I split her legs and lifted the hem of her dress up, and leaning over Jenny’s unresisting body I positioned my hips at her entrance, lining up my erection with her still spasming nether lips. This was the moment. Grasping her narrow waist in my hands, I aimed and pushed forwards.

Dammit! At the last moment, Jenny’s brain fought through her orgasm and caught up with what we were doing. She’d turned her hips and my pecker butted into her thigh, and then she was mumbling a desperate “no…” and pressing me away.

Dejected, I pulled up, extremely frustrated at having come so close to deflowering my beautiful girlfriend. But she was immediately apologetic and her hands wrapped around my shaft, tugging and caressing the object of her fear and desire.

I let Jenny turn us over until I was reclining back and now my butt was at the edge of the seat. She knelt on the floor before me and pulled my pants down to my ankles, then leaned down and sucked my rod into her mouth. Hopefully a blowjob would satisfy my burning lust.

I groaned happily feeling the sensations of her warm tongue and soft lips on my sensitive skin. Jenny did not resist when I slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and she moved her hands to help pull the dress below her bosom and let me stare at her tits while she continued blowing me.

Then she brought both hands back to my shaft, stroking and gripping in time with her licks. She brought as much determination and focus to her work on me as she would to any academic project. It was a pure matter of pride for her to be the very best at pleasing me, and I was enjoying the results of her handiwork (and mouth-work).

I felt the coiling pressure in my balls get more and more intense, pleasure shooting through me until I reached the boiling point. Jenny’s eyes would flicker up to me every now and again, and when my face tightened into a grimace and I groaned out, she took me deeply into her mouth and started jacking my shaft quickly.

I exploded into Jenny’s mouth, casino şirketleri and she was swallowing everything I had to give her. When my hips started pumping with each jet of cum, she squeezed rhythmically with each pump and coaxed every drop out of me.

I sighed, happily, and sank into the leather cushions. Jenny fixed her dress, and then joined me on the seat, cuddling with me and kissing me tenderly. We rode the rest of the way in quiet bliss, just enjoying each other’s company.

We shared a long kiss at her front door when I dropped her off, and then it was time for me to return home.

“FUCK!” I screamed out in frustration once I’d reached the relative safety of the limousine.

The entire house was quiet and dark when I finally returned. I went up to my room briefly, undressing down to my undershirt and pants. Then, barefoot, I went back downstairs and padded through the hallways until I came to a familiar door in the far corner of the house. I opened it quietly and tiptoed to the bed in the corner of the room. The female figure stirred a little when I lifted the covers and slid inside. I spooned in my body behind her, wrapping my arm around to cup a full breast, wonderfully firm with youth, and I pressed my erection against her butt.

Pei-Hua awoke more fully when my hand slipped underneath her panties and I started rubbing at her pussy. Soon, she was fully awake and turned onto her back. I paused to remove my clothes and drop them next to the bed. She dragged off her panties and then I moved back under the blanket, lying on top of her and settling my hips over her wet pussy.

Pei-Hua opened her legs, and as I stared into her eyes I positioned my hips at her entrance, pressing the head of my erection into the folds of her nether lips. Grasping her narrow waist in my hands, I pushed forwards, sinking myself into her welcoming wet tunnel.

I groaned in happy satisfaction, and leaned down to kiss Pei-Hua while my shaft drilled deeper and deeper into her body, finally coming to rest when it nudged up against her womb. I reached down to pull the hem of her shirt up to her neck, baring her round bosom to my gaze and my lips, and we began the gentle rhythm of sex.

I pumped into Pei-Hua’s body while she wrapped her legs around my lower back, her whimpers urging me on. I watched her pretty face contorting in pleasure. Already, I was addicted to that sight. It gave me such a rush of power to see a woman’s face blossoming before me.

I lowered my hands to Pei-Hua’s hips, pulling her hips tightly against me with each thrust while she bucked back at me, and soon she threw her head back against the pillow, squeezing her eyes shut as she cried out her climax.

I was only a few moments behind her, and then I was unleashing a torrent of sperm into Pei-Hua’s still shuddering pussy. We thrashed on the bed together, the blankets askew, until finally our orgasms subsided and I collapsed onto her sweaty body.

We kissed tenderly, and then I pulled out and got off the bed. I collected my clothes while she pulled the blanket over her naked body and watched me dress. I gave her a last smile before I went through the door and headed back to my own room.

Pei-Hua and I never even said a word.


My dad owned a very successful Import/Export company. As an only child to wealthy Taiwanese parents, I was raised in a rather privileged lifestyle, spoiled completely. We had a large home in a wealthy Asian neighborhood. I never had to do chores or learn to take care of myself; we had several servants to do that for us.

