Around the World Ch. 02

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NOTE: This is purely fiction. Around the World Chapter 1 was one on one sex. Chapter 2 adds a couple more people.

Molly and I just briefly mentioned our weekend of fun when we met each other on the computer on Monday evening. We each thanked each other for a wonderful time and then never mentioned it again.

About 3 months later Molly asked me it I would like to meet for some more fun. I assured her I would so we set up a date a week from Saturday.

I arrived at the hotel and rented a room. I again got a room with a King Size bed on the ninth floor. Once in the room I called Molly on her cell phone and let her know the room number. She said she was about 10 minutes away and would be at the hotel shortly.

Approximately 10 minutes later there was a knock at the door. I looked out the peephole and saw Molly. I opened the door and saw she was not alone. A younger lady was with her. I was a bit shocked at this when Molly said, “Let us in and I’ll explain.” I stepped aside and both ladies entered the room. Molly said, “This is Cindy, a friend of mine.” Cindy was taller than either of us standing at about 5 ft 10 in. She was slender and had large, not over sized breast. She had short brown hair and hazel eyes. “Cindy has agreed to join us so you can fulfill your fantasy of sex with two ladies at the same time.” Molly said.

I was a bit dumbfounded and not sure what to say when Cindy Spoke. She said, “Molly told me all about your weekend and you sexual fantasy. We can make that happen for you now.”

She was very straightforward and moved towards me and started to unbutton my shirt. She said, “Let me undress you I want to see what we get to play with.”

I decided to go along with this. Looked at Molly who was standing to the side. She was starting to strip. I tried to watch Molly to see her breast and pussy and try to keep my mind off the beauty who was stripping me. When she got down to my briefs my cock was hard making a tent in them. She giggled and said, “Now for the main event.” She hooked her fingers in my briefs and yanked them down. My 6-inch cock stood straight out.

Molly was now totally nude she walked to me and gave me a long passionate kiss and said “Relax and have some fun.” She led me too the bed and had me lay in the center and she got on one side of me and we kissed again as she gently stroked my cock. I felt the bed move and looked and saw Cindy, now nude getting on the bed. I noticed her pussy was shaved smooth and her breasts were about a 38 with large areolas and nipples. She lies next to me and started stroking my cock along with Molly. Molly said, “We better stop this. We want him to cum inside us not all over us.” Both ladies then rolled onto their backs with their legs spread. “Who do you want for lunch first,” Molly giggled.

I got up from between the two ladies and looked from one pussy top the other and said “Cindy is our guest, I’ll taste her first.”

I lie over Cindy and gave her a gentle kiss and then a more passionate one. I began kissing my way down her body giving each nipple a good licking before proceeding over her tummy to her smooth pussy. I started licking her pussy lips before sticking my tongue in her pussy and then moving up to the top of her slit to find her clit. I noticed Molly had moved closer and was gently rubbing Cindy’s tits. Cindy moaned a jerked slightly when I touched her clit. This let me know I had the right place. I worked on her clit with my tongue and slipped a finger inside her very wet very tight pussy while Molly played with her tits. I was able to bring Cindy to a few small orgasms before she said, “Fuck me casino şirketleri now.”

She was very wet and my cock was hard and ready for action. I moved between her legs and got the head of my cock wet with her pussy juice. I then started to enter her. She was tight and wet and felt so very fine on my cock as I slipped inside her. I waited a few moments, enjoying the feel of her warm tight pussy around my cock before I started with a few long slow strokes. I soon picked up the pace. Cindy began thrusting her hips to meet my thrust. My balls were slapping against her ass. I looked over for a moments and noticed that Molly was fingering herself. As for Cindy and myself our breathing was heavy and ragged. I could feel my balls start to tighten and knew I would soon cum. I felt Cindy’s pussy start to squeeze my cock as her orgasm hit. I followed along shooting several jets of cum deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her. We lay together coming down from our orgasms. My cock started to soften and slip from her. I rolled off and heard Molly say, “My turn, fuck me now.”

“Please wait a moment and let me rest a bit.” I said.

