Armpit Fetish World Ch. 01

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It was Liam’s 18th birthday, and both he and his penis knew they were about to face the inevitable armpit fetish training.

A nurse entered his room and led him to the chamber, where a machine quickly removed his clothes and pushed him into a chair. Before he could register what was happening, his penis was full surrounded by a metal tube, and he felt something enter his asshole. He saw a large screen in front of him.

“Hello, Liam,” he heard as a female appeared on the screen.

“I’m sure you have heard of armpit fetish training. We will start with a diagnostic test, where we put several types of pornography on this screen and monitor your response via your penis. We will then confirm whether the diagnostic was correct. After that, if necessary, we will purge the undesirable fetishes. Finally, we will have an armpit fetish session. Without further ado, let’s get started.”

As she said this, the machine grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. The room’s lights faded, and the show began.

Liam saw the screen cycle through almost every fetish. To begin, he saw a woman peeing on a man. bitlis escort This didn’t arouse him much, so his penis remained soft. He then saw a man pumping his penis into a woman’s asshole, showing the traditional anal kink. Again, he stayed soft.

This continued for a while, until the screen showed an image of a woman’s feet. Liam had always had a foot fetish, something frown upon in society in 2050, since the norm was armpit licking during sex. He had kept it hidden, but now he had no choice but to show it. His penis hardened and the metal tube seemed to buzz as it recognized his fetish. When the woman on screen said “Ugh. My feet stink!” his penis started throbbing.

Before the screen moved on to the next fetish, the metal tube quickly released sharp spikes into its inside, striking his hard penis from all directions. The intense pain, combined with the electric shock delivered to his asshole, forced his penis back to softness.

The screen continued, eventually reaching a scene with a young white couple. They were getting married. He was soft, but he thought they looked cute. Then, bitlis escort bayan it was the scene of the first night of the honeymoon, with a tall, strong Indian man pounding the wife as the husband sat in a chair and watched. The Indian man had pinned the little white woman’s arms above her head, exposing her armpits, which were glistening with sweat. Liam’s cock was already throbbing, but unlike with the foot fetish porn, the tube around his dick was massaging his member. He felt comfortable watching through the husband’s point of view as the Indian man pressed his nose into each of the white woman’s underarms and inhaled deeply. Soon after he had thoroughly enjoyed her pit odor, he started kissing her sweaty crevices. Liam heard the woman start to laugh, and her giggling soon became uncontrollable as the man began licking her armpits. Clearly, she was ticklish!

The screen quickly jumped to the Indian penis pounding the little white pussy, and Liam couldn’t stop himself from becoming inextricably absorbed by the rhythm. The machine on his penis started stroking him with that same escort bitlis rhythm.

However, right before he was about to ejaculate, the man stopped pounding her.

“How much do you want me to release my semen deep into you, little armpit princess?” he asked her. Liam felt the same desire the girl on screen felt as the machine stopped stroking his penis.

“Please keep pounding me, daddy! This stinky little girl wants you!” she said in a cute and innocent voice.

With that, the Indian man continued his fucking, as did the machine.

The man on screen quickly pulled out, and started rubbing his penis in the girl’s sweaty armpit, just like a deodorant stick. Soon, he was ejaculating in her pits, and Liam found the need to cum uncontrollable as he thought about how the mixture of semen and armpit odor smelled. As he came, the machine collected his cum in a small glass, which was soon brought to his mouth. Liam swallowed, and though he hated to admit it, the thick and creamy texture on his tongue aroused him.

On screen, he watched the husband do what Liam had just done, with the Indian man and white girl making out in the background.

This type of training continued for hours, and by the end, Liam had an intense fetish for armpits, and his foot fetish had disappeared completely.

He walked out of the room with a smile as the nurse brought in the next lucky guest.

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