Awakening of Sensuality

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A true story

When I was 18 we went camping on the Colorado River. I was tall, had long sable hair to the bottom of my tight virgin ass, and looked much older than 18. My skin was dark from many hours out in the beautifully hot sun, and from my own Native American heritage. My already large breasts were full and ripe, and even a slight breeze could make those pink nipples hard.

I had been swimming, and decided to go wandering for a while on my own, promising my Mom I wouldn’t be gone but a couple of hours. I was still fighting the awakenings of my body at that point in time. I knew not much of sex, outside of looking at books with my girlfriends, and at home lightly touching my pussy with tender fingers.

I went down stream from our campsite and was walking along the bank when I decided to go on up to the campgrounds to explore. Flatlanders (City people who were unfamiliar with the wilds) sometimes left behind the most interesting goodies on accident. The week before, I had found a nice camera that someone had left behind.

I came upon a campsite that looked abandoned. I walked up the small incline that led into camp and froze instantly. It wasn’t empty after all. On a blanket in the sun were two men, naked men. One was a huge man, all muscles and no hair anywhere on his muscular body, except for a goatee. He looked like a dog-gone wrestler from on the television. He looked fierce, and strong, and his dark brown eyes were intense with lust.

The other man was smaller in stature, and somewhat lean. He had blond hair and blue eyes. Both were quite handsome.

To my amazement they were both on they’re knees facing each other. The big man pulled the smaller one close to him and planted a rough kiss on his lips. His thumbs ran over the smaller man’s nipples roughly, and the smaller one moaned loudly. My jaw dropped and I simply stared at the sight before me.

I knew I shouldn’t be watching this, I should be running for the hills, but I couldn’t move. Part of my mind went Ewwww! The other half went OMG…that looks so hot!

The big man turned the smaller one over semi roughly, and began speaking in what I knew to be German, (My Father’s language) but I didn’t understand all of the words. He made the smaller man get on his hands and knees then buried his face in between the smaller man’s ass cheeks. Again was that feeling of revulsion, and sense of heat and wonder.

The smaller man was groaning out, “Ahh, Gunter! Goot, Goot”

Gunter pushed the smaller man down until he was leaning on his elbows with his small ass up in the air. He roughly caressed the other man’s back and growled in anticipation. I was less than 10 feet away from the two men, and could clearly see that both of them had massive erections. Gunter was Huge! His cock was long, and very thick. He reminded me of the summer sausages that my brother’s ate. He finished up licking the smaller man’s ass, and stuck a finger deep into his ass, slowly pumping it in and out. I could see the smaller man’s ass glistening from where Gunter had been licking and sucking his ass.

Gunter moved back and jacked his cock for a moment, then positioned it right up against the other man’s puckered asshole after pouring casino şirketleri some baby oil on his cock! He pushed forward, and it entered slowly. The smaller one groaned out in pure pleasure as my own asshole felt like it was trying to imitate a clamshell and slam tight. Gunter moved in deeper until he had his cock all the way inside of the other man’s asshole. The smaller one moaned and began to push back against him, wanting Gunter to fuck him good. Gunter laughed and began to fuck him hard, with deep, powerful, strokes. He lay his head back and began to pump his companion’s ass with a vengeance now, as his big hands gripped his pale ass.

I was breathing very hard. This was So incredibly hot and wicked, and my poor pussy began to tingle for its very first time. I took a step back, and to my immense embarrassment, stepped on a twig, and it snapped horribly loud. I froze in panic as both men turned in my direction.

All I could do was look back at them. I stammered out, “I,I am SO sorry! I didn’t know anyone was still here…”

Gunter just grinned and kept on pumping, obviously not one bit embarrassed by my presence. The one on the bottom locked eyes with me and said in a thick accent, “Do not be afraid, Miss. It is all right. Do not go, please? Stay and watch us?”

The big man grunted out something about my breasts, that much I understood. I moved ever so cautiously over to the pick-nick table less that 5 feet away from the two men. I sat down on the bench and stared.

The smaller one said, “I am Alex, this is Gunter. We are pleasured to meet you. Gunter says you have big, beautiful, young titties, and a body made for fucking”

I know I blushed to my toes then. I had never had a lover as of yet, aside from my hairbrush handle and a tapered candle. I stammered my thanks, and told them my name was Lee, and that’s when Gunter pushed his cock as deeply into Alex’s ass as he could get, and just held it there. Alex moaned out in complete pleasure. Gunter was staring at my large breasts, and the virgin nipples that showed through my wet shirt that was tied up under my titties. He licked his lips and spoke to Alex, not knowing that I understood parts of it.

“He says you are very pretty, and if you were in Germany, he would love to show you the ways of love. He loves your breasts, and would like to know if you would show them to us? We will not try to harm you, nor touch you in any way, but it would excite both of us greatly, Miss. You have such long hair and dark skin, your mouth is perfect for kissing and sucking on a nice cock. And both of us Adore bigger, plump women such as yourself, too. I could fall in love with those warm soft thighs of yours, Liebling”

He groaned in pleasure as Gunter squeezed his ass cheeks with those tremendous hands.

As if my hands had a will of their own, they went to my titties and began to fondle and squeeze too, as I watched the sight before me. I couldn’t seem to help it, and my tiny clitty throbbed and pulsed with a life of its own.

Gunter looked at me and said, “Beautiful, Bay-be. Virgin?”

