Awakening Ch. 02

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I thought I would be so nervous walking down the street to meet Mat, but I was as calm and collected as I had ever been in my life.

I knew that tonight was my night, I was going to be in control, I would have him begging me. I walked into the trades bar and ordered a vodka and coke, I was not going to do the chasing, if he wanted me he could find me here. I didn’t even turn around to see if he was here, although my heart was in my mouth. I honestly can’t believe that I managed to stay talking to the barmaid until his arm wrapped around me. My heart fluttered and I turned to look in his bright blue eyes and his mouth covered mine. I massaged his tongue with mine and felt the jolt of electricity run through my body and into his.

“Wow, now that’s my kind of hello!” I breathed.

“I couldn’t help myself. I was just gonna give you a peck on the cheek but then you turned those full lips my way and I had to make them mine.” he whispered.

I bought him a pint of stella and we went and sat in a quiet corner of the bar. I started stroking his leg as we talked.

“Do you realize how horny you are making me by doing that, I really wish your hand was stoking something else of mine.” he said.

“All good things come to those who wait!” I replied. I thought I could continue his torture for a little while longer knowing how bad he wanted me. I was desperate for him too but I was not going to give up control tonight.

“Another Stella?” I asked with a sly smile on my face.

“If you are wanting another drink I have something tasty for you to ‘swallow’!” he grinned.

“Hmmm I am thirsty … but I think a pint of guiness is what is needed right now!” I giggled as I ran my hand along his crotch and squeezed his shaft through his jeans.

“FUCK! I want you so bad Lucy, please tell me you want to leave now!” he pleaded.

A wide grin spread across my face when I heard him begin to beg me. “I’m ready when you are” I stated.

“Lets go then!” he whispered.

We walked down the street hand in hand, full of anticipation of the night of pleasure that lay ahead. We arrived at the flat and he let us in, as he shut the door behind us he grabbed my waist and pulled me back towards him so my butt rubbed against his crotch. He turned my head to his and kissed me so passionately I went weak at the knees, my resolve wavering. I pulled away and said “lets move into the bedroom.”

I moved his arms over his head so I could slide his t-shirt off. I ran my hands down over his tight chest and abs and started undoing his belt. As I took it off I started rubbing his rock hard cock through his jeans the look on his face was pure want, I understood exactly how he felt, but he was going to want me even more, soon enough he would be begging me again.

I took his boxers off and manoeuvred him back onto the bed.

“Close your eyes Mat!” I whispered.

“Hmm I like the sound of this.” he replied.

He closed his eyes and I pulled a silk scarf out of casino şirketleri my pocket, I raised his arms above his head and began to tie his wrists to the metal headboard.

“Oooh Juci Luci is getting a bit adventurous!” Mat said.

I leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “Tonight is my night, I am in charge and you will be begging me to let you touch me.”

“Hmmm, what if I don’t play ball and refuse to beg.” he asked with a sly smile.

“Trust me Mat … You wont be able to resist.” I stated.

As he lay on the bed unable to break free (my dad was in the navy for twenty years he had taught me how to tie a strong knot) I stood above him and began stripping my clothes off.

I slipped my light silk top over my head to reveal my sexy black bra keeping my 38DD breasts in place, I took the clip out of my hair and let my long dark hair fall down around my shoulders. I turned around so he had a good view of my butt and unzipped my mini skirt, sliding it down my thighs.

“You look amazing!” Mat said as he caught a glimpse of my black thong. He tried leaning forward but was stopped by the scarf. I giggled and moved away slightly. I knelt down opposite him on the bed and moved my black thong over slightly revealing my very wet pussy.

I looked him deep in the eyes as I moved my hand across towards my clit. I started stroking it and moaned at the touch that I had mastered all these years being single. My other hand stroked over my torso and up to my breasts. I pulled one cup down to reveal one of my nipples and squeezed and twisted as I pleasured my clit.

I watched as mat licked his lips trying desperately to win this battle of power. I could see the determination in his eyes to stay quiet and make me come to him without having to ask me.

I moved my hand up from my pussy to my mouth and sucked my middle finger into my mouth never taking my eyes off him. I moved my hand lower again and pushed my middle finger into my cunt as I gasped with pleasure. His mouth dropped open as his dick got harder than before. I smiled and started pumping my finger in and out before adding my index finger as well. I moved my hips in time with my fingers pumping in and out and moaned with the pleasure I was causing. I used my thumb to rub my clit as my breathing got heavier.

I decided to tease him further by moving closer. I stood on the bed and removed my thong slowly then my bras so I was completely naked, and put my right leg on to the headboard by his head, just far enough that he couldn’t touch me with his tied up hands or his mouth, which he tried with all his might.

I resumed finger fucking myself and watched as his eyes grew wider and full of lust as I pleasured myself just inches from his face. My breathing grew heavier and more ragged as I approached my climax. Mat strained to get his face closer as I started gasping. “Oh … my … god!! I’m gonna cum!” I yelled as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

I stood there letting my casino firmaları breath return to normal, as Mat sat breathing deeply. I know he expected me to be so turned on I would just sink to my knees and straddle him but I had other ideas.

As difficult as it was I stepped back and got down off the bed. “w…where are you going?” Mat stammered.

