Aussie Holiday

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I sit at my desk day-dreaming about where to go on my vacation; there are so many places I want to see. I have been saving up for over five years now, so I can afford to go anywhere I wish too. It’s a toss-up from–Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, England, or Australia. It’s hard to decide so I table the subject for now; I can chose later when I am at home.

When I get home from work there is an email from my friend Bob in Australia. He has invited me to a fantasy vacation, “One that will both seduce me and take your breath away.” Oh how inviting, a sexy friend and a beautiful country one could not ask for anything more. Now, I am really confused as I sit reading through the travel brochures, I can’t get my mind off Bob.

Since my divorce I have not done much dating, but have found several friends online and a handful of guys, that in my book are the dateable kinds. A seductive smile crosses my face when I envision each guy one at a time–Jerald with his husky bronze frame and soft green eyes, Jim who is heavier–but well endowed , Roger a delicious five foot five hunk with hazel eyes, and Bob who is six-two has black hair and piercing blue eyes. I would love to meet them all but I only have a two week vacation.

After a long period of time I decide on the guy of my dreams, Bob. I wanted to meet him face to face and spend my whole vacation getting to know him better. I wondered what it would feel like to snuggle in his arm, his lips tightly pressed against mine as I gaze into his dark blue eyes. I felt my nipples harden and my pussy dampen with moisture, “Hum, now that is going to be fun.”

I emailed him and we agreed to meet in Sydney then fly to Cairns in the north after a three hour flight we arrived in this tropical paradise.

The next bahis firmaları day, Bob and I are laying naked on a deserted beach in Far North Queensland, located in the tropical north-east part of Australia. There is no-one within miles of us and we are well of the dirt road that runs parallel to the coast line.

Bob tells me of the hidden dangers if we go swimming in the ocean, “From October thru to March the marine stingers are coming down the rivers during the Wet Season and these buggers can kill you, plus it’s mating season for the estuarine crocodile and the males are 12 feet and up to 20+ feet, very territorial and aggressive, so we can’t swim in the rivers.

Bob kisses me, “I do know of a small waterfall near this beach, which is not unusual during this time of year. Would you like to join me under this flow of crystal clear water in total seclusion, by ourselves with no-one within miles?”

“Kandie, your body excites and fascinates me, you are beauty and I adore and love you completely, I wish to embrace and make love to you, can I?

“Oh yes my darling that would be so romantic.” I can imagine his cock entering me now as we prepare to make love under the serenade of the cascading waters, but he says, “Let’s wait awhile, we have plenty of time.,” making me even hotter. And I pull him close planting a kiss firmly against his warm lips. God he’s got a great body, tanned smooth stomach, a nice long, fat cock and a nice ass.

“If you like I can rub sunscreen into you skin, oh yes I think so.” he added. As I laid naked on our beach on my front he slowly applies the lotion to my shoulders and back working his way down to my ass, with me humming. Bob stares, “Wow, you have such a beautiful bum, I could almost eat it.”

I told him kaçak iddaa he’s welcome to try. I groan when he spreads my legs a little more to allow him to access my ass crack and inner thighs. He can see my vagina, its glistening with natural moisture, the lips deep red, like a bruise, pulsating. He continues down both your legs rubbing in the sunscreen combining it and a massage at the same time, even doing my feet.

I quivered as he ran his hands up both legs at the same time from my calves to my beautiful ass cheeks pulling them apart to view with wonder and excitement at my puckered asshole, “I can’t help it baby, you so fucking sexy, “As he ran his tongue the entire crack of my ass from top at the end of my spine then down past and over my anus to the bottom of my throbbing vagina.

I know Bob has not been into the anal scene before, but he seem fascinated by my butt hole. He runs his tongue around my anus, making me moans with delight and I push my ass up into his face, “Ooooh darling yes, just like that, oh God that feels so good!”

I quiver and let out a delightful moan as I felt his tongue flicking seductively at my asshole, pausing then sliding inside. He lovingly told me there was no unpleasant tastes and runs his tongue deeper, making me go wild, “Oh you like that so you , shall I continue? ” Then slid a finger slowly all the way into my pussy making my hips buck wildly.

I was overcome with pure lust, “Fuck Bob please keep doing that, I love it, don’t stop shove your tongue deeper… yes… oh my God I am going to cum! ” I screamed. My body began to shake wildly as his tongue darts in and out of my ass, and his fingers fucked my wanting pussy harder, “Ahhhh oooooooh lover……I want your cock deep in my ass, fuck my ass Bob!”

Bob kaçak bahis took the sunscreen and lubed his hard cock then spreads my cheeks slowly guiding its head inside my asshole, holding it for a moment letting my ass adjust to its enormous size. “Oh my Kandie your so fucking tight… shall I go on?”

“I do not want to hurt you.”

I pushed my hips toward Bob feeling his cock slowly enter me more, “Oh darling fuck my ass, God, your so fucking big, go slow now your not hurting, but just let my ass get used to your size.” He methodically slid his cock slowly into my ass as my hips thrust in unison with his thrust till his cock is buried deep in my ass. I was in heaven, “Fuck me, Darling fuck me!”

He grabs my hips and slowly increased the speed, fucking me deeper and harder with each thrust. “OH fuck this feels so dam good, I am going to cum!”

“Do you want me to cum in your ass Kandie?”

I scream, “Oh fuck me baby then cover my ass and pussy with your sweet cum!” I began to shake violently as a climax surges through my body, “Oh Fuck Bob… I am cumming!” My asshole grabs his cock milking it hard as we fuck like wild crazed animals.

Bob’s body go rigid he withdraws his cock stroking it hard, yelling, “OOOOOH Fuck yesssssss… I’m there!” I never seen so much cum come out of a man, it hit my shoulders back, ass and pussy, about five big squirts. I run my fingers through the thick blanket of cum that was covering my back and ass and dripping down my pussy then brought them to my lips, “Oh Bob you taste so delicious darling.”

“Oh Bob that was great, the best I’ve ever had, I wish this moment would last forever,” I utter as I pull Bob close and kiss him deep and hard. “I love you darling!”

Bob helped me up then we walked over to the waterfall with him pulling me close to him while its water caresses and washes our bodies, our lips lock in a long passionate kiss.

And I have a week to go with this expert lover in this Garden of Eden.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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