Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 11

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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Peg stirred awake. She smiled to herself as she found Tyler’s arms wrapped around her and his hand l cupping her breast. She leaned in to snuggle close to her nephew and she kissed his forehead lightly. Tyler mumbled softly as he to woke up. He gave his aunts breast a light squeeze. Peg giggled.

“You smell that Ty?” Peg asked her nephew as she cuddled up closer to him, lightly stroking his arm.

“Huh? Smell what?”

“That smell. The smell of sex. It’s in the room.” She paused. “And that’s just from our fucking earlier.”

Tylers cock stiffened as he sniffed the air, realizing that there was indeed the smell of sex in the air.

Pegs hand moved down to Tylers cock. “This always seems hard.” She teased. “Is it for me?”

Tyler groaned as his aunt got up on her fours and her hands stroked his cock. She leaned forward and then moaned softly. “Oh God.. that smell Tyler… your cock smells of you.. of me.. of our fucking.”

“D..does it smell bad?” Tyler asked, almost innocently.

Peg laughed. “Some might think so. But I love it. It almost smells dirty but it’s so sexy. I cant explain it. Kind of like how you smell when you’ve been leaking for a while but more coz my stale juices are mixed there too.” She looked up at Tyler. “The smell in the room? Just amplify that 10 times… it smells stronger, dirtier.. coz it’s been ‘marinating’ for a while.” Peg laughed.

“Remember I told you I like dirty cock? This is exactly how I like it” She went on before bending down to take his cock in her mouth.

“Oh Goddd… Aunt Peg!” Tyler groaned.

Peg rolled her tongue over his cock head as she sucked softly on the head. Her hands moved to cup his balls, teasing them and scratching the balls sack lightly. She mewled around his cock as she sucked. “Mmmmppphhhggg”

Tyler reached to grab her hair and twined his fingers in them. Peg lowered her head and took his cock deep into her throat, holding it there.

“Fuccckkk!” Tyler moaned as he felt his cock slip down her throat. Peg held it there for a moment longer than bobbed back up.

“Shitt…. That almost feels like its slipping into your pussy.” Tyler groaned. “How the fuck do you do that?”

Peg pulled off his cock and smiled at him. “You really want to talk now?” She teased before taking his cock into her mouth and then down her throat again.

Tyler bucked at her, forcing his cock deeper into her throat. “Ummphhh!” Peg protested as the deeper penetration triggered the gag reflex she had trained herself to overcome. She pulled up quickly but still kept his cock in her mouth. The cock was hard and hot in her mouth and she felt it pulse.

She pulled off again with a smacking sound. “I want you Tyler. I want you in me.” Peg cooed as she moved off his cock. “I’m so wet for you right now.”

“How do you want it Aunt Peg” Tyler asked as he raised himself.

“You know I like it missionary.. so I can hold you.. but take me however you want.”

Tyler moved up and suckled on her breasts causing Peg to moan softly. He moved down to her legs, spreading them as he prepared to lick her.

“No! Don’t! Just fuck me!” she protested.

Tyler positioned himself and pushed his cock against the entrance to her pussy. He pressed forward slowly, feeling her wetness. She gasped as his cock speared into her, spreading her wet pussy. Her arms wrapped around his back, pulling him closer to her.

“I can never get enough of you Tyler.” She mumbled.

Tyler started to move in and out of her slowly. His face buried in her neck, kissing it softly. Long deep strokes as he kissed her neck, licking it ever so often.

“You’re so tight Aunt Peg.” Tyler groaned. “So, so tight”

Peg thrust her hips up against her nephew’s cock as he thrust into her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around Tyler’s ass. “Oh fuck…’re going in deep.”

Tyler fought the urge to hammer his cock into his aunts ataşehir escort bayan tight, wet pussy and instead kept fucking her slowly, setting a nice slow rhythm.

“You feel so good Aunt Peg” Tyler cooed. “My cock feels so good in you.”

Tyler thought he felt Peg tremble a little and her pussy respond when he said this to her. “Ohh, God… so tight, so wet…” He carried on. There it was again. Her pussy was responding to his sexual chatter!

“I love how you make me feel Aunt Peg.. I just love sliding my cock deep into you. Feeling how your pussy grabs my cock as I fuck you… oh god yes.. I just love fucking you Aunt Peg.”

Peg suddenly tightened and moaned loudly. “Oh my god Tyler… fuck me baby…I…I’m cumming”

Tyler kept up his slow strokes, controlling himself. “Yes… yes Aunt Peg, I can feel you… I can feel your pussy tightening on my cock… oh fuck.. its so fucking good…”

Peg cried out in pleasure as her body shook in orgasm “Unnnnhh…. Nyyeaaghhhh.. Ohhh fucckkkkk”

Her pussy spasmed hotly on Tylers meat, still he kept on slowly fucking her. “Cum Aunt Peg.. cum…cum hard on my cock… Oh god your cumming.. I can feel it… cum… cummmm”

Peg moaned loudly, almost screaming as the cock kept plunging slowly over and over again into her. Spreading her tight pussy lips even as they kept spasming and milking on the hot cock inside of her.

