Assassin Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

The Contract

She stood back and admired her handiwork. His hands and feet were securely fastened to the bed posts by a length of thick cord. A gag in his mouth. She reached in her bag and withdrew a large, black plastic bag. She brought it down over his head and securely fastened it around his neck by a rubber band. She quickly searched her bag and retrieved a short hose and pump. She inserted one end of a hose under the lip of the bag, and the other end she plugged into the small air pump. She flipped a switch and the battery-powered pump whirred to life, filling the bag with air. Once it was fully inflated, she retracted the hose and placed the whole assembly into her bag.

She nimbly plucked up the lip of the bag and quickly wafted smelling salts under his nose. She let the bag go, the rubber band pulling the bag tight around his neck once more. She stood, replaced the cap on the jar, and placed the jar in her bag.

After a few moments, she heard him let out a moan, followed by a tug at his restraints. While the bag was inflated enough to mask which direction he was looking, she could tell by his body language that he was turning his head from side to side. A muffled scream come from the bag, audible in the room, but too quiet to be heard through the walls, especially with the rain pounding the windows.

This is how it always starts, she thought. Always the panic. She could hear him breathing heavily through the holes in the gag, his head thrashing to and fro, pulling hard at his restraints. Strangely enough, she never enjoyed this part of the job. It was what came after that thrilled her.

She put a knee on his abdomen and gripped his neck with her slender fingers. Immediately, he quietened. She could feel him trembling underneath her grip.

“Listen up, you piece of shit,” she said menacingly. “You’ve been marked. Not for death, no. You’ve been marked for education.” She leaned down until she was face to face with him. She imagined that he could just barely make out her face through the thin material. “You’ve fucked up, to be in this situation, make no mistake.”

She stood, snugging up her gloves. “This is your re-education.” At this, she heard another muffled cry followed by more thrashing.

“Listen to me, asshole!” she said, forcefully.

The man immediately became attentive. She smiled to herself. “You will stay like that for one hour. If you survive, I will assume you’ve learned your lesson. If you don’t, I will also assume you’ve learned your lesson.”

She walked slowly over to the table in the center of the room. On it she sat a small travel clock. “You’re time starts… now,” she said. The man let out a quiet sob. She looked back and said, “I’d try to conserve my air, if I were you.”

The man quieted and soon his breathing fell into a slow, smooth rhythm. She walked over to the side of the bed, removed a glove, and placed the palm of her hand over the man’s heart. The man let out a muffled grunt as she did so. She could feel his heart beating slow and strong in his chest and the rise and fall of his chest. She smiled to herself.

She sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m not such a bad person, you know. I just sort of fell into this line of work when I accidentally offed the leader of one of the families.” She sighed, and continued. “I was in love with him. But, he didn’t love me.”

She stood and aimlessly paced the floor. “He was into breath play and he made me… do things to him. He had been a total asshole to me one night, so I drugged him, tied him up much like yourself, and watched him squirm.”

She turned to face the man. “He didn’t bahis firmaları even last an hour. First he stopped fighting. Then he stopped breathing. I was horrified, but at the same time it was a thrill.” After a moment she composed herself and continued. “One of the rival families caught wind of what I’d done and took me in. I have been in their employment ever since, re-educating those whom they see fit, in the style that I see fit.”

She looked down at the man, then at the clock. A mere 5 minutes had passed so far. He had a long way to go. She walked back to the small table, picked up her bag, and placed it on the floor beside it. From her bag she retrieved a notebook and sat down behind the desk.

She reached forward and tugged at the chain dangling from the desk lamp. Her eyes narrowed as it flooded the desk with light. She unclipped the pencil from the front of the notebook and thumbed through a few pages, pages filled with photographs and writing, coming at last to a blank page. She wrote the date at the top of the page, then beside it, she wrote the target’s name. She leaned over, rummaged through her bag for a moment, then sat back upright with a smartphone in her hand. She stood briefly, aimed the phone at the bed, and took a snapshot, the imitated click of the camera lens the only sound in the room. She admired the picture for a moment, then sat back down.

