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Big Dicks

When I was thirty-four years old I fell in love with a young lady of twenty-five years. We were honest to each other, up to a point (I had a few secrets), and after we dated for two months we felt so comfortable with each other that we decided to marry. I am Harry and she is Vanessa.

I had met her family and they were a good, Christian, conservative group of folks. Myself, I was an orphan. But I had gathered together a small family of friends and like-minded adults who shared my values, and would soon share my wife.

We went on our honeymoon, and on the first night it became clear to my new bride what she was getting into. At her age she had had a few lovers, none known by her family, and she knew all the traditional sexual moves. Her first was to try to suck my cock.

That was not going to happen. She gave me a hurt look, but then jerked me off and asked me to fuck her. That was not going to happen, at least as she was implying. I held her in my arms and explained what her life was going to be like from now on.

I loved ass. I loved ass of all kinds. Big or small, round or flat, female or male. And she had been taught to believe that the man was the dominant one in the family. So I was going to teach her that I might be dominant, but she would learn to love and crave it.

The first thing to do was to introduce her to cock up her ass. That was new to her. So I took it slow. Because she had been anticipating sex she was juicy in the pussy. I didn’t want pussy, but I could use the juice seeping out to wipe on her little brown asshole. Her virgin hole.

And I spread my spit all over the little hole, as she lay on her stomach waiting for her first lesson in the art of anal. I placed a large pillow under her belly, raising her sweet, round ass up to where I could access it easily. Then, nuzzling her neck and telling her how much I loved her, I eased my rock hard cock into that little, virgin ass-hole. The first time was always so fucking sweet, I had to keep from coming too soon.

It was also a little surprising, and even painful, for the virgin. So I took my time. Having spread ample amounts of K-Y on my cock and her ass, I eased the head in, then pressed slowly forward as she began to moan. I don’t care who you are, if you try it you’ll like it. She certainly did.

I began stroking in and out and she began moaning and humping the pillow. I allowed her to play with her pussy with her fingers, and she tickled her clit as I fucked her ass-hole. Something good for everyone. Love it.

I knew she was really into it when she stopped fingering her pussy and just bahis firmaları rammed her ass back into my cock. That was always the sign that they had learned to love the ass-fucking. I kept fucking until her moans and squeals told me she was coming, then I shot my first married load into her ass and felt it come seeping out around her now extended ass-hole. And it was good.

I truly did love her, ass and all, and tried to make this a great honeymoon. It wasn’t all butt-fucking. Some we spent touring and eating and just enjoying the world around us. But each night we also enjoyed anal. After three nights I introduced her to something that had never crossed her little, conservative, Christian mind. I showed her a device I had packed away. It was a strap-on dildo. She hadn’t the faintest idea what it was or how to use it, but I was going to show her all the tricks. Because, after all, ass-fucking works for men too.

So I strapped it on her naked little body, rubbed plenty of lube on the dildo, and in my ass, and told her to do to me what I had been doing to her. She was extremely reluctant, but I pulled the dominant husband act on her, so she tentatively moved towards me.

I bent over the bed, she slowly tried to push the dildo into my ass-hole, and then she cried out, “I can’t, I can’t.” I just reached around, grabbed the dildo and rammed it into my own ass-hole. I was very used to this, and always loved the initial entry.

“Start fucking me, baby girl, do it like daddy does it to you.”

That got her aroused a little, and when she found that the strap-on tickled her own clit and pussy as she fucked me she really got into it. That was the first night my new wife fucked my bung-hole. It would not be the last.

When we got home I felt she needed a little time to learn to love this new life. So I didn’t introduce her to my friends for several weeks. We just kept learning (as I taught) about the anal life-style. Eventually, I told her we were going to have a dinner party for my friends. She was pleased. She was happy in her new life, and wanted to learn more about my friends. So she planned an elaborate evening of dinner at home with conversation afterwards. Little did she know what the conversing would consist of.

I had invited my good friend Zander and his lover Karl. Also Susan and her lover Leonard. That was enough for a good dinner party and after dinner fun.

Zander and Karl were the first to arrive. Zander won over Vanessa immediately by calling her the cutest poppin he had ever seen, and Karl gave her a cheek kiss and a hug. She had never met any gay people kaçak iddaa (that she knew) but these were not monsters and she warmed to them immediately.

Then Susan and Leonard came. They were definitely a couple, but never exclusive, they loved the anal sex-style so much they wanted to share it with as many as possible. It was their mission.