“Tyler…! Tyler!” Peg cried out as wave after wave or pleasure kept washing over her. She was cumming and cumming again and again.

Tyler gave one big thrust to bury himself deep inside his aunts pulsing vagina. It was almost painful fucking her as she came over and over on his cock and he wanted to hold off a little longer. With his cock buried deep inside her, his Aunt thrashed against him, her pussy wildly spasming and tightening on his cock. Her body trembled and her legs dug into his back.

Slowly he felt her pussy loosen its grip on his cock and that’s when he started moving in her again. Slow strokes but slowly picking up pace. Peg pulled him tighter and kissed him, her tongue prying open his lips and then drawing his own tongue into her mouth, sucking on it.

Tyler quickened a little then pulled his mouth off of hers. “Oh fuck… I wish I had two cocks… one for you two suck while I fuck you with this one.” He pushed two fingers into her mouth and Peg started to suck on them strongly.

Peg started to tremble again and Tyler started to lose control with thoughts of having two cocks and fucking his aunts cunt and mouth at the same time. He moaned loudly. He could feel the cum building up in his balls and he started to hammer his cock into his aunt with wild abandon.

“Fuckkkk…Oh god Tyler.. fuck.. fuck me… oh yess…yessss”

Slap. Slap. Slap. Tyler’s cock made a slapping noise as he fucked her with hard, fast stroked. He was gasping, feeling like he needed to cum so badly. He jackhammered into her, the wet sounds of hard fucking filling the air.

“Gonna cum Aunt Peg…” Tyler cried out

“Yes, oh yes. Cum darling… cummmm”

“Cum with me Aunt Peg!” Tyler coaxed, feeling her pussy starting so spasm again.

“Oh God yessss… I’m cumming…I’m cumming” Peg cried out, almost sobbing.

Tyler pistoned his cock hard and fast and suddenly grunted as his cock spurted hotly into his aunts pussy. “Aunt Pegggg! Aunt Peg… Oh godddd”

“Nyeaahhhhh…arrgghhhhh” Peg cried back as both of their bodies trembled and shook in passion. Tyler collapsed on to his Aunt, continuing to fuck into her slowly, emptying his balls of his cum as her pussy continued to milk him. He finally stopped and lay on top of her, breathing heavily. Tyler wrapped his arms under Aunt Peg and hugged her tight, his semi flacid cock buried deep inside her.

“Oh Tyler.. that was amazing…I love how we are so tightly connected together…” Peg cooed as she stroked her nephews hair and then ran her hands down his back. She pulled his face to escort kadıöy hers and kissed him deeply.

“Can you get up a bit off me?” She smiled as she pushed him slightly. “As much as I like this, you’re hurting my boobies!” Peg giggled.

“Oh Sorry Aunt Peg” Tyler smiled as he raised himself up, his cock was still inside Pegs cunt and as he pulled out she sighed softly. Tyler moved to lie beside Peg. Her hands moved to stroke his chest.

“Aunt Peg…” Tyler said softly.

“Mmm Hmm?” Peg replied.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Mm Hmm.. Sure.” Peg said.

“Do… do you miss two cocks?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Peg asked in turn

“Just.. just that you’ve told me that you’ve had two cocks before… and.. and earlier, when I pushed two fingers in your mouth and said I wished I had two cocks… well that seemed to set you off.”

“No… you set me off… what you did earlier, carrying on fucking me and making me keep coming? That was just.. I don’t have the words.. it was just amazing. I.. I don’t think I’ve come so hard with anyone else like that.”

Tyler smiled, feeling happy that he was special. “But… but do you miss two cocks?” He persisted.

Peg sighed. “I don’t miss it Tyler, I never really went looking for it anyway. It was something that happened and as I said, it was an experience. At the right time and place, it was fun. If it were to happen again — maybe it would be good, maybe not. But I’m a lot older now, I don’t have the energy or the need to go out looking for new experiences. I don’t know if that makes sense.”

“But you said you did it more than once” Tyler said softly.

Peg sighed again. “As I said Ty, it happened, yes, more than once. I even took it in the ass and pussy a couple of times. Probably more so because the guys wanted it and yes, I will admit I liked it too. But I didn’t go searching for it and I dont now. You keep me plenty satisfied baby.. and….”

“And what?”

“And… theres something about you, I cant explain it, but I want you all the time….”

Peg was half seated now. She gazed lovingly at her nephew. “And.. I really cant bear sharing you or letting you see me with another man. It’s… its just different….”

Tyler smiled. “I.. I cant bear to see another man touch you either… as much as it turned me on to hear your stories before it kinda hurts now, when I think about it” he put his hand on his stomach, “kind of like right here.”

“What do you think about?” Peg asked, sitting up fully now, cross legged.

“J..just your stories.. .what you’ve told me. About Dad, about Tony, Steve, Dan, all those guys. What you did with them… it was really sexy Aunt Peg.. I just.. I just don’t like it.”