She looked at the clock. It’d been only about 15 minutes. She needed to give him more time. She routed through her bag once more, retrieving a small plastic box. Flipping the switch on side, a small amber light lit to let her know it was active. She set it down on the desk and, after pushing a few buttons on her phone, it began to emit an electronic whirring sound. After a few moments, the picture she had just taken began to slowly emerge from the portable printer.

After a few minutes, the photograph had been fully printed. She returned the phone and printer back to her bag and retrieved a stick of glue. She ran the glue stick across the back of the photo, coating it evenly. Once done, she flipped it over and carefully placed it on the blank page in the notebook, pressing gently to secure it. She placed the cap back on the glue stick and replaced it in her bag.

She heard a rustle of the bag and looked up. The man was still doing well. His breathing wasn’t out of control. She could see the bag gently deflating and inflating as he breathed. She imagined that he was already becoming aroused. This had always fascinated her about men. All men were apparently turned on by it.

She stood up and walked over to the window. The pale light filtering through the window gently illuminated the curves of her tight outfit. She reached into her bag and pulled out a tin box and a lighter. She chose a cigarette from the tin, placed it between her lips, and lit it.

She took a long drag, held it for a moment, then let it out. She absently watched the rain for a few moments, then took another slow draw from the cigarette, the tip illuminating her slender face. She placed the tin and lighter on the edge of the bed and fetched another tin box from her bag. In this she lightly flicked the ashes. Didn’t want the police possibly finding anything useful.

She walked back around the desk and sat down, propping her feet on the desk. She absently smoked for a while, admiring the way the smoke would curl from the tip of the cigarette, deep in thought. At long last she finished her smoke, extinguished the cigarette in the small tin, and placed it beside other tin on the side of the bed.

She looked over at the clock. He was coming up on 30 minutes. She stood, walked around kaçak iddaa the desk over to the side of the bed. She looked him over. He was breathing faster now. She placed a gloved hand on the man’s chest. His heart was beating fast. She checked his restraints, they were all holding tight. The bag was still fastened tightly.

She reached down and unfastened the belt around his waist. She then unzipped his pants and reached through the open fly of his boxers. He was very hard now, no pre-cum yet though, which was good. With a quick movement she ripped his button-up shirt open, exposing his bare chest.

She quickly walked back over to her bag, her heels clicking on the wood floor, and retrieved a small cellophane package. Walking back to the bed, she opened it. She placed the condom on the end of his penis and slowly unrolled it along its length. “This is so I don’t carry away any evidence. Nothing personal,” she explained as she did so.

Once done she stood, she walked over and flicked off the light on the desk, then removed her gloves, laying them on the floor by the bed. In the She sat on the edge of the bed, unzipped her leather boots and sat them beside the gloves. She slowly shrugged out of her spandex top, exposing her pale skin and breasts, her dark hair spilling down to her shoulders. She likewise removed her pants, followed shortly by her panties.

She stood naked, in front of the bed. This was the part she enjoyed. She gingerly crawled across the bed, positioning herself over the man. Straddling him, she reached down between her legs and lightly gripped him. The man let out a startled gasp. Slowly easing herself down, she guided him between her pussy lips. She smiled, and inhaled sharply, as he entered her. He wasn’t the largest she’d had, but he felt wonderful all the same. After a few moments work, he was fully inside of her.

She sat there for a moment, just feeling him inside her. It was difficult for her to have a normal relationship, and this was such a turn on she couldn’t resist. She never actively had sex with any of her targets. She simply enjoyed having them inside her and feeling them struggle to breathe. She suffocated vicariously through them. They always came in the end.

She slowly lay down across him, her generous breasts pressing against his chest. She wrapped her arms gently around his neck and turned her head toward the window. The feeling was fantastic. She could feel him throbbing deep inside her and she knew it felt good for him as well. His breathing was coming faster now and his heart was beating hard and fast. His chest was on fire, as she lay pressed against him. She smiled to herself.