Our house was run by a woman called Mrs. Peng who had been working for my family for many years. She barely spoke any English, but when her husband died, my mom brought her and her daughter from Taiwan. From the time I was 5 years old, Ms. Peng was my surrogate mother, the woman who raised me and disciplined me. My real mother was more concerned with social gossip and interior decoration.

Mrs. Peng’s daughter was three years older than me, the big sister I never had. She would always look after me, but I never doubted that we were different. I would run around and play and waste my time after school. She went to school as well and started to learn English, but afterwards she had chores and other servant duties. My parents would spirit me away on exotic vacations to other countries. Mrs. Peng and her daughter would stay and take care of the house. They lived to serve us.

I enjoyed my privileged life, getting all the toys I wanted and forgetting them just as easily. This was the way my world worked. By the time I was 15 I had begun to understand how the outside world worked as well. I was a popular kid growing up in affluent private schools, and a top tennis player. I was good looking and had my charm, and I threw the biggest parties. I also knew how to sneak beers out from under Mrs. Peng’s nose. Respect and honor were demanded for my parents, elders, and teachers. But beyond that I could do whatever the hell I wanted.

I was 15 when I became a freshman casino firmaları in High School, and thus met Jenny Lin, she of the perfect face and sweet disposition. I was in love already. She laughed at my jokes, and soon we were eating lunch together every day. We dated in groups of friends, and for a while I was completely satisfied with my existence. I had it all.

But that year was also the year I first really learned about sex. Sex was word, a physical behavior academically understood from Human Growth classes and the Discovery Channel. But that was the year my hormones kicked in and I realized how much a girl’s physical body would set my heart racing and a pang of desire in my gut. It was the year I discovered masturbation and the relief, if not joy, it brought me.

It was also the year I found out how far servants would go for their masters.

Mrs. Peng’s daughter, Pei-Hua, was 18 now, and a Senior at my High School. She had her license and would shuttle me back and forth to school with her for that entire year.

One day, we drove home to find my father’s BMW in the driveway. I was curious to see him, but Mrs. Peng jabbered at me in Mandarin, calling me into the kitchen for an after school snack.

I wolfed down the noodles she provided, and then she ordered me into my room to do homework. Like a good Taiwanese boy, I obeyed and headed for the stairs. But as I was passing my father’s study, I heard an odd grunt waft out from behind the door. I stopped briefly, and then noticed that the door itself was slightly ajar.

My curiosity got the best of me, and I went to peer through the crack, kneeling on the floor. My father was in his office chair, rotated sideways and staring at the side wall, eyes unseeing. The heavy oak desk shielded me from seeing anything else. He grunted again and I felt the urge to go in and see what was going on.

But he did not look like he wanted to be disturbed and looked perfectly healthy, so I stood up to leave. But when I got up I was able to see over the top of the desk and now saw a black-haired head bobbing up and down in my father’s lap.

Wide-eyed, I pressed closer to the crack to see as much as possible. It was then that the head suddenly rose up and I saw Pei-Hua’s pretty face come into view. She didn’t say a word but let my father guide her until she was leaning over the desk, her chest flat on its surface with her butt pointed back towards my father.

In the past few years, Pei-Hua had really grown up into that rarest of Asian beauties, the tall Asian with big tits. At 5’10”, she would be taller than me for two more years and she had curves most Asian women could only dream of despite her slender frame. Her huge breasts (I’d later find out they were firm D-cups) squished pleasantly against the wood desktop. A tiny waist tapered out into a curvy hips and a drum-tight ass. And that gorgeous ass was something my father was salivating over.

He slid her jeans and panties to the floor, and then I had only a brief glimpse of his erection before he thrust his hips forwards and Pei-Hua let out a quiet shriek.

My own penis was harder than it had ever been in my life, and I stared, entranced as my father pulled back and then settled into a comfortable stroking motion. My mind went completely blank except for one thought: My father was actually having SEX with Pei-Hua.

Pei-Hua only made little moans as he fucked her, her eyes squeezing shut every now and again before she would open them and stare at whatever happened to be in front of her as her upper body slid back and forth a few inches with every push. But then her eyes flickered up for just a brief moment, and after a moment they locked onto mine. I had been discovered.

She gasped, but did not say anything, merely watching me for a few seconds while I watched her. The panic overtook me then and I fled to my room.

I sat on my bed, memory rewinding and replaying the scene before me. I had talked about sex with my guy friends, knew the concept of a blowjob. However, the words were thoroughly insufficient for the adrenaline rush of seeing it before me. My hands dipped inside of my shorts, and thumbing the crown I was soon pumping my own shaft as I repeated the scene in my head.

When I was done, I lay back on my bed. I had to find out more.