Peg smiled softly. “I cant change what I’ve done Ty… and what I did probably made me who I am today. If I hadn’t had done all that, I don’t think we’d be here together in a motel room, doing what we do!”

“And as I said…. I want you all the time…..” Peg continued as she pulled her hair back and moved to kneel over Tyler’s cock. “I want to be dirty with you.. for you.”

She looked up at Tyler as she knelt over his cock. “This is covered in your spunk and my juices.” Peg said just before licking the shaft from the base to the tip. “Mmm… fuck that tastes good”

Tyler groaned as he watched his aunt licking his shaft. Her tongue swirled around the tip and then she opened her mouth to take it in.

“Oh fuckkk…..” Tyler moaned.

Peg sucked softly on his cock, feeling it starting to grow in her mouth. Her fingers moved to his balls and she scratched them lightly as she sucked on his meat. Tyler moaned and thrust his hips upward.

She moved down to lick his balls as her hands grasped the base of his cock and slowly jerked him. She moved lower from his balls to the perineum and slowly licked that. Peg pushed his legs apart and then raised them and licked his ass hole.

“Ahh…Fuckkk….” Tyler moaned and squirmed. Her tongue maltepe escort lapped against his asshole and then prodded at the rose bud. At the same time, her fingers moved to the hole and teased it softly. With her fingers still teasing his ass, her mouth went back to his cock, engulfing it again. Tyler squirmed and hissed.

“Oh God…What are you doing Aunt Peg!”

Peg sucked on his cock, bobbing up and down as her finger slowly slipped into his anus, just past the entrance. Tyler shuddered and thrashed a little as he moaned. “Mmmmppph” Peg moaned as she felt his cock throb and release pre cum. Salty precum that she could taste.

Tyler’s hands flew to Pegs head and he held it as he tried to fuck his cock into her mouth. Her finger sled deeper into his ass, finding his prostate and pressing against it.

“Holy fuck!” Tyler gasped.

Peg started to suck on his cock harder, bobbing up and down faster and faster. Her finger teased his prostate a little more before she pulled out. Tyler let out a sigh.

Peg removed her mouth from Tyler’s cock and smiled at him. He was gasping and panting. She licked his shaft a little and then slurped on the precum that was now oozing out of his cock. “You taste yummy” She cooed. “Did you like that?”

Tyler, still gasping, could only nod. One hand moved down to his balls and the other teased his ass hole again.

“I..I want to fuck you!” Tyler pleaded.

Peg smiled up at him and shook her head. “Lie back… enjoy”

She buried her head into his crotch, taking his cock all the way down her throat as her finger once again wormed into his ass channel. Tylers body jerked in response. Peg started sucking on his cock. Up and down her mouth moved as her finger pressed and teased his prostate. His precum was leaking out of his cock and she slurped on it as she sucked. Faster and harder she sucked, playing with his prostate as she did.

“Fuckk…. Oh fuckkk.. Aunt Peg….Aunt Peg…. Youre gonna…make me…..”

Peg fastened her mouth on the head of his cock and sucked really hard as she pressed upward and along the prostate.

“Aaagghhhh fucckkkkkk” Tyler cried out and raised his hips to fuck his cock into his aunts mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot fuck cream squirted into her mouth and she swallowed greedily. She kept the suction on his head as her finger kept applying pressure on his prostate, milking all the cum from him.

Tyler was thrashing about and his body seemed to be trembling all over. Slowly Peg removed her finger from his ass as she suckled on his cock, swallowing as the spurts seem to die down. She pulled her mouth off with a popping noise and then licked off all remnants of cum from his cock.

Tyler was still trembling. “Oh my god Aunt Peg.. I.. I’ve never cum so hard…. It.. it felt so intense”

Peg smiled… “Now you know how you make me feel.” She moved to lie beside him, her fingers toying lightly with his cock.

“You see how you were lost in the moment then? And anything I had wanted to do you would have just let me?”

Tyler nodded.

“That’s how it was with the two cocks… you’re just in a different zone and you’ll do anything at that point. Understand?”

Tyler nodded. “I guess so….sorry I asked all those questions.”

Peg smiled. “Its okay Hon.. just don’t ask questions you may not like the answer to….I’m not gonna lie”

Her hands continued to play with his cock but it remained flacid. “See… I wish you could fuck me again right now.. I’m so hot for you… but that doesn’t mean I’ll call room service and fuck the waiter. I can wait till youre ready again.”

Tyler got on his elbow. “I.. I’m sorry Aunt Peg.. but you really dried him out… ” he suddenly smiled mischievously. “But maybe if you wanted to call room service in a hour? Then we can both fuck you.”

Peg laughed. “This coming from you who said you cant bear to see someone else touch me? Maybe I should call for two guys and we can have a gang bang! That may be fun.”

“I was joking!” Tyler said, feeling somewhat ashamed now.

“Well… you did say you wanted dirty motel sex… and I’ve never done a gangbang before… maybe I should…” Peg laughed as she fell back into Tylers arms. She reached up to kiss him before he could even reply.

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