I just looked back nodding, and smiled finally. He nodded towards my shirt as he slowed his thrusting into Alex, who was casino firmaları still watching me. I slowly untied my shirt and opened it up, allowing my large titties to be free, and to be in their sight. Alex moaned out, “Ohhhhhhh Baby”

I felt so decadent and wicked, sitting here with my breasts exposed to the wonderful summer sun like this, with two grown men admiring me so openly. It was a delicious feeling.

My pussy tingled and throbbed so. I reached down to rub it through my cut off blue jean shorts. Gunter groaned out and slammed poor Alex hard as he watched this. I had never felt anything this good before, and I was tremendously aroused. It never occurred to me that the powerful Gunter could have jumped up at anytime and grabbed me, where I could have been raped by one, or both of them.

Gunter reached under Alex and began to stoke his cock as he fucked his ass. Alex moaned out in sweet torture again. Gunter pulled him up so that he was on his knees and flat up against Gunter. He muttered something to Alex, who began jacking his cock off slowly as he watched me. This was so incredible that my legs spread wider, and I slipped my hand inside my shorts to touch myself. I gasped as I did this. It was from all of the excitement before me because I had never touched myself like this in front of anyone before. My pussy was drenched in love oil, and was so wet and slick under my fingers. I made little noises of pleasure, and I couldn’t seem to stop. It just felt so good!

Gunter wrapped his arms around Alex and began to plow into him from this position, and it made Alex cry out. I stopped and said, “Doesn’t, doesn’t that hurt, Alex?”

He panted and replied, “No Dear One, it is very good for me. Gunter and I have been lovers for many years now. His cock feels so good buried deep inside of me. It would feel good inside of that little virgin pussy of yours, too. But he is so big, so hard and thick. It might hurt you, but mine would not. See? Mine is not as large, and would slip inside of you very comfortably. Rub yourself for us Liebling, make yourself come for us.” He moaned.

I began to rub my little love nub faster and harder than I ever had before, all while looking at Alex’s hard cock, being stroked by him, And by Gunter at the same time, as Gunter filled his ass with cock.

“Ahhhh God” I moaned out as the ecstasy of lust over took me. I finally stood and let my shorts drop to my ankles. I placed my shorts on the wooden bench and sat back down on them, and continued to finger fuck myself.

Both men moaned at the sight of my virgin pussy and the small about of hair there. Gunter began stroking inside of Alex harder now, and Alex’s hand flew along his cock as they watched me slipping my fingers into my sopping wet gash. Gunter took a deep breath, and muttered something about fresh clean pussy, just waiting to be eaten for its first time, and how good it would be to Taste a woman’s first cum.

Alex yelled out when my middle finger slipped all the way inside of my pussy and I moaned out in pleasure. He was jacking his nice sized cock hard, and suddenly, he began to spurt cum out of it. This was too much for me and I pumped my fingers in deep, and almost screamed as güvenilir casino the orgasm hit me. Gunter too bellowed out and shoved Alex back down to thrust into his ass deeply one last time. He then began to pound his ass as he shot hot white cum deeply inside his lover’s ass. It seemed as if I couldn’t stop cumming, but when I finally did, I looked over at the two men. Alex had returned to his knees and had his head turned to Gunter, who was kissing him deeply and tenderly with his hand up to his lover’s face. This was one of the most incredibly tender things I had yet ever witnessed..

For some odd reason, I went to my knees and crept up to them both. I dropped my hand to my pussy and touched where the cum flowed down. I took a tiny bit on my fingers and held it to Alex’s mouth. With a groan he took my fingers and engulfed them, sucking off all of the juice there. He was in pure bliss at this point. I did this for Gunter too, who sucked and licked it all off greedily. He kissed my palm in thanks.

Alex in the meantime was eye level with my titties. He gulped and said, “Oh My, Liebling. Those are SO beautiful. May I touch..please?”

I straightened and let him touch my left breast. Gunter reached over to fondle my right. The feeling of pleasure ran through me all over again, and I closed my eyes and sighed. Alex leaned down and took my nipple into his mouth. It was soft and warm and so very gentle. Gunter disengaged from Alex to lean forward to take my other nipple into his mouth. I thought I was going to cum again Just from that!

Alex stopped and said, “Thank you, little one.”

Gunter finally stopped sucking and said, “Ya, Danka Beauty-ful girl”

As they touched me I reached down and touched Alex’s cock gently. It was becoming hard again. I also touched Gunter’s huge cock. He too, was becoming hard once more. I marveled at how big and hot in was in my hands….

I had just about made up my mind to experience my first cock when we heard the engine of a truck coming up the campsite road. I gasped out, “That may be my Brother, He’s a Forest Ranger here, I gotta go! Thank you So Very much!”

But before I grabbed my shorts, I boldly kissed Alex, then Gunter. A second later they were scrambling for their clothes and I was slipping down the embankment and running along the edge of the riverbank. I stopped long enough to tie my shirt back up, and to slip into my shorts. I then headed back towards camp.

Before going into camp, I got into the warm waters to cool myself off a little, and calm my body down again.

Later that evening as we were fixing dinner, my Brother came into camp to eat. My Mother asked him how is day was and he said. ‘Pretty good. Not many campers left this time of year. I did see a couple’a guys. German tourists camping out for the night. Gave me a cold beer and asked about the sights around here. I guess they go back to Germany soon. They were really nice guys”

I smiled.

That night in my little tent, I made myself cum again thinking of the events that had happened to me that afternoon.

I have never forgotten my first lesson in love and lust, and to this day, it never fails to excite me seeing men taking pleasure with each other. In fact, I have helped “Fluff” a few times, making them hot, hard, and ready to fuck in front of me while I played with my vibrating toys, or slipped a toy inside a hot, wet little pussy…..

But that’s another story. 😉


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