That first year with Jenny was happy and innocent. I dreamt about sex, but warnings from my parents and Mrs. Peng kept me grounded. I wasn’t old enough to drive a car, let alone risk making a girl pregnant.

Instead, Jenny and I learned to kiss and fondle outside each other’s clothing. Sometimes I would fantasize about her, but in general, I was a good kid, if a bit spoiled and demanding.

Pei-Hua and I had an unspoken agreement between us. We never mentioned it to each other or to anyone else, but we both knew that I was aware of her sexual activities with my father. It almost became a little game of sorts. Every so often, she would leave the door to my father’s study or to my father’s bedroom cracked open, güvenilir casino and I would watch them. She always positioned herself so that my father could not tell. But sometimes she would even position herself so that I could see everything, giving her audience the best possible view. I think it turned her on even more to know that I was watching. But this was never said. Many things in our lives are never said.

For example, I quickly discovered that both my mother and all of the servants were aware of my father’s extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it would be Mrs. Peng cleaning up the mess after my father was done as he had a thing for shooting off all over Pei-Hua’s body. My mother and father always had separate bedrooms, and my mother never commented when Pei-Hua and my father would disappear into his bedroom for an hour at a time.

One time, before I was able to sneak a peek, my mother noticed the door was cracked open while Pei-Hua and my father were audibly screwing inside, and she closed the door discreetly before continuing along her way. Another time, when I was supposed to be asleep, my father came home late with another woman’s lipstick on his neck. And still another time I caught him fucking one of the other maids of the house. This didn’t even include his frequent trips to Taiwan on business and whatever physical pleasures lay there.

All of this went unsaid. And I came to accept this as the normal existence of men and women. As long as the family prospered, money and food were provided; this house and everyone in it belonged to my father.

I was expected to grow up and take over the family business. This was how my life would be when I became an adult.


It was my sixteenth birthday. My parents had already given me my new car: a lowered, chrome-rimmed, rice rocket of an Acura Integra. But I wanted a better kind of birthday present from Jenny.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t ready yet. And I resigned myself to continuing our relationship at our less-than-quite-sexual level.


The next academic year, Pei-Hua started going to the local community college while still working for us. Our unspoken voyeurism continued, and every now and again my fantasies turned away from my girlfriend and to the beautiful servant girl living under my own roof.

On some level it was all surreal. One moment Pei-Hua was serving tea to Jenny and me while we lounged by the backyard pool, or she’d be vacuuming my bedroom. The next moment I’d find her aerobically shagging my father on the carpet.

For my seventeenth birthday, I was still hoping for that greatest of birthday presents. But we had been upstairs for quite a while, and Jenny wanted to get back downstairs before our guests started gossiping about us.

She was going out the door when I groaned loudly in my frustration, and lay back on the bed. She’d closed the door behind her, and I extracted my hardness from my pants, gripping and tugging half in arousal and half in frustrated need.

My mind flashed to the pants of arousal and the expression on Jenny’s face when we made out. Nothing thrilled me more than seeing her responding to the sensations that I was responsible for. Sighing, I closed my eyes to enjoy the experience. Unbidden, a different vision then came to mind. Only days before, just hours before his flight to Taiwan, my father had fucked Pei-Hua doggy style on her bed. They were profiled to me sideways, so I could see Pei-Hua’s large breasts swinging back and forth, the grunts and moans filling the room.

Instead of visualizing my girlfriend, I was seeing my hot maid, naked in front of me. In my mind’s eye, I imagined myself pumping jet after jet out of me and all over Pei-Hua’s breasts.

When I was drained, I collapsed backwards and sat heavily on my bed.


I was midway through my Junior year when my father pulled me aside for a man to man talk. Over my life, we had spoken rarely. He was a dominant force in the house, if an unseen one. He was a disciplinarian, and commanded my respect. I loved and looked up to my father, wanting to emulate him in many ways. So when he wanted to talk, I was ready and willing. Of all things, he wanted to talk about Jenny.

The most important thing he wanted to know, had I nailed her yet?

“What?” I was in shock. But then he gave me a long winded speech. Jenny was an ideal young person: driven, academic, ambitious, and on a good career track. The problem was, she was a girl.

If he’d had a daughter, then that ideal kind of person would be exactly who he’d want his daughter to marry: someone who could provide for her and give her a life of leisure.

But I was the man, and I needed a woman who would support me, not be the provider. A woman who would put aside her personal ambitions to do what was best for her husband and for her family. And a girl who wouldn’t have sex with her boyfriend was not going to be that ideal wife when we grew up.

My father didn’t necessarily demand that I break up with Jenny. He just wanted me to consider his words. He was also a little concerned that I was a virgin. It meant that I did not yet have the courage and determination to TAKE what I desired. That was a quality I would have to learn before I could truly earn his respect.

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