Aunt Lizbeth’s Surprise Party

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On a fateful hot summer evening a couple years back, I received an innocuous phone call by aunt Lizbeth. She asked me if I could accompany her to a party right now; she had lost her date and didn’t want to go alone. I spontaneously said yes. She asked me to dress up nicely, since it would be somewhat of a high society event.

I had been living in the same town as Lizbeth since i started college. From time to time I helped her out, her husband had passed away early and she was living on her own in a big lonely mansion. I was 19 at that time and she was in her mid thirties, at the height of her physical beauty.

An hour and a half later my doorbell rang. Lizbeth stepped into my apartment and took my breath away. She was wearing a shoulder-free cocktail dress that left most of her long legs and her back bared. I could clearly make out her naked skin through most of the dress. It was almost as if she stood before me naked, but I was not embarrassed. Instead, it turned me on. I fumbled to get my things ready, and we left my apartment and drove into the night.

She must have noticed that i was nervous, since she put her hand on my knee, and she simply said: “It’s going to be alright, Kyle.”. Her words helped to calm me down immediately.

The party took place at a big secluded villa outside town. We pulled into a parking lot and made our way towards the main gate. Groups of people were chattering and laughing. No one was paying us any attention. My aunt showed her invitation to one of the servants, and they let us in. Some people wore night party masks, hiding most of their face. Alot of alcohol was being passed around.

My aunt excused herself and went to the bathroom, giving me some time to look around. The mansion was huge. There were rooms inside rooms inside rooms. As I made my way through the house I stumbled upon a pair that was having a very passionate encounter in casino şirketleri one of the side rooms. I thought nothing of it, a party is a party after all. I lost my sense of time as I wandered through the crowd. The music, the chattering, what I had seen upstairs, things were getting to me. I had a drink or two and finally went looking for my aunt.

There was a big ball room that had been outfitted with a lush red carpet and some couches. People left their shoes outside as they went in. All curtains were drawn and it was gloomy. I saw groups of people standing around. No one seemed to be bothered, that all around them, pairs of men and women were having sex in the dark corners of the room. I almost fainted when I took in the scene. My aunt had taken me to a sex party?

After what felt like an eternity, I felt something being pressed into my palm. I looked down. It was one of the night masks that alot of the guests were wearing. “Consider it a late birthday present” I heard my aunt whisper into my ear.

I swung around. My aunt stood before me. The first thing I noticed was that she was barefooted. A night party mask covered much of her face, if not for her dress, I would have barely recognized her in the darkness. She had locked arms with a man I had never seen before. He eyed me without much interest. She whispered something into his ear, and as they continued into the gloominess of the ball room, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. I followed them but kept some distance. They sat down on a red couch in a secluded corner. The stranger ran his hands down her body and pulled down her cocktail dress, baring my aunt’s breasts.

She had one leg on the couch, the toes of her other leg barely touching the fluffy carpet. She unzipped his pants with a single fluid motion. It was then that I noticed she had not been wearing anything at all under her dress. I even caught a glimpse casino firmaları of her pussy before he bent over her and blocked my view. I could hear the flapping sounds of hip against hip action as they started to have sex on the couch. My aunt started to moan. Her dazed horny eyes kept gliding into my direction.

My mind was whirling. I was incredibly shocked and turned on at the same time. I could not believe what was unfolding right in front of me. I felt like I was walking through a dream. Confused, I put on the mask my aunt gave me. The anonymity the mask gave me seemed to return my strength immediately. With my confusion gone, lust started to take over.

My entire body trembled and shook as I mustered all my courage and stepped closer. A loud moan escaped her half-opened mouth as she saw me closing in. Her hand reached out for me in the dark, giving me confidence. It was then that I felt a cold resolve building up inside of me. I was going to wait for that stranger to be done with her, and then I would be next in line. I felt that familiar tingling in my loins, as lust took over reason.

He got up and left without saying a word. I noticed that he had used a condom. I would not. My aunt lay spread out before me, half-naked and ready, a horny daze still covering her eyes, her hairless pussy lips exposed to me. Finally I stepped forward. She reached out eagerly and pulled me on top of herself. I felt a hazy fever jolting through me, strong as a lightning bolt, as she touched my hip, giving me the hardest erection I have ever experienced in my entire life. There was no stopping it now, no doubts left. I would fuck my own aunt. All shame had fled me as I gave in to the lure of the temptress.

I felt my aunts hands unbuckling me, pulling my pants down, exposing my hot, throbbing, shaved cock. The tip of my cock landed on her stomach with a flapping sound as she moaned softly. güvenilir casino I shoved my arms under her knees and pulled her bosom down towards me. Her naked breast wobbling, I heard her gasp. Her hips rose to receive me. I rubbed my erect dick against her wet slit for a second, hesitating, enjoying the calm before the storm.

Then I felt her fingers around my iron-hard shaft, pleasing me, teasing me, guiding me. I moaned as I finally entered her wetness. Our hips began moving in unison. Her breath hot on my face, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me even deeper into herself. We got into the rhythm as we moaned and exchanged saliva and twirled our tongues, her hands clutching my back, her face moaning and begging under her mask. My strokes came hard and fast, pushing myself to the limit.

Our sexual feast went on for what felt like an eternity, until finally, slowly, I started to feel an orgasm build up in my loins.

“It’s alright” i heard her whisper into my ear between strokes “It’s alright”. I could feel my precum as it’s sliminess engulfed the tip of my cock inside her tight wet cunt. The feeling drove me insane with lust. I went crazy fucking her, harder and harder, tongue kissing, licking her tits, fucking her, the base of my dick flapping against her pussy lips, never losing my rhythm or my concentration. Her moans and gasps, her greedy hip movement and her hands on my back were driving me to heights I had never experienced before.

When i finally shot my huge load into my aunt’s wet hole, I felt reliefed. She stretched her back as I came and pulled me in deep, pressing her hands on my buttocks as she willingly received my fiery cum. It was a glorious explosion of pure lust.

We lay together for a time after that, spent and out of breath, in the semi-darkness of the ball room. Words were unnecessary from that point on.

As more and more people started to leave, we eventually retreated to the privacy of one of the dark side rooms. We had sex there for three more times that night. I found the willing animal inside of her, and gave her exactly what she needed from me that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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