He let out a quiet moan. “Shhh, it’ll be alright, just relax,” she said gently, still smiling. She always waited until the men had been under for a while. By this point they were just weak enough so they wouldn’t try thrusting into her. She could lie there peacefully, enjoying the quiet bond they shared.

She closed her eyes. It was always a struggle for her to fight the urge to fuck them. It’s such a powerful instinct. Once someone is inside you, one, or both, of you are going to start testing the waters. A light thrust here, a small push there, until you’re going full bore. To quell that instinct is difficult.

She didn’t bring the clock with her, but she guessed he had about 20 minutes to go. She could always tell, there were always telltale signs. His heart was beating very fast and hard and she could hear his breath whistling through the holes in the gag. The bag rustled softly with every breath. Her own breaths were coming faster as she became aroused. She could feel her own sex beginning kaçak bahis to swell, the heat building. She was incredibly turned on, and considering how hard he was, she imagined he was as well.

Only about half of her targets ever made it the entire hour. The ones that didn’t panicked early and used up all their air quickly. The ones that remained calm usually made it. This guy really didn’t deserve this. It was a case of the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time. A delivery gone bad.

She shifted slightly, her swollen lips grasping his manhood. A bolt of pleasure shot through her, catching her off guard. She began lightly moving back and forth along the length of his shaft before she caught herself. She let out a sigh and relaxed.

His breathing was becoming more forced. She could hear the bag rustling on every exhale. She hugged him lightly, pressing herself against him. His heart was beating so hard now that it felt as if it were in her own chest. This just further excited her. She needed something to help her relax.

She slowly unclasped her hands from around his neck, reached over and picked up the tin of cigarettes and the lighter. She plucked out a cigarette, lit it, and inhaled. She let it out and closed her eyes again. She knew they were nearing the end, for better of for worse. He was probably completely disoriented by now or possibly even passed out. Everything at this point was on autopilot. His cock was still pulsing deep inside her. She could feel every heartbeat.

She lazily smoked her cigarette, watching the rain pour outside the window. She could see the smoke in the room illuminated by the light coming from the window, curling in small eddies due to tiny air currents. She finished her cigarette, stamping it out in the tin box, and closing the lid.

The man’s breathing was becoming more labored. Shallow inhales, followed by forceful exhales. His heart was racing beneath her. She was so excited now, she felt tingles around her hips and groin. She wondered if she was going to come. She’d only come one other time, and it was intense.

As the man’s breathing became more shallow, the feeling was steadily growing. She was definitely going to come. It took all her willpower not to start grinding away on him. She wanted it to happen without moving a muscle. Her own breaths were coming deep as she struggled with the feeling growing deep inside her.

Finally, it overwhelmed her and she came. She cried out in shock as pleasure wracked her body. She tensed as the waves crashed over her repeatedly. It was the one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had and it seemed to go on and on. She felt like she was falling, her insides were ablaze. As her own orgasm began to subside, she felt the man tense underneath her for a moment, followed by his own. She could feel the rhythmic contractions as he came, pumping his semen into the thin condom.

After what seemed an eternity, it ended. She collapsed, shivering, covered in a mist of sweat. She took a gasping breath, realizing she had been holding her breath. After a moment, she came to her senses. She could feel the man still breathing shallowly underneath her, his heartbeat light and thready. “Was it good for you, too?” she asked, kissing him on the chest.

At that moment, the alarm went off on the clock, startling her. She breathed a sigh and smiled to herself. She knew he’d make it. She slowly gathered herself up and stood up. “Looks like it’s your lucky day, friend,” she said. She leaned over grasped the lip of the bag and removed it. “You’ll have a hell of a headache when you wake up, but… you’ll wake up.”

He was unconscious, barely breathing. But he’d recover. She quickly dressed, gathered her smoking paraphernalia and placed it in her bag. She opened the hotel room door, took one look back, blew him a kiss, then left, closing the door behind her.

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