Arsewipe in the Bathroom

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I was sent to work in Leeds to undertake a work-study for a large pension company. It was the time of Miner’s first big strike and I had to work by torchlight as most of the office lights had been switched off to save electricity. The Personnel Officer had put me to stay with a widow whose husband had died in service of the company. Her place was a typical semi detached house, and I was given my own bedroom with a desk to work on. The widow had a young daughter, 20 years old, who was somewhat plump, with died blond hair and attractive. She worked in another office in Leeds, as a Receptionist.

On the first Friday morning I was busy shaving in the bathroom when Marion, came in wearing her nighty, sat on the toilet and had a loud piss. I looked round to see her at saw her thighs and part of her pubic bush. The sight excited me. I didn’t say anything, keeping my thoughts to myself, but when she came up to wash her hands in the basin I was standing at, she couldn’t help but see my erection sticking out of my pyjamas.

“Oh” she said, ” Have I got you excited? Let me deal with it” and she put soap on her hand and started to wank my cock for me.

” I used to do this for my elder brother before he left home.”

I was smiling and let her do it. I hadn’t had any sex with my wife for two weeks as I was concentrating on my work, so when I came, my prick jerked upwards, spiting a stream of spunk out. Marion, sitting on the edge of the bath, was hit by the sperm.

“Wow, I’ve never seen one do that before!”

I reached for the flannel to wipe it off her, but she took it from me, and wiped it off herself. Then she wiped me, as well.

“What excited you? Was it was the sound of me, piddling? “

“Oh yes, I turned me on.”

“You kinky boy!”

I didn’t see her again until the evening. I had been working up the day’s figures in my bedroom, and then went to the bathroom for a piss. On my way out, I met Marion wanting to go in.

“I’m just going in, would you like to watch?”

” Yes please” and I practically pushed her inside.

She turned round to the toilet, pulled her skirt up, then pulled her knickers down to her knees, and sat down.

” Can you crouch a bit, so I can see where the piss comes from?”

She complied and opened her legs to reveal a black hairy mass of pubic hair. We both looked down as she started to let go. There was a thick dark yellow stream spurting out from her foliage. I watched her hairy cunt with fascination; I thought about licking it dry, but the amount of hair stopped me.

When she had stopped and reached for some toilet paper to wipe herself, I asked her if I could trim her bush, and when she said OK I dashed into my bedroom güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and collected a my pair of office scissors. With these I my hand, I started to trim back the mass of hair facing me. I pulled her hips forward to get at that part right between her thighs. I cut very carefully round her labia lips and inside the thigh, but I left a good amount above her to give her some womanly dignity.

“Would you like me to shave you so that you can wear a swim suit when you go to Tossa de Mar”

“Yes that would be good, I had thought of asking a girl friend but you probably could do a better job since you’re so interested!!”

I fetched my shaving razor, soap and my flannel. I applied soapy water round her cunt and gently started to shave her pubic hair off. I shaved all the hair on her thighs and round where a bikini would not cover. As I did it I could not help staring at her labia and smelling her pissy smell. I was definitely excited. When I finished I put down the razor and washed off the soap and loose hair. I leant back and looked at my handiwork. It looked good so I moved forward to kiss her fanny but I got carried away and pushed my tongue inside her and upwards to her clit.

Marion pressed put her hand on my head and pressed it down making murmuring noises of pleasure. With my left hand I pulled my trousers down and my pants, freeing out my stiff prick. I didn’t hesitate but pulled my head back and positioned myself to stuck it straight into her cunt with one push.

“Ohhhh ” she cried out loud. The feeling was tremendous. I held my prick inside her and revelled in its tightness and wetness. I slowly pulled back and pushed hard a second time, then I built up to a speed as was going to shoot when I had a sudden thought of pregnancy. So I quickly pulled out and thrust downwards. By luck it slipped into her sphincter being wet with her cunt juice. The sudden tightness was like a cock-ring; I pulled back and then pushed forward. It was as if I was being milked. I pushed in again and this time I held it in to spurt my cum inside.

I slumped against her body and she held me in her arms for a few moments. I realised that I was on my knees and that the floor was hard, so slowly, I pulled out of her arsehole and stood up. I grasped my prick and looked down at it. It was all slippery with spunk and there were brown streaks on the foreskin.

“I had better wash this,” I said.

“Pass the flannel when you have finished and I ‘ll wash my bum off”.

I used it on my cock then passed it to her. She crouched down on the floor, as she did, some sperm fell out of her arse onto the lino covered floor. Marion saw it, and wiped it up, then wiped her bum with the flannel. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I washed it out in the sink.