Vanessa had gone all out with the dinner, hoping to prove to my friends she was worth me. She served squab and wild-rice, with asparagus. For dessert, there was old-fashioned apple pie, from her down-home roots. It was all deeply appreciated by my friends. I could see they already wanted to love her (in more ways than one.) After dinner we just kicked back for some chit-chat over brandy, until finally I made the big decision. I could see everyone was getting along. There seemed no conflicts of any kind. So I decided to really begin the evening.

I stood up, and not surprising my friends, but really giving my Vanessa a start, I took off all of my clothes. Then, really, really giving Vanessa a start, all my friends did the same. There was Zander and Karl with their gym formed bodies, cocks already standing up, and pretty Susan, our blonde bombshell with her 36 DD breasts, while little Leonard, so small but with such a huge cock standing as proud as all.

Vanessa started to tremble, in fear I was afraid, but I had already done a good job on her. She was trembling with lust, my dear, sweet Vanessa. And she stood up, took off her clothes, and displayed her little, pixie body, with the cone-shaped breasts and the still hairy pussy. This group was more interested in her round, perky ass.

Tonight was my gift to her. I was going to only watch and jerk off at whatever caught my fancy. Vanessa was the prize for my friends, and they would share her and themselves.

The first order of business was a group grope and hug. We truly loved each other in this group, and Vanessa was to become a part. Then our resident gays got on the floor and started demonstrating how to really fuck an ass-hole. Zander was top, Karl was bottom, and, as always, there was plenty of lube stashed everywhere around the room. We all knew where everything was.

Next Susan decided to introduce herself formally to Vanessa. She found her favorite strap-on in a desk drawer and put it on. Then, with a smile and a lube she turned Vanessa onto the couch and started fucking her. Of course, my perfect wife started moaning and coming almost immediately. As Susan fucked Vanessa, Leonard, with his huge cock started helping Zander. He rammed Zander and Zander rammed Karl.

All the kaçak bahis time this was happening I was jerking off. I would get some ass later. Plenty.

When Susan had made Vanessa come several times Vanessa cried, “Enough.” That was Susan’s cue to withdraw reluctantly, even though she herself had come several times, too. Then Vanessa surprised Susan and said, “It’s mine turn to fuck your ass, bitch.”

As I said, I had all the necessary lubes and strap-ons stashed in the den where we were. So Vanessa searched and found a huge, black dildo. It wasn’t a strap-on but it did vibrate, and she was in the mood to make Susan come hard and long.

She ordered Susan on the sofa, kneeled down beside her, and rammed that dildo as far up Susan’s ass as she could. Susan was used to this, but even she was taken by surprise and squealed with pain and joy at the same time. Vanessa kept ramming and ramming until her little arm got tired and Susan’s ass had started to bleed a little. I think they both fell in love with each other then.

During this time Karl had his ass filled with Zander’s come, and Zander had his butt filled with Leonard’s come. But, of course, one come was not a night for this group. And I had already shot my wad on top of my little wife’s ass as she had fucked Susan with the dildo.

At this point Karl and Leonard were both trying to get a double dong going in Zander’s well-used ass-hole. They achieved it with grins on all the boy’s faces. Karl and Leonard fucked Zander in unison, as Zander jerked off.

I was also jerking off. But decided my wife needed some familiar cock in her ass. I took her from Susan, got her doggy-style on the sofa, and started my turn at her ass. Susan didn’t want to be left out, so she presented her ass-hole to Vanessa’s face and Vanessa obliged by licking it as she was fucked by me. She even stuck her tongue up Susan’s ass. True love had blosssomed in our little group. I fucked Vanessa until I came, and I think she came several times the way she ate Susan’s ass out. I pulled out and immediately Susan pushed me out of the way and began to eat Vanessa’s ass. These women had bonded. Great.

I looked over and Leonard and Karl were coming into Zander’s ass as he shot his wad on the floor. I really had to get a maid in soon.

But poor little me. I had shot my wad on my wife’s ass, I had fucked her bung-hole, and watched everyone else getting fucked. But no one had fucked me.

So I said, loudly, “Who want’s to fuck the host’s ass-hole?”

My little wife grinned as Susan was still eating her ass and said, “That is my privilege to end a perfect evening.”

So she found a strap-on with a dildo exactly the same size as my cock, put it on, and, as our new little group watched, she fucked me hard and long, and I never thought I was the dominant again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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