Molly didn’t wait. She went straight for my cock and licked it clean but did not try to get me hard. She then began gently messaging my balls. After several minutes of this she let her fingers trail down over the sensitive area between my balls and my ass. This started driving me wild and my cock started to come to life.

Molly then took my cock in her mouth and I looked up to see Cindy licking Molly’s pussy. She must have been doing a good job because Molly didn’t keep me in her mouth very long. She lay back and let Cindy get her off.

Before she had time to recover Cindy moved away and I rammed my hard cock into Molly’s very wet pussy. I knew that since I had just cum a short time earlier this fuck would last a bit longer. After the first few rapid deep thrust I slowed down and kept up a steady pace that was much slower. I reached for Molly’s clit and began rubbing it trying to get her a few good orgasms before I came again.

I had to lean a bit off Molly to get my hand between us. Cindy got her head between us and started giving Molly’s tits some attention with her mouth. Molly had one small and one much stronger orgasm before Cindy moved from Molly’s breast.

I started picking up speed when I noticed a sensation by my ass. Cindy had wet a finger and was pushing her finger in my asshole. She could sense I was getting close and when I made my final deep trust inside Molly, Cindy pushed her finger in my ass as far as she could go and touched my prostate which triggered one of the most powerful orgasms I have had in years.

When my cock started to soften I pulled out of Molly and lay spent on the bed between to very beautiful sexy ladies.

I must have dozed off to sleep because the next thing I knew I was in bed alone. Molly and Cindy had left the bed and freshen up a bit but were still nude. I saw Cindy setting the phone down.

She said, “Molly and I are a bit hungry so we ordered room service for the three of us.” Cindy went on to say “I’m going to answer the door nude. Hopefully, a young man will deliver the food. I’m going to invite him to join us when he gets off duty. Molly just smiled when Cindy finished talking.

I was in the bathroom cleaning up a bit when I hear a knock on the door. I looked out. I could see the door but the person delivering the food could not see me.

The young man blushed and tried to look away from Molly and Cindy but kept stealing glances as he brought the food in.

Cindy broke the silence by asking, “Haven’t casino firmaları you ever seen a naked lady before?”

The young man was wearing a nametag that gave his name as Brad. He blushed and in a soft voice said, “Only in magazines.”

Cindy then asked Brad his age.

He replied “18”

Cindy then asked him when he got off work.

He said, “In about an hour.”

Cindy then said, “Brad, Come back here when you get off and we can make a man of you.”

Brad just nodded his head looking over Molly and Cindy as he backed out of the room.

Molly and Cindy were giggling like a couple schoolgirls after Brad had left. When we were eating we talked about whether Brad would return. Cindy said, “I sure hope so because we both need another fuck and nothing against you Ed but I don’t know if you can handle both of us again.”

I had to agree

In a little over and hour there was a knock on the door. Molly, Cindy and I were lying on the bed kissing and feeling each other. Cindy got up, checked the peephole and said, “Its Brad.” She opens the door and said, “Come on in Brad.”

He slowly entered the room and it was very evident that he was nervous. Cindy told him to relax because we were going to have some fun.

He had a look of wonder on his face when he looked at the bead. Molly and I were just setting there. Cindy introduced herself, Molly and me. She said, “She and Molly both need a good fuck and they weren’t sure I could please both of them since I had fucked both of them earlier, so they asked him.”

Cindy asked, “Do you think you could handle both of us?”

Brad’s face turned red and he said, “I don’t know, I’ve never been with a lady before.”

Cindy then said, “Just relax, Molly and I will help you and tell you what to do.” She also said, “Ed can also give you tips on how to please a lady”

Molly then got off the bed and she and Cindy slowly stripped Brad. When they got down to his briefs he had a large tent in them. Molly and Cindy both smiled at each other before removing Brad’s briefs. His cock was only average length, about 6 inches but much bigger around than mine. So big that when the girls put their hand around it their fingers would not meet.

I got off the bed and took a chair to watch.

Cindy and Molly led Brad to the bed and made him sit on the edge with is legs spread. Cindy then asked, “Has your girl friend ever given you a blow job?”

He just shook his head no.

Cindy then asked how far he had gotten with a girl?