The next day, Saturday, Marion walked me to Elland Road where Leeds was playing against Sunderland. It was a draw. We went to a local pub afterwards and had a pie and a pint, then walked back to the house. Marion’s mum had gone out with her friends so we settled down onto the sofa in the lounge. We began french kissing and my hands wandered to her breasts.

Marion pulled back and undid her blouse then her white bra. Her breasts hung down and had large pink nipples and areola. I fondled both at once running my hand around under lifting them up. I leant forward and gently licked the nipples and the skin around. Marion squirmed under my attention. I moved my left hand down to her knee and pushed my hand up her skirt, it was too tight for me to go any higher, so she stood up and took it off and her white knickers. She had on a navy blue suspender belt and it was very sexy to see the dark straps stretch across her white thighs to her brown stockings.

I dropped to my knees in front of her, and started to kiss the inside of her knees, then I gently pushed her thighs apart and moved my head upwards. I kissed her cunt lips and pushed my tongue through the narrow slit with its hair neatly trimmed. I looked up while licking her clit – she was watching me and laughing with pleasure. I carried on until she was thoroughly wet. I stood up and pulled off my trousers and pants, and gestured for Marion to change places with me. She knelt in front of me and played with my prick until it was fully erect. Then she got up and moved onto the sofa, grasped my prick and rubbed it on her slit, then, with a gasp of breath slide down onto it.

For a moment she stayed still, enjoying the moment then began to move faster up and down. We moved together, I pushed upwards and she rode me like a pony, getting quicker all the time.

“Don’t come yet! We haven’t got any protection”.

So I held myself back. I thought of numbers and calculations. Then she arched her back and cried out in orgasm. She rested a moment, then stood up, spat on her middle finger and rubbed it on her own bum hole, turned around and went to sit on my prick. I had to guide it in between her plump cheeks into her arsehole. It was a tight fit as she slowly dropped down onto my lap. I put my hands on her bum cheeks and pushed up, then I let her down again. Inside her it was hot and dry; I could not last any longer; my foreskin was being stretched down; I felt as though I was being circumcised. I blasted out my spunk deep inside her rectum, and held her down to enjoy the pain.

Marion fell back onto my chest güvenilir bahis şirketleri and stayed there breathing heavily.

“That was some exercise!”

“And painful too, but enjoyable.”

After a bit, I pushed her up and off. I could see her arse hole still open with my spunk oozing out. Marion put her hand to it and said, ” I’d better go to the loo” and ran out of the room to the toilet. I thought that I had better leave her have a shit in peace, so I went to the kitchen and washed my prick with the dishcloth and dried it on the tea towel.

We didn’t fuck again till the Wednesday. I was working in my room finalising the study figures for my report, when Marion put her head around the door, and asked me if I would like to share a bath with her. Now this was the Government policy at the time, so that the cost of heating the bath twice, with the immersion heater, would be saved. I readily accepted and quickly undressed and followed her into the bathroom. The water was lovely and deep, about ten inches, which was more than the government had stated, but it was to be shared between two people so that was alright!

We had great fun in the bath, I soaped her pendulous breasts and she soaped my prick till it was stiff but wouldn’t take it in her mouth because she didn’t like the taste of soap! Her mother was downstairs watching TV and so couldn’t hear us laughing and splashing about. We dried each other off, having fun rubbing each other’s back and bums. Then I wrapped myself a towel, and Marion put on her dressing gown, and we went back to her room.

Suddenly the lights went out with another power cut. When her mother came up the stairs with a lighted candle, she found us clutching at each other in panic. She laughed and told us to get into bed together to stay warm which we did. It was a small, single bed and we had to keep close.

We kissed and I moved my hand down in between our bodies to rub her twat until it was wet with juice.

“You can come inside me now, I’m safe, my egg came down yesterday.”

So I moved on top of her and gently fucked her twice. Once with me on top and the second time with Marion on top. I held her lovely round bum cheeks and slipped my finger into her arse hole to make her come. We slept well in the total darkness,

I presented my report to the Directors the next day, and then returned to South London on the Friday. The trains was unheated and unlit to show support for the Miners so the journey was miserable. My small terraced house, which I had bought the year before for £6900 with a mortgage, was also in darkness.

My wife had lit our one paraffin lamp. We tried to fry our supper on the small open fire but we only had smokeless fuel, which was useless and the fried egg and bacon wouldn’t cook. We gave up and played poker by candle light. I gave up after she beat me with a pair of twos! So we went upstairs to a cold bed and cuddled up for warmth. We treated it as a bit of fun as it was all new to us and we were doing it together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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