“I am thirsty after all that pleasure I need a nice cold drink.” I giggled as I walked out of the bedroom in to the kitchen. I took a beer out of Mat’s fridge and walked back into the bedroom.

I sat on the chair opposite the bed with my beer and stared at Mat lying helpless on the bed standing full to attention. It was good to know he enjoyed the show.

“Do you not want to come over here?” he enquired.

“Why do you want me to come over there?” I replied.

“I don’t mind!” he grinned.

“Oh, okay well I will head on then and maybe see you around.” I said calling his bluff. I picked up my bra and thong and began to get dressed again.

“WAIT!” he yelled. “please come here, please I need to be with you, I need to kiss you and touch you, and taste you! Please come here and let me pleasure you, PLEASE!” he begged.

Jackpot!!!! “Well seeing as you asked so nicely!” I replied as I dropped my bra and removed my thong once again.

I walked over to the bed and stood in front of him. I lowered my head to his and kissed him passionately. I sucked on his tongue and gently bit his lower lip. I raised myself slightly and fed my breast into his mouth. He hungrily sucked and bit my nipple as he moaned and clenched his still tied hands above his head.

I stroked his cock with my foot as the head turned purple with need. I then moved my foot back onto the headboard close enough this time that he could lick and kiss my leg. I bent my pussy lower until his tongue came into contact with my clit. “mmmm that feels so good!” I moaned as his tongue alternated between circling my clit and dipping into my tight hole. I moved away slightly and put my foot back on the bed as I turned so my ass was pointed towards his face.

I bent over pushing my pussy back to his face as I leaned down and flicked my tongue along the head of his cock.

He continued his oral assault on my clit and hole as I bobbed up and down on his steel rod. I let it fall out of my mouth with a plop as it hit his belly and moved lower and took his balls into my mouth licking and sucking on each one before returning to his shaft.

“Oh Jesus, Lucy that feels so good! I cant hold it much longer I’m gonna cum.” he whispered.

That was all the encouragement I needed as I took more into my mouth and deep into my throat. “Oh Fuck! UNNNH!” he screamed as his first blast went straight down my throat, I moved back and collected the rest in my mouth before turning round and making sure he watched me swallow his load.

He leaned forward as far as he could and I closed the distance between us and we kissed again.

“Untie me Lucy I güvenilir casino want to touch you.” he whispered.

“uh uh!” I said as I shook my head. “Not just yet!”

I started stroking his cock again as we French kissed, playing with each others tongues. I felt his dick start to get hard again and got up off the bed and moved over to my bag. I removed a condom from it and returned to the bed I straddled his legs as I opened the packet. I placed the condom on the tip of his thick cock and rolled it down until all 8 inches were covered. I lifted myself up and moved so I was hovering over his cock. I held the base and rubbed the tip along my pussy lips before lowering myself on to it. I gasped at the fullness I felt. “Shit!! That feels so mother fucking good!” Mat yelled. “Bounce on my cock, baby!” he said.

“Who is in charge here?” I said as I rotated my hips.

“You are!” he said. “What I meant to say was, Please will you bounce on my cock Lucy, Please, I want to see your tits bounce!”

“Good boy!” I replied as I began to move slowly up and down his shaft. Mat started sucking on my nipples as I began bouncing up and down on his hard dick.

“mmm … Aaahhh … fuck! I groaned as he started thrusting up into me in time with my bouncing.

“Please untie me Lucy, I need to feel you. Please let me touch you.” he pleaded.

“You are starting to understand sexy! All you had to say was please!” I replied as I started to untie him.

As soon as he was free he flipped us over so I was on my back and began pounding into me as he ran his hands all over my body. He massaged my tits and twisted my nipples before moving his mouth down to them and sucking, and biting them. He kissed up to my neck and started sucking on the base of my neck. I knew he was marking me but I didn’t care I was lost in pleasure. His hand moved to my clit as his rock hard cock thrust in and out of my cunt. He roughly started to rub my clit trying to bring me to an explosive orgasm.

“Fuck me! Mat! Oh my god … so good! Keep going I am almost there! AAAHHH! OOOOHHH! AAAHHH!!!” I screamed as my orgasm exploded through me.

“JESUS CHRIST! Your squeezing my cock so hard! I am coming! UUUNNNHHH! FUUUUCCCKKK!!” He yelled as he spurt his load into the condom.

He collapsed on top of me and we kissed as our breathing gradually slowed. He pulled out of me and took the condom off, tying the end and putting it into the bin by the side of the bed. He spooned up behind me and said “Fuck, that was amazing! I have never been so helpless, being tied to the bed, you turned me on so much and I couldn’t touch you but when I was finally able to it was like a hunger took over me! I have never come so hard in my entire life!!!”

“I know it was mind blowing! I didn’t know it was going to be like that! I cant believe I managed to stay in control!” I replied. I yawned as exhaustion overtook me.

Mat pulled me closer to him and sleep overtook him. I felt so warm in his arms and at that moment didn’t want to think about the fact I would be leaving in a week and a half’s time. I decided to live for the day and forget what was going to come. I let myself go and fell asleep in Mat’s arms thinking of the fun to be had tomorrow…

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