He said he and his girl friend had kiss and she let him put his hand under her shirt and touch her breast after she loosened her bra.

Molly then began stroking Brad’s cock, which already had pre cum leaking out the tip. She said, “Brad, just relax and enjoy.”

Cindy moved in and licked Brad’s cock all over and just gently took the mushroom shaped head in her mouth. She didn’t keep it in her mouth long and let Molly take over.

Cindy then began messaging Brad’s balls and said they are heavy and tight he’s going to shoot soon. She then moved over and took Brad’s cock in her mouth while Molly touched his balls.

The look on Brad’s face could not be described as his orgasm approached.

Cindy took her moth off Brad’s cock Just as he began to cum. Cindy and Molly tried to catch as much as they could.

When his orgasm began to subside the girls licked his cock clean and told him to lie on the bed and relax a moment while they cleaned up.

I then went to the bed to talk to Brad and told him the girls were going to want him to lick their pussies. A quick anatomy güvenilir casino lesson followed when I told him near the top of the slit is a little hard nub. That is their clit and he should spend most of his time there. I told him, “You may know this already. I thought I did but had a hard time finding my girl friends clit the first time we fucked.” I told him he would know when he finds it. The girls will moan or jerk a little when he finds it. I then told him make sure both ladies cum before you mount on of them. I returned to my chair just as the girls were returning.

Molly said to Brad, “I hope you listed to Ed because you get to lick my pussy first.’ “You have to make me cum before you can move to Cindy and then you need to make her cum before you can fuck her.”

Molly lay on the bed. Put a pillow under her ass to raise it a bit and spread her legs and then said to Brad, “lets see what you can do.”

Cindy meanwhile came and sat on my lap and pushed her tits to my face. I immediately started licking and rubbing them.

I could not see Molly and Brad but I could here Molly giving instructions and soon I heard Molly moaning so I knew Brad must be doing something right.

As I played with Cindy’s tits I moved one hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit and slipped two fingers inside her.

After a while I heard a long loud moan from Molly and knew Brad had made her cum.

Cindy withdrew from me and said, “OK Brad now you get to lick me.” “It won’t take as long because Ed has me almost there.”

When Molly had recovered enough she moved from the bed and came to my lap. I started giving her the same treatment I had given Cindy.

Again, I could not see on the bed but Brad had learned what to do and very quickly had Cindy to two rapid-fire orgasms.

Through heavy breathing Cindy said, “Fuck me now.”

It didn’t take long before Brad was in place and had lost his virginity.

While Brad and Cindy were fucking Molly said to me. “I want it in the ass again. Don’t bother with loosening me up just use some KY and then ram it home.”

I tried to warn her but she said, “Just do it.” She got on the edge of the bed on elbows and knees.

I quickly got the KY and put a glob on her ass and some on my cock. I asked her, “Are you sure?”

She just said “Give it to me.”

Brad and Cindy were so into fucking that they did not realize what we were doing until they heard a scream from Molly as I rammed my cock in her ass. They stopped for a moment and I just said, “She wanted it.”

They went back to fucking. I waited for a few moments until Molly started to wiggle her ass. I then started thrusting into her.

It wasn’t long before the moans on the other side of the bed got loud and I knew that Brad had emptied a big load inside Cindy.

Meanwhile I was fucking Molly’s ass and rubbing her clit to make her cum again. I had very little left to give after the prostate treatment Cindy had given me. When Molly did finally cum, the squeezing of her pussy was able to pull a little more cum from me.

I pulled out of Molly and we both rolled over. Brad and Cindy had been watching us and Brad’s cock was hard again. Molly said, “Fuck my pussy with your cock.”

Brad wasted no time. He moved into position and started hammering Molly’s pussy.

I was to spent and just rolled off to the side and watched. Cindy got her head between Brad and Molly and started licking and sucking on Molly’s tits. Molly was moaning in pleasure the whole time. Brad finally grunted as he had his third cum of the afternoon.

We all just lay on the bed resting for a while before we all squeezed into the oversized shower stall and washed each other but did not try to do anything sexual.

As we were saying goodbyes I observed Cindy and Brad exchanging telephone numbers.

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